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glad it's started working for you, but i honestly don't know why it would have changed. the code paths involved haven't to, Chromium OS discuss, to Chromium OS Discussion,, to Rainbow Asteroids, Chromium OS discuss,, I'm using the latest stable build for Samsung Chromebook 3, crossystem cros_debug returns '1', so it's enabled. I am 100% certain that the password matches what I wrote after using copy paste, control+shift, and typing it out, all do not work and I fear this may have been a waste of money. We'd like to help. PD6, For Mac and Linux: DigitalOcean Kubernetes: new control plane is faster and free, enable HA for 99.95% uptime SLA,,, Get courses & tools that help you grow as a developer or small business owner. I tried downloading linux but then it asked for a password. Regards, What are the problem? /etc/shadow isn't used in dev mode for chronos pw. it's stored in/mnt/stateful_partition/etc/devmode.passwd instead. [WARNING]: The input password appears not to have been hashed. The error is something along the lines of "Authentication service cannot retrieve autentication info", I checked in etc/shadow and it only has the password for root, no other text than something like. you can read useful information later efficiently. If you can become root, it could be the password for root is different than the password for your account. After many droplets and attempts every time I input my password its says denied. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Issue: Password seems to be incorrect, but it 100% is correct. When I run a sudo command, the console asks me for a password. Im trying to remember how I figured this out, it was a little while ago, but you could check you login screen manager, and look at the input method. But it doesnt work. When installing, you didnt lock the administrator account did you? New replies are no longer allowed. Why not register and get more from Qiita? Once you have your SSH key, you have to add it to your DigitalOcean account as described here: My website is unresponsive! For testing purposes, how about you change your password using the passwd command? I figured it was the password it asked for usb debugging but it says "sorry try again", sudo doesn't ask for root password by default - it asks for current user password instead. Can you test your keyboard with a live ISO? Are you using the web console?

The 'password' I typed in my user password. I turned on usb debugging features after turning on dev mode it asked me for a root password and i put "skate" as the password. Sign up for Infrastructure as a Newsletter. playbook, hash Linux/etc/shadowsha512. I also set a simple one without special digits, so that the keyboard layout would not be interfering. So.

Then again using an SSH client you will be able to connect to your Droplet: Let me know if you have any questions! Either email addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member email addresses permission to view the original message. Whenever I login using the VT, I get some sort of authentication failure. DigitalOcean makes it simple to launch in the cloud and scale up as you grow whether youre running one virtual machine or ten thousand. stashmycomics . We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. But that also didnt work. Once you login go to terminal and run: You can then make sure this is the same as you SDDM layout. OK Just updated my chromebook a few minutes ago and it started working, but to be fair, when I opened this post it didn't work and my chromebook was up to date. Hi, i just switched from Windows to Fedora and am encountering a problem I cannot find a solution to. QD5pX[h The lock screen issue, I am not sure how to fix that. Anybody who has set up Postfix/Dovecot with TLS? Any details and diagnosis for the OP maybe? You get paid; we donate to tech nonprofits. I am thinking of things like: a broken keyboard not recognizing your typing correctly, a change in keyboard layout, user not beeing part of the wheel group, someone (root) messed around with /etc/shadow, failing hard drive, bad memory, bad filesystem where credentials are stored (just brainstorming). Bobby. When I changed this to my actual keyboard I couldnt login, so I realized I had set my password with an incorrect keyboard during setup. Help us understand the problem. Also I think you have to check a box in the Fedora installer to make your user an administrator in order to use sudo, I think. argument must be encrypted for this module to work properly. Also it would be better to use an SSH key rather than a password, it is more secure and convenient. I tried three fresh install with different passwords, but every time the password seems to be incorrect.

You do not have permission to delete messages in this group, all logs are under /var/log/ (and probably in messages), On Sun, May 20, 2018, 12:24 'Rainbow Asteroids' via Chromium OS Discussion <, Thanks. I had a problem a while ago, where my login screen keyboard layout, was different from my desktop manager layout. i checked current builds and login as chronos after setting a password seems to work for me.. what if you specify a simple password like 'a' ? These answers are provided by our Community. Try issuing the su command instead of sudo. This is the output: Also, if I lock the screen, I cannot access it again. Heres how to generate an SSH key: For Windows: Does it accept your current password?? If so I would recommend using an SSH client instead as described here: But for the love of god, the password is absolutely correct. All rights reserved. For some reason, whenever I try to give the password of the chronos user, it gives me an incorrect password error. Maybe this helps, but the error only throws when you get the password right. This topic was automatically closed 28 days after the last reply. I made a droplet multiple times and created a password that met the criteria after hours of trying to get the password to work I came to here. ssh Can you become the root user? The largest independent, community-run forum for discussions related to Chromebooks and everything else ChromeOS. If you reboot, then you are able to login? what device are you using ? is it a Chromebook, or are you building Chromium OS yourself ? login as chronos only works when cros_debug is enabled, so make sure you have that set in your kernel command line. Looks like you did not have password set for chronos user yet - please follow the steps here: upasswd: password updated successfullyvoB, (2)uumount /vR}ht@CVXeA}Eg, (3)ureboot -fvR}hvCSANB, NApX[hZbgmFsBvCSAC^[tFCX(:5480)rootpX[hOCB, OCpX[hZbgB, ArootpX[hLAsBLB, vCSAC^[tFCX(:5480)OCuvupX[hLvuWvNbNB, pX[hLBsB, BrootpX[hZbgAvCSANKvPsBOC{RB, Web TCgS@\p JavaScript LKvB, vCenter Server AppliancerootpX[hZbg, vCSAESXizXgOCR\[N, DISIWiCarbon Black Cloud Endpoint StandardII, DISIWiCarbon Black Cloud PreventionII, DXzNEh|CgAhoCX@[ Ut@CAEH[@ [, Web uEU[ JavaScript L@,,, _C{EVXeR[|[gTCg, NEhZLeBT[rX(gh}CNSaaS). Web uEU[ JavaScript L@QB, iDATEN(V)_C{EVXe^cAFlDISITEKdq(BtoB)VXeB, FABVMwareSBvCenter Server Appliance(vCSA)C^[tFCX(:5480)OCcoHRArootpX[hLBvCSArootpX[hAftHg90LA90oOCBOCArootpX[hZbgKvAB, rootpX[hZbgOmFB, sAOKvCSAobNAbvsB, vCSAo[WpX[hZbgBVMware Knowledge Baseo[WLQlB, 2022 DigitalOcean, LLC. Web TCgS@\p JavaScript LKvB Press J to jump to the feed. stashmycomics just to be clear, it only works for local logins (via frecon terminals which you get via ctrl-alt-f2) and for sudo. it doesn't work for ssh or other remote accesses. You didnt mention what desktop environment you are using, but if its KDE you should be able to see the keyboard layout at the login screen. If anyone ever sees this thread: It was a broken keyboard that just did not recognize what I really did input. Working on improving health and education, reducing inequality, and spurring economic growth? 'login' command returns the error, sudo just tells me my password is incorrect. This my be a long shot, but maybe worth checking out. Im late, but thanks everyone for your help. You face the problem only with sudo and the lock screen? If you find them useful, show some love by clicking the heart. pX[hv2B At the time I was using KDE, so there was an option to change the login manager keyboard settings in SDDM. Click below to sign up and get $100 of credit to try our products over 60 days! , 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. , hash, sBEvCSAo[WF6.7.0, 13643870EESXio[WF6.7.0, 13006603, rootpX[hZbgB, pX[hZbgvCSANsAESXizXgR\[JBR\[JoB(1) vCSA ({z}VFvcs02)NbN(2) uR\[vNbN(3) u[gR\[NvNbN, NAJR\[Photon OSN\eL[GNU GRUB Editj[JB, guurw init=/bin/bashvF10L[NsB, R\[\ArootOCmFRR}hpX[hB, (1)upasswdvR}hVpX[h2B Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By following users and tags, you can catch up information on technical fields that you are interested in as a whole, By "stocking" the articles you like, you can search right away. More than 1 year has passed since last update. This resulted in me being able to login, but not run sudo. If you run into issues leave a comment, or add your own answer to help others. I tried three fresh install with different passwords, but every time the password seems to be incorrect. What do I do? The machine says the password is wrong.

Something is seriously wrong here. Unified Access Gateway root (Login incorrect) root , Unified Access Gateway , root OVA 365 , Unified Access Gateway , Login:, root , Grub 2 , FIPS fips=1 , root , vCenter Server , Photon OS e GNU GRUB . The passwd is in /mnt/stateful_partition/etc/devmode.passwd and the hash changes like it should, I just don't understand why it's throwing an authentication error like it does. taskroot

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