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Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2016, Go to webpage to hear soundbites referenced in the book:, Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2016. To hear Hicks say, And come He did, has such a ring to it. Unable to add item to List. Unfortunately, you addressed things she taught from the 70's, while making quick reference to her Kabbalized and plagiarized words. He rejected the leader, yet will not let go of her.

Even some of the more obvious counterfeit TV evangelist stop short of stating all the fantastical tales in which Hicks delineates. To teach and purport this kind of gobbledygook and pass it on as a Christian doctrine is shameful.

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All of this foolishness started back in the 70s when Hicks introduced this nonsense in secret meetings, listen below, as Hicks states to those there,now some of you havent gotten the name yet now one thing youre going to have to do in this group is learn the Hebrew alphabet. Nothing in the NT writings directly or suggestively conveys to us from the Apostles or Jesus himself that we as believers should follow Hicks pointless folly. The lies and deceit of Hicks would begin to unravel with the discovery of a book by Carlo Suares and set in motion the exodus of many of her initial proselytes. Oddly, little information can be found and for that reason this site was built. Her members presume that they are better off than the modern church world but in essence Hicks has created a dream world of false imaginations with her brides message and Hebrew-lettering gimmicks.

Many assume that the government is the greatest threat to religious liberty but it is those in the ministry who put that liberty in peril. The timing could not have been more perfect for the Courier Journal. A person who is aware of Gods truth would be open to criticism and instruction and would welcome such. This is not the attribute of the Christian faith much less a so-called leader of a congregation. Publisher Try again. Her group rationalizes all that they see on the outside in the normal processes of their minds not understanding the Cult leader does not operate in the normal but in the psychotic world of delusion. Her followers are completely unaware that biblical doctrine has given way to arbitrary drawings of squares, scales, and other assorted and indiscriminate letters of Hebrew which leaves the hearer disoriented and confused as to its application. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

So, they are forever vigilant againt any word that comes against the message or Hicks. Download the free Kindle app and start reading Kindle books instantly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

So again, another failed attempt by Hicks to make specious claims to sophistry. He ignores the 100 plus highly acclaimed books she has published and the 3,000 sermons that are freely available to the public, but finds satisfaction in repeating a few incidental comments she made decades ago and in the private study notes she once gave to a small group of followers in 1975 that he discovered years later and thinks were plagiarized. . , ISBN-13 Instead of Hicks aligning herself with great theologians she instead has more in common with Madonna, a timeworn half-baked songstress who has stopped at nothing to shock the public with sensual exploits. How to classify Hicks is difficult for Im almost persuaded she actually believes her own illuminations. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Hicks, pastor of Christ Gospel Churches International.

He is such a coward that he won't even show his real name because he knows its completely false and untrue. Now, sitting right in their backyard ensconced on the other side of the Ohio River was a little group with all the trappings of a cult. These characters or better yet, caricatures, do more to harm the gospel and run off way more souls than they gather. The members of CGC sit under Hicks under no other pretense but that Hicks has received divine revelation through innumerable epiphanies. Garbage, complete and utter garbage. Most of the teachings are so bizarre it is hard to imagine that anyone would not question their validity and relationship to the gospel of Christ? This is not some frivolous practice with which people do at their own whim. This review of Hicks and her ministry was solely done for those who search the web looking for information on Christ Gospel Church and Sister Hicks. Some thirty to forty years later the gospel of Christ began to be spread through writings in the Greek language, the same writings that today form our New Testament. They sit and wait in anticipation of what she might know of the coming disasters, when in fact she knows no more than the next prognosticator. Even Walter Mitty couldna dreamed up one as fanciful as that. Its called lying. He possibly did it for safety reasons, Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2020. Please try again.

Had Jesus taught the same mystical use of the Hebrew language, would not He have spoken the same to the disciples? This along with the shenanigans for which these crooks use to sucker their congregations was enough to launch an inquiry and investigation. A Christian father awakens to the anchor of Torah in the Christ. Remember, shes the first one to go if the communist come, they" said so? Hicks continues her rant stating she just cant imagine living without her bible? The Memoirs of St. Peter: A New Translation of the Gospel According to Mark. No Import Fees Deposit & $14.53 Shipping to Brazil. There was a problem loading your book clubs. This is one of the more perplexing signs of a cult. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2022,, Inc. or its affiliates, Eligible for Return, Refund or Replacement within 30 days of receipt, Christian Bible Criticism & Interpretation, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. But those former members didnt go away lightly. Having left the "message," I had hoped that you would have addressed some of Hick's stranger teachings: Leviathan and the such. Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Jesus Never Said That! At some point in time after Hicks had gained a larger following, she began to delve into Kabbalism, Gnosticism, and other non-christian philosophy and by the looks of things created her own potpourri of a philosophical and mystical mess. For instance, and as is her own proclivity and wont, Hicks joined in on the bandwagon of Y2K sensationalist propagating impending disaster, when the experts had said that it would be nothing more than a minor inconvenience, and so it was. , ISBN-10 Hicks follows up this absurdity with her standard circularity saying, you say I dont believe that and that dont bother me any, it still happened. She has also been to Calvary and the garden of Gethsemane on numerous occasions, but she doesnt like to recall those places because it brings her such grief, but not so much as to not mention it, if only to impose more bewitching on her followers. Unlike others who could name a specific person or church that led them to Christ, Hicks has no one in the flesh to thank. You Are Not Really a Christian and Here is Why, A Father Who Keeps His Promises: God's Covenant Love in Scripture, Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism, The 30-Minute Bible: God's Story for Everyone, From Sabbath to Lord's Day: A Biblical, Historical and Theological Investigation, Jesus: 21 Days That Can Change the Way You Pray (PrecisionFaith Prayer Series), The Art of Listening Prayer: Finding God's Voice Amidst Life's Noise. Her persistence to falsely proclaim and uphold a special prophet status with her congregation would eventually be her undoing. But leave it to Hicks to fall for other such folly as the book "The Bible Code published in 1994.

Shocking Proof. Hicks, like the 16th century church, has such a perverse control over the minds of those in her own church, that self-evident proof of plagiarism and brazen lying are glossed over and dismissed as pettiness. When interviewed, speak as a lobotomized patient with glazed eyes claiming unrelenting support for self-evident skulduggery and hucksterism. Sadly, what her congregation yields is nothing but the totality of the most horrific, unorthodox, and Kabbalistic nonsense.

Like the subjugation of Galileos knowledge, Hicks keeps her people in darkness, while all the revelation of the word is enshrined only to her, forbidding her flock to watch TV, and thus forbidding any communion with the world.

But the The Bible Code has since then been completely debunked as absurd. This site was created for those who wish to know of or have ever been associated with Christ Gospel Church and Sister Hicks and provide them an in-depth review of her doctrinal teachings, specifically her own fabrication of the Brides doctrine. Hicks has a laundry list of never-ending and bottomless proclamations to her credit but maybe none of which is more pathetic and representative of the lengths and depravity this pathological lunatic will go than her statement to her church concerning communist Russia (listen below). garrett sandra fome rios siqueira dinheiro oab recife pe sujo advogada lavagem hunger ladrao fire She alone is so special, Christ came to her personally, stay with me. Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2016. The time and work in research and study to be able to give to some a real inside look into the backstage machinations of Hicks and her church is more than worth it when one writes to say, Thanks, you saved my life. And it is for those that this site was created. The mansion, the Cadillac, the unrestrained and liberal expense account, tape-recordings with hidden mikes, valuable collection of antiques, indiscriminate love offerings for Hicks, kabala, forbidden to read other theological works, manufactured minutes of board meetings, properties of other churches and homes owned by the Headquarters, the uprooting of pastors and families, spouses and children hiding out in others homes, feigned threats of retirement to conjure up more love offerings, the prophetic witness for property bought by Hicks but whose buildings were condemned, first fruits teaching to fleece the flock for more money, hiding antiques from auditors, cooking the books, trips abroad to purchase more antiques, and inconsistencies in her teaching were referred to as cunning wisdom.. Hicks church has fallen headlong into the same error as the mid-century Catholic churches. What language did Jesus speak? It is the voice of a man who underwent religious conversion as a teenager, became disillusioned a few years later in his spiritual leader, but cannot let go of her. Her claims for which she makes of an exclusive message, and the all-too-willing passivity of her church has the archetypal sign, that of an authoritarian, apostolic, and pontificating leader who makes no apology as to her audible calling and message. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. This kind of outright lying and deceit very well sums up what Hicks is all about. This item can be returned in its original condition for a full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt. Hicks weaves a thread of truth interlocking scriptures from cover to cover analogous to one another that tightly fit the message God gave to her.

Unfortunately, her church has little to laugh about, for they walk to the pied pipers discordant sound of fear.

There she was, all proud and puffed up, reminding her folks again how great and prophetic she was.

Hicks leavens her message with spartan social and dress restrictions on her flock, eschewing any inkling of worldly temptations.

: Christ Gospel Church and Sister Hicks Revealed: A Critique of the Brides Message. It is this doctrine Hicks has solely built for herself and her flock who long to be privileged enough to make their own selves ready as the Lords Bride at His return. Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2016, A very revealing book of the danger of a cult org. Ironically, some of Hicks words rung true as those same people did find things that have never been unveiled, for they found their leader, the Reverend Bernice Hicks, completely unveiled as a liar, deceit, and fraud. God forbid. Its literally 100+ pages of ranting and smearing of a decent, loving and good woman of God. As is so typical of Hicks, her testimony of how she became a christian again stretches incredulity to its limits. Some who write suggest that the web page was written out of bitterness but be assured that the only bitterness would have been had it not been written.

This kind of teaching and fraud should be a concern to all who have ever been associated with this movement. is available now and can be read on any device with the free Kindle app. But this hunt for mysteries has been gone on for ages, and true students and saints of God are not deceived by this and know that the quest is only a quest and a fools errand. Information gathered was checked through a myriad of sources and based on known concrete facts and verifiability. Romans Letter reviews Hicks proof-text to determine whether Hicks Brides doctrine is sustainable from the Apostles writings. Instead of finding application to our lives, the mystic like Hicks, only intent is to find some hidden meaning. So along with her groups incredible credulity comes the flood of adoration and praise.

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The idiocy and absurdity of Hicks teachings still to this date continues to be carried on with her congregation. Moreover, are the archaic and outdated social prohibitions imposed on her unsuspecting flock. Truly, a glorious day for Hicks that would later turn sour as her curious devotees learned those notes were plagiarized, see also below for comparison.

Hicks book of Daniel as with her other books are so lacking in content and juvenile its hard to imagine that someone would credit her with being such a great teacher? The Rev. Today, many protestant churches have been conned by preachers who teach the wealth and prosperity gospel. : But this is inside information, beyond anything prove-able, and without proof of it, what is it? Hicks leaves no stone unturned in finding her doctrine of the bride concealed throughout the OT and NT writings. Bernice Hicks, better known as Sister Hicks, makes prolific claims for herself and the message she espouses. But her signature proclamation was when she proclaimed how the Lord came to her to give her those plagiarized notes, stating to her congregation, "and I was waiting for, you know, for the Lord to come, and come He did, its like all heaven, like Im looking at you, now Im not just crazy, Im totally sane. Just so her folks dont misconstrue what she was saying, similar to people who casually say the Lord spoke to me, Hicks states clearly what happened, like im looking at you. When Hicks throws out improbable claims of visions and audible hearings from Christ, thoughts by her congregation of doubt are suppressed as sin, not knowing that Hicks has already stolen their minds, first the bait, then hook, line, and sinker. And for Hicks, God had now chosen her in these last days to preach its message, the Crucified and Brides message. All of this foolishness started back in the 70s when Hicks introduced this nonsense, listen below, as Hicks states to her flock, now some of you havent gotten the name yet now one thing youre going to have to do in this group is learn the Hebrew alphabet, I can not take you further in the mysterious seal of the bride you can see what a special group of people, you are having an opportunity to look upon and see things that have never been unveiled in this world. The only real thing that had not been unveiled at that time was the miles of separation between what Christ taught and these idiotic and cockeyed assertions from Hicks. For instance, and as is her own proclivity and wont, Hicks joined in on the bandwagon of Y2K sensationalist propagating impending disaster, when the experts had said that it would be nothing more than a minor inconvenience, and so it was.

Her congregation would never know who she follows because she never makes reference in her books. Because of an aberrant sect of Jews called Kabbalist. Yet, for reasons stated above the Hebrew language takes precedence for the Christ Gospel faithful. To do so she would have to explain the contrasting theologies of Reformed and dispensationalism and theres no sense in enlightening her congregation and risk the chance they may lose their enchanted and hypnotic view of her. Read instantly on your browser with Kindle Cloud Reader. The proof is in this, that no one leaving her church after hearing her sermons could explain, relay, or recapitulate a cogent and concise summary or accounting of what Hicks had just taught them. The subjection of young children to Hicks scheme, which denies them not only of a normal life and development but all of their dreams are put on the back-burner so their parents can fulfill all of Hicks abuse by being forced into the dress-separation and the spending of hours upon hours in church jerking their heads like lunatics. Theres the tabernacle, Egypt to Canaans land, white linen, the Prize, the Sun, the moon, the stars, and many other doctrines laid out for her people to use as tools so that they too can lay hold of being in the bride. The more alarming and disturbing concerns are her teachings of Kabbalism and its brew of chanting and incantations. I would venture to say she knows less. : Only a fool would suggest any other language.

They, the supposed ministers like Hicks, who usurp the authority of the Lord corrupting the gospel by using con-artists tactics to cheat the wide-eyed and unwary of their money, their blood, and their children. Along with the discovery of this book are the sound recordings of Hicks telling her congregation of this epiphany with her Lord. Sorry, there was a problem loading this page. : This lady must be a witch, I taught at a Church within walking distance of Sister Hicks original Church, Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2020, Some have criticized the author for being anonymous. And it is for that reason many have been drawn to it, not because of some fanciful gimmickry with letters and numbers, which neither ministers or comforts the downtrodden. What Hicks would introduce into her church in the mid 70s would be a far cry from poor exegesis and scriptural fabrication. Perhaps she should study Peters rebuke to Ananias, who had lied to the Holy Ghost?

' (bible codes, the lie that wont die). Deviating from the strait and narrow road of the Lord lead squarely to Hicks committing a fraud and lying to her congregation. All of her proof-text used to support her brides theory is riddled with poorly drawn exegesis and contradiction. Her idiomatic doctrine of the bride and her congregants cultish adoration of her gave this group its form. Those who dared to question her, did the unimaginable, they began to doubt her authenticity. Win Your Partner Back After A Break Up? You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. For Hicks, there it was, proof of the mysterious letters of the Hebrew, now even the secular world had found it out. But thats what you get from Hicks, not anything of value or worth, just a show, a really big shew. This is the highest form of abuse, instead of a soul being enriched by the gospel of Christ, the soul now becomes enslaved to a tyrant. Not only will those who live in the churches of compromise risk losing their salvation, for sure, they will never make the bride, a sobering thought. Hicks main scripture to introduce new members is II Timothy 3.16, where Paul states that, "All scripture is profitable. If Hicks had stuck to her foundational scripture for her brides message she may have avoided running off the road with deviant teachings. It is our hope that this site gives a clear and fair judgment of Hicks and her teachings, leading to the salvation of some. It is those who corrupt true religion who pose the greatest threat to the tax-exempt status of churches and may eventually limit its freedom. Yep, they say shes real, and thats all she ask of her members, To be real. Her folks adore Sister Hicks, more affectionately known as, the captain, the chief, who brings the message home, a message unlike others, far different than lukewarm churches. Listening to these tapes sounds similar to credulous kindergarten students lacking any sort of critical thinking sitting entranced as they hear their incredulous mother hen tell of fables and fairy tale stories. sinach naijal greatsong bans allegedly lyric

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