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better ground them in the location. In thatthreat of slippery patches of ice. It represents maybe a god? Avoid including allied NPCs who could easily Basicsrolls, secret or otherwise. of the action and gave a +1 circumstance bonus to the Theres a key difference between knowing the rules and attack roll. Get the PCs Difficulty Class first, and have the LOOKING UP RULES player roll damage while you roll the saving throws. Simple hazards are usually dealt with in exploration down the hall. If youre having functioning as subsections within it. Roleplaying games encourage creativity, and however well crafted and well tested a set of rules is, players will always find situations that require interpretation and judgment by the GM. some players to also read the rule. Theres no right or wrongspecifically for running published adventures, and much way to GM so long as everyone is having funand that includes you! In these situations, youre flipping the script, into your budget, or just assign extra XP at the end if theso give the PCs time to trap and ward the area. The motif can also build in complexity as you move further along in the overarching story.44Gamemastery Basics 1 introduction Gamemastery Basics Tools Subsystems Variant Rules NPC Gallery GLOSSARY and INDEX Follow character growth. A campaign interweaves multiple stories: the events of in the world and beyond. for the length of the pause. For most groups, a prepare or discuss their ideas in advance with you. When Get players to add details by asking for their reactions. However, if your of money from downtime activities and find that costs campaign doesnt use downtime rules but a player really really add up. level, four creatures of party level 4 Mated Pair (80 XP): Two creatures of party level EVOLVING BATTLEFIELDS Troop (80 XP): One creature of party level, two creatures While some battlefields are relatively static, allowing the of party level 2 PCs and foes to clobber each other until one side wins, Mook Squad (60 XP): Six creatures of party level 4 complex or evolving battlefields can lead to far more memorable encounters. You can use downtime in a variety of ways that can tasks into one. If a player has their heart set on an Graytusk is unique, but that doesnt option thats not common, look for ways to build a story mean it would be any harder for a PC in which their character acquires that option. Your PC tends to forget about their money or save it up more primary responsibility here is to determine the time, cautiously than they really need to, offer them rewarding instruction, and costs of retraining, as well as adjusting opportunities to spend it. Reading other adventures is a great THEME AND FEELING way to get ideas, whether theyre published adventures or ones your friends have written. that doesnt satisfy anyone. groups of low-level troops the PCs can defeat with ease. Consider Top Level 1113 which part of the game most closely ties to each goal. opportunity for characters to start long processes that A shop the PCs frequent is in trouble and about to go out of can continue in the background as the PCs adventure, business without help. An epilogue can make the end of a campaign more fulfilling. Remember that a critical failure says more information, reveal a way to improve their chances you get incorrect information, not that you get important- next time, or even cause unforeseen difficulties. Example: dip a Variant Rulesthe session moving again falls to you. What can theycontent, this information can be found throughout Chapter2 in sections such as Building Creatures (page 56), BuildingWorlds (page 122), and Settlements (page 132). A PC who gets If you dont want to deal with that level of detail, you can the item at that level will typically be ahead of the monsters, choose to make selling items more abstract, allowing the hazards, and skill DCs briefly, before their challenges start PCs to sell anything for half Price essentially at any time. If a player Keep in mind that the more you explain something, the says, Im Avoiding Notice, add more detail by askingmore important it seems. All these are fun to play on!answer for that, they need to adjust their action. You LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS should also be familiar with the rules relevant to encounters, exploration, and downtime, as The friends around your game table are well as with the section in Chapter 10: Game perhaps your best tool for achieving quick, fair, Mastering in the Core Rulebook on running and consistent rulings. Helping someone hold a lockpick steady that doesnt really count as new information for a PC whomight be enough preparation to Aid an attempt to Pick a tried previously. same region, have an inherent link. Town fires, weather conditions, unfriendly crowds. Your groups guidelines for objectionable content (Core Rulebook 486)Although the PCs are the stars of the game, NPCs make can also help you portray NPCs respectfully.the world around the PCs vibrant. Their violent means of achieving it put them in BasicsCombat Encounters 3 low, 6 moderate, 3 severe. If a PC wants to establish a trade network, maybe a are capped at the PCs level). that no one at the table is to blame in this situation. First off, dont worry COMPLEX ROLLS too much about little mistakes you make when running encounters. option you need for any game. Describe what was happening to reinforce should have seen that coming, with even that minimal where the group was, then describe what they now face amount of foreshadowing. In this case, theres not muchtime to decide, but you should still ask if anyone intendsto attack. particularly true if foes benefit from the hazard. Use the guidelines A retraining instructor falls ill or goes missing. You can choose not to announce advantage, since that character needs to spend actions andthe DC if you want and ask for results by multiples of 10 attempt additional checks in order to find them. Keep several story arcs in mind. or take a certain action, or wishes they had used their Emphasizing thrilling action and setting a rapid pace. keeps interruptions within reasonable bounds. doing, and then you determining which an activity applies, plus any details or alterations for the situation. When the PCs first look Then, if this piques a players interest, you can go around or scout, pick two or GLOSSARYinto a more detailed investigation. of game, you might want to allow them to get weapons and armor with fundamental runes fairly easily, or make sure PCs can buy what they want but must put in additional you award those on a regular basis. After all, while low- andgather together, they form groups of gradually escalating trivial-threat encounters have an incredibly low chance ofthreat.

Connections like these can breathe life the rest of the party uses? epic storylines, or all prefer tactical combat), your job will be a bit easier. Two significant challengesits often best to be more relaxed with movement rules, for non-aquatic creatures are breathing underwater (orflanking, and so forth than you would be on a flat grid. Each threat entry gives a brief description, followed bysome bullet points you can use to guide you in expressingthe consequences of the threat. get if they dont Craft or earn extra money to buy items. Luckily, youre not on your own! Taken to an extreme, combining TIME PRESSUREencounters can quickly lead to fights that are unwinnable,so be careful. If a campaign ends prematurely, get a sense from the Have the players introduce their characters. For something like together. For the events, Impress a visiting maestro to bring glory to your hometown Variant Rulesyou might need to zoom out to focus on a special scene Put on a performance for a patron from another planeor even a short encounter or adventure. This still means theres a limit at full Price and have difficulty attaining the funds to buy on purchasing uncommon or rarer items, but you could more items. For something foes, or arrange the dice in such a way that its easier that isnt too impactful, its better to just make a ruling on for you to tell which creatures or NPCs are which. town briefly in the middle of an adventure. If you want to run a session addressing it outright. preserving the natural world or protecting their people reveal the foes sympathetic side. Some groups prefer to have everyone create their characters Variant RulesSome sections either refer back to that chapter or repeat in advance and show up ready to play. You might introduce new elements into the world that call back to the previous campaign:STARTING AT A HIGHER LEVEL newly powerful factions, new settlements, or new options for player characters such as backgrounds, all based on theA typical campaign starts at 1st level, but you can start at a impact the previous PCs made on the world.higher level if you choose. Thats left in your hands doesnt waste too much time on it. Identify symbols of an ancient guild in a tome A mysterious benefactor provides the PC with special tools Consult on rearranging a guilds hierarchy or a source document they didnt have, but suggests theyll Oversee the merger of two guilds or one guild splitting into two ask for a favor later to reciprocate. Theres no Boss and Lieutenant (120 XP): One creature of party level + right answer, and the PCs choices have a clear impact on the obstacles they face. This is central to the concept of player agencymaking players feel like So what if you want to go all the way and completely the choices they make really matter, and that the world is break down the walls between the GM and other players? Changing an BATCH INITIATIVE enemys behavior can be a more satisfying consequence than just getting a bonus. Chapter 3 offers a variety of rules subsystems that provide a framework for specific If youre a newer Game Master, youll find a wealth endeavors and situations, from chases and duels to socialof information to help you feel confident in running influence and overland exploration. If your party reaches the encounter encounters still require oppositiontypically an adversary at a different level, you could recalculate the XP for each arguing against you, but sometimes institutional opposition enemy individually, or you can estimate the threat posed by or strongly held beliefs.

Portray NPCs however it worksfor you. If you more difficult based on what they already knew? Before meeting with the problem player, discuss the Here are some problematic behaviors that often come situation with the other players in private to ensure youup and might require you to intervene. Respond to how the to the theme. In battle, they may be satisfied to curse PCs and their allies or otherwise inflict long-term afflictions, then retreat. Higher-level who live in an area are likely to be adapted to its dangers, single enemies, squads of enemies, and large numbers either because they know where they are and how to avoid of lackeys all feel different. In general, GM-controlled characters players turn and keep the battle moving swiftly. Characters can always drop out of a continual eventually no matter the result. Consider this expenditure another way to show While the amount of money the PCs can earn during short how the PCs impact the world. That said, being a GM and running a game can present unique challenges. The DCs for these checks are introduction normally trained or expert if the group is still fairly closeThe Investigate exploration activity is pretty broad and to settlements or established nations but might be higher Gamemasterycan lead into a more thorough investigation scene. To make the investigation feel real, it helps to talk the If the PCs get unlucky or are just awful at Survival,player through their characters thought processes by you might end up stuck with no way for them to reorientsaying what clue inspired them to think of an important themselves. A recurringappropriate to the PCs abilities, such as areas that can villain might have a vision for what the world should be andbe accessed with flight at 7th level or higher. For more about playing, running, and enthusiasm of many players, and they lend themselves toorganizing games for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, combat at a grand scale. interactive scenes that might even help the PCs. They simply makea 1st-level character, then level it up the number of timesneeded to reach the starting level. It doesnt venture beyond the traditional with one another and willing to both take responsibility in structure of a fantasy roleplaying game. By making it a one-time effect, you cana session. Players rarely cheat knowingly, so if you suspect a player of Gamemastery cheating, its safe to assume first that theyre unaware ofor BasicsPROBLEMATIC PLAYERS simply forgothow an aspect of the rules works. PCs might get to attempt another check if their initial The Core Rulebook covers how to adjudicate specific search is a bust. terrain in advance, especially if the battle would already be a severe threat, or you might kill the party. Then or stumble upon a dangerous location. Good games elicit strong emotions, and planning for them can give an emotional arc PLAYER MOTIVATIONS to an adventure in addition to the narrative arc. Avoid calling multiple days, youfor checks if its not can move throughnecessary. Its usually better group can easily access and refer to them, and where ato say yes than no, within reason. Its worth stating that players might still have fun, or evenEJECTING A PLAYER enjoy an instance of power imbalance. You may realize a creatureadditional challenges. sessions. Example: throw a barrel overplaying. That didnt work.This doesnt mean that the group cant If youre unsure, the safest form of false information is fail, or that the PCs should get what they wanted despite information thats wrong but not in a way that causes failing. NPC Gallery maneuvering Of course, in all these cases you could make an GLOSSARY Byren Effestos, Esquire, advisor in matters of law, exception and just let the player make the change without and INDEX explanation. place a combat in every room, or exploration will quickly become stale. splendor, reforming local politics, or rebuilding a ruin. The villain Convincing a dragon not to eat the party might offer the PCs the chance to surrender, consider Convincing a monarch to defend against an invasion their task complete and leave, or use their advantage to Disproving a rivals scientific theories before an get something else they want. Basics Approaching the rules as a group problem also meansthat you should never trivialize player concerns about a Here are some simple ways you might implement this Toolsrule.You must also think about each player and assess how tool. Its important that this doesnt become using 1 action to Stride then 1 to Raise your Shield, whichtoo rote. If a player really isnt interested in downtime, they might Switch to encounter or exploration more as needed not want to engage at all. There are plenty of rules in this book, but noneChapter 2 to build your own monsters and NPCs. If theyre determined to because the circumstances of a search can vary widely.18Gamemastery Basics 1 introduction Gamemastery Basics Tools Subsystems Variant Rules NPC Gallery GLOSSARY and INDEXkeep goingwhich they often areyou might have them trouble, try finding a comparable activity. They might just Subsystems sneak past each other entirely, or they might suddenly runENEMY TACTICS into one another if theyre heading into the same location.As noted on page 493 of the Core Rulebook, enemies dont Variant Rulesneed to make perfect decisions. Herbalism Lore Earn Income (General) Supply poultices to a physician A fussy client demands multiple rounds of changes Prepare herbs for a small restaurant throughout the process. Think how an enemy reacts when a fight is going poorly for themor well! How does it interplay with activitiesto make that true. adjust your plans for later sessions. Its fine to slow down the game for techniques.

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