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That happens all the time. Instead we reject Calvinism because it goes against Jesus and the Bible. Today, theyre the most racist people on the planet. From this wicked confusion and sin-filled beginning sprang the Pentecostal Movement -- Satans counterfeit of true revival. The majority of churches which are currently affiliated with the New IFB movement were founded in the last five years.

We believe they should be put to death. With the future of internet regulation uncertain, it is imperative to find alternative ways to spread sound doctrine on a large scale.. It is a demonic religion. And so, we need to follow the teachings of the Bible and understand that Christianity is the true religion and that all of these other religions are false and they are demonic., Roger Jimenez, Verity Baptist Church (Sacramento, CA), March 2019: The Synagogue of Satan, of course, thats a reference to the antichrist religion of Judaism and the Jews today. Oh man, Im gonna teach this guy one thing or two. No one was injured in the explosion, which occurred overnight while the church was empty. Prayer is to glorify God, and all prayer should be made to God The Father. Islam is a wicked religionThis is a major world religion that many people have been duped and deceived by. Lets go to Hollywood and lets start putting some fags to death., Steven Anderson, Faithful Word Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ), August 2014: We know that today, the modern state of Israel is an ungodly place. New IFB-affiliated churches are concentrated in the United States, though they also have a growing presence abroad, including in Australia, Canada, the Philippines and South Africa. Its unnatural. It is filled with iniquity; it is a den of iniquity. In addition to criticizing Judaism as a religion, many New IFB pastors also promote antisemitic tropes about Jewish power and control over sectors like finance, news media and entertainment. They should die. Its filthy.

We also reject the work of churches such as Calvary Chapel and Saddleback Church which have been instrumental in promoting wicked and worldly Contemporary Christian Music. First of all, they reject the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because my daughters gonna be weak. Speakers included pastors Anderson, Jimenez, Mejia, Thompson, Patrick Boyle, and Tommy McMurtry. When the sinner trusts Jesus, he or she becomes born again, a new creature, eternally secure in Christ.

Since breaking from that movement, Anderson has criticized traditional IFB pastors and other Baptists who are, in his opinion, too scared of the reaction they might receive to preach the hard truths of the Bible. The man and his ex-wife had separated in 2018 over religious differences, which manifested after he began watching online videos of pastors Anderson and Jimenez and subsequently joined a local New IFB church in Surrey, British Columbia. I don't want him to be a martyr, we don't need another holiday. She is a God-hating whore of Zionism. Salvation comes about when a sinner turns from sin and trusts Jesus Himself to save him or her from sin. In the film, Shelley advocates for the death penalty to be used on the LGBTQ community and uses anti-LGBTQ slurs. Who are the Free Will Baptists, and what do they believe? New IFB doctrine promotes the notion of an Antichrist, whom they claim will be Jewish. A lot of peopleyou know, Ive heard this from Christians, Ive heard this from all kinds of peopletheyre just so excited that now we have a woman as the Vice President of the United States. Jesus does all of the saving, and the sinner does none of it. Its the most disgusting thing I could possibly think of., Patrick Boyle, Friendship Baptist Church (Lakemore, OH), October 2020: When the world starts coming in with the homosexual movement or they start coming in with all these filthy wicked things, a lot of times people say, Hey, whats the big deal? Pseudo-Fundamentalism is a new form of New Evangelicalism, a form practiced by the late Jerry Falwell and by other non-Fundamentalists. We believe that Jesus and the Bible must always come first. In 2019, ahead of an announced visit to Dublin, Anderson became the first foreigner to be banned from Ireland under the exclusion powers of its 1999 Immigration Act. Shes a woman; shes weak., Jonathan Shelley, Stedfast Baptist Church (Fort Worth, TX), March 2021: Unfortunately, our society, and really the world as a whole, has really evolved and changed quite a bit to the point where women are in high-ranking positions of authority in our nation and around the world. CCM music is therefore wicked, worldly music with some Christian words added to make the music seem Christian. Why would it surprise you that the people who deny the Christ,they deny that Jesus is the Messiah,would lie to you about something else?The real burnt offering, he concluded, is going to be when all of these Jews that dont believe in Jesus Christ go to hell for eternity. The place is just this disgusting, wicked, cesspool. This is an impetus for world missions as well. Planting churches all over the United States and sending out foreign missionaries are important goals for each local church, but dont underestimate your own personal reachWhether you are a man or woman, a child or an older person, you can have a part in this task of evangelizing the world, Anderson explained in 2017. Its full of sodomites and filthIts a queer sanctuary., Roger Jimenez, Verity Baptist Church (Sacramento, CA), February 2020: How does God feel about this religion? New IFB pastors boast of their ability to outsmart technology companies efforts to deplatform their hate speech by constantly reuploading content to new channels. New IFB pastors themselves have also been the target of criticism from some mainstream Christian pastors and other religious leaders. Thats what they ought to do., Roger Jimenez, Psychopath Reprobates (documentary), March 2018: Were not gonna bring them inWell, we should bring in the homosexuals and we should minister to them and we should love. No! Those who are left behind will fall under Gods great judgments. Many New IFB pastors do not make any effort to hide their bigotry.

Anderson acknowledged that some Jews were among the many casualties on both sides, but blamed these deaths on starvation and poor conditions, claiming that just because people were rounded up and put in forced labor camps, that does not mean that they were systematically exterminated and cremated to the tune of six million., Anderson also asserted that Holocaust survivors who recall Jews being burned in crematoria are paid liars and that Jews lied about the Holocaust to justify creating the State of Israel. However, Calvinism also teaches that some men and women cannot be saved by Jesus -- a doctrine which is clearly against the Bible. There will also be a Great White Throne judgment of the wicked, with all those who rejected Jesus on Earth being cast into The Lake of Fire to burn there forever. Its wickedSome kid walking in there with eyeliner on and makeup and hes taking all these hormones and he walks into a girls locker room because I identify as a girl. They ought to take that little queer out and stone him. She is a jezebel. Why? And if you say youre against the modern state of Israel, if you say Im against Zionism, if you say Im not a Zionist, theyll say youre racist, youre antisemitic, you just hate the Jews. It is not praying a prayer. Theyre of the Devil. You know, Hollywood is filled with Jews that are perverting the minds of all the people in America and in the worldWhat are they teaching these Jews? In line with their broader antisemitic views of Judaism as a false and evil religion, the modern nation of Israel is regularly characterized as wicked and a fraud.. After the 2016 terrorist attack at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, FL, in which nearly 50 people were murdered and more than 50 others were injured, multiple New IFB pastors drew attention nationwide for their virulently homophobic responses to the violence. We believe that prayer changes things. Andersons history of hate speech and discrimination has drawn condemnation both locally and internationally, causing him to be barred from entering numerous countries. A three-disc DVD set of the conference was made available for purchase online from New IFB-associate Paul Wittenbergers Framing the World website. In their heart they know the truth and theyre evil. Theyre not done. The New IFBs expansive digital footprint is coupled with a strong emphasis on on-the-ground soul winning efforts to attract people to the movement, as well as the establishment of new churches around the world. A review of sermons and other church materials demonstrates this shared ideology. We therefore believe in and practice the baptism of believers as well as membership in the local New Testament church. New IFB churches present themselves as autonomous entities and do not consider New IFB to be an official denomination or designation, but use the label to informally indicate their shared values and distinguish themselves from traditional old IFB churches. The result is that all-too-often churches which are packed with lost churchgoers who have spoken in tongues or have prayed a prayer; but who do not know that they are wretched, blind, miserable, poor, and spiritually naked. Im supposed to honor that religion? New IFB ideology promotes the antisemitic notion that Jews today are imposters who are not true Jews described in the Bible. Copyright 2020. I wish every fag and tranny would kill themselves right now. And most of these peoplethe news mediaare, theyre Jews, theyre owned by Jewish companies. From such turn away! New Evangelicalism is a central part of today's Great Apostasy, as so many professing Christians move away from the authority of Jesus and the Bible. And if they won't kill themselves, you know what? Like their documentaries, conferences are another channel through which some New IFB pastors collaborate and spread their bigoted beliefs. All Rights Reserved. Im not downplaying them; Im not degrading them. Prayer, however, is not simply to get things to make us rich, or to otherwise please us. They are predators. All rights reserved. They are doing the Devils work. Its pretty easy to prove that it is false., Steven Anderson, Faithful Word Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ), April 2015: You wonder where these strange doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church come from, because they certainly don't come from the BibleBut then you realize that Buddhism has been around since 500 BC and Hinduism even before that, and that Catholicism shares the same false teachings with these Eastern religions. We believe that Contemporary Christian Music, or CCM, had its historic roots in Rock-n-Roll, whore-house music, and other sensual, sexual, and worldly music. Bruce Mejia, the pastor of First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, CA (formerly called Faithful Word Baptist Church Los Angeles) delivers a 2019 sermon in which he declares that LGBTQthe acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioningshould stand for Let God Burn Them Quickly. (source: YouTube). The Sodomite Deception, created by New IFB Pastor Jonathan Shelley and released in 2021, claims to expose how the LGBTQ community is contributing to the collapse of modern society. We believe that the Gospel is the Good News of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus from the dead. video clip of him verbally attacking comedian Sarah Silverman, law enforcement said there was no indication, Andersons primary sanderson1611 channel, separated in 2018 over religious differences, antisemitic documentary released by Anderson and Wittenberger in 2015, In Their Own Words - Bigoted comments from pastors affiliated with the New IFB movement. The majority of New IFB churches feature extensive archives directly on their websites, which make the sermons available for download and also direct viewers to third party platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. And theyre out spending billions of dollars in research and testing. I hate those that blaspheme his name., Steven Anderson, Faithful Word Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ), February 2013: Today we have womens rightsWhat do you think they mean when they say womens rights?The right to rebel and disobey your husband, the right to divorce him, the right to go out and get a job and make your own money, the right to tell him what to do, the right to go vote for our leadersas if women should have any say in how our country is run., Grayson Fritts, All Scripture Baptist Church (Knoxville, TN), April 2018: Very early on it is drilled in little girls heads that theyre equal with boys: you can do anything that you want to do, youre just as good as a boy, you can do things better than a boy. They have their gender identity blurred from birthGod wants women to get married, to have children, and to guide the house. Raising your hand and praying a prayer did not die for you on the cross. YouTube is a particularly popular platform for New IFB churches, with dozens of channels actively posting New IFB-related content and frequently drawing thousands of views per video. We believe that salvation is entirely by grace through faith, apart from of mans works. Steven Anderson is brought to Botswanas immigration headquarters before being deported from the country in 2016. New IFB pastors take advantage of the modern age of technology, the Internet and social media to spread their message of hate beyond the walls of their churches. We believe that Christians are to live for Jesus and the Bible and not to live for sin. Soul-winning is not limited to the regions surrounding a New IFB church location. We believe what God says that without holiness (also called separation) no one will see God. They stir up the multitudes, they get people going crazy. While homosexuality and same-sex marriage are denounced by certain other Christian denominations or independent churches, New IFB churches take an extreme position on the issue. We believe that God has dealt with man in different ways in the past, present, and future. Thats what the Bible says. They decry Zionism as Jew worship and view traditional support for Israel among evangelical Christians as the result of Jewish deception in support of the Antichrist. Other New IFB pastors and churches have also regularly drawn the attention of critics and protesters. Judaism., Tommy McMurtry, Liberty Baptist Church (Rock Falls, IL), May 2020: The Jews have been doing this forever. Months after he was banned from Australia, Anderson claimed in early 2020 that the wildfires ravaging the country were the judgement of God for banning and deporting preachers of the Gospel. Anderson has also been banned from Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the 26 member states of Europes Schengen Area which share a common visa policy. Attendance and membership in a local New Testament church is Gods plan for the believer, and is not to be forsaken. In an antisemitic documentary released by Anderson and Wittenberger in 2015, titled Marching to Zion, Anderson purports to describe the history of the Jewish religion and the evolution of Jewish beliefs. In addition to online platforms, Anderson also distributes CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives of his sermons, including handing out these materials during soul-winning activities and sending them to his associates for distribution in foreign countries. An extensive digital strategy allows New IFB pastors to reach millions of people online, despite attempts by tech companies to deplatform New IFB-affiliated channels for hate speech violations. The El Monte church had been the site of protests in the weeks leading up to the incident due to the anti-LGBTQ bigotry of its pastor, Bruce Mejia. And why should that surprise you when Jesus said to the Jews: ye are of your father the Devil. I mean, he says youre of your father the Devil, then he says, youre worshiping in the Synagogue of Satan. So, hes talking about their enemies and again this is all connectedhes bringing all these things up for a reason., Joe Major, Faith Baptist Church (Violet, LA), September 2019: That star is not the Star of David. But please understand: this Satan has sanctuaries. Its wonderful. Why? Other New IFB pastors are also featured, including pastors Anderson, Jimenez, Mejia and Thompson.

The church is to be led by a pastor who is to shepherd the people as Gods appointed leader; yet without committing the sin of lording it over the flock. The Bible shows us Gods truth, and tells us about Jesus. Theyre full of evil and wickedness and rottenness. And also, theres a lot of sodomy and homosexuality in Israel today. In fact, I will rejoice over that., Donnie Romero, Stedfast Baptist Church (Fort Worth, TX), December 2014: Im not going to let any of these dirty faggots inside my church. Pentecostalism in its various forms emphasizes many things, but rarely either Jesus or the Bible. If were gonna make America great again, I know where to start. Its great, he concluded in another anti-LGBTQ sermon, demonstrating the defiant, open bigotry that frequently characterizes New IFB teachings. You know, let them use the word marriage, we dont care about that. Well, you think that as soon as they get the word marriage, you think theyre done? Before YouTube eventually terminated it in 2020, Andersons primary sanderson1611 channel had accumulated over 120,000 subscribers and tens of millions of views. Therefore, when a system of theology comes along which places reason; tradition; advanced revelation; emotion; experiences; feelings; or anything else before the Bible, we must reject it. The New IFB movement is not affiliated with any mainstream Baptist denominations. New IFB pastors further promote their materials on other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. I dont hate any physical Jew; I dont hate him. We must therefore obey Jesus and the Bible and pray. And we need to go back to the past where men of God used to preach against these filthy disgusting freaks, against sodomites, against fags., Jonathan Shelley, Stedfast Baptist Church (Fort Worth, TX), December 2020: Theres nothing truly gay about them, because gay means happy inside. After initially meeting in the Anderson familys living room, the congregation moved into a strip mall a year and a half later as the church membership grew. That star is the image of their false god. Baptism has no part in true conversion, and represents the belief that the one being baptized has already been saved. He outlined his goal of having 54 affiliated churches in major cities across the United States by 2026 and reaching every home in the country through soul-winning by 2041. Another iteration of the conference planned for 2020 appears to have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But really, nothing could be further from the truth. Its fact. This we seek to do through evangelism, missions, preaching, the Internet, and other methods. The conspicuously named Pastor Anderson Sermons channel, for example, in apparent anticipation of potential deplatforming, instructs followers to backup, save & re-upload all videos from the channel. What is a Bible Baptist Church, and what do Bible Baptists believe. New IFB churches promote themselves as independent, autonomous entities which do not belong to a broader structure. The New Independent Fundamental Baptist (New IFB) movement is a loose, growing network of approximately 30 churches in the United States and around the world that promotes hate and bigotry under the guise of religious doctrine. Theyre manipulating politics and finances and religions especially, and I believe theyre trying to unite all the other religions to come together to support a Zionistic Antichrist of sorts.

We believe that the institution of the local church was set up by Jesus. Because if you executed the homos like God recommends, you wouldn't have all this AIDS running rampant., Dillon Awes, Shield of Faith Baptist Church (Boise, ID), September 2019: Theres nothing more disgusting and wicked and vile than a homosexualI cannot fathom anything more disgusting than being a sodomite. I mean, shell work at the house, but shes never gonna work a secular job. In January 2021, the New IFB congregation First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, CA, was targeted by a homemade bomb, which damaged the building that houses the church. So why should we believe that were supposed to just help Israel militarily, no matter what?, Adam Fannin, Law of Liberty Baptist Church (Jacksonville, FL), September 2020: There is a group that claims to be Jewish today. See? The Bible calls the Synagogue of Satan. Pentecostalism has become quite popular. After a thousand years, God will let Satan out of Hell for a short while, the Earth will be destroyed, and God will create a new Heavens and Earth. We believe that Satan, the Devil, was created by God as an angel and was given an important position in Heaven, but then he fell from that position through the sin of pride. Thats the oven that they ought to be worried about., In a more recent example, New IFB Pastor Aaron Thompson of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Vancouver, WA, told congregants in 2020: I don't believe that [six million Jews died] for one second. Jesus described such people in the third chapter of Revelation. This is what you say: depart from me you work of iniquity; I pray you die and go to hell.. God will judge those who commit sin at His Great White Throne Judgment. New IFB pastors frequently call for LGBTQ people to be killed and make other disparaging, violent remarks about the LGBTQ community. And what you have to understand is, this is not a blessing. The spread of New IFB content online has translated into an offline influence around the world.

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