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Ambitious Kitchen skincare is HERE in partnership with Volition Beauty. They are awesome! The sugar from applesauce is actually less healthy than fat, which our bodies need much more of than was thought during the whole Low Fat Lie. In this space, we are committed to the pursuit of wellness and determined to stay balanced and real. of lemon juice to 1 c. of 1% milk and allowed it to sit for 5 minutes before using it. Glad to hear you love these . Once youve got the batter mixed up (dont worry if its thick and lumpy, it should be) all you need to do is bake these babies! Added the raisins as well.

Making some and freezing them for later. Im sure glad it did!! I have made it with chocolate chips, fruit, nuts, and my kids love sit best when I substitute in oatmeal but will eat them either way. I do opt for unsweetened applesauce in recipes like this one, and a spread of nut butter on top is a great source of healthy fat too . Thanks. These came out really well. I used frozen blueberries and strawberries, 1/2 and 1/2. thank u. Im glad they were still delicious! While muffins are my specialty, they also so happen to be my Grandma Glorias favorite thing to bake. These were awesome!!! So so good. Baked at 425 for just a tad over 16 minutes and they are SO SO good. I will be making these regularly! Had to kick off muffin week with a family favorite . It was hard for us to eat just 1 muffin at a we didnt! Thanks for the healthy recipes that are vegan friendly. Thanks for sharing , These look delicious! I substituted oat bran (its what I had on hand) for wheat bran and they were absolutely delicious. I am SO PUMPED for AK muffin week! I used coconut palm sugar and coconut oil and added raisins. I love a quick on the go breakfast or snack. I didnt calculate sodium content, so Im not sure! Crispy on the top, soft in the center. I didnt have whole wheat pastry flour, so I used whole wheat all-purpose flour. Oh I also used bran buds and just soaked them in the wet ingredients before mixing. Thank you eternally, These muffins were ok but I probably wouldnt make them again. Thanks! They were awesome!!! I always freeze them and then have a quick breakfast ready to go in the morning. Let me know if you try it! Canned pumpkin puree works well as a substitute for the yogurt. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

These make a l substantial breakfast or snack, I was pleasantly surprised with the large size of the muffin. My Grandfathers absolute favorite muffins were banana nut, but he also LOVED my Grandmas famous healthy bran muffins. These are delicious and only 141 calories each!!! These are simply the best bran muffin recipe I have come across. These sound amazing.

Your recipe is a game changer. I asked her for the recipe a few months ago and finally she gave it to me. Yep, theyre the whole package. Followed exactly using butter flavored coconut oil, and theyre moist and just the faintest bit sweet unlike store bought. Perfection! Perfect Im glad you all loved them! My kids & I have made these several times. That happened once before and I tried increasing the buttermilk. Can I use regular milk if I dont have almond milk? Love the idea of adding walnuts, too. Is the batter supposed to come out super thick? Thank you, Glad those swaps worked out! These are delicious! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I added raisins, walnuts and a little bit of fresh pineapple. Can you use bran cereal for the wheat bran? Easy and delicious . Thank you! What can I say, this beat my regular recipe by about 10 stars. just made these with fresh blueberries and they are so perfect! Im so happy you found these! Our MOST POPULAR Recipes + Tips to help you get the most out of your Instant Pot! Cant wait to try this at home , SUPER excited to try these muffins our! Thanks for a great muffin recipe!

I make milk kefir so I use that in place of the buttermilk and soak the wheat bran in the kefir/buttermilk to soften up while I combine the remaining ingredients.

Thanks so much for sharing all of this, Maggie! Required fields are marked *. The only change I made was using buttermilk instead of almond and used Grandma molasses since I did not have blackstrap. Is there any reason dairy milk wouldnt work in place of almond milk? Glad you thought they were tasty! Worth finding good bran and the molasses to make them amazing! Im so glad you and your friends liked them! You can use only whole-wheat flour, only all-purpose flour, or a cup whole-wheat flour + cup all-purpose flour. And great idea to freeze for later yum! Such a sweet story about your grandparents- the best recipes are the ones passed down for sure! Next time youre looking for a healthy, easy and delicious muffin recipe, I hope youll give this one a try! I love recreating family recipes with a healthy spin =) I have also been craving and baking muffins quite a bit so I cant wait to get more inspiration from you this week! These are so moist vs the bran muffins I grew up eating!!! Ive been looking for a muffin recipe that I can make without refined sugar for the kids as an alternative to our usual banana. That includes the wheat bran (I used Bobs Red Mill), flour (I used all whole wheat), baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. I love your recipes but I also like hearing about your grandparents! Best bran muffins Ive made, actually, had! the muffins you have made look so wholesome and just the meal for breakfast you need to start a good, fresh, healthy morning! Perfect timing! Thanks for sharing . Sounds great! Because they taste amazing and theyre good for you too! The muffins turned out very nice.

As far as the baking temp, it would be 220 degrees. Hi, I want to try this recipe can I use frozen blueberries? These should last 1-2 days on the counter, but you can also freeze them for up to 3 months or store them in the fridge for 4-5 days. The molasses flavour was definitely stronger than Im used to in most recipes, but I loved it, however if you are not a huge fan of molasses I am not sure this recipe is the right fit, or maybe try using fancy molasses as I think it has a more subtle flavour? Theres something special about my grandma Glorias recipe the best! Baked to perfection in my oven at 420F. Ive taken them to several friends and theyve all asked for the recipe. Just tried these this morning as I was looking for a healthier recipe and this is it!! Glad you youve tried it other ways too! So happy youre loving them! So glad to hear you loved these. Natalie, thank you for sharing this delicious recipe! Plus, the blackstrap molasses adds so much delicious flavor to these muffins they almost taste like gingerbread muffins. Please read my policy page. Easy and versatile. As most of you know, Ive been busting out healthy muffin recipes on the internets since 2011. I tried to make this recipe as gluten-free as possible due to my AFIB even though the wheat bran kind of defeats the purpose, Maybe Ill try oat bran next time.

Thank you!

Store muffins at room temperature for 3 days in a ziplock bag.

Next time Ill add more sugar since I prefer a sweeter muffin ?. Such a great breakfast . This is my go to muffin recipe. I added a little stevia to mine along with apples pecans and dried cranberries. I make muffins at least twice a week, and yours are some of the best. Along with the buttermilk, add the yogurt (Greek works great and adds extra protein), egg, oil (I used coconut), brown sugar (for moisture, flavor, and sweetness), and vanilla extract! Thanks for your comment! If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. In fact,its healthiest form of molasses and contains the most vitamins and nutrients. Also I am using a regular (not fan) oven. Would it make a difference?Also added 1/4 cup each of pecans & walnuts . Im so happy you liked it! Let em cool for a few minutes and then enjoy. They have perfect texture and taste. Great idea with fresh blueberries YUM. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Any recipe for baking should include weights of the ingredients. I like the recipe and will try to convert the dry ingredients. So glad the banana worked, and those additions sound really delish , Thanks for posting this. Made these muffins while my 8week old slept and they did not disappoint. American Berries Bread Breakfast Cinnamon Easy Healthy Recipes, LifeMadeSimpleTeamPublished on February 20, 2020 / Last updated on April 25, 2022. ** Also a little tip is to use parchment paper muffin cups so you dont have to add cooking spray ;>. Healthy, not too sweet and easy to put together. What a find! (Chef here) Ta very much! However, I do think you could sub all purpose flour or chickpea flour for the whole wheat pastry flour if you are looking for a flour alternative. All else as recipe says, makes 16 medium muffins 14 min. So happy you liked them! May I suggest soaking the bran in the milk for 10-20 mins before blending? Thanks for your emphasis on whole grains and fruits and veggies. These muffins are made with whole grains, blackstrap molasses and applesauce; they're the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack and are freezer friendly. They were still delicious! Will edit when I see how they freeze as I wont be able to eat all ten this week! Glad you loved these blueberries, walnuts and dates sound delicious. Thank you for the great recipe! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I made these for my fiance because we are both dedicated to changing our eating habits and live a healthier lifestyle. Im so happy you're here. Can anyone tell me if I can leave out apple cider vinegar in the bran muffins recipe??

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a 12 cup muffin tin with only 10 liners and spray the inside of them with nonstick cooking spray -- DO NOT SKIP THIS. So I used a donut pan. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then use as vegan buttermilk. I never made bran muffins before because all the ones I have had in the past were course and pretty much tasteless. It worked well. These were wonderful muffins. Your email address will not be published. They came out perfect! You could also use white whole wheat flour with great results. How do you cool the coconut oil? I had left over fresh cherries and my whole family loved them. Add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix with a spatula until just combined.

But you can use store-bought buttermilk if you prefer. Variety of fruit: raspberries, blueberries, apples, and peaches. I like to go shy on the sugar and get sweetness from extra raisins (1 cup = sweetness in bursts = better perceived sweetness). I have made these many times, both following the recipe and also making some modifications (e.g., replacing some or all oil with applesauce). To freeze muffins tightly wrap them in foil and place in a freezer-safe bag and freeze for up to 3 months. Thanks Lauren! do you think the bran makes it taste different than germ for future times I make? Tasty on their own but theyre missing that extra something that an add-in would really bring together. Cool muffins for 5 minutes then remove and transfer to a wire rack to finish cooling. Healthy Lemon Poppyseed Muffins with Lemon Blueberry Glaze, Power Flax Chocolate Chip Banana Oatmeal Muffins, Good Morning Healthy Blueberry Zucchini Muffins. These are wonderful! Some of the best muffins Ive ever had. These are truly the best! Yes absolutely! Pour the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients and mix it up. (Hopefully tonight after Im done studying) also super excited for this challenge tc, Hope you love these!! Awesome muffins, so delicious and wholesome I added some orange zest and vanilla extract to the batter and baked in a bundt pan for exactly 30 minutes. Im glad those swaps all work out! Muffins are best served warm with a little butter on top. Oh my yum! Just subscribed to your LifeMadeSimple. Hi Lisa, I cant really say. Delicious. Thank you! Im so glad you love the muffins! I did cut the coconut oil into the batter to make the oil chunks small and spread out. Will be a staple for me going forward. So I tried it again, this time with my new Molasses haha and it was SPOT ON! How long will the muffins last in a sealed container on the counter? Or would it not work out? Thanks for all best recipes Monique XO. (And Im looking at the gingerbread cookies video playing to the right of the screen NEXT!). Now its time to whisk together the dry ingredients in a larger mixing bowl. Ive tried so many healthy bran muffin recipes on line and this is the best by far. Just trying to simplify ingredients based on my typical groceries .

YAY! We still miss Grandpa to this day but remember his through little things and by keeping his memory alive. I halved the recipe and added golden raisins and orange zest. Costco is easiest source for the vanilla almond milk. I Adoore bran muffins, and for some dumb reason never made them. I used wheat germ instead of wheat bran on mistake! Delicious. So thrilled to hear they came out amazing! i really like this recipe. I made the recipe exactly according to the directions. No its essential to the flavor of the muffins! Baked 12 muffins to perfection in 15 minutes! Such a perfect breakfast or snack. This recipe is really good! Awesome, so happy that all worked out well and that you enjoyed these! Happy Holidays! I love bran muffins but prefer the recipe from Canadian living for raspberry bran muffins. Definitely making these again. I personally have not tried, but I am sure you could. I also find buttermilk instead of milk. Your email address will not be published. Then fold in any fresh fruit, dried fruit or nuts youd like. Moist and tender. Thank you so much and will definitely make again!! All purpose flour works perfectly in place of pastry flour with the results still being super light, fluffy and tender. *I opted for making my own "low-fat buttermilk" by adding 1 tbsp. We welcome you to our Ambitious Kitchen. I didnt think these muffins could possibly be improved theyre so incredibly delicious! So many great options to make these muffins exactly how you like! I prepped the muffin tins while waiting those 5 minutes. Get our latest & greatest recipes in your inbox. For variety, cinnamon can be increased by 50% and 1/2 lemon juiced can substitute the cider vinegar. My favorite kind is from Bobs Red Mill. Didnt have buttermilk, so used 2% with your lemon juice fix, whole wheat pastry flour, local organic non-fat plain yogurt, frozen home-grown raspberries, and (my fave add) raw sunflower seeds. Moist and tasty! Sounds amazing- thanks for sharing Cindy! I used vanilla yogurt because its what I had and it definitely gave great flavor. Ive been eating those muffins since I was a little girl! Learn how your comment data is processed. These are going to become a staple in my household!

My add-ins were blueberries, walnuts and dates! Going to try the marble chocolate zucchini bread as the kids will surely love it ! Could I substitute the milk/lemon juice buttermilk for almond milk and lemon juice? I doubled this recipe the first time I made it, and im so glad I did. Easy to prepare too! I reduced heat to 400 and baked for 20 minutes to make 6 jumbo muffins. Is there anything to be aware of with these fruits especially since they will be adding more moisture (eg longer baking time, more dry ingredients etc). Today Im changing that. I added fresh blueberries,craisins and pecans. I love the subtle molasses flavor and texture. It kind of defeats the point of a bran muffin. Virgin coconut oil: I love using virgin coconut oil for flavor and to keep this recipe dairy free.

THANK YOU for sharing this amazing recipe!! I love blackstrap molasses but I think either should work just fine in here Heres an interesting article comparing the two if youre interested in learning more. I made the substitutions to use what I had on hand. I love that its called grandmas too, because thats what it reminds me of. An important note regarding mixing the wet ingredients: MAKE SURE THEY ARE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. Ever since then, its been one of her favorite things to do. Enjoy! This Grandmas Bran Muffin recipe has been wonderful. Made these for the first time without the optional add-ins and probably should have in hindsight. Anyway, I exchanged the whole wheat pastry flour for organic brown rice flour, added 1 tsp of xantham gum, used flax milk instead of almond milk, & coconut sugar instead of brown and the muffins came out delicate & fluffy.

These are fantastic. Fantastic recipe, will definitely bake many more times! Im sure they would be better with molasses but they were still really good. Definitely would make them again with the modification though! For those of you who dont know the infamous Gloria, shes my wonderful spirited, sassy grandmother. Preorder my nourishing Chocolate Macadamia Hydrating Facemask and get 15% off before it ships this fall, Preorder my NEW Chocolate Macadamia Face Mask. I am obsessed with the bran muffins from a really popular, local bakery. Thank you for this one! Oh and I should mention that I used oat bran as it is all that I had and it worked lovely as a replacement for wheat bran. I love all of your muffin recipes. I made them last night and seriously these are some dank muffins! grain wheat
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