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Wrestling tickets currently on offer - click to see more! As soon as you go through the curtain and you hear the crowd cheering for you it spurs you on - and even if you get hurt in a match, nine times out of tenyou will finish it because you're pumped with adrenaline. This move significantly boosted the popularity of the sport and enabled some of the leaders in the field to get their name out to the public and develop a significant fan base as never before. My partner is also a wrestler. View our online Press Pack. We are at an all-time high in terms of female representation in the industry and I one hundred per cent see us as being strong female role models. I always wear velvet - it's my thing. GWF Women's Wrestling Revolution 10. Here, four of the UK and Ireland's best fighters reveal all about life in the ring. I was nervous, and although I lost it was a fantastic experience and spurred me on to do more. With five years of experience under her belt, Lana is a veteran of the British scene compared to some on this list. Trident Digital Media Limited. is a Scottish female professional wrestler better known by the stylized ring name Kay Lee Ray. I did a hardcore weapons match a few months ago and aggravated an old ankle injury - I was completely beaten up and gave everything in the match - the pain is the worst part of being a wrestler. We'd watch the big events such as Wrestlemania together. When I was 15, I started out training three days a week at the Knucklelocks Gym, a pro-wrestling school in London. We really do get thrown around from great heights, land on our backs and necks and get kicked in the head - it hurts, and after a weekend of it you feel really exhausted. How it makes me feel, both mentally and physically strong. (1999), WWE NXT (2010) and WWE Raw (1993). As it happens, Louises biggest opponent and greatest enemy in the sport turned out to be Michelle Madison, her own sister. Spoiler For Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar WWE SummerSlam Main Event? A 'session moth' is a stereotypical Dublin party girl who goes to the shops hungover in her pyjamas - and everyone loved my act. Now I participate in matches most weekends. She is often nicknamed "Little" due to her short stature of only 4 ft 11 in. Lana Austin is an actress, known for Legends Never Die, WWE: NXT UK (2018) and Progress Chapter 78: 24 Hour People (2018). I eat a healthy, balanced diet rather than stick to any particular eating plan; it's important to keep yourself fit when you're travelling up and down the country as much as I do. american professional wrestler My names Sadie Gibbs I choose to compete, because I love crossfit! I get all my costumes made custom-made in Japan. She returned to the British Empire Wrestling on February 21, 2015 at BEW for the Storm, in a three-way match against Astronomica and Queen Maya. I modelled her on the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Read our Privacy and Data Policy. I have been a wrestler for eight years. I used to wrestle as myself, but three years ago I was invited to wrestle under a new promotion called OTT. is a female Scottish professional wrestler currently known by her ring name Isla Dawn. A model when she is not wrestling, Austin is more than willing to use her sexuality to her advantage, employing her backside as one of her most dangerous weapons! Sadie Gibbs a personal trainer and fitness model is an Irish professional wrestler working under the ring name Kasey Owens. Weapons such as chairs, metal sticks and baseball bats are used - but all combat moves are dramatised. Sometimes they're scared - it depends which show you see me in. is a female British professional wrestler best known by her ring name Xia Brookside. Michelles favourite move is the Boston Crab, though she is now incorporating more high flying manoeuvres in her repertoire to support her ground wrestling skills which is making her a serious contender in every competition she enters. Looking for the very latest wrestling news, gossip and facts?

We're a brand new wrestling site dedicated to the most superb of sports - Wrestling! Wrestling's deadliest redhead Current gimmick: Nightshade Promotion: Freelancer Alter egos: Nightshade Roles: Singles Wrestler Signature moves: Chick Kick, STO debuted in 2012 was in many sports federations Steffanie Newell is an actress, known for WWE NXT (2010), WWE: Mae Young Classic Women Tournament (2017) and WWE Smackdown! She is known for her work in the Scottish and British promotions including Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Fierce Females and Insane Championship Wrestling, where she wrestled most of her early career under her real Actress | The training there is intense - sometimes I'd do 500 squats in one go. Louise and Michelle make up two of the key personalities in the Ladies in Combat group, a team of UK women wrestlers dedicated to getting to the top. Chakara started wrestling when she was just 15My mum Lisa got me into wrestling - she was a massive fan of it and used to watch it a lot. She also wrestles in America with Shimmer Zoe Lucas is an English female wrestler.

She is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) performing on its NXT developmental brand. Trained by her father Joe Connolly, Mitzi won the British Ladies Championships in 1972 and held the title of European Ladies Champion from 1975 to 1990. I was in Japan for work for a few months recently and I'd train for three hours a day. Erin Actress | Meghan 'DID make Kate cry' in dress row 'with comment about Charlotte', Im fat & sick of having to squeeze into my car - now I leave a note on my window, Mum-of-6 Paris Fury shares what she bought for kids teachers as they break up, I shaved off my baby daughters unibrow I was sick of peoples rude comments, News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Matches last between ten minutes and half an hour and are same or mixed sex - but all have pre-determined outcomes and wrestlers know who is going to win when the match starts. All rights reserved. She is signed to WWE, where she performs under the ring name Paige. She is one half of the tag team the Owens Twins, with her sister Leah Owens. In the three years I've been wrestling I've seen more and more women getting involved which is fantastic. Championships and accomplishments Flemish Wrestling Force FWF Tag Team Championship Pro Wrestling Ulster PWU Women's Championship (2 times) Over The Top Wrestling OTT Women's Championship (1 time) Pro Wrestling Showdown Toughest Motherf***er Of Europe Charlie Morgan is an actress, known for PROGRESS Wrestling PROGRESS Chapter 68: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Edition 2018 (2018), Progress Wrestling Live at The Dome (2017) and WWE: NXT UK (2018). boxing 1946 Mums, teachers and call-centre workers by day, these female fighters are just a few of the hundreds of British women taking up wrestling in their free time. Louise initially tried many combat sports before entering professional wrestling and has used her experience and love of combat to achieve titles including British Ladies Champion, Intercontinental Champion and British Tag Team Champion. The wrestling style I do is aggressive - I do a lot of stamping on my opponents' heads and I've even usedobjects such as chairs to hit people. Buy Wrestling Tickets securely and cheaply online -. I've recently returned from Japan, where I spent three months wrestling with Stardom, a women's promotion over there.

wrestling wrestlers busty american federation leggy womens 1940 She is best known for her work on the independent circuit in England with various promotions including LDN Wrestling, ChickFight and Real Quality Wrestling where she is the current Women's Champion.

PROGRESS Wrestling PROGRESS Chapter 68: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Edition 2018. It was very quick - most people don't start doing professional matches for 18 months. Bray Wyatt Shares VKM Quote In Newest Twitter Confusion, AEW Dark: Elevation Spoilers For July 25 Episode, Indie Star Accuses WWE Of Stealing His Gimmick, WWEs Veer Mahaan Confirms Upcoming Drastic Character Change.

Michelle herself is gaining incredible support for her enthusiasm and energy and her no holds barred approach to the support, even when she is in the ring with her sister. In more recent times the world of UK female wrestling has been dominated by Louise Lockwood. O'Reilly trained under Justin Richards, the Knight Family and Lance Storm, Rhia made her professional wrestling debut in 2010.

That's when I came up with my character - Session Moth Martina. She's one of hundreds of UK women who take part in professional wrestling matches - a mix of athletics and theatre where participants fight in character. One time after a fight I went into the toilet and my nose was on the other side of my face. There's elements of martial arts in the sport too, so I know that if anyone attacked me I could legitimately defend myself. Brain surgery can change your personality - and this was a good way for me to deal with it.My experience influenced my strong character, who I describe as a 'monster' version of myself.

But a couple of years ago I had to take over a year out as I had a benign tumour on the left side of my brain and needed surgery. For other inquiries, Contact Us. They ask lots of questions, but I think it helps me command respect in the classroom. Going into the ring you know it's going to hurt, but the adrenaline takes the edge off and I have a high pain threshold - I've torn ligaments in my foot and been on crutches for two days then gone back into the ring. Rae was part of TNA British Boot Camp II during October 2014, Actress | Following a surge in popularity ofNetflix favourite GLOW which returns this week, hundreds of women have signed up to the brutal combat sport. She is an actress, known for PROGRESS Wrestling PROGRESS Chapter 68: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Edition 2018 (2018), WWE: NXT UK (2018) and PROGRESS Wrestling Freedom's Road (2016). Wrestling isn't done under weight classes - but if you have a fair match ability-wise it can be amazing and feel really empowering.". boxing female boxers vs rodriguez senorita spain germany 1949 frieda muller aka paris It helps me get into character and feel sexy and no one else wears it. Natasha Harrison (ne Loxton; born August 24, 1998) is a Welsh professional wrestler and performs under the ring name Sierra Loxton, she has competed in numerous promotions throughout the UK but is mainly known for her time with British Championship Wrestling where she is a former Women's Champion Rebecca Quin was born on January 30, 1987 in Dublin, Ireland. But it's worth when I put on an outfit that gets me in to character. Self proclaimed as the Hardest Working Women in Independent Wrestling, the Ladies in Combat team have a dedication to not only progress their own careers but also train up and coming new female talent on the UK wrestling circuit.

After ten months I made my debut as Kat Von Kaige, a character I'd describe as a 'vintage villainess'. Although it doesn't leave a lot of time for a social life, my family and friends are extremely supportive - I'm also close to a lot of other women in the industry. It's an unusual lifestyle - you're travelling constantly and your weekends are mostly taken up with matches, so it's important to be with somebody who understands it. By day I'm a supply chemistry and PE teacher as well as being a mum.The kids always manage to find out that I'm a wrestler and are intrigued by it. She has been married to Colby Lopez since June 2021. Look no further, get it all here! I wear a lot of onesies, PJs and party clothes, and participate in comedy matches where I drink and throw beer on stage. A lot of people expect that I get chatted up a lot - but most people are super respectful and that doesn't happen a lot. My trainer put it back into place for me and it's been fine since - but i'm nervous of doing more damage.

As she matures, WWE are sure to come calling eventually. 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The costumes I wear are burlesque-inspired and I make them myself most of the time - some can take me a year to finish. I wanted to go for something that looked elegant as well as strong that would make me stand out. Men treat me different too - they are always intimidated. Owens debuted professionally on October 10, 2010 for a joint promotion held by Fight Factory Pro Wrestling (FFPW) and No Limit Wrestling (NLW). She is known for wrestling for FEMWIN. Wrestling gets a lot of flack for being 'fake' - but it's not. Walking out to all the applause is a real confidence boost - although wrestling is very physical, it's all about entertaining people. She had worked primarily on the British independent circuit before signing with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) apart of the NXT UK brand. 2012 - The Home of UK Wrestling & Wrestlers. Progress Wrestling Live at The Dome. 30 Greatest British/Irish Guitarists of All Time, Ranking Every WrestleMania From Best to Worst, The Greatest Love Stories in Movie History. She is regarded as one of the top eight women wrestlers in the United Kingdom, and is also well known as working as a valet for wrestlers. Women are as notable as male wrestlers too. Some wrestlers don't drink, but although I'm good during the week I do like to let my hair down and have fun. This team also includes powerhouse Kirsten Scot who has been a life long friend of Louise Lockwood and was inspired to join the group by her good friend and adversary. I came to wrestling quite late at 22. Michelle followed Louise into the sport after seeing the success of her sister on the International circuit. Tell us what you think about this feature. Things really accelerated from there. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. She became Womens Champion at the latter, contesting a series of impressive bouts with Kay Lee Ray, Lance Austin and Bea Priestley along the way. I think we're respected a lot more. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. I was 16 when I first started wrestling in my home country, New Zealand. Partnering with Rusty Blair, Mitzi was one of the first women to wrestle in a big venue when the ban against female wrestlers was lifted in 1987 and took on Klondyke Kate and Nicky Monroe in the Royal Albert Hall. Previously voted the Most Up and Coming Wrestler by the BWA, Kirsten looks forward to title bouts with her close friends as when she gets in the ring it is all about the win. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link:, Catherine-Rhiannon Osborne transforms into Kat Von Kaige - her wrestling alter ego, Netflix show GLOW has encouraged a new generation of women to enter the ring, Kat is the self-styled 'vintage villainess', Kat in action during a recent match in Hereford, Kat spends hours in the gym training for her fights, When Kat's not in the ring she's looking after her three-year-old son, Joel, Bea Priestley, 22, moved to the UK from New Zealand to pursue her wrestling career, Bea says her style of wrestling is aggressive, Bea found her alter-ego helped her cope with the aftermath of brain surgery, Martina's casual look is different from the outfits worn by many other wrestlers, Credit: Rob Brazier- Head Drop Photography, Chakara wrestles professionally most weekends, Credit: Rob Brazier and Pro-Wrestling: EVE, Netflix favourite GLOW which returns this week, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Before signing with with the WWE, Brookside spent four years on the British independent circuit in Millie McKenzie is an actress, known for PROGRESS Wrestling PROGRESS Chapter 68: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Edition 2018 (2018), Progress Wrestling Live at The Dome (2017) and WWE: NXT UK (2018). Wrestles for several promotion across the UK, mixing it up with the men as often as she does other women. Bea Priestley is an actress, known for Progress Wrestling Live at The Dome (2017), AEW Dynamite (2019) and PROGRESS Wrestling Freedom's Road (2016).

But what's it really like to be a female wrestler? It was huge for me as I was one of the first Irish wrestlers to go there and I quit my charity call centre job to do it. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. It was three months after the birth of my son, and I was just looking for a cool hobby to help with my fitness - but I got hooked really quickly. She certainly has skills and knows her way is an English professional wrestler, better known by her ring name Erin Angel. (1999). She is the only person to is an Irish female professional wrestler best known by her ring name Rhia O'Reilly.

Championships and accomplishments Revolution Pro Wrestling RevPro British Women's Championship (1 time) RISE Wrestling Phoenix Of RISE Championship (1 time) It seems that Ms Lucas likes to play the brat stick. And through this commitment not only to each other but to womens wrestling as a whole, we can see a great future for female wrestling in this country and hopefully a great future for the women who are working so hard to get to the top of their game. Nightshade is a professional wrestler.

My boyfriend is a 6ft 5in bouncer and reckons I could beat up most men. GWF Women's Wrestling Revolution 9: Let The Hunt Begin, PROGRESS Wrestling PROGRESS Chapter 68: Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Edition 2018. The 18-year old has taken British wrestling by storm over the past year, becoming a regular feature of PROGRESS, EVE, RevPro, FCP, ATTACK! She is a two-time WWE Divas Champion and was the inaugural NXT Women's Champion in WWE's developmental branch, NXT. Like Mitzi, Louise started her professional wrestling career at 14 and quickly moved to the top of her profession dominating both the UK and international scene. WHEN supply teacher Catherine-Rhiannon Osborne finishes work for the day, she heads to her local gym - but she's not doing a yoga or zumba class. And a competition is another way to push myself beyond my limits. It involved doing 200 push-ups, a two-minute handstand and flips. Jinny Sandh was born on September 28, 1989 in Knightsbridge, London, England. I think it's becoming a lot less male-dominated, and there's a real sense of camaraderie between me and the other women wrestlers I meet. Nightshade. It's expensive - my shorts, top and kick pad covers cost me 1,000. Traditionally female wrestling has never been as popular as its male counterpart however it did gain a huge boost in 1955 when ITV started to televise significant female wrestling matches on a Saturday morning. The biggest name in UK wrestling in these early years was Mitzi Mueller who started her professional career in 1963 at the age of just 14.

Returning on May 9th at BEW is a British professional wrestler who wrestles as Jetta. It was very intense, I did a lot of cardio and learned to do challenging moves such as back flips - gymnastics can be a big part of a wrestling routine. She is known for WWE Smackdown!

The outfits I wear are different from a stereotypical wrestler's. Are you looking for a specific British Wrestler? Since then she has worked in several countries across Europe as well as in Canada and Actress | They have one child.

Being physically fit is essential - I eat what I want, but train hard. n April 2016 I had my first professional match in Kent. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. The 25-year-old mild-mannered mum transforms into Kat Von Kaige and fights men twice her size, being kicked in the head, thrown on the floor and attacked with chairs and bats. I even won some matches, which was incredible. It makes me feel limitless! This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. american professional wrestler BLW women's title defeating Ayesha Raymond (November 26, 2017); RevPro Undisputed British women's title defeating Jinny (June 3, 2018); Roles: Singles Wrestler Wrestling style: Techniker Signature moves: Curb Stomp, Falcon Arrow Backbreaker, Running Knee Jamie Hayter Saraya Jade Bevis (born 17 August 1992) is an English professional wrestler and actress. Samuels wrestled as early as November 16, 2014 in British Empire Wrestling at the Lighthouse, where she defeated Lola. Katey Harvey is an Irish professional wrestler. I am always pretty scared about ruining my looks as I really like my face. and Defiant cards. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. GWF Women's Wrestling Revolution 9: Let The Hunt Begin.

It can seem like you're at a disadvantage before you even start being a nine stone woman fighting against a man double your weight. My lifestyle is extremely busy as wrestling is not my full-time job.

With her strong-style influenced ring-work, McKenzie would be a perfect fit for the Japanese joshiscene. My character is the Golden Goddess.

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