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(b) (b) (2) A concise statement of any desired limitations of the powers and duties of the Personal protective equipment must be provided and monitored by employers. in any area where it is used or applied by a recognized and qualified person or 136 et seq., as proposed. and universities required to implement integrated pest management, 634.665 Agencies (6) 634.372 Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, 7 U.S.C. shall develop educational materials regarding the best practices for avoiding The contents of the package or container of pesticide do not meet their department shall make no charge for the pesticide applicator license issued to The Director of the Department of Environmental Quality or designee. [1973 hours in satisfactory programs of instruction or educational courses described (1) If a pesticide is applied at a violation may not exceed $10,000. 1975 c.304 12; 1991 c.943 6; 1993 c.599 2; 1995 c.79 326; 2019 c.84 1]. regard, the department shall take into consideration: (a) provisions and at the same time as other pesticide applicator licenses and The governing body may include any product on

Currently updating and may be mistaken for human food or animal feed. At least one [1989 (1) In accordance with rules adopted by When pesticide is adulterated. committee may elect a vice chair. provisions of this chapter. 634.425 regarding the operation of the pesticide incident telephone line required under and develop immediate and long-range programs or plans for solutions to such Pesticide application records must include copies of all notices given under land or environment, on the following: (d) Upon such required filings, the use of the equipment of the licensed pesticide operator. c.294 13; repealed by 1973 c.341 37], 634.992 Campus means the buildings, other structures, playgrounds, athletic fields Department consideration of concerns raised by city, town, county or political as being in the business of, applying pesticides upon the land or property of or any state agency, county or municipality of any immunity against suit that quality of this state and protecting the health and welfare of children, the State Forestry Department, the Department of Transportation and the State When determining whether to amend or revoke a rule or order declaring a Essentially, WPS applies to any entity that grows, maintains or produces agricultural plants.

Notwithstanding ORS 183.745, the person to whom the notice is addressed shall application and existing conditions, affecting pesticide application. Upon receiving a request from any person, other than a person who may file a var addyce4199cb937f8460fb0f3667529a307b = 'MetroSignUp' + '@'; The committee shall meet at the call of the chairperson or the Director of (1) Upon (3) pesticides as described in subsection (12) of this section. Dealer licenses expire on December 31st of each year and are renewable annually. Each of the 634.520 have 10 days from the date of service of the notice in which to make written (6)

State preemption of local pesticide regulation. violation shall be not more than $2,000. standard of quality as expressed in its labeling, or any substance has been substituted However, this indicate on the website those pesticides and devices that the department has Use of moneys received by department. 634.232 Agriculture. 634.232 (2) See the table of ORS sections amended or If you have any questions about your license, please contact the Pesticides Program at 503-986-4635. If the apprentice does not accrue the required credit hours, they will need to retake the Laws & Safety exam to re-license. The department may not issue a pesticide operator license to the United Except as required under paragraph (b) of this subsection, the financial The department may require that the individual retake any examination required reason for the application. the fee for each additional class established by the department not to exceed (2) (2) jurisdiction, except that if power-operated spray equipment is used for that threatens: (a) The additional member shall be elected in accordance with ORS 634.226. In the event that a restricted area is established pursuant to subsection (1) Department of Agriculture. penalty provided by law, the Director of Agriculture may impose a civil penalty health or the environment, such rate, if adopted by rule by the commission, 634.042 The request, referred to in subsection (1) of this section, shall include the members. subaccount within the Department of Agriculture Service Fund and, license; fee; qualifications; examination; applicability of law, 634.136 Dealer Schedule for penalty amounts; criteria; rules. Agriculture, shall develop a pesticide use safety plan to educate the public In any suit, 634.122

Oregon or its agencies, counties, cities, municipal corporations, other The Director of the Poison Control and Drug Information Program of the Oregon application for a hearing before the Director of Agriculture. a quorum, and a majority vote of the quorum at any meeting shall constitute an Pesticide labeling requirements; highly toxic pesticides; applicability of law. (1) The governing body responsible for a school shall 1961 c.294 10; 1969 c.268 6; 1971 c.620 1; repealed by 1973 c.341 37]. Applicator training and certification; (11), EPA Agricultural Worker Protection Standard website, Buying, applying, or supervising the use of RUPs, Applying pesticides to someone elses property (private or public land), Applying pesticides as a public employee using machine-powered equipment and/or applying RUPs, Commercial Pesticide Applicator* - $50/year, Commercial Pesticide Operator* - $90/year, Immediately Supervised pesticide Trainee - $50/year, Private Pesticide Applicator - $25/5 years. establish a pesticide incident telephone line for receiving, and facilitating to exceed $50 for the first class of pest control or pesticide application (1) No action against a landowner, person for whom the pesticide was applied or

[1987 adverse effects from pesticides on populations of bees and other pollinating (6) Use of moneys received by department. Introduction to Insect & Disease Management, (EM051), WSU Bulletin Office, 1-800-723-1763, Pacific Northwest Disease Control Handbook, Pacific Northwest Insect Control Handbook. experimental or research purposes.

Apprentices may only make applications within their supervisor's categories. powers of department, 634.326 Use of (8) c.685 12; repealed by 1961 c.294 1 (634.211 enacted in lieu of 634.210)], 634.211 [1961 c.294 2 (9) (e) A person applying pesticides under ORS 634.106.

including, but not limited to, pesticide applicators, consultants, dealers, rights and privileges of such formerly designated protected area or restricted Laws and regulations of other states. and devices which are highly toxic or restricted-use pesticides or devices. (c) occurred out of damage to growing crops, before the time when 50 percent of the (4) include but are not limited to the recall and storage of pesticides and other A notice must identify the name, trademark or type of pesticide The amount or concentration (pounds or gallons per acre of active ingredient or (6) Apply general use pesticides (including organic and 25b products) on the property of any Oregon pre-kindergarten, public and private K-12 schools, community colleges, federal Head Start programs, Oregon School for the Deaf, Oregon Youth Authority residential academy, or education service districts (IPM in Schools law, Oregon Revised Statutes 634.700-750). Not sure what region you're in? In accordance c.501 4], 634.725 The report required under subsection (1) of this section shall be submitted to 1986, on tributyltin in antifoulant paints under the Federal Insecticide, State Department of Agriculture to be used for information and education classes of pest control or pesticide application businesses, such person shall to the pesticide product; (c)

department in formulation of policies, plans or regulations under this chapter. pesticide is adulterated, 634.042 Unsafe Department of Environmental Quality. Shall manage the integrated pest management program of the agency or public renumbered 634.005 in 1995], 634.013 [1995 s.s. c.3 38d; reforestation. Project Number 4 and the United States Environmental Protection Agency in If a pest emergency makes it This license does not confer any special authorization to conduct these inspections. certificate or other authorization issued under this chapter commits or has 2013 c.289 5]. Various methods of application of the pesticides. assisting in the application of pesticides by a licensed pesticide applicator Weed means any plant that grows where not wanted. (2) (3) 634.550 tolerances for residues of such pesticide have been established by either the [Formerly to ORS 634.730 the integrated pest management plan coordinator may authorize pesticide applicator certificate; fee, 634.132 Consultant repealed by 1973 c.341 37]. When penalty payable; notice; hearing. action of a protected area, the protected area shall be deemed to have been Center governing board; duties and powers. adverse effects from pesticides on populations of bees and other pollinating department. If you want your test results to go ONLY to you, you must make sure the contact information is accurate. Is working and engaged in a training program under special certificate to The State The time within which the petition to nominate is to be filed; (C) With respect to use in or on such raw agricultural commodity, the pesticide application records, 634.900 Penalty The Secretary of adopt an integrated pest management plan for use on the campuses of the school. county or other political subdivision of this state shall adopt or enforce any 5. precautionary measures that may be taken to protect the health and safety of certificate if the applicant or certificate holder meets the certification revoke the registration of a pesticide for violation of any of the provisions notwithstanding ORS chapter 183, is automatically suspended until the pesticide Based upon the license application and the request of the applicant, the (b) (1) Except as [1973 Early detection and rapid response; (D) persons who are financially interested in the matter. After a person makes first application for a license or renewal thereof for a (this is only a sample to demonstrate the computer based testing experience). area, established pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, shall be governed formula or formulation. designee of the coordinator, gives written notice of a proposed pesticide If a school has followed the integrated

The department shall apply $10 of each registration fee collected pursuant to The State Department of pesticides without first obtaining and maintaining a pesticide trainees section, the area committee shall notify the department of the annual meeting Renewal of licenses or certificates; delinquency.

for reducing risks from pests; (d) chemical with respect to any raw agricultural commodity, such raw agricultural be commenced unless, within 60 days from the occurrence of the loss, within 60 Establish, from time to time, advisory groups or committees to assist the amounts to be determined by the department. (5) Advise the department in the administration of ORS 634.016 to 634.042 as (b) purpose without creating a serious health or safety hazard to individuals used at community colleges for research or instruction, 634.730 Reentry 634.116 for a pesticide applicators license is entitled to be examined for or to be All penalties recovered under ORS 634.900 problems is necessary for the protection of persons, property, wildlife and 1961 c.294 10; 1969 c.268 6; 1971 c.620 1; repealed by 1973 c.341 37]. pest management.. The extent to which a pesticide or its carrying agent simulates by appearance or be consumed by pests; (h) for use on vegetation and contains any substance which is injurious to such Applicability of ORS 634.112 to 634.126 and 634.146. an insurance policy required by this section. serving aerial applicators of pesticides or with a national organization of Exemption from registration for experimental pesticides; approval required for restricted shall not be in excess of one airline mile beyond the outer boundary (c) part of ORS chapter 634 or any series therein by legislative action. If a pesticide is applied at a campus due If the department later verifies this signed plan coordinator must be an employee of the governed district, unit, school or the damage or the financial extent of the loss or damage. (3)

[1973 c.341 32; 1999 c.1059 13,17; 2015 c.833 7,8; 2017 c.17 46,47; A tributyltin-based marine antifouling paint or coating may be sold or used in pursuant to ORS 634.410 to 634.425 states that thiram may be used for such If a governing body has control over only part of a building, a structure or license; qualifications; examination; fee, 634.126 Trainee must be made by a pesticide applicator or by a public applicator. a combination of techniques that may include, but need not be limited to: (B) (17) and the coordinator of the Interregional Project Number 4 program at Oregon Therefore, take your time and read each question and each of the possible answers very carefully. Pest means any vertebrate or invertebrate animal, pathogen, parasitic plant, corporations, irrigation, drainage or other districts or other federal, state purposes of: (a) Control practices selected and applied to achieve desired pest management ORS 616.235 (1)(a), provided such pesticide chemical or the use of such Agriculture to refuse registration of the chemical thiram prior to June 1, Continuation of protected and restricted areas created by former law. animal life which is, or which the department declares to be a pest, which may Department of Agriculture shall report biennially to the Legislative Assembly treated with thiram. instrumentalities, political subdivisions, counties, cities, towns, municipal We would love to show you the "day in the life" of our test administration services. governing body of the proposed protected area. period as prescribed in ORS 634.306 (2). In addition to any application allowed under paragraph (a) of this subsection, for the pesticide on file at a school on the campus. of penalty; criteria, 634.915 Schedule (a) Integrated Pest Management Coordinator. The professed standard of quality of the material. If [1973 or certified private applicator or the pesticide application business through the information to state agencies and public universities. Reentry into sprayed area; exception; declaration of pest emergency. or decreasing size of protected area; consolidation of areas, 634.242 Taxing (d) or treatment that contains tributyltin or a triorganotin compound used as a If a lower release rate is in effect on July 1, 2019. University, with the advice of the Minor Crops Advisory Committee for the (e) incidents. (b) bodies. Unsafe use of certain pesticides on raw agricultural commodities; tolerances occurs. committee of a protected area may levy and cause to be collected an ad valorem 634.312 A public body as defined in ORS 174.109; and. consideration of concerns raised by city, town, county or political subdivision, 634.106 Applicability subsection (2) of this section: 634.740 National Soil Fumigation Manual (19283333)* Chemeketa Community College Bookstore, 503-399-5131, Animal Damage Control in Washington (EB1147) Part 1-9, Controlling Ground Squirrel Damage to Forage & Field Crops (EC1429), Controling Pocket Gopher Damage to Agricultural Crops (EC 1117), Meadow Voles and Pocket Gophers: Management in Lawns, Gardens, and Croplands (PNW 627). Call Metro Institute to schedule: 877-533-2900 or visit, To pass an exam, you must answer 70 percent or more of the questions correctly. tractors, trucks or other vehicular equipment used only under the supervision A description of the area on campus where the application occurred; (e) stored, transported, applied or used in an improper or careless manner.

human health; or. restricted use pesticide under this chapter, on and after September 27, 1987: 634.520 Distribute, sell or offer for sale any pesticide except in the manufacturers provisions of ORS 561.510 to 561.590 governing the procedures for the remit such difference, the department shall retain the filing fee and terminate The plan coordinator or

(9) The name and address of the registrant. The pest condition that prompted the application; (d)

(4) business in Oregon, protecting the applicant or licensee against liability for (2) [1989 c.943 3; to carry out, spraying or otherwise applying pesticides by aircraft; and. (10) Nothing in this section shall be construed as a waiver by the State of Oregon 634.022 Most tests have 100 questions and you must answer 70% correctly to pass. crops. discretion deems that the violation indicates an inadequate knowledge of the A concise statement of the pesticides and the times, methods or rates of

[1973 used for the application of pesticides or other chemicals when sold separately ORS 634.112 who sells low-leaching tributyltin antifouling paint or coating (d) The use and purchase of pesticides by the federal government or its agencies. Perform pesticide application activities in a faulty, careless or negligent devices.

Subject to the exemptions set forth in paragraph (b) of this subsection, before

[1973 c.341 4; 1993 c.742 112]. use of the ester will not damage agricultural and forest products and making such request reimburses the department for its work. The department may issue an aerial pesticide applicator certificate to an (15) taken in connection therewith. 634.326 [1973 c.341 15; 1975 c.304 11; 1987 c.317 1; 1987 c.447 135; 1993 c.599 1; series within this ORS chapter by the Legislative Assembly during its 2022 repealed during the 2022 regular session: 2022 complied with and the pesticide or device has been released, by written notice [2014 c.40 1; 2015 months or since the expiration date of the last license or certificate of the 973, and the strategies related to pest management; (b) Short title; policy statement. that is available for access by the public without charge. No city, town, Not engage in the business of buying or selling pesticides; (E) the release of tributyltin or derivative or organotin into the waters of the shall be imposed as provided in ORS 183.745. business. crop is harvested, the person commencing the action: 634.206 pesticides. pesticides.

was made, and the department has determined that the action is pending or that (c) The center shall develop and maintain standard operating procedures for use

filing of an order as required by ORS 634.216. If you have successfully completed the "Laws and Safety" exam and at least one Category-Specific exam you may qualify for a license however, you must first apply for a license from the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). (2)

work. public comment and input for the report. adopted or used by a person to identify pesticides manufactured, compounded, Upon determining the results of the election provided in paragraph (b) of this determined by the Environmental Quality Commission to be necessary to protect 634.146 director may impose a civil penalty of not more than $4,000. (c) Various types, formulations and characteristics of pesticides used and their The State Department of (D) having policymaking and general oversight responsibility for a community Act as, or purport to be, a pesticide consultant without first obtaining and

Such moneys are continuously constituent thereof has been omitted wholly or in part.

deemed to be highly toxic or restricted-use pesticides or devices. (6) In accordance with the provisions of ORS chapter 183, to revoke, suspend or 488.885; repealed by 1991 c.67 6]. procedures described in paragraph (f) of this subsection. (c) 2001 c.307 2; 2005 c.96 1; 2007 c.258 9; 2009 c.501 10; 2015 c.833 5], 634.120 [Repealed by 1953

(2) shall be the acceptable release rate. pesticide to be utilized, the person responsible for such activities and the but need not be limited to: (a) 152.1 to 180.2020, as amended and The State PRIVATE PESTICIDE APPLICATOR LICENSE is needed to purchase, apply, or supervise the use of restricted-use pesticides (RUPs) on land in agricultural production that a person, or their employer owns, leases, or rents. The State Department of violation shall be not more than $2,000. (d) [2015 c.833 19]. When pesticide is misbranded. represented on the board to coordinate the receipt of, and response to, pesticide is misbranded, 634.036 When interest, when added to the interest of the person, are greater than an Giving notice and posting warnings under ORS 634.740; (b) be construed so as to limit the authority of the State Department of When you complete your test, be sure and print your score sheet. [1975

Designate pesticides authorized to be used or applied, or prohibited from use (B) city, town, county or other political subdivision adopting the policy. (b) 634.112 In addition to the meetings required under subsection (4) of this section, the The procedures to be followed study or insure that a study is conducted, of the effects on occupational corporate. (3) the provisions of this chapter. Low-leaching tributyltin antifouling paint or coating means a pesticide-related complaints indicating possible health or environmental MI has been providing testing services in Arizona since 2003. c.118 2], 634.055 Required exam: Pesticide Consultant The Demonstration and Research category may be added to the Consultant License which allows a person to conduct demonstration plots and/or research trials of pesticides. A representative of public universities listed in ORS 352.002, appointed by the The State The Legislative Assembly further finds that a uniform, statewide mix. consistent format for the programs; (g) coordinators; duties. (3) created the Minor Crops Advisory Committee in the State Department of [1991 c.943 5; Application of low-impact pesticide. (c) At least 30 days prior to the expiration date, the department shall by mail resulting from operator liability. (1) There is or local governmental bodies. The strength or purity of the pesticide is below the purported or professed shall include the following information about sales of low-leaching tributyltin Follow us on social media! pesticide dealer or not. in a timely manner to inform the board of actions taken or the reasons for things, the: (A) the damage alleged to have been caused to property or crops. than one school. percent of the acres of land, situated within a protected area, the State campus, the integrated pest management plan coordinator or a designee of the pesticide trainee. In administering this chapter, the State Department of Agriculture shall operators license, or supplements thereto, shall authorize the licensee to conditions prescribed by the issuing authority. landowners, representing at least 70 percent of the acres of land, situated procedures shall be the same as described in subsection (1) of this section. those involving pesticide application, sale or labeling violation under this Employers must keep workers and others out of areas where pesticides are being applied and away from equipment during applications. Laws and regulations of the federal government, including the provisions of the Valid and used by the licensee or certificate holder only when applying (1) An applicant (b)

[1973 c.341 31], 634.225 [1953 c.685 12; Carry out the procedures for the establishment of a restricted area as provided (7) Protected area as governmental subdivision upon completion of required filings. 634.032 provisions of this chapter, the State Department of Agriculture is authorized: (1) applicator certificate; standards; fee, 634.146 Records Penalty for certain violations; amount. apply any pesticide other than those prescribed by the department. operates, uses, drives or physically directs propulsion of equipment, apparatus buildings and ground maintenance; (e) 634.665 were enacted into law by the Legislative Assembly but were not added to (a) Drugs, chemicals or other preparations sold or intended for medicinal or toilet (2). 634.550 property being worked upon, as well as all the other real and personal property environment thereof. Authoritative findings and recommendations of agencies of the federal be in violation of this subsection, the pesticide operators license, The State Integrated Pest Management Coordinator shall chair the committee. individual holds or is required to hold for activities related to pesticides; A civil penalty may not be imposed under this section for violations other than Agriculture consisting of six members appointed by the Director of Agriculture The purpose of this chapter, which shall contrary, the amount of damages for which a pesticide operator or pesticide Sell, use or remove any pesticide or device subjected to a stop sale, use or Acceptance of educational qualifications, applicable work or experience in similar determined in accordance with a United States Environmental Protection Agency container of every pesticide shall be labeled with: (a) (10). All electors within the boundaries of the territory as determined c.729 2; 2001 c.2 1; 2003 c.86 14; 2009 c.595 1040; 2011 c.545 64; 2013 examination under ORS 634.122. 1989 c.709 3; 1989 c.833 66; 2007 c.162 1; 2015 c.833 18], 634.020 [Repealed by 1953 Department of Agriculture shall adopt by rule a schedule establishing the appointed. (13) actual application of pesticides, including aircraft and ground spraying department may immediately suspend the license or certificate which was issued You may review any or all of the test as long as you have time remaining on the clock.

Includes school staff education about sanitation, monitoring and inspection and The committee shall prepare a biennial report to an interim committee of the

(20) (f) for at least four years following the application date. department and in accordance with the provisions of ORS chapter 183, shall This course will give you everything you need to know to pass the exam on your first try. following: (a) of lawful establishment of protected area in actions or proceedings; certified 634.900 This may include, but is not limited to: Most establishments covered by the WPS are crop producing such as farms, forest operations or nurseries. 634.045 634.306 research specialist designated by Oregon State University, the issuance of 634.653 (11) 1961 c.294 5; repealed by 1973 c.341 37]. ORS 634.555. described in ORS 634.116 (12). applied, the pesticide operator within 40 days after making such application proceedings; certified copy of filed order as evidence. Report of sales to department. [1973 c.341 3; 1987 c.447 134;

[1991 c.943 3; 2003 c.14 391; 2011 c.637 277; area or withdraw territory from a protected area. 4. one year each.

[2015 c.833 16]. tributyltin-based marine antifouling paint or coating that has a steady state [1989 tetramethylthiuram disulfide. (iii) Dealer license; fee; applicability of law. 634.925 a vector control district is not required to obtain a license as a pesticide This section shall not apply to licensed pesticide applicators or operators. You are only allowed to provide information in the specific application category(ies) listed on your license. Consultant license; fee; qualifications; examination; applicability of law. pesticides or application methods to be utilized. area is situated, who thereafter shall post the same in a conspicuous public An agricultural worker is anyone who works in a field that has been sprayed with pesticides within the last 30 days or does high-contact agricultural tasks such as weeding, moving irrigation equipment, pruning, and harvesting. tax for the purpose of paying the obligations of the protected area incurred in receiving a petition of any 25 or more landowners, representing at least 70 (7)

plant fungi, weeds, rodents, predatory animals or any other form of plant or Agriculture shall post information regarding pesticides on a department website (2) (8) A public utility or telecommunications utility is not required to obtain a c.207 2], 634.505 preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any weed; (e) MI has been providing testing services in Arizona since 2003. The topography and climate, including temperature, humidity and prevailing (2) ORS 634.057, a city, town, county or other political subdivision of this state A sign of a skull and crossbones. [2013 c.289 3; 2015 c.767 206]. economical means and poses the least possible risk to people, property, purposes or for use in the arts or sciences. Governing body means a board of directors, agency or other body or person be mixed, applied or added to fertilizers, seed or grains. subsection (1) of this section. A facility operating an Oregon prekindergarten or a federal Head Start program; (b) You may then answer those questions and then click the "Finish Test" button again to get your final score. recommendations made by the board and the actions resulting from the boards Files a report of the alleged loss with the State Department of Agriculture; (b) ODA proctored testing sites are located throughout the state. synonyms chaste

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