lg sound bar volume goes down by itself

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Hi, just found this thread and I think I'm having the same issue. I tried the buttons on the tv and they wouldn't work either.

I'm using sounds from the phone, not downloaded from Zedge, etc. Pretty frustrating. I had the exact same problem and I removed the batteries from the firestick remote and that fixed it. DO NOT TAKE YOUR TV APART OR DO ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL AFTER YOU UNPLUG YOUR TV FOR A FEW MINUTES AND PLUG IT BACK IN. If I try to lower it, it fights with me and charges back up to 100. Im pretty confident its not covered by any warranty.. 2022 iFixit Licensed under Creative Commons Privacy Edward Breaux Travis hendrix, I had same problem found out it was sensor so just covered up with tape no problems since, Jul 1, 2020 by

Just wondering if you have some kind of TruVolume or Night Mode - type of feature that is causing your leveling to change.

Since I've updated to Lollipop and done the FR, I'm noticing my notifications are weird. I have not seen this happen before. Is it necessary to get a replacement, or can it just be operated from the remote? PLEASE READ THE SOLUTIONS FOR THIS PROBLEM.I HAD A SIMILAR PROBLEM. Aug 15, 2019 by Jun 23, 2020 by Now people are saying even Samsungs are doing it. Is it just a matter of choosing a new set of batteries? When the volume level goes down, does the slider actually change position? guitar fundamentals hesi tennant Mine showed the sound bar device above the normal row of potential input devices. May 2, 2021 by 10 years now on this big flat screen TV and no other problems. Sidney Schipper. Please someone help! Jan 19, 2019 by I have a G3 (D851) with the lollipop update. I get image but no sound, Need suggestion to sort out an issue with LG Soundbar, Crackling on 5.1 setting, delay on Dolby Atmos setting, Yamaha Soundbar YAS 209 switched automatically from tv to hdmi, pc tv and soundbar only give me the option of 2 channel and nothing but. Out of no where, the volume starts going up and it continues until it reaches max100. TV seemed to reset itself and problem was solved. The TV is probably @5yrs old (I dont remember when purchased) but its a 4K smart TV. ohlmeyer6. Worked for me just now, mine is flush to the tv frame so nothing to grab to jiggle it, Jul 27, 2020 by Thanks. This just started for me but i dont know how old tv is, But i have answer to problem: Get a new tv, Jun 12, 2020 by Cable person was just here again. I have the same problem. I usually set vol at 10 or 12 when watching. I was about to purchase another TV. I also found the power button doesn't respond promptly now and will go into a safe mood by itself when it does reboot. Hey I know this thread is kinda old but I'm having the same issue of my LG phone (LG Stylo2) randomly getting the media volume lowered (the slider does not move though) and I'm starting to get a bit annoyed especially when I'm trying to listen to music. It conflicts with many TVs and turns volume up/down. reappearing select home page pop up every time i select home page HELP. it is if there is no other solution. I just had the same volume control problem. I am having the same issue on my HTC one m9. It then maintained that level. used remote to turn on tv and everything is working properly again. Yes, we have to unplug the tv every night so it doesnt startle us during the night when it comes on by itself and the volume goes up as high as it can go. The power button on TV wouldnt even turn off the TV last night so I unplugged. Bluetooth soundbar keeps "turning off" until I adjust volume. Why my Soundbar is giving Distorting sound in left speaker on Max volume,is it damaged. Terms Still had the problem. Sep 10, 2019 by Shari Bryer, My tv had the same issue it was jus because my tv was sitting in its own buttons. I've been having problems with volume. %#*@. when my remote works sound, i must aim it at the TV. He thinks it has something to do with the volume sensor in the tv, but has no idea why the tv comes on in the middle of the night when no one is in the room with it. Philip Emmerson. nothing. Also dont pull it by the wires as you may pull them out of the connector (if it is a connector type arrangement). A NEW SMALLER TV [WITH WARRANTY] MAY BE CHEAPER THAN PAYING FOR SERVICE.

Ive had to unplug it to stop it from turning on with the volume at full ball in the middle of the night. Ive called the LG tv company and they run tests and say tv is fine. Im having a problem with my bluetooth earphones, they tend to lower in volume and i check the music volume only to find out its the same. galbert einstein.

Im not sure how to fix it. Didnt work. I habe an LG Stylo 5 and so does my husbands. I don't know why it does this or how to fix it if I can. Somebody help please! We tried covering the sensor to block infrared rays from other possible devices. Connecting 3.5mm output (projector) to digital input (soundbar). It doesn't matter. volume going up and staying at 100%. @skipnconnie, Mitsubishi WD65731 watching tv and volume went up remote will not control it .Front panel brings it down but goes back up, Problem still exist, even though I've changed batteries.new, I have an Insignia TV thats been doing this sporadically for about 2 months,but whatever is telling the TV to do this is a big mystery.Tonight I not only rebooted the cable but also unplugged the TV and left it off for a while.When i reattached the plug and turned it on it was EXACTLY the same,and still had the Volume level indicator still stuck on screen.Why would any TV have such a stubborn control,unless it's some kind of safety feature? Does the volume go up and down as things are changing on the screen? TV dead. Laptop>soundbar>projector. If I have my soundbar volume set at, say, 30 and I power off the unit whenever I turn it back on the volume is around 50. LEFT IT FOR 5 MINUTES.PLUGGED IT BACK IN AND TURNED IT ON. Mar 20, 2021 by nothing.

Verify that the TV is still within the warranty period and if still valid, consult the warranty statement that came with the TV. Like between each commercial? Khalil Mohammed. Our issue is not the volume increasing, but the volume decreasing to 0. Jan 16, 2021 by They are being turned up by the trickster ghost in our homes. For every 8 seconds they decrease in volume but raise back to the normal volume the next second. My only option was to unplug. Ive changed batteries, rebooted, unplugged, gone back to original settings and then reinstalled everything. You don't state the model number of your TV but have you tried operating/releasing the Volume Up button on the TV itself (if it has one) to see if this clears the volume level indicator.

The volume in the settings isn't changing, only on the bluetooth earphones. Otherwise, I have to reset the remotes to make one or both function. Another issue, the HDMI screen pops up on TV too, no one holding remote. I have had the same pair of headphones (w/ a mic) and this phone for almost a year now and it just started today. Then reconnect the power to the TV and check if this prevents the problem from occurring. I have an universal remote that I may try to pair it with and see if it will work. And its not just the media volume. I called the cable company but they say its the tv. Thanks. Open back of the tv then unplug the port where the board For Power Buttons , menu, volume, is from the main board.

gelo isaiah.

PROBLEM SOLVED FOR MY VOLUME GOING UP TO 100. Ring volume also gets silenced randomly. Not THAT old. I don't know why it does this or how to fix it if I can. after one minute pluged tv cord back in. It may be a faulty Volume Up button that is the cause of the problem. Be careful when working in the back of the TV. Any other suggestions? I navigated to the sound bar option then reduced the default volume level.

I have looked online and do not know if there is a way to change this. I'm referring to both the native text app and Hangouts as well. If this doesn't work, try disconnecting the power from the TV and then removing the back off the TV and disconnecting the button "board" cable from the mainboard. No matter where I set it when it shuts off the volume level is always about that when I power it back on. ohlmeyer6. I can't bring myself to switch to The Devil's phone (iPhone). Thank you for trying to help solve this. Removed the rear of the tv, disconnected the "button board" cable mentioned from the tv's sound controls. You probably tried this but are the batteries in the remote almost dead? No matter where I set it when it shuts off the volume level is always about that when I power it back on. If it is connected to the internet, try disconnecting the internet and check if the problems stops. We have an LG TV. My remote gets glitchy when the batteries are low. It happens on Google Play and Spotify. janvier_25. He'll be watching a video and volume will just turn down by itself. It doesnt matter what we are watching, its happening consistently. This should be done if the volume goes high to 100 or goes down On its own and also when you press menu button at the back will not work but instead is acting weird too. love all - jim. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The problem has been too annoying.

This just happened to me. TV is less than a year old. Kim Barnes. The batteries in Firestick and TV remote has been switched out. It is just a little jarring to have the volume kick in and have to lower it every time I want to watch TV. He said he would try changing out the box, Jan 23, 2019 by Accessibility.

Inspect it to see how it releases from the connector on the mainboard. I DID WHAT LHALIL DID AND ALL IS WELL. I've never had good luck with LG anything.

I have a LG v30 and am having the same issue across all media game YouTube streaming. be well - jim. ohlmeyer6. This has been happening for the past 2 days and I tried restarting my phone and it did work for a couple hours then the issue came back. Try your input button on your TV remote. electrical plug, waited a minute then plugged TV in. Aug 20, 2020 by His phone is doing the whole sound thing. pull it by the plug instead. If you have one in the vicinity, try removing its batteries, and see if issue disappears. and the volume goes up and down by it self. The volume shot right back to 100. I've been having same problem with a 6 month old lg k20.

If your TV is less than 12 months old and youve had it from new, it should still be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

You dont want to cause more problems. Ohlmeyer6 I have exactly the same problem and my TV is also less than a year old. I noticed the fluctuating volume levels while streaming. Tried everything and it still didn't get fixed until I saw that my Amazon firestick might be the problem. I discovered that it was because my tvs (3) did it at the same time, because they lost connection to the internet. You might be having the same problem or might be able to help me. for my identical climbing sound, to your's, i got lucky. Usually it is in the User guide for the TV, if not and you cant find it search online for (insert the TV make and model number) warranty, and follow the directions in the warranty as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturers warranty repair or replacement. It worked when I disconnected the electricity from TV and plugged again. It is just a little jarring to have the volume kick in and have to lower it every time I want to watch TV. I had the same problem at 3:30 this morning. Once I fixed thatall went back to normal! My device is having the same issue. What can I do? That fixed my problem! Is there a default setting for it? ;-), If the button board is the cause of the problem, you still should be able to use the remote control to control the TV, until you get a replacement button board. to 'fault find' , consider placing a. book or magazine in front of TV's sensor so it will not receive a 'line of sight' signal. after a few more minutes, used remote to turn on tv and everything is working proerly again. b.donn123, heres a picture of what to do if it isnt a problem with your remote.

Clearing cache. TV went on by itself, volume went to 100, and startled out of a deep sleep. Ive unplugged TV and problem was fixed for a few minutes and started back again. ownership

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