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Even in a setting where every category of risk is rated high, in November 2021 the World Bank delivered a Satisfactory rating to UNDPs implementation support, both in terms of progress against commitments and delivering on the development objectives. And the dollars that UNDP spent went a long way: in the past four years, UNDP has worked with over 100 countries in the world to integrate the SDGs into their national and sub-national development plans an illustration of the organizations continued reach and scale. This takes place alongside humanitarian, development and peace and security UN sister entities and our many close partners. 77. This helps to make our funding more predictable, which is tremendously important. As part of the humanitarian-development-peace nexus and under the Humanitarian Response Plan, UNDP has put forward programmes to work on durable shelters for returnees and Internally Displaced Persons, provide access to energy to vulnerable groups, stabilize livelihoods through cash for work programmes, and enhancing the protection of civilians in Darfur and other hotspots.

For example: As a result of this pandemic, poverty is rising for the first time in a generation. Allow me to begin by congratulating Her Excellency Ms. Yoka Brandt, the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on her election as the President of the Board, and welcoming our new Bureau members for 2022. Emissions dropped. In India, for example, UNDP collaborated with the Government on their CoWIN (Winning Over Covid-19) platform, a cloud-based system that facilitates registration, immunizations and appointments, and issues digital vaccine certificates one of the tools with which India is rapidly expanding its COVID-19 vaccination programme, which has delivered more than 1.5 billion doses. 14. 38. And it will help in driving forward the United Nations Integrated Strategy for the Sahel, expanding access to clean, reliable and affordable energy, extending UNDPs stabilization portfolio to help communities affected by governance failures, violent conflict and extremism, and climate-related security risks, and empowering young Sahelians to start new businesses through programmes like UNDPs YouthConnekt Sahel initiative. 46. Discussions at COP26 on climate change in Glasgow reinforced the need for global cooperation to meet global challenges of this magnitude head on. Together, our contribution must be at scale if we are to support our national partners to mend fraying social contracts, protect human rights, expand civic space and inclusion, and build social cohesion. The process of receiving and allocating deposits, which comprise mainly of donor funds, has also been aligned and stabilized with over 31,839 deposit transactions processed in 2021. 23. To bend the multiple curves of this pandemic from unequal to equal, countries and communities need at least two things: access to vaccines and access to finance, alongside a continued systemic push towards equality. I would like to leave you with three things that will be critical to making that a success: how we programme, how we partner, and how we are funded. We look forward to building on what we have achieved in phase two, to ensure we are ready to meet the developmentchallenges of today and tomorrow. The recruitment process itself received an award for innovation in 2021. We will work closely with the GEF and other partners in 2022 to further strengthen and augment our fiduciary systems. The impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss are growing. It sought to address the root causes of complex human resources challenges, puttinginplace a comprehensive and integrated talent management system.

It sets out practical steps towards becoming an even more agile and anticipatory organisation, investing further in our people, business model and operational excellence. 82. Enable transformation to take root even in the midst of conflict, crisis and fragility. 72. 49. Entitled Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives: Shaping our Future in a World in Transformation, the report will explore what is driving uncertainty in the Anthropocene, what it means for human development and how we can thrive in spite of it. I am pleased that this extensive work on our support to the RC system and UNDPs COVID-19 response were positively recognized and highly rated in an external assessment of UNDP led by the OECD-hosted MOPAN (Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network), which was presented to Member States on the 28th of January 2022, under the leadership of the United Kingdom and Switzerland. At the global level, and as part of UNDPs Data Futures Platform, UNDP, WHO and the University of Oxford partnered to set up The Global Dashboard for Vaccine Equity, combining the latest data on the global roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines with the most recent socio-economic information. Excellencies, our current economic way of life, built around extraction and consumption, cannot deliver for people or planet in the 21st Century. 16. I would like to thank all those working behind the scenes to keep us connected, particularly our IT colleagues. What would it take for UNDP to become an organization that is driven and funded by home-grown ideas and investors from all around the world? And in 2020, UNDP launched a new, planetary pressures-adjusted Human Development Index -- part of UNDPs 30th Anniversary look at The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene. But through the Paris Agreement -- through your Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) momentum is gathering to truly decarbonize the future of our economies. We have since moved from being "reform ready to delivering results and impact, including in fast-changing and unpredictable contexts. The challenge of reaching Agenda 2030 was already significant, even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

The cross-cutting nature of the COVID-19 crisis showcased UNDPs comparative advantage in extending integrated solutions to multi-dimensional challenges, and as the operational backbone for the UN and its partners. Applying integrated approaches aimed at transformative change. Oxfams January 2022 report argues that income inequality is a stronger indicator of whether you will die from COVID-19 than age. Whether we are in-person or not, the new year marks a time for a fresh start, with a clear focus on what is possible if we work together and keep our ambitions high. To this end, we support countries in pursuing three directions of systemic change: including green, inclusive and digital transitions: working with countries to effect change in systems and structures that shape a countrys sustainable development, a rights-based approach centered on empowerment, inclusion, equity, human agency and human development, strengthening countries and institutions to prevent, mitigate and respond to crisis, conflict, natural disasters, climate and social and economic shocks. It explains how UNDP will develop our six signature solutions powered by digitalisation, innovation and development financing for greater impact. The new Country Programme Documents (CPDs) that you have before you for consideration, aligned with countries UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks (UNSDCFs), as well as the CPDs for extension, are a clear sign that UNDPs important development work continues apace, with strong national ownerships by programme countries. At the same time, UNDP will continue its drivetowardsbeing adigitally nativeorganization, as part of anew,2022 2025 Digital Strategy,withfit-for-purpose digital systems, processes, tools, and data, and a digitally competent workforce. Putting nature and the environment at the heart of national economies and planning; helping governments protect, manage and value their natural assets. We doubled our cost-sharing to the Resident Coordinator (RC) system, and increased productivity and efficiency. The Climate Promise, our series of Deep Demonstrations, and the UNDP Accelerator Labs are examples of doing investments differently using a multi-country portfolio approach. These three challenges which are reflections of our Strategic Plans three directions of change on leaving no-one behind, building resilience, and structural transformation -- shape our immediate next steps. In-house, central toour new digital coreis UNDPs new Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) platform, Quantum a new Atlas for the organization. As we look toward COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, and COP28 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we are focusing on how we can work with our partners to turn these pledges into impact. Our Temporary Basic Income research made a timely case that it was financially possible to help the worlds 2.7 billion poorest people to stay at home and stop the spread of COVID-19.

These examples are illustrative of a #NextGenUNDP that learns across and delivers on its commitments ; an organization in a very different position than it was four years ago, and where, despite major challenges, 86 per cent of UNDPs workforce surveyed through our Global Staff Survey is inspired and excited to work at UNDP - a critical strength to achieve our long-term objectives. We look forward to releasing new socio-economic insights ahead of the PGA event and supporting countries with sub-national, hyperlocal insights so that no one is left behind. These areas are not enough to deliver on the ambition of this Strategic Plan. 21. Through its catalytic investments and financial advisory role, UNCDF helps de-risk and demonstrate bankability to unlock larger follow-on investments by IFIs. No country has yet achieved the combination of very high human development with a light ecological footprint. UNDP successfully navigated the inherent complexities of the UN Development System (UNDS) repositioning while devoting significant resources and expertise to the reinvigorated RC system to ensure its successful transition. In 2021, we also completed the first phase of our clustering journey. UNCDF sets out the many entry points for deeper collaboration, including on development finance, digitalization two of the enablers of UNDPs Strategic Plan -- with UNCDF well-placed to provide complementary innovative financing expertise and solutions. 40. This undermines the transformational ability of UNDP. We also gained insight on how to address this, by working in an integrated way across UNDPs six signature solutions. A lot has been achieved but we will do more on these issues. Update on implementation efforts on the repositioning of the United Nations development system, UNDP: Annual report of the Office of Audit and Investigations on internal audit and investigation activities in 2021, Audit and advisory reports issued in 2021, Recommendations unresolved for 18 months or more as of 31 December 2021, Withdrawn recommendations in 2021 as risks were accepted or no longer applicable, Investigation reports by type of allegation issued in 2021, Criteria supporting the Office of Audit and Investigations opinion, Charter of the Office of Audit and Investigations, Annual report of the Audit and Evaluation Advisory Committee for 2021, Management response to the UNDP reports on internal audit and investigation activities and activities of the Ethics Office for 2021, including the report of the Audit and Evaluation Advisory Committee for 2021, Activities of the UNDP Ethics Office in 2021, Item 15. /*-->
Our Africa Young Women Fellows Programme is another example of our investment in youth and diversity. To be increasingly strategic and systemic in our response, UNDP will need to plan, align, and manage groups of projects as portfolios, and we will need your support to do so. 81. This is integration in action. In particular, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to the outgoing President, Her Excellency Ms. Lachezara Stoeva, the Permanent Representative of Bulgaria, for her unwavering leadership and guidance during a challenging year. Learning from the experience of the last four years, UNDP will: Tackling inequality of opportunities by investing in the enhanced capabilities people need to move above the poverty line and keep moving forwards. The institutional and financial investments that we have made since 2018 including rolling out UNDPs first Digital Strategy; our first Data Strategy; and the People for 2030 Strategy; creating the Sustainable Finance Hub, the Global Policy Network, and the Crisis Bureau; and investing in an extensive Accelerator Labs Network across 115 countries demonstrated our ability to innovate and cut through institutional siloes. Support 800 million people to participate in elections, many for the first time. 65. And the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTFO) is another UNDP family asset providing effective and agile financing services that allow UN system and partners to bring their expertise together efficiently, co-create and pool resources to deliver integrated responses and results where needs and risks are highest. 71. They are all inter-connected, and we will need your support on each. 58. 18. With most of the reform strands implemented, COVID-19 was a litmus test for the UNDS to demonstrate its ability to deliver collective and impactful results. During this Plan and beyond, UNDP will be accompanying countries towards the SDGs through country programmes, driven by national development choices, and with poverty eradication at their core. [CDATA[/* >