diablo 2 resurrected act 5 mercenary

No shock here. Needs to be put in a phase blade, so the damage is 150-169 (perfect non-superior), so it relies on the ~45% DS and 50% CB, which only effect the weapon itself (not the other weapon). Have to put it in a phase blade, which negates the +ED% and means it can't be ethereal. I want to give him a shako, skullders, and dual alibabas for pit runs and see if he can still kill things like fallens and skeles. Using a demon limb with any of these is highly recommended. Leap barb isnt that far off.heck, for that matter Fishymancer isnt either, especially on /p8 when you cant chain CEs ad infinitum a non spamming singer has to be the dumbest idea ever. Taunt won't effect Ubers either, so it does seem possible with enough res stacked, I made a phx as well with a HoJ that did OK. Grief damage seems to work correctly unlike right now. Multiple computers or is there a way to open 2 D2R windows on the same pc. Reading it all as at now but have a question. You must log in or register to reply here. Perfect damage in an eth non-superior Conquest Sword is 242-347 (2nd highest min-max shown), but also has +50% IAS by default, and +AR and damage% to demons. Can't go wrong with Grief regardless. Not enough to change the results though really, I saw some testing of whether min max is doubled with 1 handers still and I don't believe they do, so that makes headstriker not the BIS. the calculation is heavy towards char v monster level is it not? Incidentally, a 35% CB chance (Guillaumes) when attacking twice per cycle (Jab) is the same as about a 54% chance when attacking once (42% chance to CB once, 12% chance to CB twice = 0.54 net CBs per cycle). could part of his AR problems because he is level 85? The +5 to Frenzy is only +25% damage (off-weapon), and +35% AR though, which isn't a ton. Ill be killing both Mob packs and Bosses.

Are there different weapons to focus on CB? I'll have to do more testing on it to be sure. Not very effective against other monsters though, and it nets to only a 10% chance to cast decrep on striking, which considering his AR struggles, means it hardly ever procs. Doesn't break immunities nearly as effectively as Act 2 Merc can. Thanks for the analysis. The Ignore Target Defence might work tho, ITD does work on mercs, so dual CM should be decent considering it spawns IAS and has decent ED. mercenary sorceress But surprisingly not BiS in my testing. JavaScript is disabled. Avg phase blade is 33 dmg. Last Wish: Somewhere between okay and good; but nowhere near worth the cost.

Death: Somewhere between okay and bad. Sanctuary being fixed means that wielding this with a high damaging sword counterpart = any undead monsters stand no chance. Very bad vs bosses and ineffective vs Travincal in my testings, due in large part to severe AR struggles vs bosses and uniques in general. I use an eth upd HS on D2R currently and does way more damage than grief, I found ias from treachery worked really well. You rely heavily on your other weapon here, but for the low cost of this runeword, it's definitely not bad. Thanks for the testing, the merc buffs are some of the changes Im most interested in!

Do you think its feasible to use the A5 merc as an Uber killer? Anything that either raises the Merc's AR or lowers the enemies defense will be the best additions to make the Merc stronger. Attack rating. Very insightful. This is great info - thanks for all the work and testing. The base damage of a 2h sword is less than that of a polearm, and A2 mercs attack faster with Jab than A5 mercs do with Stun/Bash, so A2 mercs actually do more damage, and have better defense/resists (except poison but eh). It does have 40% IAS, 33% DS, life steal, and okay damage in an eth Mythical sword though (185-231 non-superior eth), which surprised me. Diablo 2 Resurrected (Diablo 2 Remastered) is the remastered version of Diablo II and its expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. The damage calculation that favors 1-handed weapons for the act 5 Merc still seems to be in place, which means that high min-max swords do wonders. Can be Eth, upped, and socketed with either a 15/40 or an ohm rune. Needs to be put in a phase blade. I've spent my time since the new 2.4 PTR launch testing out the new Act 5 Frenzy Merc, and wanted to highlight my experiences. Yes. Destruction: Bad. And Um runes arent too pricey now to start picking up eth cryptic/conquest/mythical swords. Which swords are good, which are okay, and which are downright bad on him? Seems like it still was but definitely could be mistaken. Avg eth dimensional blade damage is 36.

Can be put in a Conquest Sword. The main subreddit for everything related to Diablo II: Resurrected. Lawbringer: Okay. Needs to be a pretty high level for this to be as effective though, since it has the +max damage based on character level modifier. Oath: Good. The might aura benefitting your other weapon is the only real benefit besides the 70% CB, since lifetap and fade are hardly ever proc'ing here. It's definitely not bad, but also definitely not worth the cost. While Frenzy is active, the movement speed bonus can reach +170%, giving him the absolute zoomies. I'll be testing Plague next since I forgot to test it so far. Demon limb or an enchantress will seemingly be the biggest buffs to him (outside of a pally using blessed aim probably). Great analysis. You will get more mf but extremely decreased kill times meaning that you will get significantly fewer drops. Last Wish for Ubers is 70% CB and it has life tap. A5 mercs would be nice, if only there was a decent sword for them. Fast attacking means high life leech potential.

Can be put in a Mythical sword. BiS overall. BoTD: Bad. It does give decent AR bonuses, but the damage is underwhelming. BiS for total cost. My fantasy is to give give him 2x crescent moon and let him static all the mobs. This is the biggest thing holding him back, as he is hitting enemies significantly less than the act 2 Merc due to the act 5 Merc getting less of a +attack rating bonus per level. Not able to wield swords that are classified as "2-handed" (which the barbarian character can dual-wield). A level 91 Merc with an Ethereal upped Headstriker with a 15/40 jewel is 159-320 damage, but has (over) 100% DS, effectively doubling the total damage. Thanks. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Has to be in a phase blade, but that doesn't matter much here since it's +damage. It'd be a decent AR buff. Where is crescent moon? Extremely aggressive AI that will seek out enemies very frequently. Question - for multi boxing players, would the AR con be fixed via an enchanter? Should be yes? Phoenix: Good. Only thought to test this one later, but it worked wonders. 2) i dont see how anyone could play a character and just sit there letting a merc kill things when he could be doing something. Grief: Good. Very high defense with iron skin means he gets hit by physical attacks much less. (Other equipped gear was Eth Fortitude Sacred Armor and Eth upped cham'd Arreats Face). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Nice testing mate. Overall, very pleased with the results and a bunch of fun to test. Put in an ethereal Mythical Sword, and the (perfect, non-superior) damage is 275-395 (highest min-max shown) with 20% DS, and the redemption aura seems to work well in health Regen too for him. Does horking count? Can put in a Mythical sword. Try enchanting him with a demon limb and test? Hey just wondering how you are multiboxing? It wouldnt be as much of an AR boost as Demon Limb or a true enchanter, but if the player held Beast would that be a sufficient AR buff? Gives a decent bonus to AR which is nice. I was testing him at level 91, but yes the level is important. Also conviction aura since it lowers enemy defense % significantly. Fury: Okay. So partying with someone with an a2 infinity Merc basically means you can just let your Mercs do everything probably. Interesting. Those are all the ones I've tested so far (please let me know if I missed any and I'll test it and add it in). So you'll get very slightly more damage that way, true. Have to put it in a phase blade, which negates the +ED% and means it can't be ethereal. The AR issue means that he won't proc it very reliable just like lawbringer tho. Press J to jump to the feed. The A2 merc also misses a few in travincal. The damage output is very high here when it connects. I'm sure it'd still be up there though, It's tough to tell in testing so far. Insane damage potential that in most circumstances beat out an act 2 gg geared Merc (but not in all circumstances). Headstriker: Good.

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