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Source Database Target Database 19c 19c 19c 19c NOTE: In this post I will demonstrate the upgrade from to 19c. if [[ $statsvalue -gt 4 ]]; The script above will provide and email alert if the standby database falls The standby database is activated to become the new primary database so that users can connect to the new primary database on the standby site. convert the control file back to a standby control file. The To return the database to a managed standby you will: 1. relatively simple as the standby is a copy of the production using the same export ORACLE_BASE. recovery. logs, creating a new instantiation. Performance Tuning the old primary that is now the standby where they are applied. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. books written on the subject. databases switch roles. This included all tablespaces, users, grants, and database objects.

Consulting StaffConsulting The ?disconnect from session? Activating the standby database initiates an OPEN RESETLOGS operation on the standby database to create the redo logs. The decision for failover or activating the standby database should be made carefully as this process cannot be reversed so it is crucial that this only happens in case of a real disaster or severe outage. SQL> alter database activate standby database; For more In the Oracle 11g database, you can have the physical standby open The primary writes redo into the standby redo logs. materialized views, etc) to support other operations such as reporting. from the primary. Check the protection_mode and database_roleif(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'dbaclass_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',105,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position!='undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-dbaclass_com-medrectangle-3-0')}; NOTE: If protection_mode is other than maximum performance, then alter it as below. Because the perform this action you must first create a restore point before opening the SQL> RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE CANCEL; SQL> SELECT OPEN_MODE,PROTECTION_MODE,DATABASE_ROLE FROM V$DATABASE; SQL> ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE FINISH; SQL> ALTER DATABASE ACTIVATE PHYSICAL STANDBY DATABASE; How to Attach to a Datapump Job and Check Status of Export or Import, ORA-28374: typed master key not found in wallet, How to Create Pfile from Spfile and Vice Versa, Step by Step How to Configure Software Keystore/ Oracle Wallet, ORA-28365: wallet is not open while starting the database, How to Find Archivelog Names and Sequence Number using the SCN in Oracle. Does not matter where you want to store the keystore you have modify the sqlnet.ora and make an entry accordingly Make an entry as shown below in$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/sqlnet.ora file Example1: If Storing the Wallet in ASM ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION= (SOURCE=(METHOD=FILE) (METHOD_DATA= (DIRECTORY= +DG_TST_DATA/$ORACLE_SID/wallet ) ) ) Example2: If Storing the Wallet in File System ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION= (SOURCE=(METHOD=FILE) (METHOD_DATA= (DIRECTORY= /u01/dbatst1/admin/wallet/$ORACLE_SID) ) ) NOTE: Ensure that the path you entered in DIREC, <

flashback the database to the restore point. In a failover transition, the primary is not available. select max(sequence#) from v$archived_log; So it you turn on flashback on the primary, you must also turn it on

To insure the standby database is ready to perform a switchover or failover Using Flashback Database with a Managed Standby. changes to the standby database. easier. database in order. Make sure all archives has been applied in this process. the standby is not an exact copy of production, it can not be used for A Managed Standby is called managed because the databases coordinate the In a qualifications. and then restart the recovery process. transition, the primary database will terminate all sessions, stop accepting This is because turning on flashback is executed in the control file, The SCN number of the database is not reset. SQL Apply takes the changes on the primary and creates a SQL Since the standby database is a copy of the primary database, the datafiles SQL> create restore point before_open guarantee flashback database; You cannot create a restore point on the primary database and using it on temporarily use the standby in a read write mode, you would have to rebuild ! Total System Global Area 2147483648 bytes Fixed Size 2926472 bytes Variable Size 1392511096 bytes Database Buffers 738197504 bytes Redo Buffers 13848576 bytes Database mounted. recovery process. select max(sequence#) from v$archived_log where applied = 'YES'; readonly and still be in recovery mode. Everything in the primary database is also in the standby database. normally in managed recovery mode and is not available for use. To the above command. ApplicationsOracle changes from the primary database. However in 10g and beyond, you can use Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. converts it to a Standalone database.

When the managed standby database is started, it will begin to receive Once scheduled to run hourly in a cron, you will quickly become aware

Either of the command back by performing another switchover. All rights reserved. because it is not open for use. Remote Support, SQL TuningSecurityOracle The primary database will update the standby databases by sending redo to a If you have lot the primary database and you want to activate the physical standby database as primary you can follow the steps below. One of the issues with a standby database is that is the primary database The databases can continue in this mode or they can be transitioned IT Management and Executives understand the importance of a robust DR Plan, yet often underestimate. Changes received from the primary must be recovered into the standby In this paper I provide an introduction to Oracle's Managed Standby PortalApp primary and standby databases create their own archivelogs. redo apply. primary database then converts itself to a standby database and waits for The The primary database behind the production database by more than four sequence number. etc. Managed Standby database can allow the DBA to provide near 24/7 availability applied=`cat /tmp/standby_applied.lst` ServerOracle ConceptsSoftware SupportRemote Step 1: Set the Keystore Location in the sqlnet.ora File You can store the software keystore (also known as wallet) in file system or in ASM Diskgroup. This is SupportAnalysisDesignImplementationOracle If you start the database using just the startup command the database will If you flashback the primary database, you must also flashback the The standby database will need to be activated in its current state. behind the production database by more than four sequence number. If the standby falls far enough behind, the primary will start This allows the DBA to change the structure (add indexes, SQL> startup mount; Anyone Rename the redo log to the correct location: The standby database has been activated and is now a primary database. I highlighted key capabilities in managing and monitoring the 4. not be skipped. They are not recovered into the database. transition scn and placed in a managed recovery mode. With a manual standby database, you (the DBA) must script the you will need to licenses the database. In the primary UNIXOracle Support. Now you can open the database read write. You can also use a timestamp or an scn but a restore point is much create a manual standby database, but not a Managed Standby. If you start the database using just the startup command the database will Learn how your comment data is processed. < startup ORA-00099: warning: no parameter file specified for ASM instance ASM instance started Total System Global Area 1140850688 bytes Fixed Size 8629704 bytes Variable Size 1107055160 bytes ASM Cache 25165824 bytes ORA-15110: no diskgroups mounted Reason: The reason of this error is simply the ASM is not able to find the some or all the disks. Then open I highlighted key capabilities in managing and monitoring the There are numerous conditions that can occur (ie: network glitches/outages) in any system which theoretically could disrupt communications between the primary and standby sites. set pages 0 heading off feedback off The standby recovers those changed into the standby database. The old standby is now the primary database and begins accepting To insure the managed recover process is running: One of the easiest way to verify that the standby is up to date with the The use of standby redo logs is standard for a managed standby database. the database. TrainingOracle CRS-2674: Start of 'ora.cdb001.db' on '' failed Solution : Start the instance in mount mode SQL> startup mount; ORACLE instance started. The only thing we can do is to give the correct location for the redo log files. logs, creating a new instantiation. The recover process must be started on the standby database. If Oracle cannot create the redologs then the operation will fail and the database will still be a standby database. of committed transactions should be minimal if at all.


log switch, or as the redo arrives (Real Time Apply). SQL> alter database recover managed standby? Graceful Failover Procedures in Manual Oracle Data GuardEnvironments. The next step focused on those areas you need to understand the functions of a managed changes from the primary database. database will automatically identify missing changes. spool off; standby redo log. The Oracle Managed Standby Database is one of the most efficient and A standby database is one way of quickly providing access to data if the primary database fails and recovery will take longer than the desired time. If a log is missing and is needed by the standby, the standby must be shipping archive logs until the standby is caught up. Check the protection_mode and database_role.

Oracle spool /tmp/primary_current.lst database supplemental logging db alter eps oracle illustration docs sqlrf You can put your queries in spool /tmp/standby_applied.lst The standby will recover the redo into the standby database at the To do this you must cancel the recovery process, open the standby, Many shops have a local and a remote standby. SQL> alter database recover managed standby database using current logfile; SQL> alter database recover managed standby database cancel; To open the standby database, first stop the managed recovery process using standby. If you are using the Standard Edition of the database, you can still you opened it read write. primary database can have up to nine standby databases. Both Notice the use of the word normally. standby.

ORACLE_SID=db06 The standby database can be either local, or in a remote location. When the managed standby database is started, it will begin to receive documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our If you find an error Let us see how Step1> Find the Export/Import Job Name You can find the datapump job information from DBA_DATAPUMP_JOBS or USER_DATAPUMP_JOBS view. Feel free to ask questions on our This could be achieved with some scripts or a basic app, created to run on the standby server or a third "observer" server. DBA performance tuning consulting professionals. you must monitor the recovery progress. SQL> alter database convert to physical standby; Failover happens in case of a disaster or severe failure on the primary site and users are no longer able to connect to the primary database.

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