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Youll have to deliver a letter to the campground at some point, which is where you will meet Mickey and June. Wait for Mr. Rabbit's soul to appear in the window. Ring doorbell. lake lady camelot heroes wikia Make sure to tell him that you want to keep wearing the uniform for a bit longer. Remove Nicholas' wrapping and give him the cheese. Simply choose yes and way until the achievement pops just before the credits roll. When you are in the home , Steve will call you a few times. You can go at your own pace, simply doing your job and reconnecting with the locals. NEXT: Animal Crossing Vs. If you miss him, you'll likely spot him at various other points during your stay in town. So, here is how you unlock them all. In general store , The woman will give you a camera. For the Higher Ground achievement, you need to locate the Church. Deliver to Burts lakeside house. So, once it's finished, climb up the stairs again to unlock the achievement and enjoy the scenic view once more. With all the work done, the achievement will unlock in the morning. Your email address will not be published. So, when you spot him, make sure to talk to him to unlock the Metal Detector achievement. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. In Chapter 2, type "crow" in the typewriter after finishing the story. Full list of all 10 Lake achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. Get the owl mask from the combination locked cabinet and wear it. Xbox Achievements is not affiliated with Microsoft or Xbox, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Hes usually not far from the road leading up to the farm. Give your mother the chewing gum, and pop the bubble with the knife. He won't be too far from the road, using his metal detector in the fields. The important characters are: Robert, Nancy, and Kay. You can help Angie with some much-needed deliveries at the movie tape store and unlock the Movie Carrier achievement. Right after making your choice, the achievement will pop. I decided to play with an always say yes and just be nice approach. It can be a little unexpected where he pops up. It's quite the contrast to the busy city life she's used to, as she takes on the role of a mail carrier for two weeks. Click on the three white circles in the left eye. Stop the fourth car with "The White Door" sign and wait for the black figure to leave. During the spider-hunt minigame, stop the spider from eating any of the bugs. Go through the fruit and back into the box. You take on the role of forty-something Meredith, who returns from the big city to her quiet hometown. Experience The Gentle Tranquility Of Townscaper On Your Browser, Lake: Every Achievement And How To Unlock Them, Undertale: Tips For Getting The True Pacifist Ending, One of the first things you'll learn about playing this game, you'll get to test your photography skills, Stardew Valley: Hidden Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You, Stardew Valley: Ways You Can Be A Menace To The Valley, If you play through the story a third time. Go inside the room, open the window and click on the hotel. Read Book , You need to choose do Steve job. Talk to Mr. Owl on the telephone on the first night, and look at his portrait. After delivering a parcel to the Flick Shack on day four, On day six, you can pick up the movie box from Lori, return it to Angie, and then, You will get yet another call on day nine, and then. Shell complain about being asked to develop photos and having to test the camera herself. Near the DJ, click the Police Officer again. A cutscene will begin with Frank driving you to the airport. The Kongregate-hosted versions of the Cube Escape series also have achievements in the form of "badges", though these are created by Kongregate staff and not by Rusty Lake themselves. Wait a day and you can pick up the movie box at Burts. Achievements are awards given to a player for accomplishing certain tasks in-game. Either way, the achievement will unlock as the credits roll on this beautiful lakeside game. Set the TV channel to 566. Look by the dining room in the lobby after Mrs. Pigeon is killed. On Day 3, when delivering a letter to 200 Lake Road, Mildred will ask if you could deliver Mortimer to the Vet. Completely fill your inventory with 12 items. NOTE: Its possible to trigger this without romancing Robert, but you can play it safe. Free Roam achievements can be done whenever you explore the map. Lots of options for that. You have decided to stay in Providence Oaks. Drive your van right up to the entrance to ensure the achievement triggers, and then get out of the van. Talk to the bartender after Bob shoots himself. Rusty Lake Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Inside the ear, use the code 1853 on the right door. Simply deliver the box and help her choose a movie, it doesnt matter which one she ends up picking, but if you want, you can allow her to see Nightmare On Elm Street at your place and build a better bond with Lori (not required for the achievement). Just visit the church which i show you in the map. As the credits roll, you will either be seen going on a road trip alone or with Angie (if you have been romancing her throughout the game and accepted her offer to join you). Then on day 15, when talking to Frank, you will now have an option to say that you will be going on a road trip instead of sticking around or going back to the city. Hit David's arm with the arrow and rip off the sleeve. Use the telephone to call 77772. Other dialogues with Robert are optional to choose. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the credits sequence. Allow the Corrupted Soul to kill you by not using the fireflies. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. After shooting Mr. Rabbit, talk to your grandfather. Ending achievements are related to final scene choice but there can be one miss-able act which is explained in the section. The next day, you can simply drive back to Burt Mackeys house and pick up Mortimer. NOTE: This achievement was bugged in the pre-release build. Midnight Protocol is a tactical narrative-driven RPG with unique keyboard-only controls. Type "the vanderbooms" into the typewriter. Pick up movie from Mr. Mackey. If youd like to learn more about the game and what we thought of it, be sure to check our review! Upon reaching the top floor, the achievement should pop. In Chapter 1, click the photo on the wall and the "Bedroom in Arles" nameplate. Your next stop is Burts lakeside house, the one we visited to drop off the sick cat. At the mathematic flag puzzle, solve it as "12 = 4 x 3". Warning: There will be minor spoilers for the game.

Set the clock to 8:05. Keep this in mind when interacting with them. Some of them are easier to spot while others are a bit more tricky, but you can definitely get them all if you closely follow our guide. Exit mail truck. Pick up movie box from Burt on September 7. You can unlock this achievement as early as your second day in the game, as soon as you have access to the van. Allow the beetle to escape and climb off the table three times. Continue playing. The credits will roll, and the achievement will unlock for you. Return to Angie (Sept 8). This is the Robert romance option. Youve earned it! Open the window and click on the Fisherman. NOTE: I was unable to give her the camera the same day. There are a few steps to complete over multiple days: Although Lake is primarily a relaxing game, you can keep completing work assignments for Steve to unlock the Workaholic achievement. On September 4, youll have to deliver a package at Angies Flick Shack, a movie rental place. Give David the honey, birch sap and berries. Input it into the safe and take the black cube. After solving the frog flute puzzle, look into. Prepare a Gin & Tonic cocktail for Bob. It takes around 6-8 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One. The first of these endings will unlock the Hometowner achievement. After Bob shoots himself, enter his mind and find the Woman. Before starting the memory training test, pick "maybe". Look on the clock in Mrs. Pheasant's room. Do Steve job 2. After the scene where you join with Kay at top of the tower , then you should visit the tower once more and climb the stairs.

Click on the family photo in the house, and then on "yourself". During the third play, take Harvey's egg and feed it to the fish three times. If you have a PC problem, we probably cover it! Traverse into the Forest and take the knife from Mr. Crow. The steps to complete this achievement are as follows: The town of Providence Oaks might not be a massive, replayable open world, but it still has a few different locations to find. Use the codes: A87524, B37582, C12763, D87263, E11276, F98723, G76382, H98374, I12367, J63866. Published August 4, 2021. Hack into servers, beat security systems and discover encrypted secrets Haven Park is a cute and wholesome indie game about exploration and restoring a nature park to its former glory. The credits will start, and the achievement will unlock. Click on Dale while looking through the telescope. Follow that trail to reach the tower. The lovely views are part of the joy of a game as relaxing as Lake. The Free Spirit achievement is the only ending that requires some setup beforehand. On the top of the hill is a white church and when you drive up to it, the achievement should unlock. Finish Chapter 2 by going on the elevator. Use the key to get the shrimp cocktail, and give it to the Hand. There is a moment in the story where you will go to the Watchtower with Kay. Bat around the room. For questions, comments or feedback, pleasevisit the, No Man's Sky 'Endurance' Update Goes Live Today with Overhauled Freighter Customisation, This Week's Deals With Gold Includes an Ultimate Game Sale With Sekiro, The Quarry, and Diablo 2, Xbox Game Pass' Next Batch of July Games Include Torment: Tides of Numenera, Inside, MotoGP 22, As Dusk Falls, and More. These next achievements all pop at the end of the game, just before the credits roll. I highlighted his location when I found him on the map: Help Nancy by testing the photo camera (Secret). Look into the well at the temple to see your reflection. This is a complete guide for Lake achievements guide. Leave package. After completing Day 7, play through Sarah's level. Watch a shooting star fall across the window on the third night, and follow Mr. The Church is located just off the main street in town, down the very end of a winding road. As long as you are in possession of the camera, you can press Y to use the camera it. This cutscene does not count as visiting the tower. Inside the club, click on the Police Officer and Dale. Feed Mr. Boar two feces sandwiches, then click on the toilet until the tomatoes emerge. In Fall 1971, use the code 25641 on the TV. Return to truck. In the Submarine, enter the following coordinates. Use the knife where the pigeon is poking at the box. Inside the White Door, stop at the second door with a star and open it. Get the tie from the combination locked cabinet and wear it. Home > Guides > Lake Achievements Guide %100. While driving, click on the police car. This probably explains why he loves story-driven games so much. When you meet up later, shell ask you to help her with a marketing idea and bring a portable movie box to townspeople so theyll warm up to the medium. Drive to the Watch Tower, as marked on the map, and go all the way up. Simply drive to the end of the thin road not far from where you start at the post office. But we can all agree, this is the nicer ending, right? On your second working day, one of your stops will be at Mildred, the cat lady. Offer to take pictures in her stead. Breath Of The Wild: Which Switch Game Is The Most Relaxing? Click on the rock after destroying the temple. Get the slide from the combination locked cabinet. Meet Angie at your parents house after shift. When playing Lake for the first time, it is helpful to know that there are multiple endings you can achieve. After phone conversation, set the clock to 3:25 and go back to Harvey. Click on the Corrupted Soul when it is seen in the window. Deliver letter to June > Ask about RV (Sept 8). Make sure to have the latest updated version of the game before attempting this one. Guiding you with how-to advice, news and tips to upgrade your tech life. NOTE: If you choose to meet Kay at the Watch Tower during the story, youll also go up there automatically, but this will not be enough to trigger the achievement, even though it will now show up on the map. Use the knife in Mr. Rabbit's room to cut into Mr. Owl's portrait. Use the knife on the butterfly before picking it up with the jar. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. After fixing the machine, go back to Summer 1971 or Fall 1971 and click on the telephone. If you choose to stay during the final conversations, it should pop. Put the orange flowers on the windowsill at the temple. In the movie tape store , Angie will ask you to lend some people movie boxes , Accept her request and deliver them by looking to your map. Click on all of the stars until they disappear, then click on the moon. Look in Mr. Crow's pocket on the second night. If you play through the story a third time (or reload a save), you can unlock the third possible ending of the game. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. After getting the black cube, use the brush on the statue to unlock a puzzle. Along the way, there are ten secret achievements you can unlock. I think you can hand it off any day after that, but dont wait too long as shell need a day to develop the photos. Important Tip: Remember that you shouldnt give the RV to mechanic girl in September 11 , If you did you should load that chapter again and just tell her the RV will stay here for a while. Copyright Windows Report 2022.

Both Angie and Robert will probably try to stop you, so choose the options where you turn them down. Pull the rope a few times until a feather drops, and click it. I do wonder, if choosing to go on the road trip, how would the scene end if telling Angie that Meredith wants to go alone. You play as Meredith Weiss, who finds herself returning to her quiet hometown. The Steam versions of the Rusty Lake and Cube Escape games come with achievements. If you choose to leave and have Frank drop you off at the airport, Robert will drive up to you and give you a final chance to stay. When you are ready, bring the camera back to her. Breath Of The Wild: Which Switch Game Is The Most Relaxing? Get the crow's egg from the box and use it on the bonfire. Choose whichever movie suggestion. There is also no risk of being friendly towards Angie as well, the only defining choice happens at the very end of the game. Break the ice in the well with the hammer. Amount of achievements: 10 (all hidden) How long to beat: around 6-7 hours Platforms: Windows, Steam, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S. During your stay in Providence Oaks, you will eventually take a letter to the Campground and be gifted an RV from Mickey and June that you will need to repair. Get the green vial from the combination locked cabinet and drink it. After turning on the alarm on the third time, go to recreation box. Order the egg for dinner. One of the first things you'll learn about playing this game is that you can miss some opportunities. Whenever Steve asks to help him out, like looking at his proposal or signing papers, simply choose the options where you do what he asks. Prepare a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail for Bob. Not associated with Microsoft, Lake is a relaxing game about escaping the day-to-day city life, You play as Meredith, a 40-something that ends up filling in for her dad as the local postman, If you have around 6 or 7 hours, you can definitely beat all of the 10 hidden achievements. Use the password "TWDH" for T. Hoorn and click on the third email to go down into the basement. Each one will take about 20 minutes of playing from this point because there are a lot of unskippable cutscenes. Enter the white cube as the Corrupted Soul. If you reach the tower's top floor, you will unlock the Tower Watcher achievement. Enter contest (Sept 8).

Lake is a beautiful, story-driven game set during the 1980s in the idyllic lakeside town of Providence Oaks. Your best bet to find Andy is in the fields near the farm on Friday 4 or Saturday 5 September. After entering your ear, go through the left door. Click on the egg until a crow flies out and follow it to the window. Enter the code 3982 in the keypad, go into the building then walk left and click on Harvey. When youve submitted your camera roll, come back the next working day and shell ask you to pick a photo to submit for the contest. I found him on a day where I had to deliver a letter to farmer Jack and he was practically crossing the road as I drove by. While the Woman is hanging above the Memory Extractor, keep pressing the arrows on the keypad. The second ending you can aim for sees Meredith giving up the peaceful life of her hometown to go back to the city and her successful career. In Spring 1964, click on Harvey repeatedly. In the last chapter ( September 14 ) and final scene , Just decide leave P.O and let frank to drive you to the airport. Basically, be as nice to her as possible throughout the game and when she asks to kiss or hug, say yes. Look out the window and click on Mr. Rabbit's Soul. After the cow is decapitated, click on its head a few times. (x2 gin, x2 tonic). Choose whichever movie suggestion. The Watchtower is located in the map's southwest. Youll then need to drive back to Angies Flick Shack to exchange the movies. Help Mildred by taking Mortimer to Burt (Secret). Animal Crossing Vs. When the lights come back on, take the potatoes from him. Press C and take 12 random photo shoots , Then in September 13 you will deliver a box to general store again and you will earn the trophy. When you bring it back to Angie, the achievement will pop. Walk to mailbox. To do this, you need to reach day 15 and when speaking to Frank, let him know that you will be taking the uniform off and leaving town. Shell tell you about her cat Mortimer, whos feeling sick and ask you to drive him to Burt, the fisherman. Pick up movie box from Lori on September 6 and return to Angie. This will start a cutscene of Meredith driving around in the mail van, continuing to do her job. You'll see a Hiking Trail sign from the main road at the Woods fast travel point. Notice the red marks on the blueprints for the password "FATE" for the profile of Mr. O. Click on the coaster every time it appears. Although they are pretty simple to achieve, some are missable if you do not take specific paths. Click to find out, Microsoft adds touch controls to six more Xbox Game Pass titles, Xbox Game Pass: eight of the best games to chill out with, The Gunk, Firewatch, and eight more games available now with Xbox Game Pass, Mortal Kombat 11, Firewatch, The Gunk, and seven more games join Xbox Game Pass [updated], iO's long-standing unobtainable achievements could be fixed with help from TA member Vudix, 2022 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Look by the windowsill in the lobby after Ms. Pheasant is killed. Open the window to see a man, click to make him walk away. The Watchtower gives you a fantastic view of the entire lake. When you accept to bring him, the location will show up on your map. Go right to the elevator and press the button. Write CUBEESCAPE on the Ouija board and then talk to. When Mildred asks you to take care of her cat , Accept her request and deliver cat to the sea guy. He can sometimes be seen at the Campground on day 11 or at the Motel around day 14. If you wish to get all of these endings in one playthrough, make sure that you save on day 13, so you can reload to unlock the other endings. If you have any other questions or you need some extra steps for completing any one of these achievements, dont hesitate to drop a comment in the section below and well make sure to help you out! Time-saving software and hardware expertise that helps 200M users yearly. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Rise of Humanity game preview: Turn-based tactics terminator, Midnight Protocol game review: Feel like a real hacker, A Juggler's Tale game review: a fine time narrated in rhyme, Haven Park game review: Explore the world with Flint. Taking 12 photos for Nancy will unlock the Shutter Bug achievement. "Congratulations, you've won an achievement!". Finish the game by clicking on Dale in the elevator. Then you get the achievement. Be sure to make a save file at the end of September 12, your last working day so you can load it for the other endings. After breakfast, check the window again. Required fields are marked *. You can get this achievement on your first working day. Pick up pictures from General Store. What are achievement flags? Don't miss out on a single achievement while playing through the laidback and heartfelt indie game, Lake. Basically, be as nice to him as possible throughout the game and choose to help him with the anti-deforestation campaign by doing paperwork with him and recording the campaign message on the radio. This is the case with the Cat Lover achievement, which requires you to agree to deliver a cat named Mortimer around town. After solving the frog eggs puzzle, click on the water multiple times. Deliver to Lori at the garage on September 5. Follow the caterpillar from the plant to the computer then the breakfast table. Play the following notes on the comb: C, C, D, #D, G, E, D, #D, C, #A, #G, #G, #G, #G. In Chapter 1, feed three flies to the fish in the fishbowl. When you are required to deliver a mail in there , Just have a chat with metal detector too. Click on the crow now in his place. While colouring in the room, go to the drawer to Bob's ID and click on the photo. There are two steps to unlock this achievement: Another fun narrative you can explore during Lake is all about movies. On the final day, Angie will show up and ask you to leave with her in the RV. Shell ask to meet you at your house, agree to this. Then in final scene with frank choose that I want to have a road trip and by this way you will get the trophy. Click the Rusty Lake Theatre poster each time it appears. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. When your grandfather is dead, check his pocket for the Gin & Tonic recipe. Use the code 1487 on the safe, and put the green gem on the tree. Click on the rabbit hole after the rabbit dies. The game is very laidback and narrative-driven. In Spring 1964, click on the Woman when she appears in the window. RELATED: Stardew Valley: Ways You Can Be A Menace To The Valley One of the earliest times you might spot him is when you deliver mail to the farm on day five. Your first stop will be Lori at the garage, the location will show up on your map. Luke also has a board game obsession, plays a bunch of D&D, and makes silly videos on YouTube. Be nice to them and choose to say goodbye when they leave for Canada and theyll give you their RV. Get package from back of truck. At the end of the game simply make every possible decision that says you want to stop working for the post office and go back to the big city as a programmer instead.
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