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California State Athletic Commission & Approved by the FLORIDA STATE Many of our fighters are on the brink of becoming professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters and this is their final proving ground! Exception: Oriental Rules, Muay Thai and San Shou. The ring floor shall be padded in a manner as approved by the sanctioning Hitting or flicking with an open glove or thumb, or striking with the gloves are secured on the hands. injured athlete, including: Oxygen, Backboard and Neck Collar. - EVENTS The onus lies squarely on the shoulders of state athletic commissions that allow events like these to take place right under their nose. Junior / Minor match fighters must each provided a liability release signed All of the matches were created on site after a quick weigh-in on a bathroom scale to determine which fighters were close enough in weight to compete against one another. The ring must be swept, dry-mopped, or otherwise adequately cleaned before

- RULES. There could be more charges. Twelve of Floridas top amateur MMA and kickboxing fighters are set to duke it out, offering a rare chance to see our states future fighting stars all in one night. onsite fighter physicals at the scheduled weigh-in. Neoprene or Elastic knee braces may be worn if there are no plastic or step back by the referee. ring until authorized by a referee or physician. paramedics will have in the facility, at each ringside, all equipment necessary width. The World Class Fight League (WCFL) is Floridas premiere Amateur MMA competition! To truly grasp the significance of the situation, one must first understand everything a sanctioned event entails. Hands clenched and knuckles tightened, you center yourself and realize this is the moment you've waited a lifetime for. As with all other hand strikes, this technique must be executed with the If anything, they only validate the opinions of uneducated fans opining that the sport is nothing more than street fighting.. All gloves will be secured by approved tape. A sweep of the area found that no one had been struck by gunfire, though some people received minor injuries during the melee and were treated by PBC Fire Rescue. The lowest rope shall have applied around it padding of a thickness not Our events sell out quickly, click here to reserve your seat now! No rings, jewelry, or items other than those authorized may be worn. For more information on Impact Promotions, please visit their social media page. Darren Till explains why he wont be cornering Chris Curtis at UFC London: It would be disrespectful. Producing 25 bouts for 2019. in the ring during the rest periods. The promoter is responsible for the payment of the deductible amounts The Hepatitis B & C tests can be done within the calendar year. (hammerfist), the referee must declare a 1-point penalty; Each successive similar foul will again result in at least a 1-point source of local news and culture, Call to Collaborators: Artists, Performers and Filmmakers. Anti social behavior of any kind to include name calling, gestures, The lower rope shall be 18 inches (.5m) above the ring floor, the middle towels or other equipment. Fighter hitting and the fighter being hit. Without state regulation, smokers arent obligated to have any of these things in place, and they dont pay the state-tax fee required for running events. The gloves subject to the approval of the event supervisor. representative. inch (1") in diameter. The best of Florida's amateur and pro fighters face off against one another to display their skills. Continued media support during the fighters career. Beads of sweat slowly trickle down your forehead as you stand in the middle of all the chaos, underneath the bright lights and endless banners. A collective roar of thousands forces you to open your eyes to a sea of unfamiliar faces. Paid lodging for fighters The WCFL is the absolute BEST in amateur MMA in the state of Florida!. Like the authorities in Thomas case, they need actually attend these events undercover to weed out the higher-level organizers. The Association of Boxing Commissions, which is the combination of various state fighting commissions, suggested that members ban amateur fighters from Michigan due to a fear of spreading illness. the fighters name and the date of the blood tests which will include: The HIV test must be done within 30 days of submitting all requirements to Visit, or call 954-443-6792. Sean OMalley calls his shot against Petr Yan at UFC 280: Im better than Petr, and I truly believe that. Combat Night is a Pro & Amateur Mixed Martial Arts promotion based out of Tallahassee, Fl and holds events throughout the entire State of Florida. an additional neurological examination may be required. As required by the Florida State Athletic Commission fighter's who have Approved for the IKF tournament ONLY!". Physicians and the sanctioning body Representatives are to make a Typically, a member from the commission attends the event to make sure everything is in place and running smoothly. It is illegal to host and sell tickets at unsanctioned events, but participants tend to bypass this law by accepting donations instead of establishing the cost of general admission. The Promoter will provide regulation 10 & 12 oz. closed-cell product manufactured by Dupont. For more information about XFN, please visit their website, LeLeo Code Live MMA Beach Beat Down, Florida Mixed Martial Arts News and Events,, Ex-UFC Welterweight Luis Pena Pleads Not Guilty To Misdemeanor Charges, Amanda Nunes Believes Shes MMAs GOAT After UFC 232 Win; Cris Cyborg Disagrees, Florida private school hired youth MMA coach who once served 14 years for manslaughter, at the event with at least one of these present at ring-side while competition

Gauze shall be of the soft or soft-stretch type, and shall not exceed 2 Extended Neck Wrestling to set up knee strikes and to off-balance For more information about 305fights, please visit their website, COMBAT NIGHT Night finished the year with a total of eight (8) shows producing 116 amateur bouts for 2019. his medical doctors letterhead stating that he approves you medically fit to Elbow pads and forearm pads shall not be worn. newsletter, Morning Report: Despite Dustin Poirier altercation, Michael Chandler still wants Conor McGregor: I think its the biggest fight that we can make in MMA. National level exposure Kicks above the belt, to the hips and to the leg above and below the knee. to the body in Muay Thai. Wait for victim number two?. written in shall be provided to the ringside physician prior to the start of the will result in disciplinary action. An insurance plan needs to be in place for every fighter competing on the card. the building and shall be provided with suitable steps for use by fighters. inches in width. Intentionally pushing, shoving or wrestling an opponent out of the ring CBC, chemistry panel including electrolytes, creatinine, liver function. Sanctioning body shall ensure that there is an ambulance (. There werent any pre-fight medical screening for drugs or diseases. If so, then you are exactly the type of devoted fan that mixed marital arts promotions company Fight Time Promotions had in mind when it began its monthly night of amateur fights at Fort Lauderdale nightclub Revolution Live. expense. Or perhaps you have an existing condition that requires immediate medical attention. All piercing shall be removed prior to leaving the locker room. Keeper, Three Judges, the "off" Referee, the Shadow Officials, the Emergency medical personnel and an ambulance must be present at every event. STANDARDS AND PROTOCOLSNew & Offensive clothing, placards, emblems, etc. neck, and hitting with the other hand. Its a proven fact that pre-fight medical screenings save lives, often catching pre-existing maladies that would otherwise go undetected. manner. Our exclusive and upscale MMA events are hosted in Tampa, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale! for any injured athletes if their personal insurance doesn't cover said medical For as low as $300, you can own your piece of the only nationwide amateur, team vs. team fight league. lasting no more than two minutes. times, during all amateur kickboxing events. Rize Fighting Championship President Armando Gonzalez told Floridas WBPF that the shooting occurred after the main event and that the plan is for future events to have increased security. the ring-side zone. Any determination as to whether the Attacking after the bell has sounded to end the round. Many spectators have said that fights at the WCFL are more exciting that many of the professional bouts they have witnessed! WEIGHT CLASSES ARE ACCEPTED WEIGHT CLASSES IN THE STATE OF FLORIDAFOR IKF Are you the type of mixed martial arts fan who does not miss one single live-stream fight? Scouts from the largest pro organizations such as the RFC and others, attend our events to determine who is worthy of receiving a pro MMA contract!

If you are an amateur fighter that is ready to prove yourself, promote your gym, and destroy your opponent, contact us today for a consultation. Mr. Profato may be fighting the good fight, but it takes only a quick online search to see that his own state is already being overrun by these kinds of events. Check out Kalieo Romeros dominating performance over Justin OConnor, Heres Jornel A1 Lugo of the Florida Force. body. You may grab the leg execute a take-down or take one step forward for each Shall be responsible for their own gauze and tape or approved commercial Only light coat of Vaseline on the face applied at ringside under the Leg checking in Full Contact or Freestyle rules - extending the foot to Amateur fighters are usually paired against fighters with similar experience, but this is an impossible feat for any matchmaker to accomplish when fighters are willfully participating in exhibition events every weekend. Fighters deserve better than that. Following a TKO loss at an AFC event back in April 2013, 35-year-old Felix Pablo Elochukwu collapsed and was taken to the emergency room, where he was later pronounced dead. Our WCFL MMA fighters are the best and they are one step away from turning pro! This amateur event was held behind a local Hooters establishment in Huntsville, Ala. Click below to invest today! According to, Michigan state Rep. Harvey Santana, who continues to work diligently on a bill to regulate amateur MMA, admitted to attending one of these smokers. attack until he has touched the floor with any part of his body other than his But while experience is certainly important in the development of a fighter, what happens when a rush for that experience puts a fighters life in jeopardy? WCFL fighters have been offered professional contracts and turned pro as a result of fighting for World Class Fight League! This leaves 18 inches on the outside of the ropes for the distance between On a standard 20 foor platform ring, the measurement inside "Rope to Get your official team gear right here at, Copyright 2021 Elite Amateur Fight League, EAFL sponsors supporting our mission to provide the best experience and exposure for amateur MMA athletes. We will see you at the next WCFL! To download this form for your Doctor, click, The medical doctor who gave the physical must give you written approval on Only water and electrolyte drinks in their sealed original containers in Questions or protests will be posed in a calm, courteous and respectful Should be broken after 5 seconds of inactivity. Sean OMalley reacts to stepping into the biggest challenge of his MMA career. Updated Rules As Of MARCH 15TH, 2013, ________________________________________________________, FOR COMPLETE LIST OF THE DETAILED

standards have been met shall be made by the onsite Department or Commission become licensed. STATE OF FLORIDAAMATEUR KICKBOXING SAFETY the ring if the physician is not present at ringside. Right now, its shots fired, which is a felony charge.. Concierge service for fighter needs during fight week

Shou. On the first attempt that strikes with the forearm or bottom fist No excessive coaching from corner. Watch Ricky The Iron Monkey Furar of team Indiana, put away his EAFL opponent in Season X. Ricky recently won his debut bout in Bellator MMA 201. Concierge service for fighter needs during fight week, Produced Interview segments for each fighter, Continued media support during the fighters career. Adopt, Don't Shop: Where to Adopt Dogs in Miami-Dade and Broward, History Fort Lauderdale Honors the City's Drag Queens in "I Am What I Am". In 2010, a CAT scan revealed an irregularity in a cerebral artery of welterweight contender Thiago Alves. Neoprene or Elastic ankle supports may be worn or a moderate amount of tape Bernie Profato, Executive Director of the Ohio State Athletic Commission, told The Associated Press that he warns fighters they wont be allowed to compete in Ohio if they fight in Michigan. It is highly recommended that two physicians be in attendance so that if Holding and hitting; such as holding with one hand, especially behind the Failure of the fighter The event was held in the state of Michigan, where amateur MMA continues to go unregulated. If unaware of the pre-existing injury, the promotion running the sanctioned event would end up paying the insurance on it even though it occurred elsewhere. This Thursday night, it is all about the amateurs at Fight Time Promotions Amateur MMA and Kickboxing Championships. Sadly, this isnt just some overnight problem that crept into existence. The actual participants in the event were either signed up on the spot, or had heard there would be an open opportunity to fightthrough the social-networking grapevine and showed up to compete. You may grab the leg and take one step forward for each strike that you The promoter will provide three raised chairs (. The battle against smokers has been raging for years. - As required in number 2 below. Many of our fighters are on the brink of becoming professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters and this is their final proving ground!

Become a member to support the independent voice of South Florida Fighters in the Elite Amateur Fight League are treated like the Elite athletes they are. The fact that smoker promoters are now bold enough to advertise their events so openly is an indictment to state athletic commissions. General Liability Insurance Policy naming sanction body as co-insured: All fighters will receive an onsite physical examination clearing them to

Nearly every fighter that puts on a pair of four-ounce gloves dreams of one day competing on the big stage in front of a sold-out arena. extending from the floor of the building to a height of 58 inches (1.6m), (4'10") The recommendation is a one inch (1") layer of Ethafoam which is a We will stick to out we do which is more live music., A daily roundup of all your fighting news from MMA Fighting, By submitting your email, you agree to our, Alex Pereira responds to Khamzat Chimaevs callout: Hes a coward seeking attention. Less than a year ago, Time Warner Cable News ran a story on local amateur fighter Stephen Elsenbeck, who learned he had testicular cancer from a pre-fight checkup. But not so fastthis isnt where your story begins. If you think you have what it takes to join your States team and compete against the best fighters across the country, fill out our fighter application by clicking below. These paramedics/EMT's will have in the facility, at Join the New Times community and help support independent The Promoter will provide approved shin and instep pads. You have to have licensed corners and state-appointed referees and judges. Ring-side tables must be no higher than ring platform level on elevated TAURA MMA CHAMPIONSHIP events are broadcast in Brazil by SPORT TV and CANAL COMBATE and in the United States by FOX SPORTS. There will be a rest period of one minute Are you one of the top amateur mixed martial artists in the country? Mouthpiece should be replaced if it falls out (. Shameful and pathetic cowardly behavior ruined a great night of fights.. remaining in the ring after the start of the round, beginning around without a Tragically, the same cant be said for the Amateur Fighting Club (AFC). Event Physicians, the EMT's, The Fighter's Seconds and The Ring Maintenance Competition may not occur in Gauze shall be for the protection of the hand only, and the amount shall be If your business is interested in sponsorship opportunities with the WCFL or any of our fighters, contact us today and we will be happy to speak with you about ways we will take your business/organization to the next level! Sweeps, Throws and Take-downs are allowed. Are you one of the top amateur mixed martial artists in the country? throw. Fans and fighters were sent scrambling at an amateur MMA event this past weekend when one attendee inexplicably began firing gunshots into the air. 1710, in Fort Lauderdale. particular examination at every event for violations of these rules. 2021 Florida MMA Stats. Intentionally delaying the contest through improper equipment, seconds Piercing accessories are prohibited, Use only soft materials to tie hair. All rope ties will be vertical, approximately 6 feet apart, made of a soft

Amateur status as a kickboxer requires that the athlete HAS NOT competed as the dressing room. Charles Oliveira offers to start Islam Makhachev fight on the ground: Im not afraid of getting taken down. Hopefully the authorities will take that man into custody.. CQ1 was held in Tampa Florida on 7/21/18. Grabbing or holding onto an opponent's foot or leg, followed by a takedown, rings; no ringside tables will be permitted next to floor level on non-elevated for treatment and or transportation of an injured athlete, including Oxygen, Sanctioning body shall ensure that at least one physician is present at ringside all equipment necessary for treatment and or transportation of an GLFC is based out of Miami and debuted their Pro-MMA & Boxing event in Miramar Florida on December 13, 2019. - RANKINGS For more information about PFL, please visit their website, WCFL ended the year with three (3) events producing forty five (45) bouts in 2019. Intentionally evading contact or failing to compete. Kickboxing is contested under several sets of rules representing unique "styles" Former UFC fighter and current Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship boxer Hector Lombard captured footage of the scary incident, which occurred a Rize Fighting Championship show at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth Beach, Fla., this past Saturday. to admit of any such KO or TKO loss. Our fighters are selected after they prove themselves to be aggressive, fearless, and highly skilled. It could have killed somebody. When the lighter of the two amateurs weighs While Michigan may be the centerpiece of unregulated amateur MMA, smokers continue to crop up all over the United States, including the state of Ohio. from punching. Rope" is 17'. paramedics or EMTs in attendance at each event, with at least one of these Our sponsors are the reason why events like the World Class Fight League can exist! reached 40 years of age or will reach 40 years of age prior, on, or during the Sweeps are allowed in any direction against either leg. This was during a time when amateur MMA events were illegal in the state of Florida.

inside, or bottom of the glove. against the ring and chairs. Alex Pereira demolished Sean Strickland to earn a shot at Israel Adesanyas UFC middleweight championship. - SANCTIONING Padding must extend beyond the ring ropes and over the edge of the Founded in 2010 by 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist Howard Davis Jr., the companys Fight Time series, composed of amateur and professional fighters, has become the go-to source for locals seeking the live MMA experience. This barricade safeguarding the ring-side area is required. MUAY THAI RULES AND REGULATIONSFOR ALL SANCTIONING BODIES & These There were several gashes, along with some minor cuts and bruises, but luckily, no one died that night. We offer the benefit of this competition with no additional costs to the athlete. In speaking with Fight! Tape shall be of the soft adhesive type and shall not exceed 1.5 inches in strike or kick. Additional and or more detailed Rules can be found by clicking. Cornermen must remain seated in the For VIP tickets, call 786-543-1177. tamper with the gloves in any way. point penalty, or disqualification. Knee strikes allowed to the body and legs. less than one-half inch (1/2") and of type and construction to be approved PFL finished the year with six (6) events producing forty three (43) bouts for 2019.

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