3/20 gloves diablo 2 resurrected

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The random Prefixes and Suffixes are only picked up from rare modifiers pool. Level up as you post

This means that all 3/20 gloves will have an identical look in terms of color scheme. All original content on this page is 2021 DiabloDex.com and may not be used or reproduced without consent. Light Gauntlets ilvl 73= alvl 64 (1/11438), Hell Charsi (clvl 68-70 optimal, 71-74 suboptimal).

Charsi sometimes moves if, and if you placed your portal in a certain spot it happens from time to time that she stands right in front of it and makes it hard clicking her.

Tldr: Go to Act 5 nm and run in and out of Anya portal. You cannot add sockets with Larzuk to a magical Whale Armors and get 4 sockets, magical items are limited to 1-2 sockets. Shop Running or Vendor Running is the process of running back and forth between a vendor and the waypoint or a portal. See theoretical explanation for further info about chances. Either you shop at Charsi hell at clvl 68-74 (where 68 is optimal) or at Anya nightmare/hell at clvl 75+.

You must be a member of diablo2.io to like this, https://diablo2.io/post2495060.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2495060, https://diablo2.io/post2495142.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2495142, https://diablo2.io/post2495170.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2495170, https://diablo2.io/post2495222.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2495222, https://diablo2.io/post2495313.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2495313, https://diablo2.io/post2495362.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2495362, https://diablo2.io/post2500731.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2500731, https://diablo2.io/post2504083.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2504083, https://diablo2.io/post2504463.html?sid=dbd11db2c968b48dae48ab86089d9f6d#p2504463, Ad revenue helps keep the servers going and supports me, the site's creator :), making their offers on your trades invisible. Now there are differences in how those Npcs generate items. Dostpne na wszystkich platformach. After some more research, for the ones interested in shopping and 3/20 gloves shopping : too bad loading screens are so fking long, so both charsi and anya are going to be a pain in the ass, This post was edited by Dark_vvanderer on Oct 16 2021 05:33am, https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofdiablo/comments/b6wypy/a_guide_to_shop_320_gloves_in_diablo_2_or_pod/, https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofdiablo/comments/d28ued/the_complete_overview_guide_to_shopping_in_diablo/.

Avatar & Profile customisation If we go for both gloves possibility we get this: Heavy Gloves ilvl 80 = alvl 77 (1/12369, 9,41% difference), Chain gloves ilvl 80 = alvl 74 (1/11970, 5,88% difference), Light Gauntlets ilvl 80 = alvl 70 (1/11704, 3,52% difference), Demonhide gloves ilvl 80= alvl 64 (1/11438, 1,18% difference), Sharkskin gloves ilvl 80 = alvl 61 (1/11305, 0% difference), Heavy bracer = ilvl 80 = alvl 61 (1/11305, 0% difference).

Charsi on the other hand always fills the entire shopping space, and spawns 0-6 (!) Sorry, your submission has been automatically removed for breaking our rules; pathofdiablo.com/rules. Not worth it.

This means that to get leather gloves to have the chance to spawn with +3/20 we need clvl 56, for heavy gloves clvl 58, for chain gloves clvl 60 and so on and so forth. The final step is to determine the affix level.

Not only do you

Nothing weird. Do not shop from Charsi / Gheed Nightmare, it is just bad in comparison. I agree to the processing of my personal data in order to send the newsletter.

to craft is in general: Blood Rings, Blood Amulets, Blood Gloves, Caster Amulets, Caster Belts, and Hit Power Gloves. 3/20 Amazon Gloves: Anya's Gloves is also worth checking out as you might get a pair for Amazons with +3 To Javelin and Spear Skills and 20% Increased Attack Speed. Your mercenary Magic and Gold Find stacks with your own when they do the killing. Hopefully it will be easy to find.

The ilvl calculated in (1) has to undergo two checks and possible modifications. Put another way: (1) ilvl = int(.5 * clvl) + int(.5 * ilvl)

If we do it with exceptional gloves at clvl 75 it looks like this: Gauntlets ilvl 80=alvl 67 (1/11438, 1,18% difference) 90,88 %, War gauntlets ilvl 80= alvl 61 (1/11305, 0% difference) 9,12%, Hell Gheed (clvl 68-70 optimal, 71-74 suboptimal). Whichever one icon is missing will be the True Tomb of I dont want them free, but Id suggest adding/modifying one of the useless crafting gloves recipes to roll with +3 skills. Jewelers Whale Armors: These are magic armors with up to +100 To life and 4 sockets, Anya can spawn with these and so can Larzuk.

Something went wrong. Does any1 else have tips for this?

Which vendor or Act you gamble in makes no difference, The Item level of Items you gamble is rolled in a range of -5 to +4 equal to your Character level. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, 3 20 Java gloves price check approx please.

https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofdiablo/c in_diablo/. when killing bosses.

Furtermore, this affix takes precedence over all other color affixes (pretty certain, not 100%, but in terms of 3/20 it does).

It doesnt matter if the jewel is magic, rare, or even unique.

You learn new every day! Heavy Gloves ilvl 65 = alvl 62 (1/11305, 0% difference), Chain gloves ilvl 65 = alvl 60 (1/11305, 0% difference). Not something we want. Ogre gauntlets hit alvl 94 at ilvl 97, which means you need to be clvl 92 to get the highest alvl with all possible gloves. The higher clvl after 75 you are the lower chance you will have of getting 3/20. Now, most people don't mean or want +3 to passive and magic skills or +3 martial arts, but I will use them in conjunction with crossbow and javelin just for the sake of clarity. Anya is the goto vendor as you can refresh her inventory by entering and exiting

Im glad with the 3/20 but then i was thinking fk I just paid a vex ist for blue gloves so i wasnt sure if i got jipped. This means that if you are characterlevel 10, items will be itemlvl 15, if you are characterlevel 15, itemlvl will be 20 and so on.

Do not shop for 3/20 gloves at Anya nightmare/hell before clvl 75. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Inb4 some noob comes in here saying they should always be available for sale, so they dont have to work (shop) for them. So if we take ogre gauntlets as our example, we fit in every other gloves below (they got lower final alvl). I haven't finished my calculations of trade window / gloves / hour / either, but I suspect estimated time if you want a particular of 3/20 is above 7 hours on avg, probably more.

Ive seen those go for multiple HRs.

of getting an item with iLvl 88-97. So, if someone is asking an Ist for an item, its likely worth Mal. Then qlvl and ilvl are compared. Place the listed Ingredients in the Horadric Cube and Transmute them.

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Here are some items This may become irritating over time, if you shop for hours on end.

For other items like

I myself put in probably 15 hours of shopping trying to find them, and they were never available. First, ilvl is capped at 99: (2) if ilvl > 99 then ilvl = 99 I honestly dont know if I overpaid or not as you said above. View cart for details. Charsi NM suffer from the same problematics as Gheed NM does, but to a larger degree. I have the right to request an access to my personal data, rectify it, delete or limit processing and the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority.

One word of caution, however: the prices you see are what people are hoping to get, and always seem a bit higher than what the actual sales prices should be. the red portal by her side. - The ilvl (itemlevel) of items presented is clvl (characterlevel) + 5. Use affix calculator to determine the options if you are curios, can be found here https://diablo3.ingame.de/diablodb/affix_index.php?lang=en&version=lod&patch=111.

Note that you cannot use runwords in these, they are for high-end jewels and ringle runes.

Use Drafts & Revisions At alvl 60-62 there are 40 different prefixes and 37 different suffixes.

Its also worth noting that the ilvl, the quality and the properties of the jewel are completely irrelevant and dont affect the outcome at all. This means that A1 and A2 normal always sell normal / socketed items. Diablo 2: NON LADDER | Amazon +2 Javelin Skill / +20% IAS Gloves / 3%LL |D2R PC. Since clvl also affects gambling you can simply gamble your amulet at lvl 93 too, and not have to do runs to find it. If youre already at the max IAS breakpoint, nothing in the entire game adds as much damage as the +1 skill. Cuz i was also lookin for 3-4 socketed armors with life on anya, best chance to get them is hell charsi at clvl 68 someone on reddit did the math. Permabans Email

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gloves. Grabbing the Halls of Pain waypoint on the way to Nihlithak is the trigger that makes the portal no longer spawn. - In order to shop at Charsi, open a teleport to the cow kings level at close to charsi as you like and step in and out of the portal.

I havent finished my calculations on what the average amount of gloves they spawn, but I will hopefully post this later. That makes for a 11,76% difference, which could be quite a lot in time. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

But we need to be clvl 65, which mean that 8,48% of all gloves will be useless due to exceptinonal nightmare quality. Ok I finished this with quite little time on my hands for now, so I will edit it later!

Hell Gheed is good beacause he doesnt sell exceptional or elite quality, only light gauntlets and gauntlets. If you hit the magic threshhold of alvl 60-62 (no changes in affixes in these lvls) where the chance is highest of obtaining 3/20, the chance of getting a specific pair of 3/20 (for example bow and crossbow) is 1/11305.

I always go to traderie dot com to check prices on items like these.

I cant afford. However, if we were to take leather gloves as our example, we hit alvl 94 at ilvl 95, so the difference for the highest affix is minimal.

You didnt overpay at all.

{"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. Arcane Sanctuary. Great guide man. I myself put in probably 15 hours of shopping trying to find them, and they were never available. This is not the case, so ilvl remains 81.

Now a lot of these vendors are immediately discarded because you cannot simply spam them enough.

This is awesome, please do continue with other shoppable items etc!

Between clvl 90-92 you hit the highest alvl. First, ilvl has to be calculated: ilvl = int(.5 * 78) + int(.5 * 85) = 39 + 42 = 81.

Hell Charsi doesnt spawn neither exceptional / elite quality of anything either, but she spawns Gauntlets at a much higher rate (if anyone can get the stats, please fill me in, I couldnt) compared to Gheed, and hence has a better chance of getting 3/20.

The basis for the calculation of the affix level is the item level.

Users browsing Forums: Banshee, bigdaddydrew27, Bing [Bot], drostealth, Google Adsense [Bot], Google Feedfetcher, jacklynzaunders, louner and 26 guests. And start making my way through hell. Crafted Items can only be created using the Horadric Cube.

Wybierz kup teraz i w kolejnym kroku dodasz wicej przedmiotw od tego sprzedajcego. This is part 1, where I will dig into shopping 3/20 gloves.

If you want to maximize the chance of getting this you should do charsi at clvl 68.

You say that like shopping for magical claws/gloves/whatever for many hundreds of hours is fun, engaging gameplay. Deletes all Private Messages Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

I got mine yesterday for 2 gul and 2 mal (vex its) just curious did I overpay? To determine which pre- and suffixes can spawn on the Crafted Item the affix level has to be calculated.

Luck might strike! Tal Rasha. All pre- and suffixes with a level up to the calculated affix level can spawn on the Crafted Item.

Barbs only use these as a secondary weapon and swaps whenever they use Warcries. If anyone has an edge here it is Charsi, but it probably isnt large.

Either way this was my worst trade and i kinda feel it. You need to be level 8 and have Cain in the town to get the quest, so we can say that character level 8 is the minimum requirement. I wildly suspect that shopping won't change in PoD for a while hence I added the term diablo 2 in the title since I've seen many posts on d2jsp and battle.net forums asking for a guide like this.

For anyone who isn't interested in theoretical jabbering, simply jump to the practical guide at the bottom. It is popular to use as a secondary weapon swap on Sorceresses - In order to shop from Anya you cannot have killed Nihla due to the fact that the portal to his lair disappears and you cannot move back and forth.

Shopping is one of the things Diablo 3 got right. At Charsi, you will always begin in the weapon section, while at Anya, you will always begin at the armor section.

gloves you want to not be higher than level 62 to avoid rolling Charged Item Suffixes. Crafting can be a complex topic if you dive deep into it but we will present you with some useful tips and general advice here. Those would not have the chance to get 3/20, so 8,16 of all gloves would be rendered pointless.

20 refer to +20% to increased attackspeed.

The Blood Weapon Recipe is used to craft a Berserker Axe (qlvl = 86) that was dropped by a monster in the Worldstone Tower in hell difficulty (ilvl = 85). By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies - learn more. Well, I'm around 6+ hours in and still haven't rolled 3/20 jav lol, Same, although I have rolled +3 Bow and +3 passive and +1 jav.

Bookmark Pages & Posts Over time, the extra movement of the mouse from weapons to armor becomes somewhat tedious.

His question made me consider doing small guides for each parts of the game that is shoppable / gamblingable and release then whenever I got time. For crafting, if you don't want to keep a char at 82 just for the sake of it, just take your highest character (let's say 96) and back-solve what level you should gamble at in order to actually hit the craft button on the 96 with the best efficacy.

So all pre- and suffixes with a level up to 73 can spawn on the Crafted Item. roll you need a character level of 94 or higher to roll the item. To reset Larzuk as quick as possible you can open a red key portal next to him to do quick resets.

If they ask for Vex, theyll probably take Ist+.

These are the only +skills that can roll on gloves. Diablo II, Diablo II: Resurrected and its

i prefer 2/20/ML/other mods. The only viable vendors are Gheed, Charsi and Anya. As a lot of other mechanics in the game the Charsi Imbue Quest relies on character level to roll items, difficulty does not matter at all.

To find the true Tomb of Tal Rasha after finishing the quest you can look at the floating symbols after killing the Summoner in the

So, let us calculate what the chance of getting 3/20 with the full pool of affixes is at ilvl 99.

Slain Bots Rest in Peace, List trades and earn trust

Anyway, for every level above clvl 60 up until clvl 74 alternative one simply gets worse. produce the best results.

Itll take you many hours of shopping. If we instead opt for having all gloves at gheeds spawn with 3/20 we get the following, Heavy Gloves ilvl 79 = alvl 76 (1/12369, 9,41% difference), Chain Gloves ilvl 79 = alvl 73 (1/11970, 5,88% difference), Demonhide Gloves ilvl 79 = alvl 63 (1/11438, 1,18% difference), Sharkskin Gloves ilvl 79= alvl 60 (1/11305, 0% difference). Elite version of the items for better defence and more potion slots in belts.

Always craft with the Exceptional or In this case we need to be clvl 75, to reach ilvl 80. avoid those you do not want. But qlvl 86 is higher than ilvl 81, so the ilvl is set to 86. There will only be six icons there, which means one is missing. As a general rule as with crafting, level 93 is where you want to be when gambling.

Now the maths to calculate the difference between those 2 alternatives widely overshadows my knowledge, but I am quite certain that the first alterantive is a lot worse than the second alternative in chance of getting 3/20.

have a chance to get this unique it is also the only unique Dagger you can gamble for at this level. If you want the chance to get 3/20 on all of those gloves, you need to be clvl 74 (for sharkskin gloves). Ive seen those go for multiple HRs. then reroll his inventory by exiting and entering the town. alvl 63, 40 prefix, 38 suffix (1/11438) (1,18% difference), alvl 68, 40 prefix, 39 suffix (1/11571) (2,35% difference), alvl 69, 40 prefix, 40 suffix (1/11704) (3,52% difference), alvl 72, 40 prefix, 42 suffix (1/11970) (5,88% difference), alvl 75, 40 prefix, 43 suffix (1/12369) (9,41% difference), alvl 90, 40 prefix, 44 suffix (1/12502) (10,58% difference), alvl 94, 40 prefix, 45 suffix (1/12635) (11,76% difference). You def overpaid for them if you did vex and an ist. My feeling is that its roughly the same, average around 1.5-2 gloves in each trade window. For optimal chance to roll +3/20 you have 2 choices. So what are the different threshhold of affixlevels? You didnt overpay at all. So +20 ias is a very special affix, since it is assigned with a different color than all other affixes (called dark yellow).

My feeling is though that most people prefer the normal version with either light gauntlets (str req 45) or regular gauntlets (str req 60). There are only 2 different town maps so it is quick to get the optimal one. Charsi at 68 has slightly better odds of getting 3/20 in terms of the types of gloves, while Anya may spawn with the exceptional quality for more defense (str-req 110), or if you do Hell Anya even the Elite version for even more armor (str req 185 though).

They all work. Permabans Account

you might want to do runs for: BO Sticks: (Battle Orders) Weapons for Barbarian, these single-handed throwing spears can be bought from Mala or Anya in Act5 Hell.

Umawiam si z Tob na gr i Ci go przekazuj. Best character level for targeted gambling? Especially hurt hearing Anya sells this item too all well fk me live and learn.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://members.iinet.net.au/~dcarson/shopcalc.html, https://diablo3.ingame.de/diablodb/affix_index.php?lang=en&version=lod&patch=111. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Diadems can be rolled at any character level and still Dekoracje cukiernicze i produkty do pieczenia, Podrczniki do szk podstawowych i rednich, D2R Diablo The Java Gloves 3/20 2/20 ias Rkawice Amazonka Ama Amulet Ammy amu HC Hardcore PC PS4 PS5 PS PLAYSTATION XBOX ONE X NINTENDO SWITCH, D2R Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder LD Softcore 2.4 Beast Bestia Ber Flickering Flame Pomie Nintendo Switch PS4 PS5, D2R Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder LD Softcore 2.4 Beast Bestia Ber BA Pala Paladyn Nintendo Switch PS4 PS5, D2R Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder LD Softcore 2.4 Torch Pochodnia Pala Paladyn Nintendo Switch PS4 PS5, Przejd do Czci i akcesoria motocyklowe, Przejd do Narzdzia i sprzt warsztatowy. Not something we want to do. FINALLY got a pair of 3jav/20ias from nightmare anya (lvl 80 character).

Non-stop, tedious, boring shopping.

Note: this does not mean you will keep the Bonuses on the item you place in the cube, this simply means that its possible to combine the fixed Crafted Bonuses with normal Prefixes and Suffixes. - What vendors at what difficulty can sell the gloves we want?

The higher number is used for further calculations: (3) if qlvl > ilvl then ilvl = qlvl Otherwise the affix level is ilvl*2 99: (4) if ilvl < (99 int(qlvl/2)= then affix level = ilvl int(qlvl/2) else affix level = ilvl * 2 99.

Last season I intended to do a full guide to everything that is shoppable / gamblingable in game, both end-game and LLD (low level duels) but the task of writing it all down was way larger then I ever imagined. Here is a list summarazing the lowest possible ilvl of different types of gloves to spawn with both +3 skills and 20 ias. It can taken hundreds of hours to shop them, and thats the only way to find them. Live in learn for me. So use Diadems when rerolling.

Then you need ilvl 65 for chain gloves, which will be clvl 60. best outcome. Took about 5 hours of constant shopping. Or changing a legendary. Give and Receive Likes Then its checked if the calculated ilvl is higher than 99.

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Whar clvl is the cap before you hit the highest alvl?

The fix mods have listed in the above section 1 and the random mods have listed in the above section 2. If we go for only normal gloves possibility we get this: Heavy gloves ilvl 70= alvl 67 (1/11438, 1,18% difference), Chain gloves ilvl 70= alvl 64 (1/11438, 1,18% difference), Light Gauntlets ilvl 70= alvl 50 (1/11305, 0% difference). It is a time consuming and repetative process which in comparison to the market value of farming for the same amount of time is simply ridiculously low. I literally just shopped some 3/20 gloves about 20 minutes ago and they were dark yellow like the 20ias mod only gloves. - Furthermore, vendors sell normal and socketed items up until ilvl 25+ (clvl 20+). Providing data is voluntary. The cost of gambling also goes up as your These claws can spawn with both +3 to Death Sentry and +3 To Lightning Sentry in addition to +3 to Traps, which makes them the best claws in the game for Trap Assasins. Like they do with everything. Gull Dagger Gambling trick: The Gull Dagger is an awesome unique Item with the property of 100% more Magic Find. After ilvl 25 vendors only sell magic items and no longer normal or socketed quality.

It can taken hundreds of hours to shop them, and thats the only way to find them. Level your The basis for data processing is my consent.

The first time gloves appears with the +3 skills prefix is at alvl (affixlevel) 60 and for +20 ias is alvl 43.

Thanks, I will correct that, Didn't know actually lol.

I haven't been able to upload pictures for some reason yet, but I will fix it another day so you can get comparisons between the colors that may confuse you (dark gold for strength and +ed).

i personally think 3/20s are overrated, youre losing out on so many other useful mods vs +1 more to skill, I agree friend my 2/20s had cold and poison resist and plus dex. #Final Comparison between the best places, Nm Anya at clvl 75 and Hell Charsi at clvl 68.

"Cookies" are little pieces of data we send when you visit our store. Using a magic Glove + a specific Rune + a specific perfect Gem + any kind of Jewel. Personal data will be processed until permission is revoked.

Przedmiotem sprzeday s unikalne rkawice 3/20 However if you want this you can shop run at Drognan in Act2, reroll the map until the city exit is by his side, Deletes all Profile Fields

#Chances of getting 3/20 with optimal ilvl and at the worst ilvl.


Due to the fact that PoD always have 8p drops shopping has stepped in to the shadow. Hopefully Ill get through nightmare today.

Ladders happen every three to four months and always includes a content & balance patch which helps keep the game fresh and exciting. Gauntlets ilvl 80 = alvl 67 (1/11438, 1,18% difference) (82,48% clvl 75, higher for higher clvl), War gauntlets ilvl 80 = alvl 60 (1/11305, 0% difference) (15,24% clvl 75, higher for higher clvl), Ogre Gauntlets ilvl 80= alvl 73 (1/11970, 5,88% difference) (2,28% clvl 75, higher for higher clvl). +3 to java skills, + 20 ias w Diablo 2 Resurrected Non Ladder.

Do poprawnego dziaania tej strony konieczna jest wczona obsuga JavaScript w Twojej przegldarce. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. thanks. character levels up. These crafted items have fixed properties as well as random Prefixes and Suffixes. Registering is quick & easy :) Good read some interesting information regarding clvl shopping in this. That extra skill adds more damage (by far) than anything else you can get on a glove. Magic Gloves with +3 to Javelin & Spear Skills / +20% Increased Attack Speed.

On the other hand, if she is perfectly positioned, you can go slightly faster than Anya. - How to spot +20 ias affix for faster shopping. You can stack the fixed Prefixes/Suffixes with regular Prefixes/Suffixes that can appear on Rare Items to create bonuses that are much higher than would normally appear on a Rare Item. I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time.

There is also a slight but important difference in how your char is assigned in which part of the trade window you begin in. All products in your cart will be removed.

Then we have the generation of the cow kings portal, and the movement of charsi.

are quite rare. Now you might want to argue that you will skip the chance of having exceptional type gloves spawn with the possibility for 3/20 all together and maximize the chances for normal quality.

In fact, the only mod thats even comparable is IAS, and even then, you have to hit a breakpoint.

Any tips for dealing with lightning immunes? Deletes all Posts Javazon already explodes screens( and ones that you cant see) even without + additional skills. I just checked and I see Lo and Ohm. Lower Resist Wands: These curse wands can be used by elemental damage characters to curse immune monsters to help deal with them. Przedmiot dostarczam w kady dzie w godzinach 8:00 - 22:00 od 5 min do 24h. Private Messaging

This means gambling then you are level 93 gives you a chance

At ilvl 99 there are still 40 different prefixes but 45 different suffixes increasing the chance to 1/12635.

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