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Other nations also provide services as part of NATO to ensure a country has Air Policing cover. The Kh-55/Kh-55SM cruise missiles have a range of around 2400-3000 kilometers, giving the aircraft/missile combination a huge reach, which further can be enhanced through the use of inflight refueling. The Russian Air Force, however, uses a number of modified aircraft for training bomber pilots. While these did offer a measure of protection from the wind and precipitation, this still meant that all maintenance work on the planes were performed in whatever the outside temperature happened to be. In this particular case, it seems like the Tu-95s have been out in numbers over the Baltic Sea three days in a row, further adding to the strength of the message in question. These are more or less peaceful, but the use of transponders and informing civilian air traffic controllers of the flights would be appreciated from a trust-building and air safety point of view.

He also noted that this took place on the same day that Finland signed the bilateral defence cooperation deal with the US, and that the Russian behavior did not affect this in any way. Swanwick Controllers at NATS for example will be moving other Aircraft out of the way and indeed any Air Traffic Control Unit could be called upon to assist by clearing the skies for Air Defence Priority Flights.

Like its American rival, the role of the Tu-95 have evolved from that of a traditional bomber equipped with a large number of internally carried free-fall bombs to that of a launching platform for cruise missiles.

However, as noted by Swedish defence blogger and air force officer Wiseman, it is not capable of looking out for other aircraft, a deficit that apparently played an important part in a number of near-misses with civilian aircrafts over the Baltic Sea. (Foxhound) into thetheatre in late October.

Notable is that while earlier intrusions have often been by cargo planes, and have often been blamed on the weather (in the cases where the Russians have conceded that they indeed have intruded on Finnish airspace), the weather during 6 October was good, with no reason to deviate. Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-95 aircraft originate from the Olenya air base on the Kola Peninsula and Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack aircraft come from the Engels-2 base near Saratov. Operating together in this manner is no problem, as both the RAF and Finnish Air Force share the same doctrine and has the ability to use the same data link. Pilots on QRA duty are at immediate readiness twenty-four hours a day fully dressed in the Aircrew Ready Room, which are next to the hangars (a hardened aircraft shelter known informally as Q-sheds) which houses the interceptor aircraft, since 2007 the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Other agencies may become involved in the Mission. Every QRA alert required a Victor tanker from RAF Marham in Norfolk, which the codename Dragonfly. The planes seem to have been armed with two Vympel R-73/74 (AA-11 Archer) advanced heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, as well as two light free-fall bombs. Flugplatz Ramstein

With this in mind, we need to make a distinction on three types of flights that the Russian Air Force (and to a lesser extent the Russian Naval Aviation, AV-MF) conducts over the Baltic Sea. Quick Reaction Alert, known colloquially as QRA, is state of readiness and modus operandi of air defence maintained at all hours of the day by NATO, mainly involving the Royal Air Force (RAF). A special version for use in Arctic conditions is named An-74.

for any QRA Aircraft (This will be a Number, Letter, Letter, Number & Number). anker tasked to support will usually take off from RAF Brize Norton but its useful to note that a Tanker already airborne supporting training flights could be re-tasked for the QRA mission.

[11] The German Air Force uses Eurofighter Typhoons from Wittmund (QRA North) and Neuburg Air Base (QRA South), with alternate QRA bases in Nrvenich and Rostock-Laage Airport. Russian Navy BSF's Buyan-M Class Corvettes 603 Serpukhov & 602 Zeleny Dol (in order of transit, 1 mile apart) southbound on the Bosphorus pic.twitter.com/vpE9n1Imjf, alper bler (@alperboler) October 5, 2016. There will also be a designated Tanker on standby at RAF Brize Norton, ready to refuel the thirsty Typhoon Fast Jets.

This variant is then called the Tu-95MS16. It is important that we continue to promote these adverts as our local businesses need as much support as possible during these challenging times. In the end, the Indians werent happy, despite their pilotsspending much of their time practicing within visual range combat according to Cooper. Currently there are two QRA RAF stations, of 1 Group. Firstly, we have transit flights, i.e. Two Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth were sent from their base near Moray on Tuesday morning, using the 1307 squawk code, which signals NATO air policing.

Transponder Callsigns: It is important to note that the aircraft Callsign, its Radio Callsign that is, may not be entered into the Transponder as it is used on a Radio. The pilots day starts early in the Aircrew Ready Room in a small building between the Q-sheds as they are affectionately known in deference to an earlier Cold War age, where single-seat Typhoons sit poised for instant action. The Finnish Air Force Fighter Squadron 31 (Hvittjlentolaivue 31, HvLLv 31) uses F-18C/D from Rovaniemi, Kuopio. As the Tupolev Tu-95 has made headlines recently, I decided it is time for a brief explanation of the plane and its capabilities. Newsquest Media Group Ltd, Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The Zombies, well if they are Russian you have no chance, if its an airliner then perhaps yes. Technology means that readers can shape a discussion. The lack of an active radar seeker on the R-27ER is also a significant handicap. The current version of the Tu-95, the Tu-95MS, is a true second-generation development of the aircraft, and incorporates changes to the airframe first developed for the Tu-142 maritime patrol/ASW version of the plane, including a larger wing area and the deletion of all gun turrets except for the tail unit. When a heavy interceptor or strategic bomber appears over the Baltic Sea, they are operating in an area where they would be very vulnerable in the case of a war.

Control & Reporting Centres (CRCs) as part of ASACS the CRCs watch the UK skies to ensure no aircraft are flying abnormally or no unidentified aircraft are heading for the UK on Primary Radar. With this enhanced capability, NATO has demonstrated its collective commitment to deterrence and defence, specifically to its Allies on the Southern flank of the Alliance.

The closest permanent QRA is stationed at Kuopio-Rissala airbase in the central parts of Finland,from where the flight time would seem prohibitively long (especially as there has been no reports of supersonic flights by the Finnish Air Force). Georg Mader; "Austria further reduces QRA capabilities", Air Platforms, Air Operations Control Station Nieuw-Milligen, Category:Military radars of the United Kingdom, Category:Telecommunications equipment of the Cold War, Category:Soviet Long Range Aviation bases, "Scramble - Scramble - Air and Space Magazine", Monitoring and Securing of Finland's Territorial Integrity, "Belgium takes over command of NATO's Northern CAOC".

Quick Reaction Alert is the current development from scrambling by RAF Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain. The aircraft also has a maritime strike role, being used hunt down enemy ships, and especially aircraft carriers in case of war.

It then employs cruise missiles to take out individual targets with great accuracy from outside the range of enemy air defences.

The planes currently in service are mainly of the upgraded MiG-31M/BM-versions, but particularly in the eastern parts of the country the older baseline MiG-31 sans suffix is still in service.

In the UK there are two QRA Stations, North and South, North at RAF Lossiemouth and South at RAF Coningsby. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, though members of NATO, have no fighters capable of QRA intercepts. It is also equipped with cameras and side-looking radar used when searching for ships and ground targets.

[1][2], A QRA Typhoon from XI Sqn at Coningsby escorts a Russian Bear (Tupolev Tu-95) in August 2008. The Mikoyan MiG-31 (Foxhound) is one of the most specialized fighters/interceptors in the world. Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) is state of readiness and modus operandi of air defence maintained at all hours of the day by NATO air forces. It is unclear which planes flew together whit which, but an earlier tweet indicated a different array of transports, including Il-76 and An-72, which could mean that all planes listed indeed flew together. You can change your cookie settings at any time.

In spite of its replacement, the Il-76 (see below), entering service already in 1974, the sturdy An-12 have proved to be a durable design, and a large number still flies for both civilian and military users. As far as I understand, these are the only differences between the versions, and I have no idea what kind of effort it would take to convert a Tu-95MS6 to a Tu-95MS16, nor have I been able to spot the differences between the two versions despite having studied underside pictures of a number of different aircraft individuals.

111 Sqn put the first Typhoon on QRA duty in July 2008, followed by 142 Sqn of Ala 14, and later 141 Sqn.

It is also unclear if the Iskanders are the only units moved to the exclave during the last days, or if other units have been transferred as well.

They stand over 12 m tall when on the ground, and the large swept wings measure 50,04 meters tip to tip. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Sometimes when the Russian flight came to Kaliningrad, instead of landing they just turned around and headed back north, probably thinking we would have to break off, Cooper remembered. inaccuracy or intrusion, then please Other NATO nations provide periodic air defence at the NATO QRA standard.[8]. The V-Force stood at constant alert, in much the same way as Fighter Command had done so during the Battle of Britain, awaiting the call to scramble in response to any perceived Soviet attack. One fighter squadron would be on QRA for six month shifts. However, its size, role, and age, corresponds more to the same manufacturers B-52 Stratofortress, with one important difference: while both planes first flew in the early 50s, the last B-52 rolled of the production line in 1963.

The ranges of these are quoted as far above 100 km, potentially over 300 km for the R-37 (to be taken with a grain of salt). As part of NATO the UK provides air policing services to those nations who dont have the assets to police their own airspace, examples being the Baltic Air Policing Mission and Iceland.

The Finnish authorities have asked the Russian ambassador to explain the intrusions.

The RoAF 71st Air Base (Baza 71 Aerian) at Cmpia Turzii in central Romania and the RoAF 86th Air Base (Baza 86 Aerian) at Borcea in south-east Romania both operate the MiG-21 LanceRs, which carry the Matra Magic 2 missile.

QRA Pilots carry a list of pre-prepared warnings that they may be instructed to read out to an intercepted aircraft. Aircraft and satellite tracker, SkyScanWorld, reported that the scramble was possibly a practice operation involving a Dassault Falcon with tanker support from an RAF Airbus Voyager.

ORPs were constructed at 27 designated dispersal bases, in addition the V-Forces own airfields. These cookies collect - completely anonymously - data about the use of the website in order to provide visitors with an even better user experience. However as we are dealing with defence of the UK skies, where lives could be in danger, it may necessitate supersonic flight over land. Large mammals was not something that RAF was used to operating around, but with the proper procedures in place, air operations could continue. This kind of behavior was more common if the Russian fighters were flying escort for transport or attack/bomber aircraft, and apparently also depended on the personal style of the pilots.

The station is one of two that defend the skies over Britain.

MoD Estonia (@MoD_Estonia) October 7, 2016. The later may be inert practice rounds, while the missiles seem to be live rounds. In addition to the normal weaponry a targeting pod was often carried, being particularly useful in the identification of ships. As stated there will be Typhoons & Tanker at a permanent state of readiness. This enabled crews to get their aircraft airborne sometimes within two minutes of the scramble being sounded, adding greatly to the V-Forces credibility as a major part of the Wests nuclear deterrent. Dont worry we wont send you spam or share your email address with anyone. The problem for enthusiasts comes in distinguishing a genuine QRA from a Practice. This kind of attacks were practiced against Sweden during the Eastern of 2013 (the so called Ryska Psken-incident), as well as against Denmark this summer. It can also employ short-ranged air-to-air missiles for self-defence, but in practice it would fare poorly against enemy fighters due to poor maneuverability.

11 Sqn left RAF Leeming in October 2005,[19] then on 29 June 2007, 3 Sqn at RAF Coningsby took over Southern Q from the Tornados of 25 Sqn at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire, with the Typhoons of 3 Sqn having their first scramble on 17 August 2007 when they intercepted a Russian Bear; 3 Sqn took over all of Southern Q from 1 April 2008. In the UK we have Typhoon fighter jets on standby, fully armed and fully fuelled 24/7. The main base for the QRA of the Swiss Air Force is Payerne Air Base.

Of note is that the navigator has very limited vision of the outside world, as his job is mainly to operate different sensors and weapons. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. From 1962 onwards, the V-Force adopted a posture of Quick Reaction Alert (QRA), whereby one aircraft from each squadron (later increased to two) was held at cockpit readiness.

The Crib sheet of pre-prepared orders is likely to be classified, but its safe to say they will be somehow designated so the intercepting pilots can be told to read out Order 1 for example.

This is important to note as you may see a Tanker getting airborne and starting to pre-position before the jets are ordered to lift. This kind of behavior was more common if the Russian fighters were flying escort for transport or attack/bomber aircraft, and apparently also depended on the personal style of the pilots.

The Antonov An-12 Cub is a heavy transport aircraft designed in the 50s for transporting general cargo as well as dropping paratroopers. The Tu-95 aircraft are on 12-14 hour missions, and when tracked across Norway have been colloquially referred to with the codename of zombies. The RAF Phantom variant had Spey engines, which were not intentionally designed for the aircraft, and gave lower performance; it had an advanced jam-resistant inertial navigation system but the RAF Phantoms could not take off immediately as this inertial system had to align first. In addition, the aircraft are sporting two supersonic drop tanks and a full load of 27 mm ammunition for the internal Mauser gun.

I feel honoured to be following in the steps of Battle of Britain pilots like Douglas Bader. The general layout is very similar to that of the western Lockheed C-130, but the An-12 is quite a bit larger. @CorporalFrisk Mea Maxima Culpa, toomas hendrik ilves (@IlvesToomas) December 7, 2014. I have seen anything from the previous missions Callsign, Q, Q0000001, Q0000002, 0 and blank entries used and change during the mission too. These cookies are required as a minimum for the website to function properly. After he had intercepted the helicopter, the Finnish Air Force also appeared and closed in to take a look on it. Germany, Public Affairs Office The QRA aircraft stood specially constructed dispersal pans, called Operational Readiness Platforms, built at the end of the V-Force runways. Its a 24-hour shift and most of our time, if not all of it, is spent on the ground waiting for a scramble. It is not unusual for a UK QRA to be passed on to the next country as it gets closer to them. QRA North was moved from RAF Leuchars to RAF Lossiemouth on 1 September 2014. Cooperation with the Finnish Air Force is not uncommon for the BAP, with Finnish Air Force and BAP sharing a common recognised air picture and sharing data over Link 16. The QRA also operates from Emmen Air Base and Meiringen Air Base for several weeks per year.

All in all, it is an impressive piece of engineering, and has long ago earned its place in the books of aviation as a true classic.

Quick reaction alerts are incidents that have occurred since the Cold War-era, and usually involve RAF crews shadowing military Russian aircraft flying near UK airspace. The two most common scenarios are Russian Aircraft heading towards the UK Area of Interest and the Aircraft that has lost communication with Air Traffic Control.

The Hungarian Gripens are responsible for the air police service over Slovenia. The UK will also work with its bordering counties to pass on intelligence about tracks of interest.

The plane is used mainly for general transports, and is operated in some numbers by both civilian airlines and the Russian armed forces.

Austria has only daylight QRA readiness. Post moderation is undertaken full-time 9am-6pm on weekdays, and on a part-time basis outwith those hours. It is not always to intercept. Current tempo: These are airborne within ten minutes of the scramble, often with time to spare.

It has one of the largest radars ever fitted to a fighter, and carries some of the longest ranged missiles produced in the form of the R-33 and the upgraded R-37 (MiG-31M/BM only). 11 Group (at RAF Bentley Priory from 1968 and RAF High Wycombe from 1972) looked after the UK's air defence until the 1990s; High Wycombe today has the European Air Group.

This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's The QRA duty for the Estonian airspace is currently handled by a detachment of German Eurofighters, which, like their Finnish colleagues, had flown a number of identification flights during 6 October.

This included aggressively turning against any intercepting fighters trying to takepictures of them, and while no-one tries to cause a mid-air collision, the short distances between the aircrafts (Typhoons often closing to within 65 meters of their targets) meant that the risk certainly was there.

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Fighter Squadron, flying MiG-21bisD/UMD from Pleso (Zagreb Airport) with a second QRA on Pula Airport.

Both provide Quick Reaction Alert, or QRA, and scramble their fighter jets within minutes to meet or intercept aircraft which give cause for concern. Another part of the puzzle came on 7 October, when Estonian sources claimed that the ro-ro vessel Ambal then in transit was carrying Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad.

The Su-24 can employ a vast range of weapons, ranging from an internal 6-barrelled 23 mm gun to rockets, bombs, and missiles. It seems likely that the Finnish Air Force had some kind of prior knowledge, or that they were able to change their stance and react very quickly to the sudden increase in air traffic. In any case, these long-nosed planes are the most likely culprits in the case of the reported formation of Tu-134s that appeared over the Baltic Sea last Sunday. The UK Flight information regions extend far beyond what is considered Sovereign Airspace. A number of portable cabins were shipped out for the personnel to live in, while the Typhoons were allocated unheated soft-skin hangars throughout the stay. A QRA response involves the fighter aircraft being scrambled to investigate an infringement of the NATO country's airspace or area of interest. The Croatian Air Force's Air Force and Air Defence Command is located in Zagreb[9] The 191. Operating alongside the Polish MiG-29s in BAP, the importance of endurance quickly became evident. Southern QRA transferred temporarily to RAF Northolt in West London during the Games to add to the mix of military assets ensuring their safety. Ultimately though, the fundamental principles of air defence are unchanged and remain at the heart of the nations defence. In the 1960s, Southern Q was at maintained by the Lightnings of 5 Sqn at RAF Binbrook and those of 29 Sqn and 111 Squadron at RAF Wattisham. 2 x #RAF Typhoons Airborne From RAF Lossiemouth Using NATO Air Policing Squawk - 1310 Sometimes you closed in and thought for yourself isnt that the one from last week, and sure enough he starts doing the same kind of things this time around as well, Cooper explained.

Bandrma Air Base has two F-16 squadrons of the 6th Air Wing.

QRA stands for Quick Reaction Alert: Where crews are on standby to quickly react to a tasking.

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You need something that canfight long-range and dominate short-range Combined Air Operations Centre Finderup (CAOC Finderup),[7] in Denmark, watches Russian aircraft and can alert the UK, and has RAF staff there. Its main weakness lies in it being terribly vulnerable to modern long-range SAM systems, and naturally to enemy fighters if operating unescorted. In the 1950s and 1960s, training as a fighter controller in the UK was at MRS Bawdsey (RAF Bawdsey); the main central control was known as ADOC (similar to the USA's and Canada's NORAD at Peterson Air Force Base) which monitored the UK Air Defence Region (UK ADR).

The uniqueness of the move was properly summed up by former Swedish Air Force pilot Mikael Grev.

If they designate a Track as a Target of Interest Zombie they will gather as much information as possible and report this to the NASOC at RAF High Wycombe. RAF Typhoons spotted over Scotland after 'quick' reaction alert. It was a civilian Tu-134 that was hijacked and flown to Helsinki in July 1977.

The V-Force provided a very creditable nuclear deterrent, with RAF Scamptons Blue Steel Vulcans and RAF Witterings similarly-armed Victors, at its spearhead. Well send you a link to a feedback form.

The Swiss QRA are equipped with F/A-18C/D.[16][17]. Currently there are two QRA RAF stations, of 1 Group. As such, it is not maneuverable enough to fight modern fighters such as the F-18C Hornet on equal terms, but over the Arctic enemy fighters should be few and far between. During intercepts over the Gulf of Finland, it was not uncommon to have a pair of BAP fighters shadowing a Russian target from the south, with a pair of Finnish F/A-18C Hornets doing the same from the north. In addition, NBS has stated that a three-ship formation of Tu-134 transports have appeared over the Baltic Sea yesterday. Other NATO nations provide periodic air defence at the NATO QRA standard.[14].

Before joining the Lossiemouth based squadron, he took part in a Baltic Air Policing tour with the Coningsby based 3(F) Squadron, being deployed toiauliai in Lithuania.

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Two Typhoon aircraft are on duty, each with two 2,000 litre drop tanks, four Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles (ASRAAM), and four AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles. QRA Aircraft may be ordered into the air to a specific location, they may be tasked to identify and interrogate an aircraft or to establish communication with an aircraft by means other than a radio and they may be tasked to Escort, it simply depends on the mission.

While the Typhoon so far has seen combat solely in the air-to-ground role, there is no mistaking in that the primary role of RAF Lossiemouth lies elsewhere. The Fighter Wing with the Eskadrille 727 and the Eskadrille 730, at Skrydstrup Air Base use F-16AM/BM Falcon (soon replaced with F-35A).

Of interest is that the pictures released by the Finnish Air Force are taken from slightly below the Russian aircraft, and as such they show the load-out of the planes. 261st Control and Reporting Centre (CRC), in Hlavenec. Two Typhoon aircraft are on duty, along with a Voyager tanker at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire; before 2014 this was carried out by a TriStar.

US F-15 Fighter aircraft successfully supported NATO Enhanced Air Policing in Romania, NATOs Deployable Air Command and Control Center tests new training concept, Norwegian Air Policing: the past and the future, Deployable Air Command and Control Centre.
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