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Depending on the brand, they are often more difficult to maneuver. 1-877-292-4451. Like single-axle trailers, you should avoid exceeding the maximum weight limit on a dual-axle rig to avoid accidents, damage to the unit and damage to your vehicle. Then send it to yourself, or a friend, with a link to retrieve it at any time.

In addition to a trailers payload capacity, you should consider your setups gross combined weight rating (GCWR). Choosing between a single or tandem axle trailer? Choosing between a single or double axle will depend on your individual needs and preferences. To calculate a potential GCWR, add the following values: You can check your calculated GCWR against the number given by your vehicle manufacturer to ensure you are within a safe range. Each trailer type has pros and cons for different applications, but that doesnt mean one is a better choice than the other. Take a look atourtrailerinventoryortalk to a Trailer Superstore repfor help today. On the other hand, tandem axles are known for their increased safety on the roadways. What Type of Trailer Do You Need - Single or Double Axle? As you can see, there are many differences between these two types of trailers, so you cant substitute one for the other. Spread axle trailers have advantages on the road as well. They can be an excellent bargain if you are interested in minimizing your costs. On the other end of the spectrum, the tandem axle boasts two axles within close proximity which are both connected to a wheel on either side of the trailer. If you decide to sell your trailer in the future, a tandem axle trailer be worth more than a single axle trailer. A single axle trailer will be harder on tyres as they carry more weight per tyre than a dual axle trailer. Hauling a trailer with one axle may allow for shorter stopping distances, creating less wear on your truck or mid-sized vehicle. In many cases, you dont even need a jack to do it. Typical uses specific to a dual-axle trailer include: The heavier the item youll be hauling, the bigger the trailer you may need. sales@trailersuperstore.com, 6799 CARLISLE PIKE | MECHANICSBURG, PA 17050, 6799 Carlisle Pike | Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, trailers exceed a gross weight of 3,000 pounds, Landscaping materials, like mulch, dirt, stone and sand, The weight of any vehicle occupants or luggage. A tandem axle trailer will tend to have more maintenance issues than a single axle trailer.

Single axle trailers have fewer tires/brakes to maintain and replace. The stopping distance required increases dramatically as your speed increases. If youre trying to park in an area with limited room or need to get around sharp corners, a single-axle trailer gives you more leeway.

6799 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

It can result in faster tire wear or even damage to axles or wheels.

On the other hand, since the weight distribution ismorespread out, the tandems tires wont wear out quite as fast. No matter which option you decide on, be sure to know how much you are going to tow and how much your cargo trailer can carry. Lower maintenance costs because there are fewer tires and brakes, More wear and tear because there is more weight on each tire, A flat tire is not as problematic as there are four tires. With two extra tires for support and better weight distribution, the tandem axel trailer is able to handle more weight and maintains stability at higher speeds. The Single Axle VS The Tandem Axle Trailer: So you are in the market for a trailer to get your boat to and from the lake, but arent sure if you should be looking for a single axle or a tandem axle trailerdoes it really make a difference? You can choose between open or enclosed solutions with both configurations, too. A double axle cargo trailer is built for more heavy duty jobs in mind. Not only does it offer more stability, but it provides the driver with four breaks instead of two! As they weigh less, single axle trailers are more economical to tow. With four tires holding up the unit instead of two, a dual-axle trailer can evenly disperse the weight of your cargo.

A trailers braking system depends on its weight. Getting a flat tyre is not that agonizing and if it does occur, the tyre could be easily replaced without using a jack. Among the advantages of wider spaced axles is the stability while loading and unloading the trailer. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2006 - 2022 Global Auto Transportation - All Rights Reserved. Only two wheels and tyres, bearings and brakes to maintain, repair or replace. Not only are tandem trailers required to have brakes whereas in most states single axle trailers are not required to have brakes, you have brakes on four wheels instead of two.

When properly loaded, a tandem axle trailer is less prone to sway though anti-sway bars can minimize this. Feel free to our policies anytime for more information. Whereas tandem (dual) trailer axles have two axles that are placed close to each other to assist scatter the cargos weight load.

A flat tire is less of an event and you can even change the tire without using a jack.

Staying within your GCWR can help make sure your towing and braking are effective and safe. Simply making an effort to understand what each particular concept means will give you an upper hand in determining if a particular trailer is good enough for you or not. Tournament ready, family approved. Three main differences to examine include the gross combined weight rating, the tongue weight and the hitches. Visit our Enclosed Trailer Shop.

Mitchell is passionate about helping people find the right type trailer that they need with the best quality. They are usually smaller asingle axle trailer has only two tires,but a tandem has four. truck stops for the night. If you drive in an area where a lot of wind hits the side of the trailer, the tandem axle ones will sway less. In the end the decision as to whether you should get a single or tandem axle trailers depends on your personal needs. Tandem axle trailers are safer. We provide the best selection, options, and pricing in Pennsylvania. The tolls are often triple not double what a single axle would pay and in some states each additional axle is another toll. And while the tandem axle trailers will typically cost more money than their single axle adversaries, they are still a top choice for many because of the extra safety benefits. All Rights Reserved. Its much harder to doona single axle trailer.

If youre unsure which trailer configuration best suits your application, you can rely on our team of experts for support.

Additional benefits of a dual-axle trailer include: With a more complex design, a tandem-axle trailer tends to cost more and weigh more compared to its smaller counterpart. When youre on the market to purchase a brand new trailer, youll have to choose between a single and tandem (dual axle) trailer. For one, the reduced weight means that these types of trailers are easier to maneuver.

If you opt for an enclosed trailer, your assets will be secure. If you get a flat tire whilst driving, you will immediately pick up a trailer wobble. First and foremost, a single axle trailer is the less expensive of the two options. If you are going to haul light loads infrequently then a single axle trailer will likely meet your needs.

If theyre rated to carry 750kg to 3000kg, they are required by law to have brakes, while anything over 2000kg must have brakes on all axles. Some of the benefits that are associated with this setup include: They cost less: The fact that they are less complicated to make means that they cost less than the double-axle trailers. Tandem (dual) axle trailers are safer than single axle trailer. Investing in a dual-axle trailer gives you room to grow, no matter if youre extending your fleet of equipment or towing items in bulk. They handle various conditions better, track better and are easier to balance on scales. While single-axle trailers have many benefits, a few drawbacks of the units include: Another concern for single-axle units is that they may not have brakes. Talk to us if you want to know more!

Usually the deciding factor between the single axle and tandem axle trailer will be about weight limits. Tandem axle trailers are safer. The only tough decision you'll have to make is which lake to hit first, With Mercury 90 EXLPT 4-Stroke & Glide-on Trailer, With Mercury 40 ELHPT 4-Stroke Tiller (with new advanced tiller) & Glide-on Trailer, A fishing machine with more than enough family flare, With Mercury 90 EXLPT 4-Stroke with Big Tiller Handle & Glide-on Trailer, Everything you need to get out on the water. Most tend to have excellent resale value. You may need to purchase a specific tongue weight scale to measure the weight on a dual-axle trailer. Single Axle Trailers Vs. Tandem Axle Trailers.

Single-axle trailers are ideal when you have smaller loads and lightweight cargo. For instance, you will need a shorter stopping distance when you brake if you have a single axle trailer.

Your Shopping Cart will be saved with Product pictures and information, and Cart Totals. They are quite reliable and stable while travelling around. With Mercury 60 ELPT 4-Stroke & Glide-on Trailer, Fish, ski, tube and relax. When you want to buy tandem trailers in Sydney, visit Mario Trailers youll be pleased to buy a superior quality and value for money tandem trailer, as well as, youll be happy that you came to us for we provide a fantastic after sale customer service. If you regularly tow very heavy loads you might even consider a triple axle trailer. The best way to figure out which one to get is by first defining what your needs are. More suitable solution if your towing over long distances and are concerned about safety. The trailer has fewer parts to maintain, which may make upkeep less expensive. An axle refers to a rod or spindle that passes through the centre of a wheel or group of wheels. Other truckers probably will not appreciate it. In addition, you can choose from standard to high sides for the tandem trailer. At Yucaipa Trailers we are a family owned business with big ideas and large values.

When appropriately loaded, a tandem (dual) axle trailer will bounce lesser and is also less susceptible to swaying. A single axle trailer, as the name implies, has one axle with a wheel connected on each end. This can make a big difference when you are trying to come to a stop with a massive load behind your vehicle. Should You Paint or Wrap Your Cargo Trailer? Here we will discuss the differences between a single and double axle trailer and which one is best for you. Compared to dual models, single-axle trailers are smaller and have one set of wheels.

If you know what type of cargo you want to haul, be sure to look for a unit that can support its weight. Double or tandem trailer axles have two axles placed in close proximity to each other to help disperse the weight load of the cargo. Youre in the market for a cargo trailer, but are confused by the terminology and options. When searching for motorcycle trailers for sale, there are many configurations and options you will come across. Enough room for you friends, family and all their gear! If you think you may be hauling heavier weight in the future, it may be wise to select a larger trailer that can grow with you.

That does not affect the total truck limit which is 80,000 pounds but it gives you more leeway when loading the trailer and it is also easier to balance the load for the scales.

Contact Stauffers Towingfor more towing tips and adviceabout single or tandem axle trailers ourteam is happy to lendourindustry expertise.

Single axle trailers cost less than tandem axle options. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription.

Now, well discuss tandem axle trailers. 2021 Legend Boats, a division of Duhamel & Dewar Inc. Brought to you by: Legend Boats Pro Staff. Auburn (Regents Park)

This effect can be maximized by making sure that they have anti-sway bars installed. Without exceeding the gross weight limit of the trailer, you can haul just about anything. If youre hauling a lightweight trailer and cargo, you can likely rely on the brakes in a modern vehicle to stop the truck and trailer safely. Call Us Now

Always be sure that whatever trailer you select has sufficient payload capacity to haul your loads. Why You Should Upgrade Your Brakes on Your Trailer, 3 More Reasons to Choose an Enclosed Trailer Over an Open Trailer. For the same reason they handle the bumps better, so it is a good choice if you need to make sure the cargo is not bounced around. Braking with added weight behind you also wears out your vehicles brakes faster.

Single axle trailers weigh less so theyre more economical to tow. With all the benefits, spread axle trailers have disadvantages as well.

Often you see a tandem axle trailer being towed tongue up or tongue down. And as the name implies, the term single axle trailer refers to a trailer that has only one axle connected to a wheel on either side of the trailer. That, of course, decreases the total weight of the load you can carry.

They cant haul as heavy a payload as a tandem axle trailer of the same size. One common question is, should I buy a single or double axle? Single Axle TrailersTandem Axle TrailersAuto Carrier/ Car Hauler TrailersGooseneck TrailersIn Stock TrailersConcession Trailers, You might be interested in Cheap Enclosed Cargo Trailers. This could be helpful if your company needs to make interstate exchanges, or you need to travel several hundred miles to pick up heavy equipment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For instance, they are harder to turn because their wheels are further apart and the kingpin is in the same place. Single- and dual-axle units have the same purpose:hauling cargo safely.

Despite its smaller size, the single-axle configuration can haul a multitude of loadswhether you own a landscaping business or pull off-roading vehicles during the weekend. Tandem axles may track a bit straighter in a side wind and will likely bounces less than a single axle trailer.

Some of the relative disadvantages of the tandem axle trailers include: They are heavier and cost more. Dual-axle units give you more room to haul massive loads, making it the perfect solution if youre looking to expand your company in the future. Its effortless to steer compared to a dual-axle trailer of an identical size.

If you commonly tow items within a smaller weight range, compact, single-axles are a good option. Here is a look at single- vs. dual-axle trailers to help clarify which may be best for your operations. Also, when you are at a truck stop, the nose of your truck or the rear of your trailer will be left hanging past the other trucks because of less rear overhang. A dual-axle trailer, also known as a tandem-axle, has two sets of wheels. Related: Tandem Trailer: A Simple Buying Guide, Top 5 Advantages of Enclosed Trailers You Should Know, Buying a Box Trailer: 4 Vital Aspects to Consider, Mario Trailers: Single Destination for All Your Trailer Needs. Call - 02 4956 8442. Spread axle trailers are not the best at tight turns or at crowded docks.

They are less prone to sway compared to the single axle trailers.

Its a question we get a lot from first time cargo trailer buyers.

If it doesnt have suspension, it wont cushion the load so well or provide a stable ride over bumps. A single-axle trailer may be good for hauling the following items: Its important to understand a single-axle trailers weight limits and avoid overloading them.

Top Tips For Buying A Tradesman Trailer Best Suited For You! You may run into a trailer dealer looking to sell you the most expensive option, rather than whats best for you. Tandem VS Spread Axle Trailers: What Should You Choose? However, the differences are what you want to focus on when deciding which matches your expectations. If you need to tow heavier loads, a single axle trailer will not be good enough. You may get poor mileage with a tandem axle trailer. This also has maintenance benefits: the fact that you will be towing a lighter trailer means that your car will suffer less wear and tear. Better to arrive a few minutes later but safely than not at all. Because of their size, single-axle trailers are easier to maneuver in tight spaces and around buildings.

Over time, the tandem option will cost more to maintainbecause you will have to replace two sets of tiresandadditional components and hardware like bearings.

The size of the trailer corresponds to the size of the ball so a more compact rig will need a smaller hitch, and a larger trailer will need one that matches its size.

California is Number One in an Electric Vehicle Future, 5 Tips for Truck Drivers to Win with ELDs, New Transportation Regulations Regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosions, Why Car Shipping is the Right Choice for You. Knowing the differences between these two configurations can help determine which is ideal for your situation. One of the concepts you will definitely come across is the number of axles each trailer has. How frequently you will be towing the load should be a factor in your decisionas well,because more towing means more wear and tear on your tow vehicle.

At Mario Trailers, our tandem trailers commence from 8 X 5 sizes and they are equipped with brakes. The second axle is positioned directly behind the first, and both axles have a wheel on each end.

Tires are expensive and last longer, especially if making short turns or backing into tight spots, e.g. For example, you may be able to prop a standard bathroom scale on a cinder block to measure the tongue weight on a single-axle rig.

It all boils down to your precise requirements that will determine whether you need to purchase a single or tandem trailer. If you are hauling lighter weights then a single axle is for you, however you dont have much flexibility if your weight demands increase. Tandem trailers come with two sets of wheels and dual axle; the extra set of wheels is aimed to support heavier loads and render firmness.

This term refers to the total combined weight your setup can handle safely. The towing angle for a single axle is not important, so it doesnt matter if the trailer is level as the trailer is able to rotate on its axle. Theirmaneuverability extends to the roadwaysas wellits easier to make sharp turns towing a single axle than a tandem.

Tandem box trailer (85 sizes) fits a huge range of uses and can be crafted for medium or heavy-duty specification. They are lighter: Since they only have one axle, they are lighter than the trailers that have multiple ones. The bottom line on deciding between a single and double axle cargo trailer usually boils down to weight limits. Rear axles of tandem axle trailers are spaced close to each other usually 5 feet. A tandem-axle trailer is also ideal for traveling long distances.

A single axle trailer has one axle with a wheel fitted on each end.

The key is to understand the differences between the two, and then pick the one that most fits your needs.

The towing experience is more influenced by tow level when you use a tandem trailer as compared to a single axle trailer. Choosing between a single or tandem axletrailerrequiresweighingcost with safety.

The complexity in finding a sturdy, high-quality tandem trailer in Sydney is a thing of past! If they need to carry load ranging between.

If theres too much pressure on the hitch, steering may become more difficult. Larger payload trailers do have the requirement to have dual axles, however, for the mid-payload range, it is personal preference as to whether you choose single or double axle. If you are hauling heavy loads, frequently or over long distances or are concerned about safety then a tandem axle trailer may be a better fit for you. Maintaining and replacing two tires and their components is more economical compared to four. Advantages of working with a smaller unit include: The lightweight rig helps improve steering and is especially beneficial when stopping. Weight is an important variable when considering trailer types. Yucaipa Trailers has been selling trailers for over 25 years, Copyright 2022 Yucaipa Trailers.

One of the first factors to consider when investing in a towing unit is whether you need a single- or double-axle trailer. There are many factors to evaluate when deciding whether a single axle trailer or a tandem axle trailer is best for you.

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