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God showed us that His pleasure isnt in what we do but rather in who we are. Peter has a Bachelors degree from Trinity Western University and a Master of Divinity degree from Tyndale Seminary. Id say the number one thing Ive learned is how much of a privilege it is to be a part of a multicultural community. Crossings Community Church is a member of the Be In Christ Church of Canada (formerly Brethren in Christ). My community walks beside me, supports and challenges me on a regular basis.

Then after those 30 plus years of what seemed to be successful Christian work, we both had powerful encounters with God within a 24-hour period. View all of our Crossings Makers series by visiting our YouTube channel. We are rich in daughters having 4: Miranda, Madelyn, Callie and Emily. localwiki daviswiki Sunday gatherings are safe spaces to be able to share our joys and our struggles with each other, and release our hearts to God. Most of what I do at the middle school level is teaching them grade level concepts at a proficiency level that is appropriate for that group of students. Community is the centre of our life, and reconciliation is the centre of our work. parents!) In this role I walk alongside medically fragile children during the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Sundays 10am Before becoming a pastor, Peter served as a missionary in Hungary, and has worked in the marketplace as a Factory Worker, a Photographer, a Graphic Designer, a Prepress Technician, an English Teacher and a Hotel Marketing Director. This has even more significance to us because we live far away from our extended families. 3rd Floor Conference Room Instead I want to empower and equip them with tools to process their grief and move beyond the pain. I feel like I get to seek out the Kingdom of God in my job by helping my students of all languages and cultures to feel comfortable showing up at school in the wholeness of their own selves, create a sense of belonging for them, and reassuring them of their importance and value in our community. Peter Law joined the community at Crossings Community Church as pastor (and worship leader) in 2019. Having just finished grad school in Missouri, I didnt know anyone in this new town but was ready to take a leap of faith. She and Josh have two kids, Rubie and Jett. Our hearts goal was to bring the hope, freedom and unity with God that is available to all the world through relationship with Christ. Hi, my name is Ashley Cutshall, and I am an ESL teacher at a Knox County middle school which has the highest population of English Language Learners of and middle School in Knoxville.

We find great value in living so close to where we worship and where our daughter goes to school. We practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing and set goals to reach new proficiency levels. We are Sam and Jenelle Walker and we have been a part of Crossings for over a decade, first as individual college students and now as a family of 5 (Nora, Anna, Remington). (resumes August 25), Teachings

This made us curious about how the stories of others have impacted their lives. At a time when John was in great need as a teenager, a camp counselor accepted and invested in him. Two years ago, I journeyed to Knoxville to begin my career as a Speech Language Pathologist. We are exceeding grateful for our life in the Crossings Community come visit us downtown, we love to cook and break bread around the table. sumter lpca cunningham Working for God to Resting in God Our kids also have thrived as a part of a community that so clearly shows them that they are a vital and important part of it. I waltzed in to this job thinking, of course they will love me. Like many, our individual experiences of seeking God have included times that vary from abundant to lacking, but we both feel strongly that this is the work God would have us do in furthering his kingdom. Brad Campbell has been a part of the Crossings staff since March of 2018. We celebrate God through a combination of traditional and contemporary music styles. It is a place to be empowered and equipped to go out into the rest of our week loving God, ourselves, and others more. I thought if I just tried harder and kept busy the pain would go away. You see, everyone matters to God regardless of what theyve done, no one is beyond redemption and restoration: there simply are no disposable people. The men, women and youth in custody are reminded continually of their offenses by just about every minute and detail of their life behind bars. Having answers to Asking Questions 2) What caused my distortions? We are part of the North community that meets a couple of blocks away from our house at Christenberry Elementary. Rachel is on staff as the Kids City Pastor. Caleb joined Crossings staff in March 2021 as a Teaching Pastor, but has been part of the Crossings community for ten years. Going through a devastating divorce was a heartbreaking experience, and nearly cost me my life as I was diagnosed with cancer. We are John and Kelsie McGlothin, and we joined Crossings in 2018. We try to encourage conversation and community. When introduced together to someone new and the question is asked about how we met, In prison, is the standard refrain; its a scratch on the conversational record that skips us to a social justice issue we both care deeply about.

I found myself feeling depressed, anger and lost. I was wrong.

Participation in the discussion is entirely voluntary, so you wont be pressured to contribute if youre not comfortable doing so. My students are navigating their whole world in a language and culture that isnt familiar to them. Click on names to learn about people in our community, and how theyre Finding Their Way Back to God. The pain did not go away. 927 Oglewood Ave. We learn together through Bible teaching with a focus on engagement and spiritual growth. Afterwards, the children are dismissed for the childrens program downstairs. Sundays 5pm

Service begins with a time of praise and worship. Kelsie works as a therapist at Haven Counseling Center in Bearden, and specializes in trauma healing and recovery. Certainty to Curiosity We both have different reasons, different stories, different wounds that led us to into the mental health field. She married Benjamin in June 2013 and they welcomed their twins, Titus and Cana, in December 2017. That sounds fundamental enough, but it took on great depth when God started asking us to explore these questions: Working with a variety of cultures has taught me so much. 3) What needs to change for me to reflect Him more clearly? We met and fell in love in Chattanooga while both training to be mental health therapists and are now working as counselors in Knoxville. It also made it easy when working with those in distress to simply offer good biblical advice and then disengage from their situation. It is a journey from the dark night of the soul to resurrection and new life. We were married under the arch outside of Caf 4 in August of 2019, on a Sunday morning in-between Crossings services. Peter loves photography, playing guitar and nerding out on history and science documentaries.

He and his wife Carolyn have been married since 2008 and have three young children. 2022 Crossings Community Church | All rights reserved. The Square Room Bryan Stevenson (Just Mercy) insists you have to, get proximate to the problem. Hutch, Hicks, D-White, Iron Head, Keith, Ronnie Slim, Deli, Sandra, Cindy, Sabrina each name recalls a face, a heart, a life that matters. In doing this, Ive learned that big milestones dont always happen in the time we want them to or how we would expect them to. Our hope is that our kids continue to feel support from us, their faith community, and their school and neighborhood and that these layers can continue to overlap. 1) Who am I? As we gather, we encourage each other in our strengths, and lift each other up in weaknesses. This enables him to sit with, talk with, play with parents and kids who are struggling. I am so thankful that I am a part of a faith community that creates and participates in the little moments of my life. Were a denomination in the Anabaptist tradition. Rachel Hutson has been a part of the Crossings staff since August of 2018. Im a really nice white lady. Knoxville, TN 37917, Word & Table We talk about our lives together through fellowship and lift each other up in prayer. Now, John has a belief that relationships steady, compassionate and often silly have incredible power to heal. A lot of people think that I teach grammar all day or that I spend most of my class time translating for students, but that is definitely not the case. Brad is on staff as the Worship and Arts Pastor. As an Adoption Support and Preservation family therapist, John serves families who have adopted children, both through the foster system and through private adoption. Working to make prison a place of shalom, where the wounded can find healing, is a driving force and source of joy in our life. Crossings Weekly Email. I am an Advanced Loss & Grief Recovery Specialist because I do not want people to be unprepared for the losses that shatter hearts. I am truly working on being first a learner, and then a teacher. We welcome questions, differences of opinion, and give everyone a chance to share. Talking to Listening. I just assumed my students would love me. Those encounters altered the trajectory of our lives changing how we engage in our relationships with each other, our family, our friends, and with God. Our new journey with God has led us from: Then we break up into small groups for a short discussion focusing on how we might apply the teaching in our own circumstances. Soon after becoming Christians we began more than 30 years of intense involvement in the Christian community through both churches and non-profit organizations. Little by little we come to know each other, we tell our stories from level ground, not about what weve done but who we are, and who we are becoming, exhorting one another, not alone, but in community, to love, redemption, restoration, and good works. In many ways that made life simple making judgements about people and situations easy. Jesus is the centre of our faith.

On a less philosophical but still important note, our lives are also filled with our huge Pyrador puppy Laurel, genuine friends, silly and sweet nieces and nephews, and lots of coffee!. 4 Market Square He has surprised me with a fierce community and fulfilling work, which most recently includes working with children and their families at the Childrens Hospital. These moments are little milestones that we sometimes take for granted but they are so precious. Knoxville, TN 37902 Wednesdays 7pm Watching the joy of a parent seeing their baby take their first taste of food is another favorite. Austin, his wife Maria, and their son Killion recently moved back to Knoxville from Pennsylvania. Our winding way, first apart, now together travels through the most unlikely of places; prisons and jails and through the locks, walls and razor wire into the hearts of the incarcerated. 4 Market Square Austin joined Crossing staff in June 2022 in a part-time capacity as the StuCo (Student Community) Pastor. I was ill-prepared to handle grief on this level. Our journey to discover answers to those questions altered our hearts toward ourselves and other people. Formation & Mission First, we discovered our own stories and how they impact the ways we engage our world and God. For us, moving from the abstract (prisoner) to the personal and known has moved the waypoints on our journey. Brad married his wife Alison in 2021. I was afraid I would be stuck in the pain and hopelessness forever My move to Knoxville has led me to find Crossings, myself, and so many sweet surprises along the way. Hello! But its taken years to build trust. What if you were only ever known by the worst mistake you ever made? Kelsie sees her job as a way to gently illuminate and soothe the parts of us that hold shame, pain, grief and fear. In fact, my patients have taught me that its really the small steps happening in between the milestones that makes all the difference. Molly Conaway has been part of the Crossings community since it launched in 2007. That realization has developed my faith to a deeper level, showing me to take a moment to listen to God and enjoy the moments He provides instead of trying to seek the next. I interviewed for my job and found an apartment all in the same weekend, and since then Ive been reminded repeatedly of the Lords plan for me.

For us, early mornings are for coffee and the sharing of words read in the books shelved and stacked about, days for work at the 4th Purpose Foundation, nights for Schitts Creek, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, or a walk down to the river; weekends for mountain hiking and flower seeking. We love our life in The Knox the Gay Street Gingers Graffiti Alley and Market Square in the back yard and Cruze Farms in the front. Our times of encounter changed all of that radically. Caleb is married to Kristi and they have two daughters, Harvie and Ellie. By utilizing the same Grief Recovery Method that I now teach to others, I was able to breakthrough the pain and find hope againto find my smile again! To have this opportunity to be the hands and feet, and hopefully the heart, of Christ is the joy and glory of God to us. As someone who suffered with OCD and anxiety without appropriate intervention or explanation for a significant portion of her life, Kelsie now feels particular joy in expressing a message of Youre ok, and well figure this out together. My first year teaching, I had limited family engagement and I think thats because I never stopped and asked How does this community feel with me being a part of it? Ive built trust by committing to this community and learning from the leaders already in the community (i.e. Prior to the time of our encounters much of what we did stemmed from a mindset of very Black and White/Right and Wrong thinking. Knoxville, TN 37902, Christenberry Elementary After that we pray for one another and listen to biblical teaching. One of the best parts of my job is watching the faces of parents when they get to hear their babies voice or cry for the first time.

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