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We currently offer structural decking tiles in Ipe wood only in two sizes 24 x 24 and 24 x 48 (nom.). Under some circumstances, this wax can bleed slightly along the end of the slats, resulting in a temporary difference in wood color where the wax has bled, giving the appearance that the ends of slats are wet. For truly custom results, the TRIMAX line can be used in combination with any of our REVOLVE and EVOLVE products. Working across 6 Sub-Sahara African countries TREES has planted over 150 million trees since 1989. TRIMAX is a preferred load-bearing material for sustainable building projects and its recycled content may help earn LEED and other green credits. Archatrak donates a portion of the proceeds from each Ipe wood deck tile sold, through our partnership withTrees for the Future. For installation using adjustable height pedestals, see here. Construct solid Ipe wood decks over sloping or uneven surfaces with structural wood pavers supported by adjustable height pedestals. We highly recommend coating these hardwood deck tiles with a good quality decking oil or sealant as soon as practical after installation. Archatrak Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that its structural Ipe wood tiles shall be free from material defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of original purchase, under normal use and service condition. Plus, TRIMAX is made from a proprietary blend of recycled and virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE), along with non-organic additives to stiffen the product. For installation using rubber support pads, see here.

Be aware also that our hardwood deck tiles are not factory coated with any decking oil but are supplied in a natural unfinished state. Privacy Policy | Legal Disclaimer | Terms of Use. Results for {phrase} ({results_count} of {results_count_total}), Displaying {results_count} results of {results_count_total}. Unlike those products, TRIMAX is an inert material that does not absorb or leach any materials into the environment, making it a logical choice where environmental responsibility is demanded. High resistance to termites, decay and mold, 'Heatizon' Snow Melt System for Pedestal Pavers, Wind Uplift Mitigation with Pedestal Paver Systems. Not only is TRIMAX strong, its also versatile. During handling and transport, some wax might be deposited on the surface of the slats. Any installation should ensure good air circulation can be maintained under the tiles and that the tiles will not be subjectto prolonged contact with water. Traditional treated wood products often contain products that can leach into the environment, such as copper, chromium and arsenic. This is normal, but if it is perceived as a problem, it can be removed by scraping and use of an appropriate solvent.

Archatrak Inc. 2022 All Rights Reserved. TRIMAX is far more durable than wood and wont rot, warp, crack, chip, or splinter. The prefabricated hardwood deck tiles are constructed with 13/16 wood slats screwed to three solid wood support battens with stainless steel screws, creating a tile with outstanding strength, durability and resistance to flexing. The extreme stability and purity make TRIMAX the finest quality and a smart alternative to pressure treated lumber. Also, in accordance with normal industry practice, our Ipe wood tiles are treated with wax on the ends of the wood slats to reduce the possibility of end cracking. See our installation guidelines for further information. It wont rot, splinter, or decay and never needs painting or sealing. However a wax is applied at the ends of the slats to minimize any slight cracking or checking. TRIMAX lumber is an excellent solution for any residential, agricultural, municipal, or commercial project of any scale. Structural wood tiles can be used to create elevated decks over most hard surfaces rooftops, courtyards, terraces, pool surrounds, patios etc. As supplied, our Ipe wood tiles do not have any sealer or decking oil applied to the surface. Click the button below to view our RENEW Plastics dealer locator and find a dealer near you! Many jobs, such as boardwalks built years ago, were designed around span charts to accommodate traditional building materials. Install structural decking without needing wood or steel supporting structures. Thanks to TRIMAX, there is now a simple solution for what was once a complex engineering challenge. Decking timber is not furniture grade. Trees for the Future (TREES) is an international development nonprofit that meets a triple bottom line by planting trees: poverty alleviation, hunger eradication, and healing the environment. TRIMAX structural lumber provides superior strength, durability and resistance to even the most extreme environmental conditions. For the strongest foundation on residential, municipal, and commercial projects of any scale, TRIMAX structural building material is king. TRIMAX is available in more than 30 size and profile offerings, providing custom combinations for any structural need. It is highly recommended that a good quality decking oil is applied as soon as practical after installation, which not only assists in maintaining the color as long as possible, but provides some protection from airborne particles which can leave dark spots or markings on unfinished timber. Plus, TRIMAX can be ordered in colors and finishes to perfectly complement our other product lines, making it an excellent foundation for use with REVOLVE and EVOLVE. for both residential and commercial applications. Our Ipe wood tiles are manufactured in Bolivia using A grade lumber which, in accordance with standard industry classification, permits some knots, color variation, dark streaks, pin holes, checking etc. Tiles are supported at each corner with adjustable height pedestals, or for low height applications, can also be elevated off the surface with fixed height rubber support pads. TRIMAXis an extremely strong structural building material perfect for structural uses in residential and commercial builds, such as playgrounds, marinas, and environmental walkways. Download the full warranty document here. Below are some examples. Defects are dened as imperfections that impair the utility of the product for its normally accepted purpose. This donation facilitates the planting of 2 trees for every tile sold. Archatrak structural wood tiles are specifically designed for installation on pedestal supports for constructing elevated decks.

Again this is normal and over time, this color difference will normally disappear. If the tiles are not coated with any sealer or decking oil promptly after installation but left to fade naturally, slight bleeding of the wax on the ends may give the appearance of water staining on the ends of the wood slats.

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