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(Date published). Papers clearing this stage move ahead in the Review process. This is the sole responsibility of the author(s). Available: URL. Neji Bouslama, Professeur, Directeur URAM, FSEG Tunis References Write in an interesting, readable manner with varied sentence structure, and use active voice. Multiple appendices must be numbered in the order in which they are to appear. Authors should cite any of their own relevant work. See this page for reference style examples. Ahmed Tolba, the American University, Egypt Archetypes of Women in Advertising an Exploratory Study, Relationship Marketing Key Concepts as Relationship Value Determinant, The Role of Sense of Community in Mediation between Positive Emotions and Attitudes toward Brand and Message, Adolescents Sense of Community: A New Measurement Scale, Why do some Consumers Consume Ethically? DO NOT design your figures using Microsoft word in bits and pieces. The. All manuscripts must be submitted online through ScholarOne Manuscripts. Available: URL. Although every effort is made by the journal and the editorial board of this open access journal to see that no inaccurate, misleading data, opinions, or statements appear in the published article. 2022American Marketing Association. Customers Response to Service Recovery, The Impact of the Religiosity on the Advertising Persuasion: Context of the Political Marketing - Frame of Reflection and Try of Modelling-, A Content Analysis of Green Advertising in China. A Lesson from the Biggest Southeast Asia Mobile Telecommunication Market, The Consumers Behavior in the Arms of Semiotics: New Revelations, Perceived Deception in Advertising: Proposition of a Measurement Scale, For an Efficient Complaints Management System for Banks: A Conceptual Framework and an Exploratory Study, Subjective Age Trends and Fashionable Clothes Involvement, Image of an Ordinary Woman A Comparative Study, The Use of Online Marketing and Social Media in Higher Education Institutions in Romania, Factors Affecting Customers Decision for Taking out Bank Loans: A Case of Greek Customers, Post-Secondary Students Behaviour in the College Choice Decision, Dimensions of Customer-Based Brand Equity: A Study on Malaysian Brands, Analyzing the Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies in the Presence of Word of Mouth: Agent-Based Modeling Approach, Experimental Study of the Impact of the Media Context Appreciation on the Attitude of Children towards the Advertising Message. Editors may take note of comments and advice made by reviewers that are not intended to be shared with authors. Revenues produced from commercial sales and distribution of published articles are used to maintain reduced publication fees and charges. Submissions that arrive via mail or email will not be processed for review. Example: This is the sole responsibility of the author(s). Dilla Syadia Ab Latiff, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia You can learn more about our privacy policy here, Office of Research Integrity at the Department of Health & Human Services, You can learn more about our privacy policy here, LaTeX style files are now available for use in preparing manuscripts for AMA journals. Format footnotes in plain text, with a superscript number appearing in text and the corresponding note at the bottom of the page. Due to a huge load of submissions, the review process takes between 6 - 12 months. First, the manuscript that has been proven to be involved in plagiarism will be immediately rejected along with the immediate rejection of any other manuscript under consideration by any other IBIMA Publishing Journal submitted by the same authors. The Web Appendix should be uploaded as a single PDF file (please note that this is different from the main document, which should be uploaded as a Word file). Page 2 and on, with each new element beginning on its own page: TitleThe title should not exceed 25 words. Example: Articles with one author If you have any questions, please contact us Therefore, it is essential that you proofread your manuscript carefully before submission and consider hiring a copy editor. (Date published). Every effort is made to judge the merits of manuscripts. Strictly blind peer-review process applies to all manuscripts. We noticed that you are using Internet Explorer 11 or older that is not support any longer. FiguresEach figure should be numbered consecutively and submitted on a separate page. Web appendices will not be copyedited by the journal. Editors have full authority to make one of the following decisions: The ISSN Number is : 0973 - 8703. If you have read and understood the FAQs and the Guidelines for Authors and agree with the Terms and Conditions, please login with your account on the website and click on New Submission to submit your manuscript. IJM is also indexed in other International and National databases. Manuscripts will be evaluated for originality, significance, clarity, and contribution. Title of article. Once your revisions are complete, ensure that all comments among authors have been removed and that all tracked changes have been accepted or rejected. Include any acknowledgement right before the references section (if applicable), Referencing published research within text. Keep one black line between each two references. Gibberd et al (1991) mentioned The same rule should be applied to web appendix figures and tables if they are mentioned in the main text. Lorek, L. A., (2003), Buyers catch on to online shopping, San Antonio Express-News. Journal of Marketing Research & Case Studies (JMRCS) is an international peer reviewed and applied research journal that include case studies, best practices, and experiences on Marketing field, Bartlomiej KabajaVolume 2022, Article ID 656769, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 7 pages, Hanna KAZAK and Ricardo Fontes CORREIAVolume 2022, Article ID 318812, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 14 pages, Angela MADAN and Mihai Ioan RoscaVolume 2022, Article ID 981169, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 13 pages, Sarah ENNMERVolume 2021, Article ID 210134, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 15 pages, Mihai STOICAVolume 2021, Article ID 127140, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 11 pages, Karlis Kreslins, Ion Cararus, Marius Onofrei and Tatjana VasiljevaVolume 2021, Article ID 127627, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 9 pages, Boris MIETHLICH, Anett G. OLDENBURG, Alfred ZECH, Azim CAUSEVICand Kerim HRAPOVIVolume 2021, Article ID 304255, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 11 pages, Tatiana PETH, Rbert TEFKO and Jaroslava GBUROVVolume 2021, Article ID 800872, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 7 pages, Lennora PUTIT, Amirah AHMAD SUKI, Mohamad Fariz ABDULLAH, Norsiah AHMAD, Nor Fazalina SALLEH and Nini Hartini ASMAWIVolume 2021, Article ID 679283, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 14 pages, Felicia A. STANCIOIU, Nicolae A. However, we are posting some important points here for your reference. Publishing research work and experiment findings is a celebration of significant efforts by a scholar who shares results with other scholars around the world. ), pages. Book Review: a review of rcently published book. Trowbridge, P. (2003), A case study of green supply chain management at advanced micro devices,Greening the Supply Chain, Sarki, J. Main TextPlease do not add any headers/footers on each page (other than the page number). Journal Articles Please note that topics related to Management will be covered in our journal : Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management and not in Indian Journal of Marketing. Sabri, EH and Beamon, M. (2000), A Multi-Objective Approach to Simultaneous Strategic and Operational Planning in Supply Chain Design, Omega: an International Journal of Management Science 28 (1), 581-598. All authors will receive three copies of the issue in which their paper is published. The cost of color printing is borne by the authors, so you may consider gray scaling images prior to submission. related to procedures, Errors,) or academic (related to published material from scientific prospective),direct complaint to the right department or editorial board, andtake appropriate action. While authors retain copyright of their work with first publication rights granted to IBIMA Publishing, authors are required to transfer copyrights associated with commercial use to this Publisher. (year) Article title with only first letter upper case,, Ackoff, R L. (1961) Management Misinformation Systems,, Sabri, EH and Beamon, M. (2000), A Multi-Objective Approach to Simultaneous Strategic and Operational Planning in Supply Chain Design,, Omega: an International Journal of Management Science, Fox, MS., Barbyceanu, M. and Teigen, R. (2000), Agent-oriented Supply Chain Management,. Thus, the following guidelines should be followed: It is important to convey your ideas in a clear and engaging manner. Moreover, material that is not directly relevant (e.g., additional studies that are not central to the conclusions of the paper) should not be included in the Web Appendix. No permission is required from the authors or the publishers.

Keep sentences short so the reader does not get lost before the end of a sentence. [Online]. Note that there can also be a technical appendix that is part of the paper. POP, Raluca NASTASE ANYSZ and Cristina A. BABAVolume 2021, Article ID 258599, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 12 pages, Aleksander MARIASKI, Micha KDZIORA, David RAMSEY and Leopold SZCZUROWSKI Volume 2021, Article ID 367917, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 12 pages, Robert STEFKO, Anna TOMKOVA, Jana KOVALOVA and Ivana ONDRIJOVAVolume 2021, Article ID 321466, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 11 pages, Corina Larisa BUNGHEZVolume 2021, Article ID 134710, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 9 pages, Madalena MARINHO, Ricardo Fontes CORREIA and Elisabete Paulo MORAISVolume 2021, Article ID 938528, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 11 pages, Batoul TAMIM, Walid ABOU-KHALIL and Eliane KHALIFEVolume 2021, Article ID 773594, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 17 pages, Ricardo Fontes CORREIA and Carlos Melo BRITOVolume 2020, Article ID 402154, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 10 pages, Niculae V. MIHAITA and Adrian Nicolae A.M. CAZACUVolume 2020, Article ID 623545, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 19 pages, Boris Miethlich and Anett G. OldenburgVolume 2019, Article ID 463316, Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies, 15 pages, Cristina Raluca GH. Figures and Tables Author(s) name, title, institution, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Open access provide readers with the ability to view, save, print, copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt any published article without fee-based subscriptions. Please avoid using Equation Editor for simple in-line mathematical copy, symbols, and equations. [Online]. Stphane Bourliataux-Lajoinie, IAE de Tours, France Myriam Belkhir, Faculty of economic sciences and management of sfax, Tunisia Most articles have no more than 10 total footnotes, and each note cannot exceed 40 words. Please consider using an alternative such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. All topics related to Marketing Research/Statistics, Advertising, Sales Management, Consumer Behavior, Communication, Direct Marketing, Retailing, E-Commerce, Global Business, Marketing Theory and Applications, etc are covered in Indian Journal of Marketing. Getting your colleagues input on content and communications is also helpful, as they will raise issues that you may miss after working on the project for several years. Web AppendixAuthors are free to use web appendices as a companion to their articles. What is it really? Proceedings of the 13th Inernational Business Information Management Association (IBIMA), ISBN: 978-0-9821489-2-1, 9-10 November 2009, Marrakech, Morocco, 10-15. Please login with your account details and click on New Submission. References to previously published research studies must in Harvard style. Body text is set in Text style (Justified). Figures must be numbered in the order in which they are to appear. Please note that topics related to Management will be covered in our journal : Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management and not in Indian Journal of Marketing. Nesrine Akkari Chniti, FSEG Mahdia, Tunisia. The journal will look out for papers that have novelty of research with respect to the area of the research and topics already covered in Indian Journal of Marketing. TERTIARY HEADING: Left justified and indented with sentence-style capitalization (first word only) in italics. Please follow the examples below. The web appendix should follow the formatting standards of the journal (e.g., headings, references). Second, the submitted manuscript builds onpreviously published articles elsewhere by the same author(s). Authors should try and send papers on new topics that have not been previously covered in Indian Journal of Marketing and topics that are not well-researched with reference to India so as to widen the scope and reach of the journal. By continuing to use this site, you accept the use of cookies, pixels and other technology that allows us to understand our users better and offer you tailored content. Should the violation be repeated after the three years ban period, violating author(s) will be banned for life from submitting any manuscript to any of IBIMA Publishing Journals. Audience Opinions on Egyptian Television Advertising and Attitudes towards Product Placement, Examining the Antecedents of In-Store and Online Purchasing Behavior: A Case of Nigeria, A Measurement Scale of the Attitude towards the Branded Product Sales Promotion, Emerging Industry: A Case of Automobile Manufacturing in Saudi Arabia, Motivation, a Key Variable within Brand Management, Challenges Faced By Brand Managers in the Luxury Industry: Attitudes and Motivations of Luxury Clothing Consumers, The Ethics of Students Behavior: Between Intentions, Judgment and Action, Exploring the Role of Culture in Determining Boycotting Behaviour after a Negative Word of Mouth, Crowdsourcing and e-Commerce: Chinese Online Reviews, How Co-creating Enhances the Quality of a Brand-consumer Relationship, using the U&G Approach: The Coca-Cola Case, Foundations of the Evaluation of Export Performance by the Leaders of SME: Construction of a Measurement Scale, Tunisian Consumer's Cultural Identity Dynamics, The Impact of Online Advertising on Tunisian Consumers Purchase Intention, The Effects of Brand Relationship Quality on the Participation of the Consumer in Boycott, The Relative Influence of Consumer Innovativeness, Brand Loyalty, and Deal Proneness on New Product Adoption: A Direct Product Experience Study, Revisiting Perceived Risk and Trust in E-tourism Context: Toward an Extended Technology Acceptance Model, Marketing Approach to Consumers 50 + In the Czech Republic, Does Service Failure Context Matter? Review these videos if you for advice on how to get published. More importantly, OAP promotes and encourages cumulative research and knowledge building worldwide by providing easy, enhanced, and accelerated access to research. TablesEach table should be numbered consecutively and submitted on a separate page. A Contingency Framework for Understanding Ethical Decision Making, Structural Bilingualism and Marketing Strategy:The Case of Franco-Arabic Bilingual Segmentation, Consumer Purchase Intentions and Honey Related Products, The Influence of Materialistic and Ethical Values on the Purchase Intention of Counterfeit Luxury Goods: The Case of Malaysian Undergraduates, Customer Value and Value for Customer Retail Sectors Need for Transformation, The Length Effect, the Repetition Frequency Effect and the Moment Effect of the Passage of the Product or of the Brand during a Television Spot on the Advertising Message (Tunisian Frame), Product Placement: A Booming Industry in Search of Appropriate Regulation, The Impact of the Effectiveness of a Buzz Marketing Campaign on the Image, Awareness and Purchasing Decision: The Moderating Role of Involvement, The Impact of the Childrens Attitude and Identification to the Brand Characters in the Understanding of the Prescription Child-Mother-Frame of Reflection and Trial of Modeling-, An Explanatory Model of Relational Orientation within Distribution Channels: A Conceptual Framework. Include figures and tables within the body of your paper. Make sure you have permission of any previously published figure or table from publishers and/or authors. IBIMA Publishing subscribes toCrosscheckpowered byiThenticate, A plagiarism detection and prevention technology. You have to use a drawing tool and import the figure to word. References should be arranged alphabetically without numbers. Headings are text only (not numbered) and are formatted according to level. For all accept with revision, only editor in chief will review the revised manuscript before giving the final accept/reject decision.

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