nfl win totals 2022 post draft

And then they got better this offseason. Then, the Bills drafted well and hit some needs. They are clearly in rebuild mode (finally) but I think they can win four of their nine home games with Marcus Mariota at quarterback and some interesting defensive rookies. All three of these teams have been terrible for many years. Actually I would be more concerned about all of that if we werent just talking about going 9-8. Either way, dont the 49ers come off as smug the way have dealt with the quarterback situation the last two years? He changes the whole offense and takes the training wheels off of Tua Tagovailoa. The offensive line was also improved and new coach Mike McDaniel will turn the offense into Niners East; thats good enough for 9 or 10 wins. The whole thing just seems off now and the 49ers will be in the middle of a muddled NFC West race.

The Chiefs will be fine, but the special quick-strike glow they had with Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce is gone. The Bucs opening stretch of at Dallas, at New Orleans, Green Bay and Kansas City has me feeling pretty good about the Bucs only going 11-6 or 10-7. We think the AFC West is going to be as tight as advertised, if not more, as we like the unders on the Broncos and Chiefs and the overs on the Chargers and Raiders. After an opening two games against the Raiders and Chiefs, the Chargers have a soft six-week spread (Jaguars, at Texans, at Browns, Broncos, Seahawks, bye, at Falcons) to get some real momentum gong. Under. I just dont see Jared Goffs last season as a starter in Detroit going well. The defense is good, but not as good as it thinks it is or has to be to carry this team, and free agency was an exercise in plugging holes as players left but not all of them. And you can punch the numbers into this Odds Calculator to see what -140 will yield with different wager amounts). This group here is an interesting group to say the least. The Saints also have a trip to England scheduled, a tough slate of non-divisional games (Bengals, Raiders, Ravens, Rams and at 49ers) and no bye until Week 14. The Browns didnt care about the sexual misconduct and assault allegations against their new quarterback but it appears the league will give him a 3-5 game suspension. But then, a wise man (and former NFL player) told me that Lock is better than Mayfield or Jimmy G. because he knows he sucks and wont make as many stupid decisions. The NFC east always has a new team to rise to the top year in and year out and I say the 2022/23 NFL season will be no different.

The Titans have signaled a rebuild is on the horizon, the Colts, Browns are like vanilla ice cream so bet the under. Mike Vrabel is a very good coach, but he is not that good. ), an improving running game and an opportunistic defense, not to mention a big home edge.

Brown from the Titans, as well adding edge player Haason Reddick and drafting a mountain that moves in Jordan Davis. 9.5 WinsBengals, Titans, Colts, Browns, Ravens. There is absolutely no pressure on Hurts, who is a pretty cool customer anyway. He will have weapons everywhere. Plus the first half of their schedule is pretty soft they could be 4-0 going into a Week 5 game at Arizona. And then I only need one road win? I see 11-6 but if you feel strongly about 10-7, go for it. mock Theres a saying, any given Sunday, but in taking eight of the worst 10 teams to go under, we clearly dont believe that too much. All three of these teams the under. While last year was our worst year picking games, weve always done pretty well with season total bets. But new playcaller Mike Kafka is that good If you believe any of that, just invest in the Giants their first four games (at Titans, Panthers, Cowboys and Bears) and then get the heck out. Thats what Super Bowl losers are supposed to do. There were some growing pains last year but most people who coached with or against Robert Saleh swear by him, and thats good enough for me. Not to mention bringing back receiver Mike Williams. though, the Broncos are in a division where they are just trying to keep pace, no real advantage gained from the draft. This comes down to whether or not you think Lamar Jackson and the running backs can stay healthy this year. The Bears and Jags will remain terrible next season as well. Chargers over, 49ers and Broncos under. But at some point, as this team keeps getting older, they are going to have to focus on staying healthy for the playoffs and not on stockpiling regular-season wins. The Chargers were the only team in this group with a first-round pick. Well, we cant count on Tom Brady retiring and staying retired. Its now at 9.5, per BetMGM, after opening at 8.5 two weeks ago. A four-game leap from seven wins seems like too big of s stretch. The schedule isnt too bad either, with the NFC Norths two best teams coming to Buffalo and the the Lions and Bears hosting the Bills. I think its clear to everyone except for Steeler nation that the Steelers are going into rebuild mode. The Bills won 11 games last season and lost four by a combined 16 points and clearly got better in the offseason, adding Von 82 pressures last year Miller, DaQuan Jones, Rodger Saffold and O.J. The funny thing is that people talk about the pressure on quarterback Jalen Hurts this season (because the Eagles have a lot of draft picks next season) but the opposite is true. Under. Email the Bumz at Similar to K.C. Fascinating Regardless, I think people are overreacting to the moves this offseason and all the rebuilding talk there is still enough talent on this roster to win seven games again. Yet they and the Falcons both stink. (All numbers come from BetMGM. Man, thats a big number. This a trap line? For the latest sports updates and free picks tune into our channel Bleacher Bum Sportz, Have questions? Not even close. Denver had a killer offseason, and it had the best draft of these three. Because this with the NFC South on the docket seems too easy for Joe Burrow and Co. For all the confidence in Trey Lance, you do realize there is still probably a 20 percent chance that Jimmy G. is the starting quarterback Week 1? On one hand, the Texans are free of the Watson mess. The Seahawks seem set on Drew Locke at QB. Neither franchise is headed in the right direction, Im taking the under on both. Bill doesnt need J.C. Jackson either. This ignores some pretty clear signs of regression with Wilson, the question marks surrounding a first-year coach and playing in what it likely the toughest division in the NFL. They won three games last season despite losing to the lowly Texans twice but this year, they get the NFC East on the schedule, so its hard to see them taking an historical uptick here. Man, you people really love Dan Campbell. Case in point: the Eagles signed cornerback James Bradberry on Wednesday and their season total projection continues to go up. Or sensible draft picks.

No, but it will be close. The Bengals finally addressed their offensive line and then added a versatile defensive back in the draft in Daxton Hill. I see them as Wild Card team at best, right at 9 wins. The draft has come and gone, players are busy posing for their team website photographers at workouts and minicamps and weve got about two months until training camps start. The Steelers were the only team to draft a quarterback early on in Kenny Pickett. They signed Mitch Trubisky and then immediately drafted a quarterback, lost a bunch of receivers and they face a natural reversal from last years 6-1-1 record in one-score games. As much as I loved their entire draft, the bottom line is that they still have Daniel Jones calling the plays in the huddle and thats a recipe for disaster. Though 160 to win 100 may be too much to lay. But they have already been marked down from last years 12 wins to 10.5. Nothing the Ravens did this offseason mattered too much safety Kyle Hamilton will be good and the other picks project well at some point after they thought they had free agent pass rusher ZaDarius Smith signed but lost him. No draft day improvements Falcons, take the under. That doesnt mean I think they win an extra game this year, especially after the bungled coaching search and with them being the only team in the NFL to have three games against opponents coming off a bye. The Cowboys, per Warren Sharp, play five games this year with more rest than their opponent, most of any team in the NFL. The Jets actually had a pretty good draft for a change. The Falcons were pretty unwatchable at times last year and still won seven games. Hill made a power play at the right time, forcing a trade to the Dolphins that will make the Chiefs change up their offense. Probably the worst team in the league next season. Though 160 to win 100 may be too much to lay. 8.5 WinsPatriots, Dolphins, Raiders, Eagles, Vikings.

The Redbirds made a head scratching move with their first pick, getting a pass-catching tight end after extending Zach Ertz in the offseason. That, plus the worst pass rushers in a really tough division, forces some slippage and I dont think the Chiefs win their division this season.

Bill Belichick is a genius. They have a shot thanks to their friendly schedule, but if they dont split their first four games against the Browns, Giants, Saints and Cardinals, or sweep the Falcons, they are in big, big trouble. Well, this is the year. Like last year, there are only 31 teams on the board. It must have been frustrating losing 13 games last year while your best player was getting paid to stay home. The Chargers took advantage of Justin Herbert still being under his rookie contract by building up the defense even more with Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson. We were 3-1-1 last year, thanks to the Cardinals annual collapse coming in Week 14 instead of Week 8. He doesnt need any of his old assistant coaches or offensive linemen (Was Shaq Mason to the Bucs for a fifth-round pick an early retirement gift for Tom?) Washingtons offseason was like a bad The Price is Right experience. All the while they look to the future with Malik Willis and some other reaches in the draft. The roster is not as good as it was in 2020. (They will beat the Lions and Bears three out of four times again and the NFC East is mid, as the kids say.).

They spent way too much money on Christian Kirk, but he actually will help on the field and Trevor Lawrence will get better with the new staff (more on that here). What will Mike Tomlin due in his first season without Big Ben behind center?

We are still not sold on the offensive line or secondary, but Derek Carr has enough talent around him on offense good luck covering Davante Adams, Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow off the line of scrimmage that anything less than matching last years 10 wins and a playoff appearance would be a failure. The Vikings didnt do much to improve their roster and Kirk Cousins has proven that he is good enough to beat a lot of teams but totally untrustworthy against the top third of the league. Matt Ryan is not what he was but he now has an offensive line that will give him more than two alligators and hes a big upgrade over Carson Wentz; Ryan can spark the franchise in a similar fashion to what Matt Stafford did in LA last year. I really see the Lions as a 6-win team, but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and remember that they lost a ton of close games last season.

Their moves the last three offseasons have guaranteed theyre not winning another ring with Rodgers, but 11 wins? The Titans think they can replace Brown with Robert Woods and ride Derrick Henry over a pretty weak division.

They will still get a bunch of sacks, but I think a losing record is in the bag. So Saquon Barkley is going to have that breakthrough year, the defense is better and Crazy Legs Daniel Jones is going to make good on his last shot and prove that he should have been drafted high after all (he definitely shouldnt have been his pocket presence is so bad, they should sound alarms at home games to help him out). We turned to the big gun for a lifeline heres Bears writer Kevin Fishbain: You can certainly convince yourself that Justin Fields will take a big jump in a new offense, Matt Eberflus defense will take the ball away more, and the Bears can take advantage of a schedule that includes the Lions twice, the Falcons, Texans, Jets, Giants and Commanders, all teams with win totals of 7.5 or lower.. The Jaguars havent won more than six games in five seasons. I wouldnt go under, I just wouldnt touch it or bet against Tom Brady with an aging team and a new head coach or not. Did we mention the Titans get to play the AFC West teams this year? I peg them coming in at 10 and the Cowboys always benefit from a weak division like the Packers. The 49ers blew it by not getting assets for Deebo Samuel. The Eagles already had the best move of the offseason, stealing WR A.J. Every year, the media crowns Colts GM Chris Ballard king and then defends him when this team doesnt quite meet expectations. The Packers are pretty reliable in the regular season, thanks to Aaron Rodgers (who needs Davante Adams? If you want to wager on the win totals, you can find them here. Too bad Sam Darnold is still the QB. The Lions under 4 was one of my best bets last year and now I get to take them again? And rewarding a running back like James Conner with more money seems like an outdated idea. I love the Bills at this number, the Packers in a weak NFC North will have a shot at 12 or more if they stay healthy, and the Bucs Im out on at this number. The Rams should steam roll through the regular season and get a minimum of 12 wins. So much has been made recently about Mike Tomlin never having a losing season in 15 years that you know where this season is headed. The Lions by far had the best draft of the bunch and will be the most improved with each and every player making immediate contributions. Thats it. The Bears won six games last year, lost Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson (who, granted, they werent throwing the ball to), had no first round picks and got better? Thats enough for me though they do get the AFC West on the schedule this year. Yes, its a perfect time to pounce on the season-total win-loss over-unders. The Bengals should have a dominant season coming off of the 2021 surprise season led by Joe Cool Burrow and go over. Easy money. Nick Sirianni did one of the best coaching jobs last season, changing the offense on the fly to a run-first and run-second offense, and they won seven of their last 10 games by an average of 17 points. This is the best team on paper in the AFC West. The Rams firing away draft picks like theyre t-shirts at an NBA game has to cost them at some point. The schedule is not that tough, but what happens if Deebo Samuel unfollows everybody on social media again and refuses to take handoffs anymore? The Cardinals collapse every year and now they have to play the first six games without their best player, receiver DeAndre Hopkins. I have been operating under the assumption that this is a really good number, considering at some point the Seahawks will get Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo dirt cheap, and they are a lot better than Drew Lock.

The Panthers improved their offensive line. Kyler Murray is out of excuses. It feels like the Cardinals pulled a blanket over their heads when it came to dealing with the Kyler Murray situation or improving the roster. Howard. Giddy up. Aaron Rodgers status made the Packers unbookable then and now its Deshaun Watsons status in Cleveland. Six would work, too. The Cowboys will start out well, Dak will get hurt, the Cowboys will collapse, and Mike McCarthy will be out. They need someone on D to step up after losing Chandler Jones and we all know JJ Watt will go out due to injury. Is that enough to overcome a roster that got a lot worse at receiver, offensive line and defensive line and seems to be finally paying for a lot of bad Jerry Jones moves and contracts? The entire AFC West loaded up on talent and are going for the proverbial jugular of the Chiefs. Maybe the Bears prove us wrong. All these shiny quarterbacks behind curtains and Washington went home with a used DVD player. I think the Cowboys finish 10-7. The Pats, Eagles and Vikings arent quite there yet, bet the under. Gus Bradley, Stephon Gilmore and Yannick Ngakoue are big-time additions to the defense, and the Colts biggest competition in the AFC South, the Titans, gave away its second-best player. There is some real value out there, but not for long. The Eagles not only got better while the Cowboys got worse, but the Commanders actually traded for Carson Wentz while the Giants are really in rebuild mode (and probably dont have that high of hopes for Daniel Jones).
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