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The Mentalist is good TV if you are interested in typical crime solving shows. Afterwards, I found myself rewatching the episodes again and again, something that I have not done even with Breaking Bad. For instance, he does not do violence. By the very nature of their purpose they attack each of their respective protagonists differently; when Holmes begins suspect a master puppeteer behind half the crimes in London and investigate it Moriarty tries to kill him and forces Holmes to flee to Continental Europe. And then theres the plot. I first watched The Mentalist because my back was out of order and it was the only thing to do while lying down waiting for the muscle spasm to heal. Goldfinch: The only one who matches Mentalist in that department is Poirot! Only time patrick ever lost, or made mistakes, was when red john was involved. The book version. Holmes need not save the world from a terrorist plot every time. He solved his cases by luck, dumb stupid luck and the stupidity of the criminals. So yeah more or less with Patrick having more feats, but i dont know, personal preference, me being a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, i still sort of see Sherlock as smarter :p. Make sure you do read it. I think that there feats are moe or less equal, but Doyle's Sherlock seems less intelligent due to his slower speech, which makes him appear to have slower thought processes, whe it's actually just borne from the faster, more streamlined modern age. Neither have any contacts/friends in that area, Both have to find an average serial killer in 24 hours, Both know that someone else is trying to solve the crime, Both have to find a mass murderer (Joker-level intelligence) in 24 hours. Round 3) Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes is the first professional detective, his job is to observe and deduce. For a detailed explanation, please visit About Me page. He was able to operate without Sherlock or Mycroft (who is smarter and has the entire British government and intelligence services at his back) being able to find him. who could dig up incriminating evidence of Moriarty first? Sherlock will be an awful lot more enthused/intrigued by the Joker than a generic serial killer. In contrast, Red John delights in toying with Jane, letting Jane poke around his case for years and even giving Jane clues about him and contacting him multiple times. With so many Holmes adaptations to choose from in the last decade, one should be happy, right? I mean, the Hound of Baskerville is a secret govt project? I could not watch it any further. Apply them.. The show is quite predictable, always starting with the CBI team arriving on the crime scene and the inevitable question, What have we got?. Thanks for the inspiration ;).

He will, because he detected and defeated the Big Four! Well BS or otherwise, its a TV series, and that part was cool :p Dont be a hatter man. Does it have to be at a breakneck speed all the time? Because Patrick Jane had imbibed the best qualities of Sherlock Holmes. "Highly skilled sheet metal fabricators with all the correct machinery to fabricate just about anything you need. Jane relies on people way too much to figure it out, Sherlock would be much faster with a single crime. He also looked at a case thru webcam and said its not a murder its an accident, merely based on something in his hand. But mentalist gives so many insane feats to patrick, it's too hard to go against him. After years of doing this, he finally finds one who is faking a disability and solves the crime. The only way you could take Goren as a contender is if you are 10 years old. @killemall: @princearagorn1: Regardless, they all kneel before Only because Patrick is a bad copy of Shawn Spencer. They later married. Watson describes him in this quote Few men were capable of greater muscular effort, and he was undoubtedly one of the finest boxers of his weight I had ever seen. He also easily dispatches of an assassin sent to kill him, and straightens out a steel poker that a large man bent in order to demonstrate his grip strength being similar. However Jane also will be more emotionally invested in this case, since his own wife and child were killed by a serial killer he has a particular distaste for them. or telling rigsby to put the cupcake from the crime scene back :p. or driving a car when blindfolded, and reading people's reactions.. So John Watson becomes Ms. Joan Watson, with Asian ancestry. How the hell can he even know things like the crime scene was going to have cup-cakes and rigsby is going to pick one up? Though sometimes Van Pelt disliked Jane's methods, she was sometimes taken with his charm. Nothing sherlock did really put him on patrick's level. Hate! Remember, the best Holmes stories always started with trifles, like an abandoned goose and a hat in The Blue Carbuncle. He hypnotizes witnesses of a crime to help them remember things they did not know they had seen or heard. I have never chosen anyone over sherlock, not shawn spencer, not spencer reid, not hercule poirot, not will graham, I like him to the point I consider him a rival to cal lightman (ok, that'll be pushing it a little). Right now I'm reading all the stories/novels of original Sherlock Holmes, and I have still not found what's the big deal about all of Holmes' abilities-nothing big deal, it's all average, if you ask me. Or check this scene out (well, it's from season 1, so not that great of a spoiler, just wanted to share the amazing acting on both sides): He has even seen a group's relations, the moment he met them.

Jane cares for Lisbon and always put her first before Red John. @theonetaichou: You've just described every TV show. @princearagorn1: I know what you mean. I'm just glad you didn't say CBS Sherlock. The qualities where he differs from Holmes, like he is a peoples person, blend seamlessly in his character. The guy isn't human, it's almost like he's some sort of reality warper.. From solving a crime by harpooning a pig, to being able to solve a crime by looking at video once of the crime scene Sherlock has shown some commendable abilities there, but the only problem is Sherlock himself has shown with many character flaws, who enjoys the game rather than trying to solve it quicker. If you want to see the good old fashioned detective solving crimes based on clues, there is nothing better than The Mentalist. And judging by the huge popularity that these productions are getting, its obvious that I am in the minority here. I will say that in cases 1) and 2) both of them have a strong homefield advantage since their respective foils are always trying to actively contact them and watch over them. Patrick wns round 1 8/10, either way they'd both catch a generic serial killer in under 24 hours in my opinion.Patrick probably takes about 10 hours, Sherlock 14 due to lack of real, committed interest and less experience/feats than Patrick. Great people and the best standards in the business. He does not need to fight 10 guys in a hand-to-hand combat. Great company and great staff. #seinfeld) If you think thats bad, wait till they produce an original story line. In that area Poirot is superior to Holmes, plus this very fact 100% proves that Poirot is much smarter than Holmes, smarter than even Mentalist, because Mentalist can be fooled, while Poirot cannot be fooled. Jane advised her that it was her call. Even his name, Jane, is that of a girl and he often introduces himself as Jane, like the girl. This can be a tricky character and Simon Baker has played it with great style. Edit: Some other notes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It may not display this or other websites correctly. But this takes time, patience and creativity. And he has huge host of other skills, bordering on pseudo reality warp.. Thanks for the inspiration ;), @rogueshadow: @princearagorn1: Sneaky sneaky. And yet, I faithfully stuck with the show, all seven seasons of it. Of course it's equally impressive. I definitely prefer Sherlock though. The Holmes in movies is doing so many things that he has little time left to be a real detective. That part annoyed me, especially since Sherlock's victory was predicated on it. Sherlock would be better at searching for evidence, but Jane would have an easier time using some form of trickery or ruse to get Moriarity to reveal himself or to record Moriarty talking about his crimes. Jane and Van Pelt grew very fond of each other and became close friends while working. @iheartzombies92: Jane's feats are really crazy.. Like he guessed a man's password by looking at the paintings in his office. Wrong. Also people be aware, i am not disagreeing with, just having a discussion, its fun :p. Sherlock identified a Guy to be gay, looking at him, but then shame it turns out Moriarity was playing him (which is actually in line with the book, where Moriarity could see exactly what Sherlock would see on a scene, which allowed him to plant evidence that would make Sherlock see what Moriarity wanted him to see as opposed to what actually happened, he later lost because of his own ego because he was too bored with Sherlock seeing him so easily duped). The Mentalist is streaming on Amazon Prime. What makes Holmes so popular? He is a superhero. Other people read books, he reads people. Heres my theory. In an age where Marvel is creating a superhero universe because one Superman can no longer pull it off, Holmes still carries the franchise single-handedly. We specialize in fabricating residential and commercial HVAC custom ductwork to fit your home or business existing system.

The episode Red Hot (Season 3, Episode 7) is clearly based on The Norwood Builder while The Red Ponies (Season 3, Episode 5) reminds one of The Adventure of Silver Blaze. Coupled with his more hands on approach than Sherlock [where people are concerned] unlike Sherlock who can sometimes give John the actual interpersonal relations aspect of the job. I say Patrick, he has way more feats in that area, each week he's squaring off againt above average intelligence criminals - highly intelligent criminals and it's rare a character will even come close. And you may well be right. Also, he has proven himself adept at catching this type of killer with Moriarty, an insane super genius [I'm assuming that the killer is psychologically similar too, though I could be misinterpreting]. I place Sherlock and Holmes as roughly equal except that BBC Sherlock is imbued with a 21st century spirit/sensibility. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Robert Downy Jr. is fantastic, its the writers again. Can someone shoot me in the head, please? Many scientists, investigators, forensic experts admit to being inspired by Sherlock Holmes in childhood. Patrick and Erica have a Sherlock Holmes-Irene Adler relationship in The Mentalist. When Rigsby and Grace were secretly dating, Jane never revealed their relationship to Lisbon, In season four, Grace, one time, asked for advice about a necklace she owned that Craig had given her and asked what she should do with it. Why did I do this? Sherlock would fully devote himself to the one case of finding Red John and wouldn't spend time on other cases the way Jane does. Much easier to just add a bit of James Bond, a pinch of Jack Reacher, combine with a terrorist or supernatural plot, add Irene Adler and Moriarty in any combination and the new reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes is ready. I say Patrick, he has way more feats in that area, each week he's squaring off againt above average intelligence criminals - highly intelligent criminals and it's rare a character will even come close. When Grace and Wayne were married, Jane secretly attended and smiled during the reception. Patrick Jane is the best creative remake of Sherlock Holmes in recent times. @iheartzombies92: Yeah, he has more feats in my opinion, maybe by the end of series 3 I'll change my mind. So from this Patrick's winning based on all around better feats with fodder. During the season five series, Lisbon and Jane have grown closer. He has the same love of drama that Holmes has, where he sets a trap and reveals the killer in a flourish. His overall physical deductive abilities are posibly slightly inferior to Sherlock's, but is psychological insight into people, and moral core equilibrates this in my opinion, since he will have genuine desire to catch a murderer, though he does mask it with good fun, it's evident he genuinely despises the killers, unlike Sherlock who quite enjoys them. (S5E20). Almost. No way would Patrick ever be able to get anything out of him through a slip of the tongue, unless that's what Moriarty wanted. During the second half of season six, Rigsby secretly thought Jane and Lisbon would end up together, revealing this to him when they were out in a bar. Maybe Mrs. Hudson is actually a Martian who wants to extract Holmes DNA to clone him. - So there! A cerebral superhero, to be precise. You must log in or register to reply here. They usually fought about the concept of the afterlife, but hardly ever did in later seasons. But he also has the feats to keep up the intensity.. he understands minds better than anyone. Mentalist and Hercule Poirot are the smartest and the best when it comes to psychology! Our shop is equipped to fabricate custom duct transitions, elbows, offsets and more, quickly and accurately with our plasma cutting system. Patrick is relatively out-of-shape, lacks hand to hand combat skills. In some episodes, the writers pay homage to the great detective. When Rigsby and Grace were secretly dating, Jane never revealed their relationship to Lisbon. Wayne later saved Patrick and Grace from being nearly killed by the Heibach siblings. Throughout most of The Mentalist, Teresa and Patrick playfully banter with one another. So both men seem to have similar abilities, what if they wanted to outdo the other? A third one is expected in 2020. The book confrontation was quite different, but I won't spoil it for you. Freeman's pretty beastly. There are a lot of adaptations of the book, but none compares to actually reading the book.. Of course it's equally impressive. The lack of interest in these great shows is disturbing.. Let's call out.. @killemall: @yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: @madeinbangladesh: @princearagorn1: It's true, these threads don't get enough attention. He doesn't count as human in these matters.. And catching people lying? Yes, patrick has a lot more screen time than sherlock, hands down. This one is hard to compare. This is some serious investment by big production companies and they are not even worried that everyone is using the same idea. Holmes is a talented burglar, and picks locks and cracks safes in his spare time. They have James Bond for that. I would recommend them to everyone who needs any metal or Fabrication work done. You need to be honest with me. Poirot has detected the Big Four something similar to Moriarty! Some spoilers ahead: For memory, he made a list of every person he ever shook hands with since he started working on red john's case over the span of years. Due to the nature of the media where they are featured they have very different engagements with their archrivals. And our dear Sherlock has a nervous breakdown after Irene Adler is abducted and tortured by Prof. Moriarty. Like all elite chess players, he can play chess in his mind without a board. With Holmes, you always have the illusion that the superpowers are well within your reach if you just try hard enough. Its like Superman suddenly started shooting spidey webs. The Rigsbies attended Jane and Lisbon's wedding. BBCs Sherlock starring Justin Cumberbatch is a big hit and so is Elementary. Even Mentalist needs few clues to know if someone is the killer, but Poirot does not need anything all he has to do is to make several conversations with people and that's it! Jane secretly attended Rigsby's and Van Pelt's wedding, and smiled during the reception. Two famous Indian detectives, both from West Bengal, owe their existence to Holmes Byomkesh Bakshi and Feluda. Mmm, lets say TDK. In the sixth season finale, Patrick realized his true feelings to Lisbon and revealed that he loved her. 2022 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Moriarty was invented as a way to kill Holmes and end the series, where as Red John was invented as a way to string along tv show and keep it going. He is always, always, always very observant and his deductions are perfect. - 2000) vs. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes - 2009).

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