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Copyright 20082022 Eric Meier. We havent sanded. Rot Resistance: Teak has been considered by many to be the gold standard for decay resistance, and its heartwood is rated as very durable. Wordless Wednesday #402 - And So It Begins New Haven Heavyweights - New Models Coming, Bachmann Alco 2-6-0 Conversion Mini Kit - For Sale, USMRR Aquia Line and other Model Railroad Adventures, Notes on Designing, Building, and Operating Model Railroads, Building a Western Pacific PFE R-30-9 reefer, No.

Youll save hundreds of dollars doing it this way. Comments: Sometimes called Burmese teak, this name is used to differentiate natural-grown trees (typically from Myanmar, aka Burma) from teak grown on plantations. They draw you in with detail, always tempting you to come closer. Using the idea and history of miniatures to reveal and revel in labor, he concretizes each objects existence. In pointed contrast to the way in which Calder's circus was displayed at eye level in a 2008 exhibition at the Whitney,is the way in which MENS SUITS sits on the floor when installed, with micro-thin wires supporting the ceiling of each vignette. By placing a setting with hyper-realistic scenery into the gallery space, LeDray draws attention to the theatricality and stage-setting like sense of the gallery or museum. The individual vignettes in MENS SUITS are simultaneously accessible due to their lack of walls and inaccessible due to their scale and the inclusion of the dropped ceilings. im from RSA so doent have all these grain fillers like you and filling it with glue and saw dust usually just makes the varnish look uneven after sanded and applying.. thanks. These people after telling their Dentist about their hobby, have asked if they could have any old (and sterile!) Beyond the immediate pleasures offered by the kaleidoscopic array of patterned and coloured materials and the astonishing degree of detail, LeDrays carefully constructed world offers a meditation on appearance and identity, sameness and difference; a mise-en-scne of our current social and economic condition and the way it uses and values people and things; and a reflection on the intertwining of sculpture and the vernacular over the past century.. Not a very interesting sight to non-modelers. Odor: Teak can have a leather-like scent when freshly milled.

Having grown up in Seattle, he recalls a particularly impactful experience he had with a vendor at Pike Place Market in the 70s. Option Two: Complete two piece accurate frame and shell not dependent on any outside parts aside from trucks. With the advances in the print resolution of 3D printers and easy to use 3D modeling software, the adoption of this technology as a tool in Model Railroading is quickly becoming mainstream. By directing our attention to the details of his everymans discarded clothing, LeDray points out the way in which we indulge in nostalgic self-reflection by projecting our feelings onto inanimate objects. For instance, cumaru is sometimes referred to as Brazilian teak, while Rhodesian teak bears little botanical relation to real teakTectona grandis. Can teak be safely used to store liquid food items? If I could do it over again I would just use the sheet styrene in a .060" thickness and do it exactly like. LeDray often employs concepts of seriality, repetition, and variation of form to engage with notions of craft and the handmade. I figured I should have something a little more exciting to show off than 20+ feet of bare pink foam and wood. See my page on donating wood samples for more info.

*MENS SUITSwas intentionally given in the vernacular, neglecting grammatical conventions. Replacement Roller Bearing Journals for trailing truck and tender trucks, Boxpok Driver wheel inserts (mill out enough of out center spokes to drop in a new piece, then reassemble wheels, rods, etc.).

Where LeDrays Lilliputian garments are each distinct and highly detailed, with functioning zippers and implied individual histories, Beuyss suits are elongated, purely practical, and stripped of any ornament or individuality. We cant think of what else is new in our lives. that he originally displayed in 23 groupings right on the sidewalk, alongside life-size street sales held by homeless and low-income people.

Other references to earlier important and influential American artists include, A Course of Empire Bricks(2015-2017), which refers to a Carl Andre stack of actual Empire bricks on permanent display at the Judd Home and Foundation in Soho.

G10 is impervious to moisture and if you do this, you can easily keep the dough fir dry and also keep an eye on it. Masonite board is cheap but it is very time consuming to work with compared to the sheet styrene.

Even though the cost of the sheet styrene is about three times as expensive as hardboard, I could've completed this side of the basement in as little as two days. The remainder of shelf brackets installed for the Adena area. Uniforms (1993), which towered over the viewer, shrinking his body in contrast. Could it be possible make skateboard decks with teak? In addition to being an artist, Copley was a longtime friend and gallerist to Ren Magritte and this piece is a cheeky nod to the uniform and motif for which the Belgian Surrealist was best known.

Can anyone help me answer this? Copleys installation is self-reflexive, it is art about art while Hammons and LeDray are making art about life.

So it's been about two weeks since a real post.

Dal corpo glorioso alle rovine dell'anima, curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti, opening Wednesday, 27 October, 2021 at Palazzo Reale, Milan in Italy and remaining on view through 30 January 2022. Mainly because it's easier to work with, just score and snap with a utility knife to cut the pieces you need. Known by his signature name CPLY (pronounced see-ply), William N. Copley was a major figure of post-war painting primarily known for his eccentric and untrained style based on the traditions of Dada and Surrealism as well as American Pop Art. Even running a shop vac while sanding couldn't help control the dust. Theres the family man, the military man, the businessman, and worker. You may not live to see it mature. For all inquiries, please write to or call +1 212 966 5154. The universe of shrunken goods magnifies the viewers ungainly physical presence as well as the privileged position LeDray has put them in. In the same way, his contemporary Karen Kilimnik, blurs the line between stage set and installation in Sleeping Beauty and Friends (2007). In Therriens 1994 piece, Under the Table, the surface of the oversized table and chairs seems farless detailed than it would if the same amount of detail were depicted in a piece a tenth of the size. MENS SUITS comprises three sections of a thrift store selling mens clothing, each section distinguished by a drop ceiling, lighting fixtures, and worn linoleum tiled flooring. Shrinkage: Radial: 2.6%, Tangential: 5.3%.

The Empire bricks themselves reference bygone east coast industries. It is as strong as teak and far cheaper. Common Uses: Ship and boatbuilding, veneer, furniture, exterior construction, carving, turnings, and other small wood objects. By itself, the full medium description reads like a laundry list: fabric, thread, embroidery floss, batting, nylon cord, leather, leatherette vinyl, carpet, wood, wood stain, shellac, polyurethane, paint, glue, nails, metal, metal patina, metal piping, staples, screws, paper, contact paper, cardboard, Eucaboard, Plasticine clay, epoxy resin, epoxy dye, Plexiglas, "Crackle Ice" styrene plastic, compact fluorescent light bulbs, light fixtures, electrical cord, dust. Support me directly through PatreonIf youve been helped by the Wood Database, consider saying thanks and helping to support the project. In MENS SUITS each element is completely unique, astonishingly detailed, oddly particular, and convincingly lived-in. what is the difference between burma teak,chittagong teak and teak chamble wood? It is a non-native species there, and Hawaii has really been exploited enough. I use Odies oil on everything, but it makes teak even more durable than it already is and keeps that nice gold/carmel color. It grows in southern Asia and Southamerican countries. The zippers really zip. All this to say, whatever chemical compounds are in teak, they seem to beRead more . what solvents can be used to remove surface oils/residue from unfinished teak surfaces that have darkened with age? Will application of oils for finishing and/or maintenance make the steps slippery? 173: The Rapido Pennsylvania Railroad X31 Model, Mike McNamara's Northeast Kingdom Model Railroad, Railroad Stamps at the United States Post Office. Only the joints between sheets would need some bondo putty for a finished look, and not a hundred screw holes to fill either.

When you have to refinish an entire piano, you find what works in a hurry! Powered by, discussion on this topic in this thread on the Model Railroad Hobbyist forums, Pierre Oliver on his Wabash layout as described in his blog, Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society, NKP Wheeling District Coal Production in 1953, Elgin Car Shops - Custom Model Assembly and Finishing. It could be the artist - the hidden hand behind the scenes. as long as you use only the brown side, and the best teakwood that taken cared by the goverment (especilly in Indonesia). In 1991 LeDray saw David Hammons installation of Central Park West and Death Fashions (both 1990) in his debut show at Jack Tilton Gallery, New York. Back in July, Brendan and I had the honor to visit with Jim Talbott and see his excellent modern day Wheeling & Lake Erie layout which w A couple weeks ago we took a family trip and along the way ended up in Marion, Ohio for a couple hours of railfanning. LeDray originally installed Workworkworkworkwork (1991)on the sidewalk of Manhattans Astor Place, transforming the pavement into a pedestal. 3D printing the pieces needed to alter a Proto 2000 or Bachmann 2-8-4 Berkshire into a close enough model of a W&LE K-1 Berkshire. LeDrays work conjures up stories of human experience in much the same way that yard sales offer glimpses into other peoples lives. Stitched onto an outside pocket of the blazer is a round patch declaring the uniform as belonging to a member of Seattle Art Museum Security LeDray once worked at the museum as a guard. of oily content? It must be screwed to the studs or wall and all those screw holes must be countersunk then filled along with the seams for appearances sake. A suit is a type of formalwear typically marketed toward men. Raw, unfinished wood surfaces have a slightly oily or greasy feel due to natural oils. Businessmen are sometimes called suits, something can be suited to you, one can follow suit, or a suit could be an appeal to someone who has something you want like money or a certain lifestyle. One store in particular, located in a modern grid-like former bank building in New Yorks Flatiron District, whose plain navy signs promised low prices, top designers, and MENS SUITS* for the masses. Are Rosewoods (and Bubinga) really banned by CITES?

Not interested in bleaching the wood, just removing surface coloring on aged wood. However, because of a recent (Feb. 2021) military takeover of the country of Myanmar (the biggest source of teak worldwide), sanctions have been placed on imported teak. Anyone who can help . LeDray challenges his viewer to question whether the clothes they wear help to define or obscure their true identity. The buttons really button. A lot! Inspiration for LeDray came in part from a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York in 1991 where he saw the Costume Institutes exhibition of Thtre de la Mode (Theater of Fashion). At a time when contemporary art is often wholly dependent on words, the silent, apparently simple but persistently elusive work of LeDray is akin to a blessing.. It is perhaps one of the most expensive lumbers on the market, at least for large-sized, non-figured wood.

These carefully considered details ground the work with a deeply felt sense of reality, as if the viewer is physically present inside a memory of a real time and place. Teak is pretty strong. Michelangelo Pistoletto Venus of the Rags (1967), Photo of craft vendors at Pike Place Market, 1970s. Looking Adena west and still working on getting those yard curves down on the paper template. There is of course no obligation, but if youd like to give back and ensure that the project continues to grow, consider supporting me on Patreon. you can make skaateboard decks with teakwood veeners.

This one turned out fine unlike the curve in the background.

LeDray explores male identity in a funny but deadly serious way. Neil, Id try using a sealing finish like linseed oil and very lightly sand it out before the piece is fully dry. At the same time, the viewer has the option to change their perspective - to crouch down and see the space from the inside. I was thinking if it is not strong enough I can wrap it in carbon fibre.. Installation view fromRobert Gober: The Heart Is Not a Metaphor at MoMA, New York (4 October 2014 - 18 January 2015). As Magritte said in 1966, The man with the bowler is just a middle-class man in his anonymity. The two remaining species, T. hamiltoniana (endemic to Burma) and T. philippinensis (endemic to the Philippines) are both endangered and not commonly encountered. The name Burmese teak, however, does refer unambiguously to genuine Teak.

The two African species are strictly diffuse porous, as well as having much more extensive aliform and confluent parenchyma surrounding their pores. Also, why not use Douglass Fir? What differentiates the window from MENS SUITS is that it is full-scale. In MENS SUITS, as in Gobers Untitled (1989-1996), the body is confronted in new ways and everyday objects are imbued with beauty, mystery, and the psychological intensity of domestic and/or sentimental spaces. Absolutely, considering the value of the time I spent working with the hardboard could been translated to other projects. The Alsen Twins (2015-2017) consists of twobags of Alsen Portland cement powder poised on concrete blocks. With MENS SUITS as with Central Park West and Death Fashions there is an informality to the arrangements and repetition of elements within their installations. MENS SUITS alone took three years to make and the viewer is confronted with the hours LeDray spent cutting, sewing, and building each element, challenged to consider the pride of craftsmanship, the drudgery of manual labor, and the connotations of both. Thank you for all the info! Thanks for your time. Despite being one of the defining industries in the history of the Hudson River, the rise of cement, cheaper European imports, The Great Depression, and World War II caused many brickyards to shut down. His work asks, Is our clothing a costume that masks ourselves?. Bow Woods (from a mathematical perspective), Four Common Finishing Mistakes (and how to avoid them). Oak is cheaper and preferred. Combination of Hardboard and Styrene attached to the wall studs for a backdrop.

Through his use of clothing he underscores how what we wear is inextricably interwoven with identity.

Interested in teak logs from Brazil (tectona grandis)? I've often seen people saying in various forums about going to their Dentist and receiving more than just a pain in the mouth. Go grab a coffee or snack because this is a pretty big construction report.

Even the dust coating the suspended ceiling panels adds to the bargain-basement ambiance. The lack of a figure prompts questions like where is the body and whose body is it? One anecdotal story about teak while making this website. The specific links on this site are affiliate links (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) and help support the site at no extra cost to you. Out of the roughly 1300+ initial wood samples that I photographed for this site, teak was the only wood that seemed to have some sort of reaction to the naphtha that I used to wet the wood to photograph the finished appearance of the wood.

What unifies these works is their engagement with seriality, as well as the broader comments being made about identity and clothing. Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, teak has been reported as a sensitizer. Originally these are made with hard rock maple. Ledrays installations are accumulated environments designed to hold your attention.

Beuys believed that art should be a vehicle for social change and began producing works in multiples in the 1960s in an effort to combat the elitism of the art world. Postcards from Le Thtre de la Mode: Homage to Ren Clair: I Married a Witch, original stage set designed in 1945 by Jean Cocteau, and The Thtre. Also, it would be a crime to create a teak plantation anywhere in the Hawaiian islands. Average Dried Weight: 40.9 lbs/ft3 (655 kg/m3), Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): 0.55, 0.66, Modulus of Rupture: 14,080 lbf/in2 (97.1 MPa), Elastic Modulus: 1,781,000 lbf/in2 (12.28 GPa), Crushing Strength: 7,940 lbf/in2 (54.8 MPa). His work may evoke a sense of mourning for the lives implied by absent bodies. All three works use clothing to suggest a figure: LeDray has created custom found objects handmade ready-mades that evoke real people and real memories, there is something haunting about Hammonss empty black suits that speaks to the missing bodies they represent, and Copleys closet functions almost as a portrait of Magritte. So I need to use gloves while working this timber. They draw you in with detail, always tempting you to come closer, look longer. This habit of tugging at the viewers memory and heartstrings is in keeping with Robert Gober and Mike Kelley, contemporaries of LeDray who share a similar interest in themes like social and economic class, as well as an integrity in terms of production quality and attention to fine detail.

Clothes are strewn everywhere and yet there is not a body to be found, save the headless tailors dummy. Anyways if you read this far, thanks! It looked like some of the heartwood extractives were visibly leaching out into the naphtha. Notes: The growth pattern tends to be more semi-ring-porous on wood from faster-grown plantation trees, while the slower-growing wild trees tend to produce more distinctly ring-porous wood. Watch video of wood finish being applied. In contrast to the art worlds love of super-sized spectacle, LeDrays work comprises scaled-down replicas of found or imagined everyday objects whose factual appearance disguises the remarkable means of their creation. Since the primary company exporting teak is government-owned, sale of the wood is linked to continuing human-rights violations and oppression. Agreed. What is the load bearing capacity of teak?

Alone and spectral, the unoccupied outfit recalls Robert Gobers handsewn satin wedding gown as it first stood against a backdrop of domesticity and turn-of-the-century ideals of American womanhood at Paula Cooper Gallery in 1989. what are the test should be proven before buy the teak logs recently felled , regarding density and hardness , humidity, dryness colors and dimennsion should be reviewed. But use a single piece of teak, do not make a glue up/laminate of thinner pieces. This website is a treasure trove! The god's eye view which the viewer occupies in MENS SUITS brings to mind Chris Burden's installation of slightly-larger-than-life uniforms in L.A.P.D. I think I had to switch to denatured alcohol for this one species to avoid the discoloration. In this context, the miniaturization reads as a reflection of the small social status attributed to these marginalized people who have been reduced to selling what others have discarded.

LeDrays work is theatrical in a very real sense. I would not trust a teak glue-up. The punny title and leather belt cinched tightly around one of the bags serve as playful references to the entrepreneurial Olsen Twins and their fashion empire. That sounds good to me cause it will safe money and effort.

If using styrene for a corner only, be generous with the length to help absorb the stress of the curve. MENS SUITSis on view in Corpus Dominiat Palazzo Reale, Milan until 30 January 2022.

I just use a little alcohol or mineral spirits before gluing if it feels really oily. No it does not grow native in South America.

Or the body in question could belong to the viewer the giant empowered body surveying the scene from above with a gods eye view. The store is open but nobody is there, creating an empty landscape of peoples cast-offs, stage lit by fluorescent tubes. Richard Dorment best summarized this aspect of LeDrays intention when he said the following in his review of the Artangel installation: For me the most helpful context in which to view him is as the heir to American realist artists of the Depression era. There is something anti-monumental and disconcerting about MENS SUITS. The heaping pile of fabrics calls to mind Michelangelo Pistolettos Venus of the Rags (1967) and the image of this scene being tucked away, almost but not quite out of sight, is an idea we see resurface in LeDrays emphasis on location and vantage point in MENS SUITS. He casts these objects (a tie, suspenders, a wedding ring; a stack of industrial bricks, mortar oozing between them; cinder blocks, work gloves, a janitors mop) into familiar and enigmatic narratives. The viewer once again has to crane their neck in order to make out the details, in this case cupping their hands to the glass and peering in, and the overall atmosphere of both pieces is that of an abandoned stage set. He has positioned transportable objects so that they are stuck, creating an environment that emphasizes of the immobilization of movement. He looks with infinite compassion on the belongings of the dispossessed and the down and out, the downside of the American dream., "Though he never represents the human figure, the world he shows us is the city life that Reginald Marsh would have recognised.". (1994) consists of gray pants on a hanger with a white dress shirt, tie, and blue blazer draped over top. I could use the same Loctite glue to attach it to the studs with the occasional screw or staple for support.

it will be a strong and sturdy build. Distribution: Native to southern Asia; widely grown on plantations throughout tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Though he never represents the human figure, the world he shows us is the city life that Reginald Marsh would have recognised. Is it strong enough ???? Despite its natural oils, teak usually glues and finishes well, though in some instances it may be necessary to wipe the surface of the wood with a solvent prior to gluing/finishing to reduce the natural oils on the surface of the wood. S.A.M. Typically they claim to have received an assortment of picks and other things.

Common Name(s): Teak, Burmese teak, genuine teak.

Another setting another store with three sub-locations: outside the window where the viewer stands, inside the display, and in the implied interior beyond the frosted glass. It shouldnt even be considered. The usual procedure is to take a wood bearing any degree of resemblance to teak and insert a geographical location in front of the name. Grain/Texture:Grain is straight, though it can occasionally be wavy or interlocked. I get bad rashes, in my wrists, when worked with Burmese teak. Porosity: ring porous or semi-ring-porous, Arrangement: single row of earlywood pores, Vessels: large to very large in earlywood, medium to large in latewood, few; tyloses and whitish heartwood deposits (silica) common, Parenchyma: vasicentric, and banded (very wide marginal band sometimes large enough to enclose entire earlywood pores), Rays: medium width (visible without lens); normal spacing. Fiji grown teak has much lighter colour, Im sure, (This is a monthly update, and your email will be kept private. Not required, as Teak itself has plenty of oils gets secreted from it within.. Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to touching teak? Inspired both by Duchamps ready-mades and by Arte Povera, Hammons used abandoned materials found in the street to create art objects and installations that speak to issues of race, class, experiences of otherness. Yesterday we had some friends visiting from out of town who know what I'm building in the basement.

Donating wood samples and pictures of wood items, continuing human-rights violations and oppression, assigned to a number of different woods seeking acclaim, Fluorescence: A Secret Weapon in Wood Identification, Ash Wood: Black, White, and Everything in Between, Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian, and Other Rosewoods, Genuine Lignum Vitae and Argentine Lignum Vitae. MENS SUITSdepicts a lived experience, resonating with an accumulation of memories. Still, the effect was one of awe and revelation and the impact can be seen throughout his work, most notably in MENS SUITS where his painstaking attention to detail and materials is married with a sense of space, collective memory, and theater.

The teak growing in Central and South American countries is all plantation grown.

One could argue that the artist is not shrinking the clothes, as much as he is enlarging the viewer by comparison. Details are revealed and assessed, demanding a level of engagement that can lead to discovery. Many thanks for any resolution to my problem.

A pinwheel of neck-ties covers a table in one of the showrooms; alongside stands with loosely folded, stained t-shirts and pilling sweaters and racks of crumpled coats with satin linings. See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity and Wood Dust Safety for more information. Other woods are more expensive, but are typically only available in small pieces, (i.e., Gaboon ebony or snakewood), or they are valued solely for the figure of their grain (i.e., burl woods, Pommele sapele, or Waterfall bubinga). The straightforward title further reinforces the importance for Beuys of practical function over decoration. No. It would make a good compression post except for the expense.

Subsequent installations were mounted at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam;Bostons Institute of Contemporary Art as part of LeDrays major mid-career survey that travelled to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts,Houston;and at The Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. Teak is also resistant to termites, though it is only moderately resistant to marine borers and powder post beetles.

The contrast of scale between viewer and artwork offers insight into LeDrays logic: In miniature, close inspection is compulsory. Absent any jewels, the backlit black velvet forms become a nocturnal and elegiac landscape. If you are worried about rot, place a block of teak or even G10 under the base, and another piece of G10 between the upper end and the cabin top. I find teak wonderful to work with, dont let the oils intimidate you, the price is intimidating enough. On this occasion, we delveinto Charles LeDray's most immersive installation, MENS SUITS (2006-2009), commissioned by Artangel and first presented in 2009 in a 19th century Victorian firehouse in London. Can I seal my Burmese Teak finished indoor furniture that currently requires frequent application of lemon oil. Would there be a transfer of aroma? In myriad materials such as sewn cloth, ceramics, carved human bone, LeDrays works are marked by artistic invention, masterful handling of technique, and an uncanny manipulation of scale.

The sanding and sawing is also a huge mess. Much like the many names and knockoffs of mahogany, the moniker teak has been affixed and assigned to a number of different woods seeking acclaim. Just assembled and rubbed on a teak protectant. With its superb stability, good strength properties, easy workabilityand most of all, its outstanding resistance to decay and rotits no wonder that teak ranks among the most desired lumbers in the world. Wich would be the differences or properties?? Works great on teak and other open grain woods like walnut or oak.

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