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We are proud supporters ofr the RS moto, 'Sail it. The jacket features pockets on the arm as well, which is useful for a phone, keys, or other items you want to keep close for access. A drysuit is a must for any dinghy sailor sailing in extremely cold conditions. Sailing in the winter can be rewarding, particularly if you're racing in a local frostbite fleet. A note about this policy is included on applicable product pages. Be safe and enjoy your time on the water with these comfortable and stylish life jackets. The jacket is made of 100% polyester, which is a strong synthetic fabric with excellent water resistance. transparent yacht sailboat sailing pluspng A great pair of gloves are a key part of any sailors kit and provide both grip and all day comfort for handling line on a sailboat. Love it.' We stock dollies and trailers from Dynamic Dollies and Racks, Right-On, and Trailex, all designed specifically for your Sunfish! This is often referred to as 'dressing to stay dry' vs 'dressing to get wet' and what works best for you depends on the boat you're sailing and the exact conditions. Replacement Parts and Accessories for RS Sailboat at West Coast Sailing. Pick up yours today and keep sailing late into the season. If youre sailing in a winter environment thats between 35 and 60 degrees, the Helly-Hansen Roan Anorak jacketis a perfect choice. These winter series tend to be a bit less formal and offer a great opportunity for training and a chance to build community in your fleet. Check out ourReturnspage for more information (opens in new window), Shop our hand-picked selection of cleats, blocks, shackles, pins, and ring dings designed for a variety of sailboats. Find out why we're the go to source for dinghy sailing parts and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on qualifying orders. It fits well with or without layers, and its light enough to wear in addition to other foul weather gear. We sourced specifications from each jackets manufacturer or distributor to ensure accuracy. Shockcord bungee and floating Polypropylene also available. We recommend the Zhik Superwarm Stock for extremely cold conditions or the Rooster SuperStretch sock for more moderate conditions. RS Sailing has grown into one of North America's most popular small sailboat brands. We like the, Reach out to our team anytime by calling or texting, West Coast Sailing Blog - Sailing Advice, News, & Tips, Click here to shop all Apparel & Accessories. Neck & Wrist Seals- Seals at the neck and wrist fit tightly to keep water out. We offer a variety of h. igh tech Lines, which generally feature a non-stretch core for strength, durable cruisinglines, which are typically polyester and less expensive but still strong and durable, or Dyneema, Spectra, & Vectran for non-stretch control line, halyard, and sheet applications. In those use cases you'll want to consider a line with a cover, such as a high performance dyneema or spectra core line with a heavy duty polyester cover. Many sailing brands make youth or junior specific gear, though each brand uses a slightly different sizing chart and scale for assigning junior sizing.

Theyre warm and durable and popular for dock work, repairs, and at anchor. The Roan Anorak jacket is a fantastic casual winter sailing jacket for inland and coastal cruising on dry days. This jacket is completely waterproof, yet its also breathable, thanks to Helly-Tech performance fabrics. The cuffs are neoprene, and the hood is fully retractable and stows away for a cleaner, more comfortable fit. However, this isnt enough for winter sailing, and a thicker jacket or additional layers are required for protection. We also carry several offshore gloves for use on larger boats or in cold sailing conditions. All of the strong seams are waterproof as well, which ensures you wont experience leakage between the arms and the chest. If youre looking for Hobie sailboat parts, youll find virtually any item you need to repair or maintain your hobie catamaran sailboat here. A drysuit offers the ultimate form of protection from the elements. Hobie is home of the original pedal kayak, powered by Hobie's MirageDrive. These jackets are great for dinghy sailors looking for something to wear in the boat yard, cruising around the bay, or taking on an offshore excursion. Contact us today to find out why a new Zim sailboat is perfect for your sailor or program. This jacket is easy to store, as it stuffs into its own back pocket for compact stowage aboard the boat or in your pack. A proper system of base layers to wick moisture and mid layers for additional warmth is key to allowing the drysuit to perform at its full potential and to keeping you comfortable on the water. The importance of a life vest, especially for kids, is obvious and cannot be taken lightly by anyone who gets on a small sailboat. For cool but not extremely cold conditions, a heavy weight wetsuit and complementing neoprene top can be more comfortable, flexible, and less expensive. In case you don't already own one, a comfortable, well fitting life jacket is a must for spending time on the water, no matter the season. West Coast Sailing is your source for all things Hobie Cat including the full range of Hobie kayaks, parts, and accessories. If youre looking for 29er sailboat parts, youll find virtually any item you need to repair or maintain your sailboat here. For one, its made for sailingand features everything that decades of maritime experience have taught jacket designers. Click here to shop all Apparel & Accessories, 709 N. Columbia Blvd That said, heavier jackets tend to provide better mobility than several layers. Live it. They are more expensive but often the go to choice for high performance racing boats. Mid-layers can range in thickness according to weather and should again be made of wicking natural or synthetic fibers (such as wool or fleece). Call or text us at 503-285-5536 or email [emailprotected] We've collected some great gear from the warehouse including sails, rudders, and mast sections. carhartt We stock main, jib, and spinnaker sails, masts and booms, hull fittings, centerboards, rudders, and tillers, covers, blade bags, dollies, pre-cut lines, accessories, and more. Let us help you get your FJ back on the water! By no means a required piece of gear, they have become popular among many dinghy sailors to represent clubs and sailing teams. Thankfully there are lots of options available to keeping warm and comfortable on the racecourse, even on the coldest of days. Shop Line by Diameter, ranging from 1mm to 12mm. The Official 2021 West Coast Sailing Winter and Cold Weather Sailing Gear Guide. Perfect for the DIY sailor looking to further optimize their rigging. Check out ourSize Charts(opens in new window) Need to chat with an expert? West Coast Sailing offers a range of high tech line options including Samson Ultra-Lite, Alpha Ropes SSR, Robline Dinghy Control, Marlow Excel Racing, and Robline Coppa 500. We also stock Hobie Cat specific numbers for boats like the Hobie 16, Hobie 17, and Hobie 17 plus Tasar class specific red numbers. Whipping Twine Kit line and Opti Dinghy Lashing Line. 1mm = 3/64 inch |2mm = 5/64 inch |3mm = 1/8 inch, 4mm = 5/32 inch |5mm = 3/16 inch |6mm = 1/4 inch, 7mm = 9/32 inch |8mm = 5/16 inch |9mm = 3/8 inch, 10mm = 25/64 in |11mm = 7/16 in |12mm = 1/2 in.

There are two types of single braid lines: performance single braids and polyester/blended single braids. Its waterproof, not water-resistantmeaning it wont get waterlogged like many jackets that arent specifically designed for sailing. As water temperatures drop, adding a pair of thermal socks to your sailing boots is often a great way to remain comfortable. However, the thickness of the material makes it surprisingly warm without additional insulation. Products such as covers, dollies, wind indicators, carbon tiller extensions, blocks, and other upgrades do not need to be sourced from a designated class builder. For cold weather sailing, look for as wetsuit that is relatively think so that it can provide as much warmth as possible. West Coast Sailing is your ultimate source for all things Laser and ILCA dinghy sailing, trusted by sailors worldwide and supporting the sailing community since 2005. This provides an excellent level of warmth, and its more flexible than a single heavy coat. Shop our selection of Shockcord & Bungee plus floating Polypropylene Line. Dolly Parts - Replacement brackets and hardware for Dynamic and Seitech dollies. Over-jackets must be both water and windproof, as they wont provide appreciable protection if they dont deflect these things. Buoyancy AidsPopular in Europe, buoyancy aids are typically lighter and more slim fitting than USCG approved PFDs. Need a custom solution? We offer a huge selection of spray tops, thermal tops, spandex tops, and technical shirts for your next sailing adventure. Display your sail number on your sail with adhesive-backed sail numbers. Sunfish Hull & Deck PartsWest Coast Sailing is your source for hull and deck fittings for your Sunfish sailboat. For cold weather and frostbite sailing, there are two common gear methods: wearing a drysuit and base layers or wearing a wetsuit and neoprene tops. In this article, well provide detailed reviews of five of the best winter sailing jackets on the market today. The. Junior sailing gear designed specifically for kids and youth sailors. Most are reinforced at the knees and allow good flexibility. Last updated October 1st, 2021. If you actively race your boat, please check out our guide here. Shop up to 60% off great sailing gear including past season colors, discontinued gear, overstocks, and more. Think About Layers - While a drysuit keeps water out, maintaining a comfortable body temperature depends on what you wear under the drysuit. This highly affordable waterproof jacket is a fantastic choice for mild winters and an excellent emergency jacket for storing in a cabin compartment. Each of these block ranges are available in a number of configurations including single, single with becket, double, triple, with or without ratchet, and more. Long Finger Gloves - Similar to Short Finger Gloves, except the middle three fingers are fully protected. Which you choose depends on the other gear you're using and the harshness of the conditions in which you plan to sail. Their boats are distributed and sailed worldwide by sailors who demand the highest quality and craftsmanship to excel on the race course. Additionally, it has a unique hood that is designed to stop rainwater from dripping in your face. Shorts-A great pair of shorts is a must for any sailor. While some sailors choose to wear these in colder weather, most prefer something that offers additional warmth and protection. This feature is not found in all drysuits, but certainly makes wearing one a bit more comfortable if wearing for extended periods of time. ILCA Dinghy parts from Ovington Boats, a International Laser Class Association approved builder, available now at West Coast Sailing. Sailing headwear including hats, beanies, visors, and wool hats. If youve ever watched sailing videos on the internet, theres a good chance youve seen one. Offshore Gloves - Heavy weight gloves designed for offshore or coastal sailing. Layer up with a combination of base layers and mid layers depending on the conditions. There are two primary kinds of winter sailing jackets.

If you have a larger boat or rig and want to run a thinner halyard, consider a double braid line that features a Dyneema or spectra core for strength. This excellent jacket is made by the same company that produces other sailing jackets such as the Salt Flag and the Salt Coastal. If youve ever watched sailing videos on the internet, theres a good chance youve seen one. We are confident that Ovington will produce some of the best boats you'll find anywhere in the market, backed by a dedicated supply chain of spare parts and upgrades to keep you on the water. Pants & Trousers - Shop our extensive range of waterproof pants and trousers designed for the active sailor. Our covers are waterproof and resist both mildew and UV. All Rights Reserved. Sailing gear designed specifically for female sailors including tops, life jackets, wetsuits, and accessories. It can be worn over layers like fleece for warmth, and it provides excellent insulation and complete wind resistance with or without additional layering. Contact our team if there is a part not currently available online and we can work to source it for you. Click the link below to visit the charter booking page for more information. Not sure what gear you need? We stock a huge selection of small boat sailing blocks from Harken and Ronstan, including 16mm AirBlocks, Carbo Blocks, T2 Blocks, Ratchet Blocks, Orbit Blocks, and more. Dollies - Aluminum beach launching dollies for most popular small sailboats and kayaks. Popular among keelboat and offshore sailors. Made of similar materials to your wetsuit, a wetsuit top functions in the same way by trapping a small amount of water next to your skin to provide insulation. Find go fast upgrades for racers or durable parts for recreational and club sailors. Find out more about our story by, Rooster and Gill make tops that blend some of the water and wind resistance of a spray top with the warmth of a thermal top. In our Winter & Cold Weather Sailing Guide we'll talk about the merits of a drysuit vs a wetsuit, how to properly layer, and popular accessories for keeping your hands, feet, and head toasty on those blustery winter days. We have worked with Ovington for many years and believe they offer the finest quality boats and parts for the sailor looking for the ultimate in performance and craftsmanship. Shop diameters between 4 mm and 12 mm including favorites such as Marlow Doublebraid, Robline Admiral 5000, Dinghy Control Line, Sirus 500, and more. Polypropylene is a floating line commonly used as a bow line on small boats such as Optimists and Lasers. Shop covers and bags for Laser, Sunfish, Opti, 29er, 420, FJ, Tasar, V-15, Hobie Cat and more. Sunfish Rudder & Tiller PartsKeep your Sunfish heading the right direction with our selection of Sunfish rudder, tiller, and centerboard replacements and spare parts.

Fabric- Four layer, fully waterproof and breathable fabric is the standard for sailing drysuits. Visit our Whipping & Splicing page for a full selection of whipping twine, fids, splicing needles, and complete splicing kits. We have a wide range of headwear, gloves, watches, bags and luggage, tools and knives, product care items, coaching accessories, and more. Whether you're looking to keep the sun off your face or need a warm beanie for a cold winter day, we have all the latest sailing headwear from top brands including Gill, Zhik, Rooster, and more. WinDesign 1.2mm, 3mm, and 4mm vectran mini spools. Its big enough to wear with layers and allow unrestricted movement but light enough for easy and compact stowage. Enjoy Free Shipping Over $75* + 366 Day Returns. Let us help you get ready to own the water on your sailboat. This produces a line that is supple, absorbs twists, and tends not to kink. Find the boat you need parts for in our list above to see all the items that are made specifically for your boat. These tops typically have water resistant gaskets at neck, waist and cuff and are cut so that insulating layers can be worn underneath. Good layering starts with a good base layer, which should be lightweight and made of a natural or synthetic fiber that wicks moisture away from the skin. Older drysuits featured latex seals almost exclusively, but advances in fabric have allowed the use of softer, easier to handle neoprene fabrics that offer the same protection with a higher degree of comfort. Dynema is the Dutch company DSM Dyneema's brand of UHMWPE, used by Samson in their Amsteel and Amsteel-Blue dyneema lines. We offer a variety of parts and accessories for many types of small sailboats and popular dinghies including the Tasar, I14, 505, Weta, Lightning, Snipe, Flying Scot, Thistle, and Vanguard 15.

Always be prepared with a knife or handy tool to quickly fix a snag in line or tighten small drain plugs or adjust cam spring tensions and more. At the most basic level, a double braid line has a cover and a core whereas a single braid does not, but there are other important distinctions to consider when making a line selection. West Coast Sailing offers a variety of used small sailboats and dinghies including used Lasers, used Wetas, used RS Aeros, used RS Fevas, used Hobie Adventure Island and Tandem Island Kayaks, and more. Shop our extensive selection of deck shorts, waterproof shorts, spandex shorts, and padded shorts designed with the sailor in mind. This equipment is either lightly used or in new condition with small blemishes. Browse through our huge selection of C420 parts for sale and receive free shipping on qualifying orders. In August 2020, Ovington Boats became the newest International Laser Class Association approved ILCA dinghy builder. A 40 or 50-degree day can turn deadly if 50-degree water and wind get involved, as your chances of developing hypothermia when wet are much higher. Additionally, the top half of the jacket is made with high-visibility yellow material, which makes spotting an overboard sailor easy in most conditions. (866) 342-SAIL, 2022 Life of SailingEmail: contact@lifeofsailing.comAddress: 11816 Inwood Rd #3024 Dallas, TX 75244Privacy Policy. Melges has proudly delivered high quality boats around the world since 1945. Don't Forget Hat & Gloves - A warm hat and a good pair of cold weather sailing gloves will round out your kit nicely. Early bird discount available until January 31st, 2022. Whether you need a new Laser mainsheet, spinnaker sheets for your cruising boat, or jibsheets for your sportboat, we offer a selection of the industry's best sailing line from top brands you can trust. Parts & Accessories for Sunfish Sailboats from the Dinghy Sailing Experts at West Coast Sailing. This waterproof jacket made by Helly-Hansenis one of the best you can buy and is also trusted by thousands of sailors in all kinds of climates. Browse top line recommendations for sailboat mainsheets, jib sheets, spinnaker sheets, and more. Sailing specific life jackets allow a full range of arm movement and should be sleek across the upper torso. Sunfish Sails & Sail RingsSunfish sails are recognized all over the world for their bright, fun colors. These spools are handy for keeping in your rigging kit and can be used in countless ways on your small sailboat or even larger boat. Helpful Resources for Laser / ILCA Sailors. Side Note: A heavy weight thermal top works great in this application too! At West Coast Sailing, we offer a variety of high quality, durable, and affordable line options designed for the recreational and cruising sailor. Both Dyneema (Dynema) and Spectra offer nearly identical characteristics are can be used interchangeably in sailing applications, depending on where you source your line. Polyester double braids, found most commonly on recreational and cruising sailboats, have a polyester cover with polyester core. Typically these are not fully waterproof (with a few exceptions) as they do not offer the same level of waterproof fabric or seals at the wrist and neck, but are a great option for dinghy sailors as they provide a lot of warmth in one piece while allowing full mobility. For the price, its hard to beat the lightweight Helly-Hansen Salt Flag jacket for mild winter sailing. Sailing life jackets are an essential part of your apparel kit and the one piece of gear that can truly save your life. betterlesson sailing
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