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People were saying that during the Verzuz. Best Track:"Biscayne Bay"Rating: Three Doobies. In 2018, Curren$y partnered with farmers to launch his own signature cannabis strain, Andretti OG. Press play on new albums from Omah Lay, Yo Gotti and CMG The Label, Steve Lacy, Lil Silva, and Jordan Sandhu. Here's a flowchart in case you're interested. And now, 40+ projects later, this sleep-deprived writer is going to rest his brain, ears, and fingersat least until Curren$y drops another project. Were also treated to acollaboration between Curren$y and his former boss Birdman on the 10 Gs remix. Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa are like hip-hops Chris Farley and David Spade. its like you lets get high and talk about movies..fuck it, lets go to the movies ..lets eat first,lets go to a pawnshop and by a fuckin PlayStation and then we never make raps, Spitta (@CurrenSy_Spitta) July 25, 2020.

Ill see people doing stuff likeK.R.I.T.s got his face painted on a building. Spitta (@CurrenSy_Spitta) July 18, 2020. So I might as well sell that dope to you.

Yep, it's a good week, We have once again been graced with the audio dopeness. Spitta is bringing Gibbs along for a fittingly prolific start to his 2017. It dont make sense to hit me up about anything, I cant. This was when [the pandemic] first hit, so everybody was like, Oh no, it only matters if youre old or you have [underlying conditions]. So now I started looking at it differently. Dude will be like, We gotta do this. But if me and Chuck hanging out Im like, Aw man, we should watch fuckin, 2 and then listen to this beat. And then hes gonna think of another movie that was like, He suggests that, then Im like, Aw yeah, we should watch that. Then well watch that, and be like, We should go to the real movieswe should write a movie! Then nothing fucking happens. Ive been into building model cars and going to hobby shops as a kid, but in New Orleans there were like one and a half hobby shops. Its happened to me quite a few times. This is what happens. Hes into RC racing.

Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. Imo, this mixtape would probably be in the section with Saturday Night Car Tunes series near the top left. Curren$y and Wiz have a wonderful rap rapport that compliments each respective rappers strengths and sometimes polishes their weaknesses.

Everybody knows youre the worlds greatest stoner. Curren$y dropped this surprise release in 2014, to compliment a stoned drive around the city, and thats exactly what it feels like. Best Track: "Car Service"Rating: Four Doobies. We were supposed to do a joint called Puff Daddy. How have you been able to do that? Best Track:"Jigga My Nigga"Rating: One Doobie. That was something I always wanted to do. I hear it from my younger partners, like, Oh that boy Trippie Redd was bumpin your shit. It just so happens that the ones that I fuck with fuck with me. Chuck lets me drive our hangout sessions. Chuck Inglish is my homeboy. Doing what the fuck I wanna do. It sounds like Fraud created a soundtrack for successfully evading the police on a speedboat. Im just living my life. The quality of life goes down when you cant just kick it. A bonus treat comes in the form of an A+ Action Bronson feature. All tracks are produced by Chase N. Cashe.

Im letting him do his shit. Ill fuck with him when hes got time.

Get notified about exclusive offers every week! While most of the projects brightest moments come courtesy of Ski Beatzs lush productions, Curren$y continued to hone his wit and conceptual abilities.

I feel like I should know it but I can't put my finger on it. By Chase N Cashe] (2:56), T.Y.

His only release of 2010, Smokee Robinson is one of Curren$ys more focused mixtape releases, thanks in part to the guidance of host DJ Don Cannon. Editor'sNote: Aside from a select few, which were included due to their importance to Curren$ys legacy, Young Money and Jet Life compilation projects were not considered for the purpose of this feature. One of my. Best Track: "The Set" ft. I always got something like that going on. It was released for online download on August 5, 2015.[1][2]. Best Track:"Serious Freestyle"Rating: Two Doobies.

Weve moved to present-day Curren$y releases, as The Owners Manual was Spittas first release of 2016. Life at 30,000 feet, Welcome to the Winner's Circle, How Fly w/ Wiz Khalifa, Smokee Robinson. Like Big Boi from OutKast, because I used to do that with his shit too. Now on his fifth studio album, Curren$y hit his stride and found a comfortable niche to settle into. This page was last edited on 16 February 2022, at 03:21. This is awesome., .

When I dont know how to start a verse, Im like, OK, lemme borrow something from Snoop and go with it. Best Track:"Coupes & Leers"Rating: Two DoobiesAnd A Roach.

Many sequels are awful. This mixtape is reminiscent of Spittas early tapes, but with a polish that improves on them. The features are well placed, the production is fantastic, and Curren$y is coasting in a way that comes off as impressive rather than frustrating. Trademark Da SkydiverRating: Two Doobies. It seems like 2013 was the year that Curren$y really decided to share the spotlight with his Jet Life crew. Like if I get the remote Im watching other shit. The Jet Life crew is more present on this album, and the production reigns are handed back to his debut album collaborator, Monsta Beatz. Yeah, and some people dont think they should talk to me. Saturday Night Car Tunes and More Saturday Night Car Tunes was some awesome stuff from the past year. I feel that Covert Coup is a flawless mixtape. 1 is a bit sloppy and lacks the laid-back vibe Spitta became known for, but thats kind of why its awesome. Best Track:"Lay My Organz Down"Rating: Two Doobies. Best Track: "Talk My Shit"Rating: Two Doobiesand a Roach.

Amazing times we're living in, Plus the Dr Dre tomorrow. Quarantine allowed me to get into that. I just started The Sopranos. before I locked in on [promoting] the project was: I cant pull up. The homies dont all wanna watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. [Im] like atwo-year old. I already didnt fuck with people. Best Track: "Speedboat" ft. Wiz KhalifaRating: Two Doobies. It seems that Curren$y could tell that he was lyrically not on-point with the Styles P collaboration, so this release sees a return to the free-flowing wit of his best work. Im on Season one of the, , and these episodes start without the song. By this time it was clear to everyone that the Young Money deal was more of a hindrance than a help to Spitta, and without the limitations of a labels release schedule, he was flourishing. I cant pull up no where!!!!!! The Legend of Harvard Blue is another project inspired by the blaxploitation films of Spittas childhoodand produces some of the most memorable expansions on his usual production choices in recent memory. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? This tape not only showcased Curren$ys great chemistry with the Young Money crewbut marked the beginning of Curren$ys obsession with all things air transportation. How has fatherhood changed up your recording and writing process?.

We ranked veteran producer Alchemists 10 best collaborative projects. Youre both able to live comfortably and remain low-profile. So with this quarantine and people at home, you have time to build a model car. Thats what the binge-watching has gotten down to. With more varied production than This Aint No Mixtape, Jet Files allowed Curren$y to further flex his versatility, as well as the ability to run the show on a full-length project without multiple features. For anybody. Hes at his best when he's working with productionthat is created specifically for him, forming a cocoon of comfort around his stubbornly-consistent rhyme pocket.

Not only does Curren$ys collaborative album with self-taught producer & multi-instrumentalist Sean OConnell feature Spitta spitting over more live instrumentation than ever before, but it also contains some of his most inspired lyrical performances in a few releases. When I dont know how to start a verse, Im like, OK, lemme borrow something from Snoop and go with it. right now.

Do interviews like this feel like the work part of the job for Curren$y? Im building [my son a] Corvette bed. Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Smoke DZARating: One Doobie. In The Night (Feat. It seems like you have a homebody personality for the most part. Spittas production choices continued to strengthen with this release, and while it wasnt his most focused release, it was clear that he was on the cusp of fully owning the lane hed spent the last year carving out for himself. The Stoned Immaculate feels like the album Curren$y wanted to make for years and could finally accomplish with the connections and financial backing of Warner Bros. Best Track: "Jet Life" ft. Big K.R.I.T. Live In Concertwas meant to be a continuation of Curren$y & Wiz Khalifas collaborative mixtape How Fly, one of the stronger releases in Spittas catalog, butthe mixtape was eventually released as a retail EP due to sample clearance issues. While Curren$y continues to lock down his sound on this project, this is when people started to really take notice of Spittas insane output. In the process, Curren$ys managed to build a devoted social media following and avoid controversy. Best Track: "Cut It Redone It" ft. I had never seen The Wire. If theyre [hesitant] Im like, aw man, he doesnt sound like hes serious about this. I already didnt pass my joints. I dont want to watch Menace [II Society] and Scarface back to back all day, my nigga., So now Im quarantining by myself, I watched all five seasons of Daria. The soundtrack to a short film released by Curren$y and Taylor Gang producer Sledgren, Revolver is technically Curren$ys 8th release of 2016 and finds Curren$y, unsurprisingly,on auto-pilot. Have you been watching the Verzuz series? Genius is the ultimate source of music knowledge, created by scholars like you who share facts and insight about the songs and artists they love.

Fast Times marked Curren$ys sixth release of 2008, a staggering output for anyone, let alone a rapper whose skills were steadily improving. The result is neither mind-blowing or skip-worthy, with Curren$y straddling that middle of the road vibe, offering a few lyrical gems but mostly just coasting across Purps somewhat generic production. 2 Us Its Nothing is the fifth track off Curren$ys mixtape Cathedral. Im gonna play Xbox instead. Im chilling already. So I just take one like, , from the depths of the seaaaaa back to the block, The Need For Black Sign Language Interpreters In Hip-Hop, Laz Alonso Explains Why Mothers Milk Wears Hip-Hop Tees In The Boys, How The Boys Uses Satire to Tackle Black Issues, In His Own Words: Jon Batiste on Building Community Through Music, 8 Interesting Ways Rappers Have Portrayed Jesus Christ, Mixtape Monday: Chris Crack, Vic Spencer x Small Professor, al.divino, Ghais Guevara, Miles Canady + More, Best Songs of The Week: ft. Steve Lacy, DJ Premier, and More. All hail spitta, Everything hip-hop, R&B and Future Beats! What's a good project of Curren$y's to start with? Rozay is a master of product placement in his rhymes. Because I put it in there. Were now at the sixth 2016 release from Curren$y, and somehow he strikes gold again in the midst of a few so-so projects. Its a couple motherfuckers who know they could just hit me like, dude what the fuck, lets do this..

This project was released just two months ago to give you an idea of Curren$ys insanely prolific output.

One of Curren$ys first mixtape releases, Sports Center, Vol. Ive been into building model cars and going to hobby shops as a kid, but in New Orleans there were like one and a half hobby shops.

This tape also houses some of the first collaborations between Curren$y and his Jet Life teammates Young Roddy and Trademark Da Skydiver. The OutRunners is a fitting title. Im building [my son a] Corvette bed. You dont even have to ask me what I was listening to growing up. For longtime followers, it feels like celebrating the accomplishments of a friend., What Kung-fu flicks and mafia movies are to disciples of the Wu-Tang Clan, 80s era crime dramas, sports cars, and cartoons are to The Jets, the nickname for his devoted fanbase. Its actually surprising these two havent done a collaborative project by now, considering their many mutual friends and similar tendency to veer into spoken word territory over their more spacey productions. Best Track: "Grew Up In This" ft. Young Roddy & Freddie GibbsRating: Three Doobies. Plus, you get to hear Curren$y spit over Outkasts Elevators beat, which it turns out is fucking perfect. this year is the gift that keeps on giving. Dude will be like, We gotta do this. But if me and Chuck hanging out Im like, Aw man, we should watch fuckin Short Circuit and [Short Circuit] 2 and then listen to this beat. And then hes gonna think of another movie that was like Short Circuit. It sounds like Fraud created a soundtrack for successfully evading the police on a speedboat. Bales finds Spitta collaborating with my personal favorite from the Jet Life squad, Young Roddy. This is a milestone in Spittas career. I understand how [collaborations] could benefit me, but people only want me to do shit because its gonna benefit them, too, anyway.. When I get out, its like, Yo who the fuck is that, Bruce Wayne or something?. People were reaching out to me before I even knew my arms were long enough to reach out to them. I was built to have a son and to quarantine. He had to call in ahead of time to shut the place down to go to Space Mountain or whatever the fuck. (Curren$ys discography with Fraud includes 2012s, is a fitting title. Because I already watch too much shit already. Itll be like, Damn, four days and I never heard the beat. This was Curren$ys debut studio album through a deal with Amalgam Digitaland was produced entirely by Monsta Beatz. Im so happy My son is coming to stay with me for a while man.. I brought notepads and pens and I was ready to lock in and nothing happens., And so the project was born.. Lacs n Chevys, A post shared by spitta_andretti (@spitta_andretti) on Feb 2, 2017 at 8:34am PST. I was built to have a son and to quarantine. Spitta is my favorite modern rapper but it tends to take a few play-through to appreciate his work fully. After a frustrating run with Young Money, Independence Day is Curren$ys breakout solo tape. Best Track: "Flyer Than The Average" ft. Tracks like , , his relationship with Harry Fraud, his leisurely methods of working, the shows hes binging during quarantine, and more., Sometimes I cant go [to the studio]. The lyric/production relationship reached a strength not yet attained throughout a full release, and the conceptual elements show Curren$y at his most comfortable, which is also when hes at his best. Corner Boy PRating: Two Doobies. Because I already watch too much shit already.

It feels like work when Im talking to whoever asking me like, (uses exaggerated voice) Whats your favorite weed strain, bruh? In many ways its the quintessential Curren$y mixtape, but with that next-level quality that separates this and a few other releases from the bulk of his catalog. Im on Season one of the Flintstones, and these episodes start without the song. It wasnt until Curren$y ditched mainstream fame pursuits and dove into the underground that he really took off. Best Track:"Dope Boys" ft. Rick RossRating: Two Doobies. Best Track:"Do It For a G" ft. Yo GottiRating: Three Doobies. Im not about to bother Big K.R.I.T. Its great. Through a combination of mixtape theme, instrumental choices in the pre-streaming mixtape days, and a penchant for interpolating forgotten lyrics of yesteryear, Spitta leaves a trail of Easter eggs for devoted fans to decipher, even when they arent listening to, , his third collaborative project with producer Harry Fraud in the last eight years. When I told a couple friends I was interviewing Curren$y, they mentioned even more projects. People were hitting me like, So, you really like Snoop Dogg, huh? For the younger listeners, they didnt even know Dogg said a lot of that shit first. Sometimes, just sometimes, a dope mainstream beat proves to be enough to save Curren$y from his own usual shortcomings over a selection of productionthat is meant for other artists. Send a bullet through your thermal. Yeah, bruh! Thats what everyones trying to do. Press play on new albums from Burna Boy, Brent Faiyaz, PGF Nuk, Ken Car$on, and Tye Tribbett. Somebody must have played him, like, nine times for him to know that I did that.

If your interested start small curren$y cigarette boats with harry fraud covert coup with the alchemist he has an ep with styles p 1st 28 I think he has a mix tape with wiz curren$y really does have a big body of work, First Based God x Chance, now this? Did you get to watch his battle? Curren$y sounds hungrier on this project than he has in quite some time, and Im sure plenty of that is due to the bar set by Alchemists production. Sometimes I cant go [to the studio]. Cathedral is a mixtape by American rapper Curren$y and producer Chase N. Cashe. [For instance,] Ive got a bowl of grapes now. Best Track:"Toast"Rating: Two Doobiesand a Roach. I was terrified because I didnt know how this was gonna work out. Through a combination of mixtape theme, instrumental choices in the pre-streaming mixtape days, and a penchant for interpolating forgotten lyrics of yesteryear, Spitta leaves a trail of Easter eggs for devoted fans to decipher, even when they arent listening to his music.. Tracks like Seven Seas, which samples Italian film composer Piero Umilianis Nostalgia and the reflective ode to his son Gold and Chrome carry the bulk of the project. As you might expect, the production is an extension of the smooth, 70s-inspired beats Curren$y is known for, and collaborations with Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller highlight the project. Hes not gonna trip. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Quarantine allowed me to get into that. Imma flush my phones down the toilet for a lil bit. Chuck Inglish is my homeboy. By Chase N Cashe] (Bonus) (3:12).

Many of Curren$y's shorter projects could have been combined and trimmed of their less potent offerings. They were heavily present on his solo releaseand received plenty of shine through the Red Eye mixtape bundle.

How did yall meet up? His initial come up was through No Limit Records as a member of the 504 Boyz in the early 2000s, which he later parlayed into a relatively unsuccessful stint with Cash Money/Young Money. Unlike the underwhelming result of Spittas EP with Styles P, this project with Smoke DZA produced great results, and with Harry Fraud back behind the boards for the NOLA emcee, things just feel right. Curren$y linking up with Alchemist came out of nowhere, but immediately it seemed like the two were destined to be an infamous pairing. Their sonic compatibility speaks for itself, but let them tell it, their productivity stems from the fact that Fraud is just one of the most assertive of his producer friends when it comes to putting projects together. Mo money, mo problems. 2022 The DJ Booth LLC. Curren$ys pocket is getting tighter and tighter with each release, and Fear and Loathing in New Orleans is another palpable step up in rap quality, while the only things occasionally limiting Spitta are the beat choices. For rappers like Curren$y (who coincidentally got his start near the end of that era), relatability is half the appeal. Best Track:"Froze" ft. Riff RaffRating: Two Doobies. The homies dont all wanna watch, . Plus the production is A1. I build model cars and die-cast racing tracks. Is that still in the works? Cited by XXL as EP Of The Year in 2012, Spitta shines over Harrys enigmatic production.

A fitting end to a year of absolutely mind-boggling musical output, Fin serves as a summation of Curren$ys artistic growth throughout the year, and provides a glimpse into the next logical step of his legacy. I build model cars and die-cast racing tracks. Best Track: "Everywhere"Rating: One Doobie. Doing what the fuck I wanna do. Best Track: "Vibrations"Rating: Three Doobies. Roddys vocals compliment Curren$ys laid-back delivery like a tangy lemonade helping you out through a plate of rich, fattening barbecue, and the two sparring back and forth over great production is a treat for Curren$y fans as well as a warning to those not familiar with Young Roddy that his time is coming. But right now the shit just starts, just Fred and Barney getting into hijinks. Im waiting for that. For anybody. Arguably Curren$ys strongest mixtape release since How Fly, New Jet City has the feel and quality of a full-fledged album. Its also Curren$y spitting in No Limit/Young Moneymode which is great to go back and listen to after years of calm, fluid releases. Like if I get the remote Im watching other shit. The project marks the beginning of Curren$ys solo style, as well as some of his first collaborations with some of his current Jet Life crew comrades like Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy.

My homeboy Riot, Smoke DZA, and a couple people. He was helping another friend whose lowrider broke down on the side of the road. Catch up on new songs from Burna Boy, Yo Gotti, Fivio Foreign, Sech, and Jay Wheeler and Mora. Features from Prodigy, Freddie Gibbs, and Smoke DZA turned an already dope project into one of Curren$ys best. There are most definitely some gems in Curren$y's ridiculously large discography, however, there are also plenty of throwaways. Literally, the only thing saving this project from the same boring fate as some of his earlier mixtapes is the beats chosen by Spitta and company. We even smoked weed with Puff Daddy in Austin, Texas when we decided to do itand then I justforgot to do it. I like watching The Flintstones, Scooby DooSeason one of those. With this album Curren$y let listeners know he wasnt quite done expanding on his sound yet. Produced almost entirely by Ski Beatz, the album sees Curren$y perfecting his witty weed raps over a whole new caliber of production with features from Snoop Dogg, Big K.R.I.T., and Jay Electronica. Best Track:"Right Now"Rating: Two Doobies. With Higher Than 30,000 Feet, Curren$y really started to pin down his lane and makes great production choices to highlight his increasingly slowed-down rhyme schemes. To move an annotation to different lyrics in the song, use the [] menu to switch to referent editing mode.

I already didnt fuck with people. I already didnt pass my joints. It feels like work when Im talking to whoever asking me like, (, Anything that you really love to do, youre not gonna trip off time. [Prod. It seems like, through this series of tapes, Curren$y was reaching back into hip-hops past to pick and choose elements of a sound that he could make his own, and this project is another step in that evolution. Best Track: "Fat Raps" ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Big SeanRating: Three Doobies. (Curren$ys discography with Fraud includes 2012s Cigarette Boats and 2018s The Marina.) Riot used to tell me all the time, Man, you gotta do something with my boy Harry Fraud. And Im just like, I dont know. I dont know why.. Best Track: "10 Gs (Remix)" ft. Birdman & GunplayRating: Two Doobiesand a Roach. Best Track: "Michael Knight (Remix)" ft. RaekwonRating: Three Doobies.

Curren$y still lacks original production, and while some of his beat selections are great for the novelty of hearing him go in over another artists beat, more often than not it feels unnatural and the songs suffer because of it. A lot of people I have respect for, it made it easier for me to form real friendships with them. 2016 has been a banner year for Kendrick Lamar guest features, so it's only right we ranked them all. Its insane how much time me and @Chuckisdope can spend hanging out and not get any music done. Just two months after the release of the first installment of this series, Curren$y returns with another seven tracks to complement your smoke and ride. Whether this project was the result of a stoned studio session that probably couldve used more workor a creative slump for Curren$y, Cathedral leaves no strong impressions either way and doesnt quite hit that intangible mark that makes a Spitta release shine. And this even doesnt. Priest Andretti projects, Tim Duncan stat lines, George Clooney performances.
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