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Click Settings from the sidebar on the left. Once youve added your team in Business Suite, you can start assigning access to client accounts.

Further, view-only access permissions are also available. And it seems so delicious! You can download the mobile app by clicking on the following links: If youre already logged in on Instagram, you can also click "Continue as {username}" if that's the account you want to connect to. Enter the person's email address tied to their Facebook account, then select the access level to assign them (Admin or Employee). South Central, Rockbrook From what you write, I suspect you havent been given access to Facebook Business Manager. How to access Facebook Business Suite (Revised for 2022) In this article I am showing you how to access Facebook Business Suite. By simply using these basic steps, you have completed your account setup. Any error message?

Next, add client Instagram or WhatsApp accounts to your Business Manager. You can appoint different levels of permits and controls for every employee per your liking. Need a new plan? However, this option will only work if no other business account has accessed the page in the past. Note that you can set permissions for each folder so only select team members can access them. Congratulations! Fortunately, you can use the Business Suite mobile app to access more story options for Facebook and Instagram. post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time (or schedule a post), manage and receive messages, notifications and alerts in one place,,,, Business Insurance For Digital Marketing Agencies, Twitter AI: How the Platform is Embracing Machine Learning, Tips to Manage a Remote QA Team Effectively, 9 Reasons Why Video Captions And Subtitles Are Important, Compress JPG Online and Increase Site Speed by 2 Seconds (Step-by-Step Case Study), Optimise Your Shopify Blog Posts (Powerful Tips for 2022), learn whats working with Facebook and Instagram insights, log into the Facebook account associated with your business, If youre eligible, youll automatically be redirected to Business Suite when you visit. Here, you can set up folders to organize client content for organic campaigns. After selecting the pixel they want to share, they can click the Assign Partners button. You can also enter your own custom goal to align with the results your client wants to see. Start by adding employees or colleagues to Business Suite.

Then click Switch to Business Manager to revert to the older tool. Add your business name, your name, and the email address used by the primary admin. In Business Suite, open the Insights tab. You can also use the mobile app to draft content for clients to approve. How do I fix that? After successfully locating it, add the ID to the Facebook Business Suite account and tap on Add Ad Account option.

You are reading it right. Assign employee access to everyone else to retain more control over the accounts they can use. Use the mobile app to respond to comments and messages on the go. Use the media library for quick access to your commonly used creative assets. Find the right expert for even the most complicated project or campaign in just a few clicks with our new FindHelp marketplace. Ads Manager has a dedicated browser application and mobile apps. Clients will need to approve your request through their own Business Manager. @Joleana, same for you please thanks. Tags: Facebook, Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Business Suite. The manager will display three options here: Create New Page, Request Access to Page, and Add as Page. Creator Studio is a tool for content creation and management, while Business Suite is focused on managing your entire business presence on Metas platform. I can get it on my phone, but not on my computer. We still recommend that you use the dedicated Ads Manager to have more control over your ad creation and delivery process. From there, you can schedule content, publish it right away, or save as a draft. For example, you can flag DMs for follow-up if you havent responded to them within 6 hours. Next, go to DNS records to copy and paste the TXT record into your DNS to proceed further. What do you see if you type in your browser? If Two-Factor Authentication is turned on, Facebook will ask you to enter a security code. Analyze popular comments and questions to inform your content strategy. In Business Suite, open the All Tools menu and select File Manager. Hi Stephen, and thanks for your comment. Meta Business Suite allows you to manage all of your connected accounts across Facebook and Instagram in one place. This generally happens for something related to your ad account. Thus, to add your payment details to the Business Manager, first begin by navigating to Business Info. First, give your team access to your agencys Business Manager. Go to Business Suite desktop and make sure you have selected the correct Business Account in the top left dropdown menu. A new window will open. Also, you can complete other future purchases with complete ease by using this facility. In the left menu, click Users and select the People tab.

From there, you can update catalogs, resolve issues, organize Facebook and Instagram shops, and create ads to run in Ads Manager. Click the Add People button and select members of your team.

Note that this product is not currently meant for those using Ads Manager for advertising. If you have completed the above procedures easily, do not worry about the rest. Keep in mind that everyone who has access to the Business Suite can see the tasks. In other cases, its on a per-user basis.

Or you can manage Messenger messages, Instagram Direct messages, and Instagram and Facebook comments in their own tabs. Next is verifying the domain. The tool also gives access to your Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to your business in one place. However, this is not the end. Meta Business Suite is the hub that brings all these cohesively together for better utilization. For example, if you are an agency, you might also want to add Facebook Pages owned by your clients. Please note: You can always add more assets later. Thus, follow similar instructs, and select Add Account after completing the procedure. You need a personal Facebook account to create a business manager account. Just click on one of the two buttons. Then click the Add button to request access to a page. After this, log in to the domain registrar. While Business Suite has a more robust set of content creation tools, Meta hasnt directly integrated some of the most essential management tools into the platform yet. Select a profile, and then turn the Manage Ad Account option on. You can tackle comments and DMs across channels in the aggregated All Messages tab. Select the option to add an Instagram account. Click the Assign button when youre finished. By referring to the guidelines, your process will become much simpler, and you will also be able to use your manager accounts more efficiently. Facebook Business Manager and Meta Business Suite are technically two separate applications that are being merged and branded under the latter (Meta Business Suite). Follow the steps below based on the asset type you want to add. Thus, note that adding yourself despite being the owner is mandatory. But its important to note that some functionality isnt available on desktop, especially when it comes to stickers. Hope it helps! After tapping on Submit, Facebook will demand an email verification process. Click the Create Post button and select the accounts where you want to post. Thus, make effective use of this beneficial tool to boost success and profits in no time. Meta Business Suite (Formerly Facebook Business Suite) is a unified management platform for all your assets across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. If your team manages client engagement, Business Suite makes it easy to stay on top of engagement across Meta channels. You can also work with clients to get social media content approved without having to rely on external tools. Once you get access, you can check and update their conversion events. Click the Add People button in the upper-right corner and enter your team members email addresses. If you visit the Facebook (Meta) business website's homepage and check out their updated menu, you will find only these two tools listed under "Platforms and products.". This will ultimately free up more time for you to focus on other business areas. Once your Instagram has been connected to Facebook Business Suite, please link your Insights by following the steps below: Under Manage Your Social Accounts, click the Instagram logo under Add Social Accounts (if your IG has already been connected, click Link Insights), Follow the steps necessary to link Instagram Insights, How to Connect Your Instagram to Meta Business Suite, How to connect your Instagram to Facebook Business Suite. Select all assets you want the person to have access to and related settings. So, when you create a Business Manager account for the first time, ensure you add yourself to gain control access. Otherwise, click Switch Accounts to log into another account. The Ads section of Meta Business Suite offers you an alternate way to create and run ads across Facebook and Instagram if you don't want to switch to the dedicated Ads Manager tool. Differences between Facebook Business Manager and Meta Business Suite, Steps to get started with Meta Business Suite, 7 powerful ways you can use Meta Business Suite, Additional tips to make the most of Meta Business Suite, Frequently asked questions about Meta Business Suite. Follow the detailed instructions mentioned above for further help. By the way, if you want to focus on creating quality social posts and ads for Facebook and Instagram, you would be amazed by what CopyAI's suite of AI-powered copywriting tools can do. When your colleagues accept your invitation, theyll be added to your Business Manager. Next, we will assist you in connecting and linking different pages on your Facebook manager account. Yes. This 39-page report reveals what marketers have planned for their organic social activities, video marketing, social ads, and more. In addition, it can help you save time by allowing you to oversee your business's conversations across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Messaging in one place. How to Download Facebook Business Suite on Mobile, Please let me know if you liked the post. To create content, open the Posts tab in Business Suite. Anyone with access to the account in Business Suiteincluding clientscan see what youve scheduled, drafted, or published. Lastly, finish the setup by configuring the Business Suite Facebook account by verifying your domain. Meta is still offering users a way to switch between the two until the merger is fully completed. For example, this free Instagram caption generator can churn out highly-engaging caption copy for your posts in seconds. Hi Jacob, and thanks for your comment. Access needed to use this tool Now, tap on the Create Business button to access the business manager account window. Doing so will give you complete access and control to operate the account freely. From the All tools section of Meta Business Suite on a desktop browser, you can quickly access other Meta features like Commerce Manager, Ads Manager, Business Settings, and more. Then click the Add People button and select one or more people to add. Once the invite is accepted, the user will now be visible under the People tab. Here, you can set up permits and control access for other users and yourself.

So, to proceed, tap on the option. However, also note the pros and cons of the business suite to understand its use well. If you want to revert to the Facebook Business Manager interface, you can visit the "Give Feedback" section from the left menu to make the change. 2022 | All rights reserved. The Facebook manager account is entirely different from your personal account. There is also a calendar view to create regular posting schedules, fill gaps, and plan engaging content. Analyzing the results of your organic and paid social media activity across Facebook and Instagram is made easier with Meta Business Suite. Go to the "People" tab under Settings and select the "Add People" option. Social Media Examiner | Social Media Marketing. Click on your clients Facebook page and select everyone who should have access to the page. Have you tried downloading the Facebook Business Suite app on your phone and accessing from there? So, navigate to your mailbox and look for the verification email to complete the procedure. You can choose your clients Facebook page, Instagram account, or both. Select another Facebook Page and Instagram account or manage access in Business settings. Totally agree with Joleana. I could not change the old email to the account. For example, you can set up instant replies to greet people who message your clients for the first time. Select the desired client pixel and click the Configure Web Events button. They can click the Assign Partners button and enter your business ID to share access. You can set reach or audience growth goals for Facebook or Instagram, with unique objectives for each client. You can learn more about changes between Meta Business Suite and Business Manager here. Thus, know this major distinction before creating an account on the Facebook page manager. When I go to there is no option for Business Suite when looking through the menu.

In Business Suite, click the Help icon at the bottom of the left menu. Organize your inbox with multiple email client-like features. I get this error. Note that if you switch, you wont be able to manage any content scheduled in Business Suite but the posts will still publish as planned. HELP!, lol. Enter the clients ad account ID. Hello. As we know, the finest aspect of using a Facebook manager account is managing all your tasks from a single place. Get this free report now and never miss another great article from Social Media Examiner. Business creative folders (for advertising). Review the options carefully to give enough access without giving team members permission to manage unnecessary tasks. Both platforms let you keep professional tasks separate from personal Facebook use and allow you to collaborate with colleagues and clients. All you necessitate is the right assistance. The meta business suite is a vast service. Clients can also give you access to their product catalogs so you can run sales ads or set up shops. After completing the Business Information, navigate to the Payment Method option and tap on Add Payment Method. You will learn about this new feature by Facebook, why its important for your business and how to use it. Fill in all the necessary Business Details in this section to proceed. Repurpose Facebook content on Instagram and vice versa. Using this tool, you can manage your entire business and link it with the ad campaigns. If you are an agency or a freelancer, select the Request to Access Page option to proceed. when I got to the FB business link it says Sorry, this content isnt available right now. To complete it, select the Brand Safety option, navigate to Domains, and tap on Add. If you need to go back to Business Manager for any reason, however, Meta does allow you to switch. navigation dcc smart capita
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