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Healing meditations, tension-relieving head massages, stress-busting yoga poses and our very own essential oil blends amplified with CBD are all gentle ways to find the calmness and groundedness you may be missing. Spiritually, saffron unlocks the mysteries of the Universe, allowing you to learn deep, esoteric concepts. This instant tea is really just flavored water. Ta-da! Pick up a lamp or two from this page on Amazon. Artwork, books, trinkets, signs, memory jars and framed photos all serve to turn your home into a place of positive energy just dont stand for clutter! Conscious Lifestyle Recommends: Experiencing nature and all it has to offer is a surefire way to enjoy positive vibrations, mindfulness and an uplifted mood. A general rule is one teaspoon of herb per cup of water, plus one extra for the teapot. You can allow your tea to brew longer and get an even more potent spiritually activating herbal infusion. This pleasant tasting spiritual herbrelaxes your energy, which allows you to become receptive. In fact, here are 10 reasons to have one of these lamps in every room of your home. Peppermintis a common yet still powerful spiritual plant that helps motivate and inspire you, bringing you new creative ideas on how to achieve your dreams. Conscious Lifestyle Recommends: Conscious Lifestyle Recommends: Paradise Herbs Wildcrafted Astragalus Root Herbalists have always In contrast to the way caffeine stimulates, Korean ginseng heals and restores. Eco-therapy (being in nature) has even garnered the attention of the scientific community as many studies find it fights depression, and improves mental health and wellbeing. High vibration foods and herbs are just one component of a healthy lifestyle. Turquoise the master healer, highly regarded for its protective and lucky properties. Their deep yellow glow is hypnotic, reflective and a great focal point for meditation. Chamomile is like having a Conscious Lifestyle Recommends: since it steers clear of deep-fried and processed foods. You might ask what is a medicine Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Tea Everything we do in life can be thought of as a transmission of energy, whether were giving it away or receiving it. If youre struggling to attain mind-body balance and cope with the effects of stress, burnout and more, try balancing other areas of your life as well as your diet. An ultra-high quality, highly concentrated Korean panax ginseng root extract from 57 year old mature roots for maximum spiritual properties and effects. A legendary spiritual herb.

Just letting in a few minutes of fresh air each morning before you go to work will cleanse and rejuvenate. In this case, though, we are more interested in the elder flowers, as they help promote sweating. Take a dried bundle of herbs and light it, then quickly blow the flame out, allowing the smoke to waft around the house. It also shows you the tremendous benefit that completing this task will serve both you and others. yourself from any negativity or bad juju, put a plant of nettle at your front An ultra-high quality, concentrated liquid phyto extract of organic hawthorn berries, leaf and flower for maximum spiritual effect and potency. So, before you dive into high doses of spiritual herbs, check in with your intuitive feelings. pot, which makes about 1 to 1 gallons at a time. So if your circulation is stimulated, so too is your energy, and therefore your intuition. They are known as Tamas, Rajas and Sattva and Ayurvedic philosophy encourages you to maximize the amount of Sattvic foods (or high vibration foods) in your diet. Rose teais an ancient, sacred spiritual herb that opens your heart. It helps you let go of resentment and jealousy, bringing you to a place of contentment and balance. They become a safe haven, a space to recharge our batteries and lift our spirits. It tastes exactly like youd expect, but the energy is beautiful! By raising our vibrations Ginger tea releases anger and frustration. Tea is best made in a closed vesseleither a teapot or a cup with a small saucer placed on top to serve as a lid. If choosing plants especially for your bedroom, these 12 will help you sleep while improving air quality! Fear is a very low vibration High vibration foods and herbs can help you feel more energized and balanced. You may have noticed that when you have a cup of spiritually activating peppermint tea, your hands sometimes feel warmer. Viva Labs Organic Elderberries If your sweat glands are blocked or sluggish, these herbs can help stimulate and awaken them. or uneasy, try drinking a cup of rosemary tea to raise your feelings of love When you do, you will begin to feel happier and less stressed. It Maybe that friendship that needs to be mended will It encompasses fieriness, turbulence and a yang-like nature, and Rajasic foods often build physical endurance or stimulate the body. photo: lina angelov. In our current convenience-focused age, many just grab a tea bag and pop it into a cup of hot water. Our reaction to a color is unique to us so choose what feels right for you. Red raises a rooms energy level and gets the adrenaline and blood pumping. Remember that many store-bought candles can be dangerous to your health and contribute to poor air quality. As a life-long clairvoyant, Doreen has received information about which foods to eat and which to avoid to increase intuition. The elder tree has a long history connected to ancient mysticism. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";
Smudging can be used to clear your space when: You can also burn an herbal incense by blending ground herbs together and placing the mix on a lit charcoal disc on top of your incense burner. refrigerator, and each morning, fill your sports pitcher and sip your tea | This doesnt happen all the time, but when it does, it shows that the energy in your palm chakras has been awakened. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";
It balances blood pressure and prevents your blood from becoming too thick.

Blue can be calming, relaxing and serene but can also cause feelings of sadness. herbs help you physically, mentally, emotionally and vibrationally! Carnelian attracts fortune and encourages creativity and motivation. If On an energetic level it gives you a pat on the back. As a healer or reader, you may focus on helping others rather than devoting time to yourself. He has a strong connection to the angels and to the natural world, believing that nature holds Divine healing properties. Buddha Teas Organic Thyme Herbal Tea To learn more about Ayurvedic practices and ways you can supercharge your wellness routine, check out our blog. You know that uplifting fragrance emanating from peppermint tea? we are understanding the truth of this statement. Be conscious of when and what you watch on television. A former psychotherapist who specialized in eating disorders, she developed an interest in nutrition in childhood, as her mother and vegetarian father would serve healthful meals. It clears away unwanted thoughts, lifts negative thinking in favor of a positive attitude, and assists with concentration. As your blood spreads through the superficial layers of your skin, it clears the eccrine glands. Whichever form you choose, please ensure its sourced from a reliable company, sustainably harvested, and organic or wild-crafted. is to drink a quart of tea a day. Doreen has appeared on radio and television worldwide, including CNN, Oprah, and The View, and in magazines and newspapers internationally. Heres a breakdown of each, in order of worst to best. has been known to create relaxation (and might repair your aura). and you need to adapt to changes. If you dont have a diffuser (and here are 10 reasons why you should) you can also mix up a cleansing room spray and spritz it around the home. Ultra-high quality organic ginger tea in convenient, bleach-free tea bags. I use it for both the physical and emotional heart. If youre finding it difficult to express yourself, try thyme tea. Lavender brings a deeper spiritual understanding. So if your teapot holds two cups of water, you would add three teaspoons of herb. door or in your medicine pouch. that depletes our energy and can create physical, emotional, mental and Pick a When choosing to keep or remove each piece, ask yourself if it evokes good or bad memories, or has positive or negative connotations. A soothing blend of three different types of organic fennel seeds and leaves make for a tasty, refreshing tea. Thyme is another spiritual herb you might not have considered brewing. comprehensive review of five of the best diffusers here. Instead, you will become an inspiration to those around youwho will wonder why you are so peaceful and then will want to join you on that path of tranquility. All rights reserved. amzn_assoc_asins = "B01MSXFXR3,B01M04SWM3,B015EXRHIU";
This summons psychic visions and intuitive insights. simple! nourishing foods that help raise your vibration and can help improve your

Want to know more about living with less? create our health and well-being or lack of it. Nettle tea is great for when you feel worn-out and drained. Lay the piece of fabric out and put In moderation, Tamasic foods can ground and relax you, but because they are harder to digest, eating too many of them can make you feel like youre stuck in a dark, perpetual rut. Your hands are now more sensitive to energy, and you can use them as a natural divination tool. bit of dried herb to your favorite tea blend. Ultra-high quality, freshly harvested organic calendula flower tea in bleach-free french tea bags for clean, healthy spiritually activating infusions. When you take a tincture, it brings through the energy and vibration of the spiritual plant. Ive used it for healing grief; difficult relationships; and feelings of being taken advantage of by friends, family, or partners. For example, overhaul your cleaning supplies with these 40 green cleaning tips for every room in your home. car, place around your homeanywhere you need the vibe of these plants. It is a simple but very effective way for these herbs to assist us. other living being, honoring and appreciating their gifts. katukina around

Kapha can be equated to Tamas, especially in an imbalanced state. vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, free radical scavengers, and antioxidants,

Greasy, overcooked and heavy foods tend to increase Tamas (and build. The higher a vibration of a person or place, the better we feel. , or Ayurvedic body types, and our specific life circumstances. Both the healing properties and scent of the herbs are released into the air. Those quart-size sports pitchers many of us gratitude, knowing that the plants want to help heal and keep us healthy (ask Research trials have shown that saffron helps ease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and feelings of depression. throughout your day. . Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is a legendary tonic spiritual herb that nourishes the heart. In this guide, well cover a few tips on how to elevate your diet with nourishing foods that help you feel more energetic and radiant. It nourishes this precious organ, helping strengthen and regulate it. It can be too stimulating for some people, and some spaces. Choose items that have meaning, that make you happy and that inspire you. Youll find that you have no time for gossip or negativity. Himalayan salt lamps also give off negative ions which mean they increase energy levels, remove static electricity, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, encourage sleep and improve overall mood. If you are struggling to get something done and finding many excuses not to do it, then you need lemongrass tea! As a sensitive and spiritual person, you may not need high doses of herbal supplements, as your body is receptive to these healing compounds and will immediately begin to utilize them. By Kathleen Gould and Madalyn Johnson. Rajasic foods include pretty much anything has a very salty, bitter, pungent, spicy or out-of-balance taste, but here are some specifics: The Sattvic Diet: Benefits and High Vibration Foods To Enjoy, The Sattvic diet naturally comes with plenty of potential, , whether or not you are an avid practitioner of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. It awakens and clears all your energy centers and connects you to God, making it an essential spiritual herb for the seeker. teas is one of the simplest and time-honored ways to take these healing, high-vibrational Elderberry is an excellent antiviral. Some of the best include cactus, bamboo, jasmine, lavender, miniature roses, rosemary, mint, chrysanthemums, aloe vera and orchids. amzn_assoc_design = "in_content";
Because they attract water, they have the incredible power to remove dust, pollen, smoke and other impurities from the air. Essential oils work to cleanse your home and help you feel light and uplifted by diffusing their unique and pleasant scent through the home. Youve noticed that you cant handle certain foods or drinks because they just dont agree with your delicate body. The amount of water isnt important as long as you drink the entirety. Emotionally and energetically, it soothes a broken heart. High-quality, organic loose leaf saffron thread teaone of the most spiritually potent herbs on the planet. Though a balanced diet is important which is to say, dont try to cut out all Tamasic and Rajasic foods Ayurveda suggests that prioritizing Sattva can help you attain mind-body wellness and feel your most energetic. , or toxic waste), though here are some others to limit: Foods with preservatives (including high salt content). In Ayurveda, everything, including food, can be organized into. overall health and well-being. Pare down your wardrobe, dump the just in case items you never use, and always choose quality over quantity. It encompasses fieriness, turbulence and a yang-like nature, and Rajasic foods often build physical endurance or stimulate the body. Yellow is energizing and uplifting, it captures the joy of sunshine and signals happiness. amzn_assoc_title = "Smudging Kit On Amazon";
. It provides energetic protection, giving you time to recharge. Tao of Tea Organic Lavender Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Lemongrass sharpens your focus and stops people from interrupting your important job. While sage is by far the most popular herb to smudge with, pine, rosemary, and lavender are also good options. basil, turmeric, ginger, parsley, cilantro, fenugreek, cumin, cinnamon, fennel, ashwagandha, bacopa, tulsi, unrefined salts (see our. Dan Shen protects the heart and can reduce palpitations. Gaia Herbs Organic Hawthorn Supreme Phyto Extract Rajas is a medium vibration energy. Taking these simple yet profound herbs into our bodies daily This will give you the best results, as well as the highest energy and spiritual activation. Crimson can invoke feelings of rage and hostility. One way to do this is to fill your living space with potted plants and fresh flowers their bright colors and fragrance also make for a welcoming space. Let these Herbal medicines come in a variety of forms, including tablets, capsules, teas, liquid extracts, and tinctures. Understand the lessons involved in your current situation and you wont have to repeat them. You understand that what you eat changes your entire energy. spiritual illness. Organic ultra-high quality, loose leaf lemongrass tea for spiritually nourishing, highly fragrant and soothing tea infusions.

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