where does pat lafrieda meat come from

Pat LaFrieda offers a full line of beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry and wild game. The burger boom that followed had every chef in town seeking their own blend, and LaFrieda was the name behind several of the most hyped burgers in NYC, including the famed dry-aged black label burger at Minetta Tavern. Most restaurants that serve the companys beef dont buy the grass-fed or organic beef; only about 5 percent of his clients purchase either, he says.

The butcher comes from a finance background, and together with business partner Marc Pastore, who had experience in nightlife promotion, he aggressively pursued relationships with some of the biggest names in town. Now you have a meat company that will custom-tailor one of several hundred custom burger blends for you with whatever blend you want us to do because you have an idea of doing something different. They were and still are the leaders of that trend, and that makes them very important people in the business..

Pat LaFrieda convinced the average consumer that name-brand meat should be a thing. Consumers trusted chefs to know what good meat was, says Ariane Daguin, who founded her gourmet meat and charcuterie company, DArtagnan, 35 years ago and supplies to over 1,000 restaurants in the five boroughs, including Daniel and Per Se. Luckily, I was able to fix it in a day and return home.

We deliver a lot of product in a very short amount of time at the US Open. We receive the chicken fresh every night from Pennsylvania for deliveries to our restaurants the next day. One taste of our burgers and you will see why they are legendary. Even today, most major meat purveyors primarily target chefs and restaurants. LaFrieda reached out to Eater to clarify that he doesnt supply hot dogs to the restaurant and didnt know that his name was advertised so prominently on the vendor, whose signage implied that everything from the burger to the chicken sandwich was endorsed by him. Bloomberg TV's Erik Schatzker asked LaFrieda why he was so negative about "grass fed" beef even though it's the only part of the industry that continuously experiences double digit growth. All the ducks are raised without hormones or artificial growth stimulants, and the quality of the meat and the skin is unsurpassed. Truly knowing the practices behind the meat requires constant vigilance about individual butchers and meat suppliers. LaFrieda also considers his work sustainable because no part of the cow goes to waste, he says: The blood is sold to the medical industry, the hide to leather purveyors in China, and the meat and bones to the consumer industry, something thats possible with bigger meat companies like his. Pat LaFrieda has built a reputation for making the best hamburgers on the market. They felt like family, the chains culinary director, Mark Rosati, says. We distribute the finest domestic and imported meats for your charcuterie platter, including prosciutto, pancetta, capicola, mortadella and bresaola, among others. The quick service location offers made-to-order signature sandwiches as well as grab-and-go food and drink items. LaFrieda, his father, and Pastore already worked with a few of Danny Meyers fine dining restaurants when the idea for Shake Shack was born. I havenumerous restaurant friends who are tax paying citizens with a brick and mortar, and its not fair to them to take their customers in this way. Their feed is supplemented in winter months with hay and silage. Londons Shake Shack wasnt doing well at all with customers or the press, mainly because the meat was just horrible and the burgers just did not taste the same. And though the meat industry is rife with factory farms that have come under fire for crowded, inhumane conditions and overuse of antibiotics, he says the farms he works with dont take part in that. It's finished off on grain. Clients and competitors alike say that hes glamorized a historically unglamorous industry, redefining and becoming synonymous with the very idea of quality beef. Pat LaFrieda Meats has an extensive pork program that includes a number of all-natural heritage breeds. By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider At the end of the day, sustainability goes hand in hand with small farmers, and small farmers mean good products, she says. The demand will only grow with population growth. At the end of the day, the restaurants are going to buy from Pat or from myself because the relationship is there, he says. How to Raise Money for a Restaurant When No One Knows Your Name, Meet the Underground Power Brokers of NYC Dining: Restaurant Consultants, NYCs Established Power Players on Whats Next in NYC Dining, How Diners Pressured NYCs Restaurateurs to Be More Ethical, The Rise and Fall of the Reality TV Chefs Power in NYC, Six Reasons Sushi Omakase Became the Ultimate Dining Flex of New Yorks Wealthy, Sign up for the Now, some say its time for the LaFrieda name to mean a little less even if he was one of the first major players to convince everyday diners to care about what quality meat means. They were one of the first wholesalers in the New York market that marketed themselves directly to the end customer, he says. They had these issues too so they decided to open up their own restaurants,which are amazing. Chef Dominick Pepe of French brasserie and steakhouse Boucherie adds the Pat LaFrieda name next to several cuts of steak: He says diners respond positively to seeing the meat brand on his menu, the same way they recognize the water brand Pellegrino at his Italian restaurants. So much so that I asked to be the distributor. Thats how we were able to grow: customization, LaFrieda says. Restaurants need X amount of consumers every night and if they arent going to get it, they arent going tosurvive. We also carry a full line of pork from Indiana and Hatfield. Thats concerning since that is where fast food companies, prisons, and school systems get their meat. At first, LaFriedas company was also built on his connections with chefs. Don't freak out yet, though, as LaFrieda says that farmers are already working on expanding their inventory by retaining heifers for breeding. Their preferred grass-feeding process takes more time and money, and in its current state, the local farm industry cant meet the volume required by restaurants, they say. She owns nearly 50,000 acres of farmland, where she raises grass-fed cows, free-range chickens, and other animals the way they should be raised, as she says. If it wasnt for all the knowledge and faith of my Fathers, Id never be able to reach where I have. It took awhile to find someone who would do this in a way that I wanted.

They work with a network of family ranches and manage every aspect of the cattles lives, from breeding to feeding to care, to ensure the result on your plate is consistently and incredibly delicious. We carry a wide selection of game birds from Eberly Poultry Farms in Pennsylvania, specializing in organic and specialty poultry. People feel comfortable when they know what theyre getting, Pepe says. We offer a full poultry line to fit any chefs needs.

Depending on the time of year we may have fresh or frozen venison available.

More than a decade later, some say the butchers reputation for quality needs reevaluation.

She controls her own supply chain, from the farm to the processing facility, and uses the meat for her own Belcampo restaurant chain.

Still, LaFrieda tries to supply any kind of beef or beef substitute that restaurants request. In my honest opinion, I tried it with my mother, whois a vegetarian and we really liked it. Since officially joining the family business in 1994, LaFrieda says hes grown it into a $200 million empire, one that supplies meat to New York Citys top high-end restaurants, like Eleven Madison Park and Minetta Tavern, as well as more than 100 outposts of Shake Shack. I dont suppose that, however, we have set the standard for quality in chopped beef and burgers. Its the bridge & tunnel folks. Again, short term it lowers the price, and long-term, beef as a whole will go up. That unmatched LaFrieda work ethic not only gained notoriety but earned respect; so much respect that in 2003 New York City renamed the street where the shop was located to Pat LaFrieda Lane after the first generation of LaFrieda meat men.

We need more people claiming it and building a brand around it.

A lot ofAmerican beef has been consumed in China via HongKong then black marketed into China. China bought our largest pork producer in the country, Smithfield about five years ago. Short term, its greatthey are offering a lot of offal and they can get a premium for that. The meat is chopped at very cold temperatures, which keeps the meat coarse and prevents it from getting overworked. He believes that sourcing locally is one of the only ways to have complete transparency about how cattle are raised, but the bulk of NYC restaurants rely on companies that raise beef on countless farms hundreds of miles away. The consuming public, not so much., It makes sense for it to be that way, Sarrazin argues, since what the chefs do with the meat often matters more than which farm it came from. So we are absolutely all for it. Each generation of LaFriedas hasimmensely contributed something to further the business. One of our main processing plant is Creekstone Farms, a state of the art facility in the heart of the country. The steaks age from 21-60 days or longer, and the rooms are filled with 5-6,000 steaks at a time, which is important for the promotion of good bacteria. We offer milk fed veal humanely raised on small, family owned, Mennonite and Amish farms such as Green Hill Family Farm. Thats decommodifying this product..

That should help you sleep better tonight, but after that good news LaFrieda explained something almost equally unsettling. Quality control is also important and Elvira Cunha has really brought it to another level thats beyond just the USDA. LaFrieda Meats is voluntarily inspected by the USDA, with a USDA agent on site every night ensuring that all the products meet the most stringent guidelines. LaFrieda responded by saying that his restaurant customers sometimes start off asking for a "grass fed program" which he's happy to supply but "What most people don't know is that all beef is grass fed for about 85% of its life. No one has mastered it better than Pat, Morfogen says. No, the $20 plus burger is neither good or bad, its simply what quality costs. Placeswhereits harder to get to brick and mortar restaurants. In the pre-LaFrieda era, wholesale meat suppliers worked strictly behind the scenes with restaurants, so the average diner didnt have to think about what defines quality meat. Ethical meat cant responsibly function the way commercial meat does, Turley says. Chefs in the industry know of our company and know who we are.

Thats why there is a lawsuit against the US because we started to brand the meat according to what country its from. Beef Jerky is growing in leaps and bounds, since its shelf stable protein. Creekstone was designed by Temple Grandin, PhD, a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University who developed a method for the most humane way to process livestock. FRESH AUSTRALIAN LAMB RACK FRENCHED FROZEN NEW ZEALAND LAMB RACK FRENCHED. My father, Pat the second, starting working there when he was 12 and eventually took over the business. But it didnt end there with the Mets opening. Mark is absolutely amazing in sales.

We never use trimmings or pink slime in our blends. I want to change the system, she says. Well, flea markets that sell food since I feel its very unorganized and doesnt seem veryhygienic.

Thats why its very important to know there is a split 30 months and younger, there will be no MCD, 30 months and older,thereis a possibility youll find it.

Showcase Alternative Offerings. This was a time when we had no country of origin, so when there was MCD, everyone was looking at the US but it was in fact, from Canada. And Morfogen says that customers sometimes ask him who hes using as his butcher, a question no one posed 20 years ago something he thinks LaFriedas rise contributed to. We have to feed the people and thats what we do. China is already short on beef and theyve been usingAmerican product through a black market for a while so that will onlygrow. While LaFriedas explosive growth as a brand may have caused more murkiness around what quality means in meat, Fernald sees his success as a positive for the industry overall. The business runs seven days a week, around the clock. Regarding the flavor, a lot has to do with how the restaurant prepares it, and that is really the key. Famous for their chopped not ground meat, Pat has created over 50 custom hamburger blends and is the mastermind behind such burgers as the famous Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern, as well as signature custom blends at hot spots such as Shake Shack, Spotted Pig, Union Square Caf, Blue Smoke and Market Table.

The result is the most tender and delicious venison that we have tasted. Our company recently celebrated its one-hundredth year in business. The carbon foot print of something that's grass fed is much larger because what's not being taken under consideration is that it has to live a lot longer to get to weight if it's not fed grain or corn.". Our job is to make sure that when the chef gets product in his restaurant or kitchen, its ready to go.. Who can deliver the cheapest, fastest and best food? They must be three years of age or under, raised with no growth hormones or steroids. With wages getting higher, I think that the public is starting to understand that these wage laws are affecting the prices. I would love for some of those dollars to go theother way.

Just last year, the Journal of Internal Medicine published a piece about how eating red meat wascarcinogenic, but what the focus was really on was red processed meat.

Aside from major environmental concerns associated with beef consumption, many in the meat industry say free-roaming and antibiotic-free cattle naturally produce more flavorful meat, including DArtagnans Daguin, who works with several farms and ranchers. They must be free to roam and graze freely in natural condition on pasture, fed only on grass. Event spaces like the US Open and Citi Field are great places for the public to sample our product. LaFrieda became more of a recognizable name in 2004, the year that Shake Shack was born in Madison Square Park. Our family owned farms include Diamond Ranch Farms in Kansas.

He definitely went from having a really great reputation to kind of a ubiquitous reputation, says Brent Young, co-owner of artisanal butcher shop the Meat Hook in Williamsburg. Restaurants that cant afford the premium opt for the latter, and all of them whether a Michelin-starred restaurant or an airport vendor, whether serving antibiotic-free beef or commodity can say that they serve the beef from the coveted LaFrieda brand.
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