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Attend ODSC Europe 2022 and learn the latest AI & data science topics, tools, and languages from some of the best and brightest minds in the field. Corporate Vice President, Program Management, AI Platform He is a Member of the Academia Europaea, Fellow of IEEE, IAPR, BCS, and ELLIS, ACM Distinguished Speaker, and World Economic Forum Young Scientist. *Please note that all prices are excluding VAT & fees. His work on applying and assessing uncertainty methods to large scale medical imaging was among the first in the field and awarded with key note speaker invitations. Dr. Schulz is also a co-founder of Refactor Health, a digital health startup focused on the development of AI-driven digital signatures and automated healthcare DataOps.

Anand is an Adjunct Professor in BITS Pilanis APPCAIR AI Center. He was previously a professor at Imperial College London and held visiting appointments at Stanford, MIT, and Harvard, and has also been affiliated with three Institutes for Advanced Study (at TUM as a Rudolf Diesel Fellow (2017-2019), at Harvard as a Radcliffe fellow (2017-2018), and at Princeton as a short-time scholar (2020)). ELLIS Alicante Foundation | Data-Pop Alliance | Vodafone, Ariel Biller, PhD Czech Technical University in PragueFaculty of Civil Engineering, Thkurova 7/2077 166 29 Praha 6 Dejvice, Department of Geomatics of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University. ODSC Europe 2022 has concluded. Currently busy unlocking business value through Deep Learning projects, mostly in Computer Vision (not restricted to this field by the way). She is the Editor in Chief of Foundations and Trends in Signal Processing, and serves the IEEE on several technical and award committees. Laurence is based on Washington State in the USA. Learn more on our, Individual speaker channel session to connect, Individual chat channels for each session to connect with speakers and attendees, Connect with industry patners, investors, and experts, DeepMind Professor of AI | Head of Graph Learning Research, Head of Data Science at Scouts Consulting Group LLC, Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassador, Research Director | Director, Scikit-learn, Professor of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, Senior NLP Engineer - author of bestseller Mastering spaCy, The AI Quant | CEO The Python Quants & The AI Machine | Adjunct Professor of Computational Finance, Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Author of Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas, Assistant Professor; Director, Center for Computational Health, Research Scientist | Scientific Manager of ELLIS Amsterdam, Global Artificial Intelligence Lead | AI-Emtech Lead in Labs | Partner in Analytics Insights, Data Scientist and Author of Deep Learning with PyTorch Step-by-Step, Senior Research Associate in Biomedical Data Science and University Research Lecturer, Associate Director Business Tech Analysis, ML/AI, Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Decision Makers, Towards Human-Centric Education with Artificial Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis Tricks with Keras, spaCy and Transformers. Participation in the workshop is free.The workshop is funded by the Geo-Harmonizer project. He also dabbles in entrepreneurship and content creation, best known for his YouTube channel where he helps over 80,000 people navigate the data science landscape. Website link: Guglielmo is a Biomedical Engineer with an extensive background in Software Engineering and Data Science applied to different contexts, such as Biotech Manufacturing, Healthcare and DevOps, just to mention the latest, and a lifelong learner. Spatiotemporal Machine Learning using Ensemble techniques. In exchange for a free pass, ODSC is seeking volunteers to help with our program and event planning. Evolution of Efficient and Robust AutoML Systems, A former theoretical physicist turned machine learning engineer, Olga is now building a smart data annotation platform at Scaleway as a technical product manager. Earth Data Cubes: spatiotemporal overlay, modelling and visualisation, Geocomputing and geo-harmonization using Python, R and Open Source GIS GDAL, GRASS GIS, QGIS. His blog post Understanding PyTorch with an example: a step-by-step tutorial reached more than 220,000 views since it was published. Danushka Bollegala is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, UK. His blog post Understanding PyTorch with an example: a step-by-step tutorial reached more than 220,000 views since it was published. Lucas was a co-lead for SIG Cluster Lifecycle, co-created kubeadm, Cluster API & Weave Ignite and ported Kubernetes to ARM. Currently, he is co-founder and ML director at Neurons Lab a consulting firm specializing in healthcare, finance, and IoT. Communicating Data Insights with Impact(Talk). He is also founder and CEO of The AI Machine (, a company focused on AI-powered algorithmic trading based on a proprietary strategy execution platform. PyTorch 101: Building a Model Step-by-step, GANs N Roses: Understanding Generative Models, Towards a Scalable Deployment of AI Models via Uncertainty Quantification, Hearing is Believing: Generating Realistic Speech with Deep Learning, Not Just Deep Fakes: Applications of Visual Generative Models in Pharma Manufacturing.

Towards Human-Centric Education with Artificial Intelligence(Talk). Introduction to Machine Learning (Bootcamp). He writes regularly for Towards Data Science. Christian Leibig is Director of Machine Learning at Vara, leading the development of methods from research to production. He received his PhD from University of Sydney (with a University Postgraduate Research Award-UPRA) in 1988 and an MBA (with Award of Distinction) from Melbourne Business School in 1997. Gal Varoquaux is a research director working on data science and health at Inria (French Computer Science National research). Daria got her PhD in Computational Logic from Vienna University of Technology (Austria) in 2015. Frank holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia (UBC, 2009) and a Diplom (eq. Peg is used by over 1500 organisations worldwide including Coca-Cola, LOreal and Google. He holds a PhD in economics from Boston College and conducts research on computational economics, machine learning, and quantum computing. Sandra Wachter, PhD She is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, an IEEE Fellow and a EURASIP Fellow. ODSC Keynote: The Big Wave of AI at Scale, Luis Vargas, PhD | Partner Technical Advisor | Microsoft, Talk: Run Azure Machine Learning Anywhere in Multi-cloud or on Premises , Doris Zhong | Product Manager| Microsoft, Talk: A Graph Data Science Framework for the Enterprise, Talk: Introduction to WSL2 for Data Science with Z by HP, Akram Dweikat | Network Economics (ML) at Deliveroo, Global Data Science Z by HP Ambassador| HP, Talk: The Rapid Evolution of the Canonical Stack for Machine Learning, Lee Baker | General Secretary| AI Infrastructure Alliance, Talk: The Hidden Layers of Tech Behind Successful Data LabelingThe Hidden Layers of Tech Behind Successful Data Labeling, Aoife Cahill, PhD | Director, AI Research| Dataminr. Thank you to all our attendees, speakers, instructors, and partners for an amazingly successful event!

To help achieve this goal ODSC offers diversity and inclusion scholarship passes to minorities, underrepresented groups, graduate students, and others who express interest in the content ODSC offers. Alan Rutter is the founder of consultancy Fire Plus Algebra and is a specialist in communicating complex subjects through data visualization, writing, and design. The workshop aims to provide training to young researchers and professionals, as well to bring together international experts and emerging scientists around the following topics: 1st of May 2022 abstract submissions close, Large Language Models for Real-World Applications A Gentle Intro(Talk). At one of Londons most unique and exciting venues, Associate Professor And Senior Research Fellow, Law And Ethics Of AI, Corporate Vice President, Program Management, AI Platform, Academic Leader, Professor, Author of Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics, Director of Research | Chief Scientific | Advisor | IEEE Fellow | ACM Fellow | EurAI Fellow, Professor Of Computer Science | University of Freiburg, InPost | Wrocaw University of Economics and Business, Kubernetes Contributor and CNCF Ambassador | Founder & CEO. He has long applied it to brain-imaging data to understand cognition. Originally from Istanbul, Duygu currently resides in Berlin, DE with her cute dog Adele.

Previously he worked on deep learning and machine learning at Google and IBM. More recently, Ken is focused on project-based learning through Kaggle. Frank Hutter is a Full Professor for Machine Learning at the Computer Science Department of the University of Freiburg (Germany), as well as Chief Expert AutoML at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence. Dynamic mapping of land cover, vegetation, climate and environmental quality indices. Oliver is a software developer and architect from Hamburg, Germany. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our. The application would be open soon. Dieuwke Hupkes is a research scientist at Facebook AI Research in FAIR. David holds a Ph.D. in computer science and masters degrees in both computer science and business administration. Michael Bronstein is the DeepMind Professor of AI at the University of Oxford and Head of Graph Learning Research at Twitter. Technological University Dublin, Abhinav Joshi Introduction to Transformers for NLP: Where We Are and How We Got Here(Tutorial). Julia began her career as a structures engineer designing repairs for damaged aircraft. His projects include innovative solutions for farmers using satellites, the application of predictive methods to manage costs inside Swiss Re or the analysis of thousands of client meetings from text and the provision of recommendations to Swiss Res traders and many others. Her main research interests lie in comparative politics, political behavior, research methodology, and reproducibility. Her research interests include time series prediction and natural language processing. You can find out more about Carl from his blog, Revealing the Inner Self: Automatic Differentiation (Autodiff) Clearly Explained(Workshop). He has received the Most Influential Paper Award for the Decade in 2007 from the Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems organization for his contribution on the Belief-Desire-Intention Architecture; MBA Award of Distinction from Melbourne Business School, 1997 and University Postgraduate Research Award (UPRA) from University of Sydney, 1985; Distinguished Alumnus Award from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India; He was recognized as one of Top 50 Data & Analytics professionals in USA and Canada by Corinium; one of Top 50 professionals in InsureTech; one of Top 25 Technology Leaders in Consulting; and has won a number of awards for his academic and business papers. Evolution of Efficient and Robust AutoML Systems(Talk). Exploring Modern and Secure Operations of Kubernetes Clusters on the Edge(Talk). Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Decision Makers(Keynote). You can selectively provide your consent below to allow such third party embeds. Frank Hutter is a Full Professor for Machine Learning at the Computer Science Department of the University of Freiburg (Germany), as well as Chief Expert AutoML at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence. Evangelist And Deep Learning Researcher is professional background includes 20 years of experience working for companies in several industries: banking, government, fintech, retail and mobility. He started the #66DaysOfData challenge to help people create the habit of learning and working on projects every day. His work is supported by the Fondation Inria and its partners. Some of her writing can be seen on, Introduction to Transformers for NLP: Where We Are and How We Got Here, Exploring Modern and Secure Operations of Kubernetes Clusters on the Edge. All in one event. training sessions and workshops over 3 days, ODSC Europe offers unprecedented breadth and depth of instruction.

He has worked on various problems related to Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. She is dedicated to showing others how to succeed in machine learning and is committed to making STEM more attractive to women. He is also the leader of PwCs AI and Emerging Technology practice. At Yale School of Medicine, he has led the deployment of the organizations data science infrastructure which consists of a composable computing infrastructure to support the development of biomedical AI applications. Nisha Muktewar is a Research Engineer at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, where she spends time researching latest ideas in machine learning, builds prototypes that showcase these capabilities when applied to real-world use cases, and advises clients in this space. Cambridge, MA 02142 Please mention the size of your group and the types of passes required. He is a core developer of scikit-learn, joblib, Mayavi and nilearn, a nominated member of the PSF, and often teaches scientific computing with Python using the scipy lecture notes.

MSc) from TU Darmstadt (2004). The scientific coordination of these projects has influenced a generation of researchers and promoted the widespread uptake of machine learning in both science and industry that we are currently witnessing. Currently Senior (Big) Data Scientist at InPost and Lecturer at Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, previously Head of Data Science at Objectivity, with background in Mathematical Statistics. He writes regularly for Towards Data Science. Senior Manager, Product Marketing All Rights Reserved, We use cookies to enhance your experience while using our website. Duygu Altinok is a senior NLP engineer with 12 years of experience in almost all areas of NLP including search engine technology, speech recognition, text analytics and conversational AI. Forge a connection with these rock stars from industry and academia who are passionate about teaching data science skills to those who will build the future of the industry. Accelerate your data science knowledge, training, and network. She also enjoys working for open-source projects and a contributor of spaCy library. Get ready for the hybrid ODSC Europe Conference. Stefanie Molin is a data scientist and software engineer at Bloomberg in New York City, where she tackles tough problems in information security, particularly those revolving around anomaly detection, building tools for gathering data, and knowledge sharing. She has 12 years of experience in machine learning, signal processing, and intelligent remote monitoring research, with applications in biomedical and planetary health informatics. Previously, he was with Microsofts Bing Group, where he led business operations for Bing Shopping in the US and Europe and worked at Amazon both in Seattle and the UK, where he built and ran distributed teams that helped scale Amazons financial systems. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Nicole is a Data Scientist & Quant and Data Engineer currently working at impactvise as Data Science and Technology Lead and at quantmate as Quant. Years before the NSA, he was hoping to make bleeding-edge data processing available across new fields, and he has been working on a mastermind plan building easy-to-use open-source software in Python. Dr. Yves J. Hilpisch is founder and CEO of The Python Quants (, a group focusing on the use of open source technologies for financial data science, artificial intelligence, algorithmic trading, and computational finance. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, inventing new recipes, and learning new languages spoken among both people and computers. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in computer science, with a specialization in machine learning, from Georgia Tech. Microsoft, Prof. John D. Kelleher

AI-Powered Algorithmic Trading with Python(Training). Processing large raster datasets using High Performance and Distributed Computing. Scikit-learn is an Open Source machine learning library written in Python. Daria Stepanova is a lead research scientist at Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence. Beyond the Basics: Data Visualization in Python(Training). He has helped to drive a fundamental rebirth in the field of machine learning, with applications in novel domains including computer vision, document classification, and applications in biology and medicine focussed on brain scan, immunity and proteome analysis. interest special events fens jul

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