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Go through the door, and you'll enter a room with multiple doors. Don't you just hate that about video games? To start, head to the entrance of Dozing Sands and make your way back to that Dream Stone Shrine area, the one where you went to find the Dream Stone Soul. Here, head towards the Tour Centre, and youll see a few steps to the left side. Somnom Woods in DT though? Check. The members of the species can apparently become pillows, which serve as portals to the Dream World. Can anyone Identify the make, model and year of this car? Jump on them to get theerjump on them in battle, and make sure to take them all out for that valuable EXP. Head inside. Then head to the right again. If you've been fighting every enemy you see, you should be pretty close to levelling up at this point, anyway. Once you're done, you'll hook up with Princess Peach again and enter Pi'illo Castle. Buy whatever gear and items you can afford, then follow Broque Monsieur into the next room, where you'll be greeted to a short informational film by Dr. Snoozemore, the island's proprietor, explaining the history of the island and the mysterious disappearance of its indigenous people. Now, go north across the bridge towards Piillo Castle and head left, until eventually you meet the Fly Guy R Thieves a couple of screens west of the castle. It also introduces a puzzle youll have to get pretty good at in this game, bouncing through rings on a one way obstacle course in Bros Ball form! If you finish the challenge within 25 seconds, the coins in your inventory will triple, but no matter what, you'll receive a mushroom for your effort. This Pi'illo is found in the area with the tour center, behind one of the three ruins' gates. The first thing you'll do upon entering the castle is learn how to use a mushroom - and what better character to teach you than the queen of hints herself, Starlow? Again, press B at the mechanisms peak to be shot over to a ledge to the right.

Click here to view the Pi'illo Blimport map in its original resolution. Sit through it, then get ready for another one on how to equip badges (shouldn't she have done this one earlier?) Now up here, just jump across the gaps in the path until you get to the other side of the room. However, Antasma - the bat king and the game's main antagonist - managed to steal the Dark Stone in his attempt to fulfill his own twisted wishes. Here, youll soon encounter Popple suspiciously lurking around as well as a Wiggler wandering around to the right. After a couple of random events which lead to Peach getting sucked into Luigi's dreams, it's time for your very first foray into the Dream World. Although the dream world of this area is a bit bland somehow. Use the Bros Ball ability you learnt at Mount Pajamaja to jump onto this ledge, and then keep on following the wall round to the north of the area to a new screen. The blocks will start spinning; hit the one spinning in the opposite direction of the others to open the door and move into the next room. Youll soon see a tiny opening that only Mini Mario can go through. However, on your way to the castle, you'll find the gates closing on Mario, and Broke Monsieur seems to have suddenly become possessed by a dark magicseems he wants to feed you to a Gromba (a kind of rock-covered Goomba). Regardless, youll end up seeing another pipe like object nearby. Follow the path downwards here until you end up back in the part of Wakeport with the tour centre (passing a Piillo as you go) and then enter the building at the end from the top floor. This takes you to a new room. Oh, did I say a few rocks? Suddenly, a light appears, bringing with it a large purple gem. They have pale pink skin, hats resembling pillows, beady eyes and small legs, and they have the ability to float.

Note: You HAVE to beat Mole Hunt here. Now you have all the Ultibed parts, head back towards Wakeport. At Prince Dreambert's request, the bros. set out on a quest not only to free the remaining Pi'illos (something Prince Dreambert himself could not do), but also to rescue Princess Peach from Antasma with the Pi'illos' help. This Pi'illo is found in the area to the west of the area north-west of the Central Plateau, in the north between two Zeekeeper statues. In fact, their name comes from the word "pillow". Although on the main playthrough, we don't explore much of the castle and just visit the much less fascinating linear ruins. If so, head north and jump across the ledges to find one, and save it like usual (the Dream World has quite a few enemies from the main Dreamy Driftwood Shore area in too). Youll see a cut scene where Dreambert and Starlow distract them (with interesting gossip about Bowser) and the Mario bros take back the sheets. Start jumping on them, focusing on one at a time so you can minimize the amount of attack turns they'll get. This Pi'illo is found in the area to the east of the area with the park's southern exit, in the northwest on the large blue hill. Keep pressing B to keep the spotlight shining at said poin, and the Mario bros will be shot through the gap to the location of the Mattress. The player will land on the higher ground, and will be able to reach the Pi'illo. As you may have guessed from the name, these are in Driftwood Shore. In here, just shatter the giant Nightmare Chunk with your Luiginary Ball abilities (the area has no enemies and at best has a very simple puzzle to solve) to get the Pajamaja Rock Frame. Well it's the underdeveloped, mysterious and home of the more. Overall it's a pretty great area. When that scenes over, the camera will cut back to Mario and Luigi in the cave. In this place, follow the stairs down to the bottom of the area, and youll be shown a Piillo that Piilloper has collected on his travels. And who do you think holds all the tours on this mountain! This takes you to another Dozing Sands inspired Dream World, where youll find the Mattress in plain sight! It only takes a minute to sign up. Now read The Return to Dreamy Wakeport for information on what to do next. There are Save Blocks scattered around the island, but since you can save at any time simply by opening the menu, we haven't bothered calling too much attention to them on our area maps. Change gravity so its pointing to the left, then change it so its pointing upwards to allow you to enter the green pipe on the roof. Yes, to get the Zeekeepers Feathers, you dont have to go exploring any uncharted territory, fighting any dangerous enemies (well, sort of) or even do anything particularly complex! Forest settings have always been pretty good in Mario games, and especially the M&L series. I prefer the bottom half but both are really amazing and interesting. Thats where we need to head to, so go left down the steps down the stone steps to find a Virus roaming about. Time to enter the Dream World and put it right! And for you Beavis and Butthead fans out there, Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe premieres on Paramount+. Avoid them - they are invincible. Just avoid their attacks and do as much damage as you can to put them out of commission permanently. There's no penalty for losing, but winning gets you a decent amount of coins. The platform will return without them, upon which you'll learn that they were sent into a secret chamber underneath the castle, so speak to Broke Monsieur, then hop onto the rocket platform and chase after them! This Pi'illo is found in the area to the north-east of the Central Plateau, in the north behind some Nommons. This object is a rising pipe, which moves up one block at a set interval and then goes back down after it reaches its peak. In here, youll meet Piilloper, the Piillo collector. Yeah, a free Bros Attack (and a pretty powerful one too) that can be used in battles for the rest of the game! So shrink him down like usual and have him go through to the left. Instead of just being some basic plains stage like Bumpsy Plains or Beanbean Fields, Mushrise Park takes place inside of a, you guessed it, park filled with hills, fountains, and a park vibe. Feel free to gear up and buy some items. illo toadsworth luigi Talk to him, and after a short conversation where he confirms he has the Mushrise Tree Board, you get given the job of breaking a few rocks scattered across the park. If you take the top route, just go in the pipe at the end to be transported to the bottom floor of the cavern. How to reach said button? Instead, theres another Dream Point. The first batch of rocks are in the area to the top right of the park, in the screen below the one used to enter Somnom Woods. Check! But they dont actually spawn at the Blimport until you actually win the mini game, so dont try and skip it and be clever, since you literally cant progress without playing the damn thing. Afterwards, you can explore the castle lobby a little bit - there are lots of things to check out here, including an item shop and information kiosks that will give you more information on the various floors of the castle and locations around the island. This Pi'illo is found in the area with the shop, in the far-west at the highest possible level. With that done, do you notice those dangerous looking platforms in the lava to the north? This Pi'illo is found in the area with the square-shaped track, near the south-west corner under a rock. Yes, you know that the thieves appear at the Blimport now youve read it in a guide. They lack bodies in the dream world while being slept on (with the exception of Eldream and Bedsmith). Why dont second unit directors tend to become full-fledged directors? This Pi'illo is found in the area where Mario and Luigi learn the Mini Mario and Mole Mario techniques, near the workers who teach the Bros. said techniques. Jump on the first Dreamy Mario to make the clones disappear. So head left to begin with until you reach a new area. With that done, head right to a new area. The sandy main area? What is it like when in deep sleep? There really aren't many things I can complain about in this area. Once you've finished this battle, Broke Monsieur explains that it was all an act meant to excite visitors to the island. - on completing Expert Challenges - and then Starlow will finally leave you alone to finish the battle. This one however has a clock symbol on the front. Without its aid, Mario and Luigi miss out on gaining EXP Boots. This Pi'illo is found in the area where Popple and Wiggler are battled, in the far-east. This Pi'illo is found on the eastern half of the area with the Badge Shop, right in the south-east. And the music is legendary here too! This Pi'illo is found in the area to the west of the area to the south of where Mario and Luigi jump off to turn the oxygen valve on, south of the Attack Piece. Plus, this level offers some amazing platforming so there's that too. This Pi'illo is found in the area with the bridge near the northeast exit, with its aid allowing Mario and Luigi to get up to the higher ground in order to acquire hammers. Check. Go through the rings and across the disappearing ledges to reach the high ledge on the other side. Phil is found where the first Gate is, to the east of the actual gate on some higher ground. I cannot for the life of me remember where he was. This castle, being the capital of Pi'illo Island and a sort of hotel for tourists, it really catches that exact vibe, mostly thanks to the music. Examine it to have Dreambert read out the text on the lithograph, opening the entrance to the cave. So overall, I adore this location. And now for something nice and easy! This time, you have to head off to Dozing Sands and explore a new area to get it, so follow these instructions to find it easily. Some trees and forests? Playing with the Nommons is required to access this Pi'illo. Of course, with most areas in this game having the perfect mix of realism and cartoony style, it should come off as no surprise that the Bowser level, Neo Bowser Castle feels quite out of place together with the rest of the game. Well not quite. It's so different and unique I don't even have the words for it. The host, Broke Monsieur, will recite a couple of statements, and you will have to move Mario to a green check to answer "True" or a red X to answer "False". After a short cut scene where the party asks about the Ultibed piece, youll receive a strange item called an Old Lithograph. It's here you'll discover a bit about the Pi'illos, but more immediately important, you'll learn the purpose of the stone pillow you found in the Castle Underground - it can be used as a portal into the Dream World! You'll show him the pillow you found, which will surprise him so much that he insists you go directly to the Collection Room - good thing you're already on your way there!

To acquire otherwise, go to the west of the area with the first gate, and fall at the second spin jump section. Some cliffs? However, it's not that big luckily and thus it gets better from here. Maybe some ruins? Wipe the floor with the Gromba, then Broke Monsieur will release another one. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. And to get that thing? Once youve gotten that attack, enter the door to find a cave. (Ball Hop required). After some dialogue about the pillow, it's time for your first boss fight against Smoldergeist. This is also where we finally find hammers. During your tour, you'll have to play a little true/false quiz game that's meant to determine if you've been paying attention to everything you've been told about the island so far. It's just so huge and you need this drill machine to traverse quickly, but the stops are far and few. At which point theyll turn around and attack! Mario and Luigi will stand on two different platforms attached to a central left, and in order to complete the challenge, you'll need to alternate the bros' jumps quickly (press A for Mario and B for Luigi) to reach the blocks at the top. This character collects Piillos and Piillo related artifacts from around the island and will offer to show you his collection after Mario and co show him the Ultibed parts theyve collected. An Event Block will be floating in front of it - hit it to reveal a bunch of pink blocks with Pi'illos on them. So off to the Piillo Blimport, the place where this whole game started! Continue making your way to the castle, and right outside the entrance, you'll be joined by Luigi, who has been sleeping since you arrived.

The flames will disappear; head to the altar to the north and grab the stone pillow. In the next room, you'll see a group of Grombas arranged in a giant X shape. Its a very welcome gift for those people tired of hunting down those special blocks in every area. Climb up towards the top, and youll find the Pajamaja Rock Frame towards the back. You'll have a brief conversation, then return to the real world. Pick them up, watch Starlow's tutorial, and then feel free to check out our Badges page for more info on the variety of badges and effects available in the game. Now, go right to reach a new screen and then once more to see Britta and some Shelltops attempting to get past a high wall. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

After this one, you'll get ONE MORE TUTORIAL - no joke! Wow, this place looks pretty creepy and mysterious! Youll see them trying to jump through some rings that appear on the floor. Wakeport is another legendary location in Dream Team and the Mario & Luigi series as whole, just getting edged out by Somnom Woods. So from the entrance of Piillo Castle, head down and enter the park as usual. After the end of a long tunnel in which you'll have an opportunity to collect quite a few coins, you'll meet a purple, ghostly flame named Smoldergeist (get it, because "smolder" and "poltergeist"? Get ready!

The basic trick here is to not get hit by the Smoldergeists - if they're successful in attacking you, their flames will re-ignite, and you'll have to take damage to put them out. (Spin Jump/Side Drill required). Show that involves a character cloning his colleagues and making them into videogame characters? Youll know if youre going the right way when you see a Virus wandering about trying to kill you. The one who rewards you for the number of Pi'illos you've saved is Eldream, the purple "old man"-looking Pi'illo.

After you continue on for a bit, you'll encounter another locked door and an Event Block. Yes, its the Massif Bros again! Part 4: Earning your Way Through Dozing Sands. Obviously it's better than Doop Doop Dunes in Paper Jam, I mean it has a unique atmosphere and concept, but I don't particularly enjoy it. Instead, some mysterious Fly Guy R Thieves will steal the sheets away and run out the cave! Still, its not that far out of the way, and there are no bosses to encounter enroute, so head back to the mountain and keep following the path upwards. In the next room, you'll see a Zeekeeper (well, a resort worker in a Zeekeper costume) standing in front of a camera block, arbitrarily keeping you from getting it. Heck we even meet fellow Beanishs from Superstar Saga, and fight against Popple the Shadow Thief from the same game. The Ball Hop can be used to reach this Pi'illo. Head down it to reach a cave. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. Next up is the Dozing Mattress. Chucklehuck Woods in SS is pretty gloomy and a bit creepy (but in an adventurous way), PiT's Toadwood Forest was really creepy, scary and quiet, BiS's Dimble Woods was your average walk in the forest, and PJ's Gloomy Woods was a darker variant of Dimble Woods. You'll be given a tutorial on controlling both brothers, in the guise of a Coin-Up Challenge. That's all there is to it!


Welp, this is it - the dream world! This is the only such enemy in Wakeport, so either battle or avoid it and keep going right, avoiding the Hermite Crab Rs as you go. Well, you know what to do here, its pretty much the same thing you fought back in Mushrise Park that time ago. And don't get me started on the dream area. Just go play this game yourself and wait until you got to the second to last area of the game, giving you the ultimate atmosphere! Get up there with the Bros Ball, and use your Drill move into the pipe. Cross said bridge, and youll be in another open area. See? As is the rule with this quest, this place has stronger enemies than the surrounding places do, with the usual Fly Guy Rs and Viruses wandering around to make things difficult. This Pi'illo is found in the area to the furthest east of the first Gate, on the other side of the gap, in the east. This Pi'illo is found in the area leading into the snow-based part of the mountain. This place has you fight various bosses and giant bosses you defeated in the main quest, except in their stronger X forms.

Up here, hit the block to make an elevator appear for a shortcut (in case you fall a bit later on), and then head north along the wall. You should know how to take out both of these monsters by now. Can I go back to Dreamy areas once I have rescued the Pi'ilo inside them? And finally, Crunchyroll has plenty to satisfy your anime needs with Rent-A-Girlfriend season 2, Double-Zeta Gundam, and season 2 of The Devil is a Part-Timer. Once you've done so and the door opens, continue on into the next room. It's the perfect tourist town level, with a nice layout, blue textures, perfect music and amazing puzzles. Cush and Shawn are found before the second Gate, Cush is the eastern one, Shawn is the western one. As you go, youll see some Shelltops directing people to a new tour on the mountain. It's such a charming little tourist town. This Pi'illo is found in the shopping area, in the north-east on some tall stone. Talk to him, and hell try and persuade the Mario bros that this Wiggler is some security guard for the Piillo collector, before getting Mario and Luigi to battle it. Scientific writing: attributing actions to inanimate objects. He will give gifts for saving certain amounts of Pi'illos. You'll emerge back in the Collection Room, and Prince Dreambert and Broque Monsieur will begin explaining the disappearance of the Pi'illo folk - turns out, they're trapped in nightmares scattered across the island. Mario and Luigi try to go after her, but the hole closes up. Unfortunately youll find that Mario has fell about fifty feet below the entrance portal and must find a new way to get back up! Now it's time for your first dream battle. After the film is over, Princess Peach and Toadsworth will step on a rocket platform and shoot off into an adjoining room. The Pi'illos fought Antasma in a battle to prevent this, but just before he was sealed away in the dream world, Antasma shattered the Dark Stone; the resultant chunks of the Dark Stone became Nightmare Chunks and petrified every last Pi'illo in existence, causing others to presume them to be extinct until Mario and Dreamy Luigi freed Prince Dreambert towards the beginning of the game. Change gravity so its pointing to the left, and enter the pipe to reach the Dream Portal again. This place has the Luiginary Gravity thing in place, the same Luiginary Work you used to flip gravity in Dreamy Driftwood Shore. At the end of the room, you will reach another locked door. The goal here is to keep track of the flashing block, then hit it once they stop shuffling around. Gaming Reinvented is a platform for gaming news and editorials. Bounce up to the top of these stairs using the Bros Ball, and then spin jump to the right to end up on top of another wall. Youre outside the mountain now, so head up to find some Viruses and some high steps to climb.

Now thats done, youll also be surprised to find that the Massif Bros will actually reward you for this task by giving you all ten Attack Pieces for the Slingsniper! Laymen's description of "modals" to clients, What's the difference between a magic wand and a spell. This Pi'illo is found in the area to the west of the area with first Gate, on a steel platform higher than any adjacent ground. When you pick it up, a couple of Badges will fall out of it. Before too long, you'll defeat the boss. Why here you may be wondering? Run by the users rather than a staff team, we offer 100% independent, good quality journalism. What purpose are these openings on the roof?

Announcing the Stacks Editor Beta release! This Pi'illo is found in the shopping district, in the far-east on some grass.

In the next room, you'll find Peach and Toadsworth, surrounded by purple flames - looks like you caught Smoldergeist just in time! Is a Fake Nintendo Employee Taking Down Fan Works? This is the only dream area of the game without an overworld counterpart. Peach will be carried off to the right - go after her!

This is my favourite beach area in the Mario & Luigi series. You'll arrive just in time to see Princess Peach hauled off again by the purple cloud.

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