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Seriously. Camp sickness is a common post camp feeling for campers, but many people dont realize that staff members get campsick too. Finally, working at camp is exhausting. Room, board, laundry, and staff shirts on us! You just have to show them how!

That being said, being able to point to a summer of camp counseling on your resume has some other lesser-known collegiate benefits that you should definitely check out if youre considering diving into camp life. Just accept that you will feel disoriented for a few days and definitely out of your comfort zone, which is hard.

Nerves, what nerves?

Nerves are at an all-time high, but the energy of the moment is temporarily paralyzing any fear that attempts to escape.

Most camp staff also never thought theyd get so attached to their campers in such a short period of time. A little basic math establishes thats roughly eight months of regular work time crammed into two.

The days are long. Its very easy to make friends when one spends so many hours of each day surrounded by the same people. You are now proficient in the camp schedule, spirit, and probably even the songs.

It could be that your summer at Camp Weequahic has already earned you a bonus on your transcript without even realizing it!

camp internships starlight friends dratch madison campstarlight Arrival:The time has finally come and you have one million different thoughts racing through your head.

The two weeks of orientation felt a lot longer (in a good way) and youre not too sure you want anything to change.

Traditional, Co-Ed Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania.

Traditional, Co-Ed Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania.

Only half of the summer has gone by and you are determined to make the most of it. In the real world, two months isnt a significant amount of time to form friendships or lifelong bonds.

Will the kids like me? Campers and counselors hail from over 20 countries! What a lot of people fail to consider, because its just such a foreign concept to most people, is that those two months arent 9-5, 5 days per week months. You will likely be given one day off per week, on which you will still find yourself spending time with the same people with whom youve been working for the past six days and with whom you will work for the next six days. Obviously, you dont share everything with children that you would with other adults. There is nothing wrong with comfort.

Candidates want to know, So, what is the hard part? Its a good question because, while its true that a simple internet search will produce article upon article about all of the great aspects of working at a sleepaway camp, few highlight the difficult parts of the job. At camp, however, staff are surrounded by the same campers, the same co-workers, and the same bunk or cabin mates day and night.

Eight months is the better part of a year and plenty of time to get pretty attached to new friends as well as campers. I cant believe I am here! This is what many people love about working at summer camp, and it does have many advantages.

Theyre 24/7 monthsincluding meal times.

Every last moment brings both cheers and tears; you really dont want to leave. You are attempting to perfect your bunk for the campers arrival and also trying to decide how much paint to put on your signs.

Chants, cheers, and skits may not be in your normal comfort zone, but here at Weequahic you have flipped a switch you never knew you had.

You have to be a good salesperson to a certain extent.

The fine print.

Work study can make or break the college experience.

Thats probably the hardest part.

Theyre campsick. This sounds like a no brainer, but if youre used to spending most of your time around adults, spending most of your time around children requires a bit of an adjustment.

You have immersed yourself with this group of complete strangers to make a week of learning fun and the nerves of where your summer is headed completely vanish. Many specific major programs require you to apply from within the school, and they wont just be looking at your grades; just like college applications, they want to see unique experiences that set you apart from the pack.

Its a feeling that any returning staff member remembers vividly and one they are not likely to forget.

Traditional, Co-Ed Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania.

Live in the scenic Pocono mountains!

Then the reality that theyre not at camp anymore finally hits them.

They follow the camp Facebook page and remember the fun all over again. You must complete the course, practicum or internship per your colleges parameters and complete your summer employment.

Week 3:You are at the end of the first session and the halfway point of your summer. Camp counselors are arguably some of the most patient, caring, hard-working individuals out there, and companies would be lucky to have them on their staffMark Weller, LinkedIn, In the unplugged culture at Camp Weequahic, staff build their emotional intelligence (EQ), or their face-to-face communication and relationship skills.What makes up your EQ?Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management.Why does EQ matter?In a study of 515 senior executives, emotional intelligence was a better predictor of success than either relevant previous experience or high IQ Forbes, Look for employees with high EQ over IQ. Unfortunately, work-study is highly competitive, and sometimes there are only a limited number of positions available.

After hearing about how much fun they will have, about the amount of time they will get to spend outdoors, about all of the friends they will make, and how much money they can save, it all sounds a bit too good to be true.

But leaving friends and family and going to a completely foreign environment to live and work for two months is definitely taking a giant step out of the comfort zone for most people.

Traditional, Co-Ed Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania, Domestic Staff June 15th to August 8th Half Summer Dates: June 15 July 19Specialty Training: June 10 June 14Key Staff Orientation: June 10 June 14, Staff Orientation: June 16 June 24Tribal Session: June 25 July 16Olympic Session: July 18 August 7, International Staff: June 6, 2022Ropes & Lifeguard Training & Key Staff: June 10, 2022Domestic Staff: June 15, 2022, Half Summer Staff July 19, 2022Full Summer Staff: August 8, 2022, Copyright 2022 Camp Weequahic All rights reserved.

Interacting with children also requires a great deal of discretion.

The Whats the catch? If youve read all of that and are ready to take on a bit of difficulty in exchange for a whole lot of fun, then a summer at camp just may be the right fit for you.

As you pack your bags and say your goodbyes to friends who you are so thankful for meeting, you realize a few things: youve made friends and memories that will literally last a lifetime, you cant wait to come back next summer, and when you do you will most assuredly bring a few more pairs of socks. I guarantee theyll love hearing about it and be very impressed. Closing Time:You are in the final days and are trying to relive your summer as it has flown by way too fast. Priority goes to students who can demonstrate that they have the commitment to do the job well, and the time management skills to balance it with their course load.

Thats why tears are usually inevitable when it comes time to say goodbye.

Summer camp staff who thought they were just heading off for a summer job a couple of months ago are surprised to find that transitioning from camp life back to real life requires a bit of adjustment. Being a summer camp counselor has well-known benefits for college students.

If youre looking at a track that requires extracurricular engagement, be sure to check if they accept camp counseling experience for credit. But if you stick with it, youll find that stepping out of your comfort zone to work at camp is one of the best hardest things you will ever do.

You Will discover what it means to be a servant leader and focus yourself on others through gratitude, a positive attitude, courage and kindness. The camp world is small, but the real world feels much smaller too after one has worked at summer camp.

The absence of technology encourages interpersonal communication, which means one gets to know a lot about others in a very short amount of timemore than you ever thought. You do the math! And if they do have a program for summer experience credits, be sure to explain to them why your time at camp is a good fit.

A popular question that a lot of prospective summer camp counselors ask recruiters is about the difficult aspects of the job.

Theyre looking at you for answers. From an outsiders perspective, a couple of months never seems like a long time, certainly not long enough to form any permanent bonds or attachments. Most people in real life get up in the morning, go to work or school and then come home.

Their environment as well as the people and things in it change several times throughout the day.

It certainly makes life (and decisions) easier.

You must contact your college advisor in advance and ask them if you can use your summer camp job as a practicum, internship or other course credits.

If youre a person who is quick to lose patience, summer camp may not be the right fit for you.

First, camp ends.

You will motivate and manage over 30 campers daily giving you an authentic leadership experience that requires patience, resourcefulness, and work ethic. Orientation:Its officially started; your bags are in a bunk, youve exchanged a few smiles or started small talk with a couple people, and you are wildly curious as to what a week of training will have in store.

Cheers erupt as the buses emerge.

They cried when they said goodbye to their campers and again when they said goodbye to their co-counselors, now friends. The kids board the buses and the magic of Camp Weequahic has come to an end.for now. A lot of first year staff members arrive at camp thinking theyre preparedand then reality sets in. But they did.

Before signing up to work at summer camp, think about the fact that convincing at least one camper to do something he or she does not want to do and to have fun while doing it is likely going to be a daily occurrence.

Will I make friends? Copyright 2022 Camp Weequahic All rights reserved, How to Turn Summer Camp into College Credit. But its even harder when you know that you may never have the opportunity to see some of the people with whom youve just spent the equivalent of eight months of your life again.

You must be currently enrolled in a University, College or Technical School.

You attend meetings that are less of meetings than they are events.

Copyright 2022 Camp Weequahic All rights reserved, , Look for employees with high EQ over IQ. How am I this excited and nervous at the same time? Two months doesnt seem very long in the context of real life. If companies should be hiring anyone, it should be camp counselors. Internship and work experience requirements vary depending on your school and program, but even if your school doesnt have a policy about internship or work experience credits, sometimes all it takes is asking nicely at the advisors office to get a special exception. Camp Weequahic staff learn grit, perserverance, adaptability, problem-solving and decision making skills and team work.

Reach out to a member of our staffing team with any questions.

Traditional, Co-Ed Sleepaway Camp in Pennsylvania. Thats roughly 1,344 hours of constant interaction with campers and co-workers compared to the 320 hours those people who just do that daytime thing get. Please email [emailprotected] with further questions.

If youre considering a major in outdoor rec, education, psychology, or any other field related to working with groups and/or children, having real work experience will set you far above applicants with only academic experience.
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