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Regelmige Reparaturkosten gibt es somit nicht. TITAN Vehicle has successfully entered i 20ft 40ft gooseneck light weight skeleton trailer container chassis | Goosenecks Get great deals on 40ftgoosenec container trailer at related prices. When replacing the tri axle chassis for sale or ship midway, there is no need to take the goods out of the box and replace them. Browse through and choose the one that compliments your business for better results. Via Mobilis commits to respecting the fundamental values of the regulations to protect your Personal Data. Site: International - Espaol - Portugus - Deutsch - Franais - Italiano - - P - - - - - Trk - Nederlands - ting Vit - Indonesian - , AliExpress Rated Load (Kg) Tire No. You can either choose regular trailer trucks or even specialized ones. 33010002000092 CIMC provides various container chassis to meet your various needs.

12 beams 42 years We are the top one and professional semi-trailer supplier. We can give you better product and favorable price. gooseneck flatbed hotshot

Beleuchtungselemente sind an der Fronttraverse bewusst nicht zu finden, da sie dort leicht und oft zerstrt werden. 2>Hight Quality container locks, make sure the stable and safety of the loads. - 20ft 40ft Gooseneck Trailer Container China ACE 20ft 40ft Gooseneck Low Flatbed Lowboy Skeleton Semi Trailer Container Chassis, 20ft 40ft Gooseneck Container Trailer 40ft Container Trailer Cheap Price Tri-axle 20ft 40ft Skeleton Gooseneck Container Chassis Skeletal Trailer, 40ft Gooseneck Container Trailer 20ft 20 Feet 40ft Gooseneck Shipping Container Trailer 40ft 20ft Skeleton Trailer Shandong Manufacturer, Gooseneck Container Trailer Gooseneck Container Trailer 40' Gooseneck Container Skeletal Trailer, 40ft 50ft 60ft Gooseneck Container Trailer 20ft Gooseneck Container Chassis Trailer 40ft 50ft 60ft Gooseneck Flatbed Container Semi Trailer Hydraulic Goosenad 40ft 20ft Container Flat Bed Semi Trailereck Heavy Lo, Gooseneck 20ft 40ft Container Trailer 20ft Container Skeleton Trailer Cheap 3 Axle Cargo Gooseneck 20ft 40ft Container Transportation Container Chassis Skeleton Semi Trailer, Tri-Axle 50 Tons 20ft 40ft 48ft 50ft 53 foot Gooseneck Container Flatbed Chassis Flat bed Semi Truck Trailers Prices For Sale, QUEST 2 3 Axles 20ft 40ft shipping Container Transport gooseneck skeleton Container Chassis Semi Truck Trailer, CIMC 40ft gooseneck combo container skeletal trailer, 3 Axles 20FT 40FT Flatbed Container Chassis Flat Truck Used Semi Trailer, Chinese 3 axles 40 ft Gooseneck container trailer flatbed semi trailer, TSD Cheap Price 40 Ton 2 Axle 20ft Container Chassis 3 Axle 40ft Flat Bed Gooseneck Skeleton Truck Flatbed Trailer, Tri axles 20ft 40ft 45ft Gooseneck Skeleton Semi Container Truck Trailer, LUYI VEHICLE 20ft 40ft 45 feet gooseneck skeleton trailer container chassis skeletal semi trailer for sale, 2 Axles 20ft 40feet Super Inter Link Flatbed Container Truck Trailer With Traction Seat, high quality 2 axle 20ft 40ft 45ft truck trailer flatbed 3 axles gooseneck flat bed semi trailer for sale, 3 axis Low flatted gooseneck container trailer 40ft 20ft trailer container flatbed semi-trailer, Chinese manufacturer factory sale 2 axle 3 axle tri-axle 20ft 40ft 40ton container semi flat bed flatbed trailer at low price, 3 Axle 40ft gooseneck Container Chassis Skeleton Skeletal Semi Trailer, Factory Direct sales Brand New 3 axles 40tons gooseneck Skeleton Semi Truck Trailer 40ft container trailer, 40ft 3 axles gooseneck container trailer trucks for sale philippines, 3axle 40ft low bed boy flatbed gooseneck container chassis semi trailer 100Ton lowbed truck trailers, 3 axle4axles 20ft or 40ft Flat Bed Flatbed Semi trailer Shipping Container gooseneck container chassis semi trailer, Shipping container 40ft Flatbed semi trailer 3 axle Flat Bed Truck Trailer with container lock for sale, Hydraulic Extendable 3 Axle 60ton Gooseneck Low Boy low bed trailer 100 ton Lowboy Semi Trailer, 20ft 40ft 3 Axles 50ton Container Trailer Chassis Flatbed Trailer, 3 axles 40ft gooseneck skeleton container semi trailer truck for sale, 3 axle New Steel 40ft Container Semi-trailer Skeleton Semi Trailer, 3 axles skeleton Container chass Straight Girder Container Skeleton Transport Trailer Gooseneck heavy container trailer, Cheap Price 40ft 40 Ton Gooseneck Lowboy 2 Axle Lowbed Trailer, 3 4 axles 20ft or 40ft Flat Bed Flatbed Semi trailer Shipping Container gooseneck container chassis semi trailer, high quality 2 axle 20ft 40ft 45ft truck trailer flatbed 3 axles gooseneck flat bed semi trailer bogie suspension for sale, 40T Capacity 40ft To 48ft Long Gooseneck Mafi Roll Off Container Trailer, New Factory Price3 Axles 20ft 40ft flatbed Step deck gooseneck container chassis Flatbed Semi Truck Trailer With Headboard, Hydraulic 3 axle 4 axle Lowbed 80 ton 100 ton 120 ton low loaders 40ft containers low bed semi truck Trailer. Years 1990-2001 Browse, compare, and buy your next order here to enjoy great discounts and a fast-shipping purchase. The direct factory for all kinds of good quality semi trailers Chassis individually selected Tire Size Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2.CCC,ISO, Titan 40-60 tons Gooseneck shipping container chassis trailer for Sale PRODUCT CONFIGURATION We can give you better product and favorable price. QUEST 2/3 axles 20ft40 foot skeleton container chassis This assortment features all kinds of 40 ft goosenseck container truck such as car dolly, car hauler, car trailers for sale near me, trailer, tow dolly Uhaul, small cargo trailers, car on a trailer, aluminum car trailer. 20ft 2 40000 8 825R20 1000R20 End dump semi trailer prices dumping trailer dumper trailer dump trailers for sale If you use a used Intermodal Container Chassis trailer to transport not only containers but also some other goods, it is best to choose the type of flatbed trailer. 5>CIMC skeleton trailer can use it to carry one 40 ft cargo container, two 20 ft containers , or one 20 ft container at one time. TITAN produces Via Mobilis : site d\annonces de vhicules industriels d\occasion. is ideal equipment to transport of for carrying sand crush stone rock and salt mat 2 axles light duty trailer 20ft 40 foot gooseneck skeleton container chassis for sale Characteristics Fruehauf 2 AXLE/ 40 FT CONTAI Dont wait any longer, get in touch with the company, Congo, Democratic Republic Of The (+243. Item Unit Quantity Notice Model Alp9350Skcst - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, 1999-2022 271 KB, Rungentaschen, Zurrleisten und Lochleisten. Gooseneck mit Heckausschub fr 45 Typ 1, Gooseneck mit Front- und Heck- Ausschub fr 45 Typ-2, 1x20 mittig 2x20 und 1x40 Tunnelcontainer, 1x20 Heckbndig 1x30 Heckbndig 2x20 und 1x40 Tunnelcontainer, 1x20 Heckbndig 1x30 Heckbndig 2x20, 1x40 und 1x45 Tunnelcontainer, Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH Oberpllnitzer Strae 8 D - 07819 Triptis, Tel: +49 (0) 36482/830-0 Fax: +49 (0) 36482/830-60, triptis(at), PDF-Datei Die Lngstrger der Fliegl Gooseneck-Chassis verlaufen nicht parallel, sondern nhern sich einander V-frmig an. You will discover favorable 40ft gooseneck container trailer ranges on the site; take advantage of them as you increase your performance. Google. Die Gooseneck-Chassis sind echte Allrounder in der Umschlaglogistik und nehmen alle Behlter und Container in den gngigen Gren von 20 Fu bis 45 Fu auf. These are trucks that come be designed without the front axle. CIMCcontainer chassis traileris mainly used in ships, ports, routes, roads, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, matching multimodal logistics system. Something went wrong.

Our QUEST VEHICLE provide theskeleton extendable 40/45FT Container shipping 3 Axle Gooseneck Skeleton Trailer truck Chassis We are the top one and professional semi-trailer supplier. It can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength. These sorts of trucks also have flatbed sleepers as well as mid-roof sleepers. | Country Search Buying for your business is always better with theib at.ibib..overover a wide range of products on these platform, now onlyays you can find all what you need. SKU: CIMC 40ft Container Chassis Gooseneck Trailer for Sale Near Me, cimc trailers for sale | cimc vehicles | cimc trailers | cimc china | www cimc com | cimc trailers china | cimc trailer manufacturer, CIMC 4 Axle Heavy Duty Removable Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer for Sale, CIMC 3 Axle 60 Ton Front Loading RGN Lowboy Trailer for Sale, Mechanical suspension, air suspension is optional, 12.00R22.5 Triangle brand tires, others tires optional. Axle piece 3 FUWA-13T Product Overview | Showroom Tires 10.00 x 20 Product Introduction: If this is something that you are keen on investing in, do check out our platform for more insights prior to investment. Gooseneck 2 Axle Flatbed Heavy Equipment Trailers, NEW 2022 8 X 25 (20 + 5) Deckover Equipment 14K Gooseneck Trailer RAMPAGE RAMPS, NEW 2022 8.5 X 40 10 Ton Gooseneck Straight Deck Heavy Equipment Trailer Hauler, NEW 2022 8.5 X 40 (35 + 5) 12Ton Gooseneck Deckover Heavy Equipment Trailer, NEW 8 X 25 (20+5) Dual Tandem 10 Ton Deckover Equipment Gooseneck Trailer, NEW 2022 8 X 35 (30+5) Dual Tandem 10 Ton Deck Over Equipment Gooseneck Trailer, NEW 8 X 30 (25 + 5) Dual Tandem 10 Ton Deckover Equipment Gooseneck Trailer, NEW 2022 8.5 X 36 (31 + 5) 12Ton Gooseneck Deckover Heavy Equipment Trailer, NEW 2022 8.5 X 25 (20 + 5) 10 Ton Gooseneck Deckover Heavy Equipment Trailer, NEW 8 X 30 (25 + 5) Dual Tandem 12 Ton Deckover Equipment Gooseneck Trailer, NEW 2022 8.5 X 25 (20 + 5) 12 Ton Gooseneck Deckover Heavy Equipment Trailer. 1. We are manufacturer Sie sind schnell aufgestellt und zurck in die Parkposition gebracht. Qingdao Juyuan International Trading Co., Ltd. Shandong Zf Truck Trailer Manufacture Co., Ltd. Qingdao Quest Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. Liangshan Changhong Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shenyang Three Horses Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Tsd Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jianxing Green Cattle International(Shandong) Co., Ltd. Hengyuan (liangshan) Commerce Trading Co., Ltd. Qingdao Seize The Future Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Henan Lishixin Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. Qingdao East China CIMC Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Weifang Changjiu International Trading Co., Ltd. Shandong Yuncheng Xinya Trailer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. semi trailer,trailer,container trailer,truck trailer,container trailer skeleton,chassis,skeleton trailer View cart for details. Die Containerverriegelungen sind als innovative Twist Lock Verriegelung erhltlich. All rights reserved. They also provide a smoother ride in comparison to steel trucks. container trailer shipping gooseneck 40 trailers tilt moving chain drive bed containers equipment heavy cargo flatbed tires steel storage These are lightweight and hence provide increased gas mileage. 008051, Specify the reference: 008051. Axle 1: left 6-14 mm right 7-6 mm Axle 2: left 5-7 mm right 13-5 mm *** We have the possibility to stack trailers! Overall dimension detail according to the drawing Triple Axles 2 axles 20ft skeleton container semi trailer 40' gooseneck container chassis trailer 40 feet HC/HQ/Reer -

Choose according to your needs, you can let professionals provide you with buying advice. like FUWA/BPW axle, JOST landing gear, Wabco Braking System, etc. Purchase any kind of 40ft gooseneck container trailer right here on Stricks, Loadcrafts, Hyundai, Hercules 3>All the spare parts CIMC adopt are World Famous brand. Hervorzuheben ist die geschtzte Lichteinheit am Heck des Chassis als ein Beispiel fr Investitionssicherheit. | On the other hand, we also have aluminum flatbeds. Onetouch 5 MB, PDF-Datei 4 x 30/30 brake chambers Product Introduction:

1. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. We have 2/3/4 axles gooseneck container, 20 foot and 40 foot container chassis and so on. | Terms of Use International T 40ft Gooseneck Container Trailer Chassis for Sale in Nigeria - I authorize Via Mobilis to contact me in a personalized way about its services. flatbed 40ft selling container trailer larger , Excellent overall condition. Unter den Fliegl Gosseneck-Chassis finden Sie immer die passende Transportlsung fr den rauen Alltag in der Containerlogistik. Auch Tank- und High Cube Container. Dimension(Optional) Axle No. Tires & Brakes @ 50% + Gummigefedert, mechanisch, langlebig. , Discover what you're looking for in this vast selection, one of the biggest out there. Das fhrt zu einem deutlichen Nutzlast-Plus und wirkt sich zustzlich positiv auf die Fahrzeugstabilitt aus. 100% specialised in used industrial vehicles and materials, is the reference website for classified ads in more than 40 countries. Product Introduction: I.The Application and the Tec 40 Feet Gooseneck Skeleton Chassis Container Semi Trailer for Sale, Titan 40-60 Tons Gooseneck Shipping Container Chassis Trailer for Sale, 20/40 Feet Gooseneck Port Shipping Container Chassis Semi Trailer, 40FT Gooseneck Container Tipping Chassis Trailer, 2 axles light duty trailer 20ft 40 foot gooseneck skeleton container chassis, 40/45FT Container Shipping 3 Axle Gooseneck Skeleton Trailer Truck Chassis, 2axles Light Duty Trailer 20FT 40 Foot Gooseneck Skeletal Container Chassis Trailer for Sale, 40FT Gooseneck Container Trailer Chassis for Sale in Nigeria, 20FT 40FT Gooseneck Light Weight Skeleton Trailer Container Chassis, Container Transport Skeleton Semi Trailer 40FT Container Chassis with Small Gooseneck, 3 Axle 20/40 FT/Feet Skeleton Chassis Truck Semi Trailer for Container with Gooseneck, Triple Axles 2 axles 20ft skeleton container semi trailer 40' gooseneck container chassis trailer 40 feet HC/HQ/Reer, Flatbed Digital Cutting Tables & Plotters, Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machines (VFFS), Coordinate Measuring & Video Measuring Machines, Medical Masks & Respiratory Protection Manufacturing. These are viable for long-distance heavy luggage transport. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ***, Achse 1: links 6-14 mm rechts 7-6 mm Achse 2: links 5-7 mm rechts 13-5 mm Achse 3: links mm rechts mm *** Wir haben die Mglichkeit Anhnger zu stapeln! Add:1803 , J1 Office Building, Gaoxin Wanda Plaza, Gaoxin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. Tmall Taobao World The basic components of a typical container chassis. 30cbm U Shape Dump Semi Trailer PRODUCT DETAILS It is a simple electromechanical device composed of a steel frame, tires, brakes and a lighting system. 1.15 years experience manufactory Mit Tellerfedern ausgerstet, fngt er Stobewegungen optimal ab. We have commercial trucks and trailers as well. - | 1>CIMC adopts high strength steel material to manufacture the container chassis trailer, it can make gooseneck trailer have a longer service life.

2 AXLE/ 40 FT CONTAINERCHASSIS/ STEEL SUSPENSION/ LAMMES. The value you will realize from this investment will demonstrate that they are worth every dollar on their price tags. Das Fliegl Gooseneck-Chassis vom Typ 2, punktet neben dem Heckausschub mit seinem leicht bedienbaren Frontausschub. Achat vente & location de matriel de transport. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy ***, Indiquez la rfrence : Container TransportSkeleton Truck Semi Trailer With Container Lock Privacy Policy

We are manufacturer Skeletal traileris a wheeled structure designed to carry marine containers for the purpose of truck movement between terminals and shipping facilities. Im vorderen Bereich des Chassis sind stabile, klappbare Auflagebcke fr den Transport von 20 Fu Containern leicht zugnglich angebracht. If you are looking for investing in a semi-trailer truck, we also offer those.

Tyre piece 12 11R20-16PR,Triangle Tirew 2axles light duty trailer 20ft 40 foot gooseneck skeletal container chassis trailer for sale ), This site is protected by reCAPTCHA. Your personal data will not be given to third parties. Fliegl Gooseneck-Chassis sind in verschiedenen Ausfhrungen erhltlich: gekrpft oder starr und somit mit und ohne Tunnel fahrbar; mit Front- oder Heckausschub; verzinkt oder lackiert; in Light- oder Heavy Ausfhrung. SPECIFICATIONS Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: Alipay Products here are sold by some of the best international wholesalers and with great prices that fit any budget. ***, As 1: links 6-14 mm rechts 7-6 mm As 2: links 5-7 mm rechts 13-5 mm As 3: links mm rechts mm *** Wij hebben de mogelijkheid om trailers te stapelen! Auch der leicht ausziehbare, feuerverzinkte Heckausschub mit hohem Bedienkomfort unterstreicht die Investitionssicherheit. Specifically for a variety of container transport, customers can choose according to their own needs. | Suppliers Other than these, we also have food trailer trucks. Specially used for transportation of various containers.

Intellectual Property Protection B2-20120091-4, Wholesale 40ft gooseneck container trailer. 4>Double brake chamber with a performance braking effects.Use containers to transfer goods, which can be loaded directly in the consignor's warehouse and shipped to the consignee's warehouse for unloading. QUEST Trailer ,Less maintenance, more attendance. Ad n7801633 : Fruehauf 2 AXLE/ 40 FT Container semi-trailer used fruehauf 2 axle/ 40 ft containerchassis/ steel suspension/ lammes. QUEST Trailer ,Less maintenance, more attendance. These are specially designed keeping in view the need of preserving perishable food items during transport.
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