poe spell damage leeched as life

Chat with us in real time. How small can I make a firestorm? | : | 152 14 So infused channeling doesn't give a 10% melee (type) buff when used with blade flurry? Is that just an oversight/accident, or is there a mechanic I'm missing? The level of the support gem, the level of the active skill gem or the level of the minion that got the kill? To find the available list of modifiers the flasks can have, check out these links: Utility Flasks, Life Flasks, Mana Flasks & lastly: Hybrid Flasks, For higher budget versions I would skip the Life Flask or, if youre feeling adventurous, you can skip the Rumis, and instead use the expensive Bottled Faith. Max 3 curses applied on an enemy. In this slot, have the possibility to get increased minion life via the Hunter-influenced modifiers. Do I understand correctly that this penalty only apply to zap damage and not the final beam? Hope that makes sense!

Stone of Lazhwar - Corrupted - Lightning Damage Leeched as Life /, Stone of Lazhwar - Corrupted - Lightning Damage Leeched as Life. if my bane is linked to two curses, but that target can only have one applied, do i still get 94% more damage, or just 47% now? In the Sentinel league, They are revamping the cha Hey Exiles,

If you can afford a third modifier, you will want a #% increased critical strike multiplier. checked, but we're running ele focus on both lightning skills. If there is only one mob, eg. Well he did help confirm and correct some of my answers so Im not alone in this! Mostly asking because Essentia Sanguis might be a good way for me to save points on the passive tree, since it was originally meant to work like Ghost Reaver (and then got changed to not have Ghost Reaver as the keystone, but simply have the same words that Ghost Reaver had except without the reduced recharge part) but if it wasn't changed, that kinda sucks because it reduces the max leech rate comparatively or might just work like soul tether and convert life leech with all the effects like instant leech and 20% of max resource or whatever. Quick question: where are we getting shock from? self-casting. Wow, thanks for the really quick response. New replies are no longer allowed. :). Spread shock when the enemy shatters as it dies? The video is not always 100% updated, its mostly there to show the game-play. So does that mean there's no negative to using conc effect with it? With the gloves, you need to cast it, so triggering wont activate it. Tomor Hey Exiles! Does each repeat roll it's own crit chance or is it based on the initial cast? Find a quick solution for your issues or just ask for help before your order. Area damage still works for ground effect DoTs like CA or Vortex. Is that update mechanic only because of how Blade Vortex functions, or would it do the same thing for *other duration spells like Firestorm? (While you have Phasing, your movement is not blocked by Enemies), (Attributes are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence), (Being Blinded causes 20% less Accuracy Rating and Evasion Rating), (Onslaught grants 20% increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed), (Unholy Might grants 30% of Physical Damage as extra Chaos Damage), (Implicit Modifiers are those that come from an items type, rather than its random properties), (Leeched Life is recovered over time. Dark Pact Necromancer Build Guide (PoE Sentinel 3.18), Dark Pact Necromancer PoB, Passive Skill Tree & Gem Links, Dark Pact Necromancer Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon Powers, Dark Pact Necromancer Gear, Jewels & Flasks. Sorry to pile on here given your help previously, but: Does infusion stack with the damage bonus from infused channeling? Does the Doedre's Effigy Skill granted by Doedre's Skin have the ability to cast Bane since it is technically a curse skill? Nothing wrong with it, it was supposed to be its identity feat. does it get update? This could be the difference 10% vs 1.8% X2, or the fact that the 10% is leeched from spell damage (Bone Nova) vs the shared physical (Melee Attack), although, I would think the AA would do more physical damage than spell damage., but apparently not, or at least, the 10% is a lot more than the 2 1.8s. Does this mean that you can use Energy Leech Support with Soul Tether to gain the damage boost, since you also have normal energy leech on top of the converted life leech? The problem im having is survivability, seems pushing red maps is just a no go until you have life leech. Each Bane only casts and cares about their own linked curses, and still respects the curse limit on the target. Also, I dont know which damage types were scaled how heavily in your case or it can be that some things work reasonably well without further scaling and others rather not. That's specific to Blade Vortex, Firestorm will get the penalty because it can keep stacking up indefinitely and each firestorm is a separate event. It's worded pretty much the same way as incinerate and incinerate applies the "25% more Damage with Hits and Ailments for each stage" to decay damage for some reason. Great build, I cant see it in the video, and I have issues accessing pastebin for past week for some reason, I cant see where do you get chaos res from and where do you get some of spell block since I get to 63% with Glancing, Rumi, and Bone offering so Im missing 10% or so to get to cap, keep up the good work and thanks in advance! Yes, Curse Effect Duration affects Bane's duration. Thats correct, conc effect will just reduce the zap range. Having a hard time gauging which +2 wands are worth switching to as I craft them, even with PoB. Im hoping we can somehow make this clearer, its a bit confusing to describe that way. Only stages, and the beam width stat that increases as the gem levels. There are a few spectres that do spend mana. It checks around the projectile every 100ms, but each target has a personal 200ms counter. Most arguments shown here actually rely on the same fact: that their offensive capabilities are their best way of defense. It cares about the number of curses you can apply to the target it is debuffing, meaning curse limit +/- any modifiers they have to curse count. If you get Arcane Surge from another source, you'll still get the damage multiplier from the support. Sorry for Highjacking. If you cast a spell with 3 seals, does that mean you instantly build 4 intensity stacks? Could you also tell me if bane gets effected by curse effect, and if yes, does it mean it does 66% less damage to bosses. Warlords is the better option due to other strong modifiers becoming available in the endgame, high budget version. My question GGG has made a news Hey Exiles! For budget-friendly choices, we are mainly looking to get a helmet of item level 86 or higher to get yourself +3 level of socketed minion gems, as we want to put our 4-Linked skeletons in here. These modifiers are found together only on the Cobalt Jewel. It would trigger it, but bane wouldnt apply any linked curses because Vixens would be the one triggering them. It's really intended for primary casting, but it has some functionality. No, minions gain the life from their attacks but they have much more hp than you so its harder to tell. In the PoB link, it has "is enemy shocked?" Hey! Thank you! How many seconds does it take to channel to max stages against a single boss target? Glad you like it so much! The damage while channelling would reduce decay, but the beam stage multiplier specifies hits and ailments, so overall not very good at all! Cap your Elemental Resistances and get the attributes your gems require to make sure you can use them all. Its about how many Bane could apply, so even if you wouldnt be overwriting any curses, itll get damage as if you were. Intensify is different though, each cast updates the Blade Vortex to the current damage and area multiplier from Intensify. If so: Is it correct that Soulrend's ES-Leech calculates based off its initial hit? Edit: Rereading it I don't think channeling is a damage type. I believe that was a bug that has been fixed. Look for Movement Speed, high Life, attributes, and resistances as needed. Do you lose 1 stack or all stacks after 0.25 seconds of moving? Possibly 3.7.0, but its too early to say. Multiple Leeches can occur simultaneously, up to a maximum rate), (A Hit that removes at least 15% of Maximum Life is a Savage Hit), (Ailments that deal Damage are Bleeding, Ignited, and Poisoned), (Strengths Damage bonus applies to all Spell Damage as well), (Bleeding deals Physical Damage over time, based on the base Physical Damage of the Skill. conqisfunandengaging. and the skill effect duration on hex master as well? how often does soulrend "pulse" its aoe debuff? Will my casting Bane trigger another Bane in Vixen's Entrapment, and cause two DoT instances? Build is now updated for 3.16 Scourge League! Ive talked to the skills designer and he has said it is, so Ill make it clearer and see if this has thrown off our balance team at all!

Theres a Unique Scythe that grands 50hp per minion hit to the player, but its worded very clearly. Minion Physical Damage Leeched as Health - added The projectiles cant turn back the way they came, so itd pierce through and fly off. The trigger mechanics I mentioned have made casters so offensively powerful that the supposed defense drawback is only a thing if youre not doing enough damage, e.g. Can they get Arcane Surge if they use spells?Does the new "more dmg" line apply to their skills if you have Arcane Surge?Does it apply for their spells if they have Arcane surge?If I get Arcane Surge lvl1 from a different source, does a lvl20 linked support give 19% "more spelldamage"? Its an oversight. I'll investigate! Nope. Is Divine Ire charging in a similar way?Same thing for Storm Burst bubbles appearing?The 2 casts bit I mean. Be the part of the most innovative item shop. Edit: As we ran into some issue this is postponed until further notice :) One stack every 0.25 seconds, so 1 second to clear all of them. Hey, glad you like it! Good on you to show Mark_GGG how it's done though! Oh, I just remembered that the Abomination still has the Passive Consume, how does it look when you skill it (full)? Other favorable stats to prioritize include spell damage, critical strike chance, critical strike multiplier, and, if possible, cast speed. If you link it to a skill that naturally cannot leech and then have a second skill with either a generic source of ES leech, or even another Energy Leech gem altogether- would the leech effect granted by the second skill make the EL support in the first have the "while leeching ES" more multiplier active? The forum thread is the most updated version and will always be kept up-to-date for the community every league! Originally posted by Ty for jumping in and clarifying. From testing, it seems as though I gain the life, not my minions. So, I guess that unique is the only thing that has minions gain life from leech. If I infused channel anything will the infusion grant me 10% more damage with channeling skills thus making flame totem deal more damage? Is there any reason for that? Its not a stacking debuff, so theyll just refresh. Weird question but how does Divine Ire interact with decay? If your minion did somehow get Arcane Surge, they'd get the spell damage multiplier from the support. does this mean as long as a target is within soulrend's aoe, the debuff will refresh every 200ms? In case youre wondering about classic mages, most are not based on physical damage. Not sure sorry, Ill have to check tomorrow. Yes sir, it did hence why we are manually speccing in to GB as you can see in the PoB links! Which of them is closer to this analogy? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Shared Physical Damage Leeched As Health Affix. What are damage types; fire, spell? Just to be sure Bane itself is not a curse and does not apply to the curse limit, correct? Does it decrease all BV's damage to 76% ? The beam deals area damage, but isnt affected by area increases. If I cast bane does it trigger the curses in the gloves? Ill have a round at the guide to see if I can mention this in a better spot to make sure people dont miss it for future references! Edit: typo. They dont leech for you. No, the behaviour is unique to Incinerate.

For jewel sockets, we are looking for increased Life as the main modifier and the second modifier should always be increased minion life. Mark: 15 posts about leech. Sorry to bother you once more @GhazzyTV but did the update passive tree keystone positioning affect the thread of hope part of skill tree? Does bane with five support curses get 5x47% = 235% more damage, or 1.47^5 = 586% more damage? You're right, but it doesn't apply to Contagion, so there may be a bug or some distinction I'm not aware of. Perfect spell block rolled Rumis with the nodes & lvl 20 Bone Offering should bring you to 72%! Without the wand, (and only the body/helm leech) it goes down quickly. Youre correct, but I should have clarified that offense is a great layer of defense. How i can get shield with %mana recover on block on SSF league? I assume the beam is released when we finish channeling so this shouldn't affect the beam. The damage it takes is from the Infernal Shade attached to it. Hi there -going for certain ascendancy classes for leech is less than ideal. I can't find confirmation in any of Mark's myriad posts.

Can I just put 1 curse in my weapon and have all my curses automatically trigger when use my main skill, I havent tested the gloves much, but it will trigger curses in the gloves when you cast bane, bane just wont get the damage multiplier. With merely half-decent gear you can face-tank Sirus beams in the first 3 phases (not the quad one of course) due to the sustain :), Heres the 3.13 Update Video: https://youtu.be/99SND75LI1g. - How does Spell Cascade interact with Purifying flame? 2018 03:40:16. If the target it picked while charging up dies, it picks another target, and it follows its target if it moves.

Since you're going on a rampage answering tons of questions: Kingmaker now has "nearby allies have +50% critical strike multiplier", "nearby allies have fortify" and 250-285% increased physical damage. Thanks for answering all these questions Rory. If I channel a skill that matches two tags do I get 20% more damage? My quick list recommended approach for this build would then be: Many of the higher budget examples can either be purchased or crafted. No, there are currently no modifiers that affect this. Divine Ire is definitely closer, because you want to release at the right moment for maximum damage, while Storm Burst's release is really just a bit of extra damage and some aoe when you're done dishing out focused damage. For the Shared Physical Damage Leeched As Health Affix, it has these 2 properties: Physical Damage Leeched as Health - added Below is an example of a good wand: Use a generic high Life shield on an Energy Shield base, preferably with % critical strike chance increase for spells and, if possible, with % chance to block spell damage., Flask set-ups are almost always a matter of personal taste when it comes to what utility flasks to use. For example, 2 purifying flame mines are detonated, does the "prevents further hits" of the first mine stop the damage of the secondary shockwave of the 2nd mine? Since most items in this build are Rare, the main focus will be to have as much Life as possible and sort any attributes and resistances so we can reach the desired caps. do "I" also count as an ally of myself? A consequence of the change that I was fine with the results of. Concentrated Effect only multiplies Area Damage, which would have no effect on Essence Drain, as DoT effects aren't area damage, and the projectile hit isn't area damage. does the beam deal area damage or get affected at all by aoe modifiers? Copyright 2007-2022, www.mulefactory.com. It seems like the damage penalty won't affect Blade Vortex, the initial cast determines the damage in that case. It doesn't exist. Each repeat cast will shrink the area of effect and boost the damage, so it does have its use penalty. 2018 18:05:34. Im thinking of running this build as my Ritual starter, but Im curious about about a couple of things: How does it run on a 4L in early to mid tier maps? Bane is being hand cast with X Curses attached. The DoT-debuff doesn't return any ES-Leech. Forgive me Rory. does the 2 extra attacks, if they don't overlap with the original attack, create shockwaves on the mob being hit by one of the other attacks? If you were to use something like blood rage or righteous fire with energy leech support would you end up getting the leeching damage bonus or the full ES damage bonus? poe unique bows bow exile path prophecy list pathofexile goldkk resource future plans site vault items gamepedia wiki crude orb I will attend to this asap! Dont forget to make sure your items have Life and the resistances or attributes required to reach gem requirements and resistance caps. Increasing the level of our Skeletons as well as our Dark Pact skills are crucial for optimal damage output, so that will be our main focus. So what is the interaction of Bane vs Totems? This is my third league and I have been having loads of fun with this build. How do the new changes to Arcane Surge Support interact with minions? Nearby Allies have 30% increased Item Rarity. Do the Minions gain the life leech, or do you gain the life leech for the Minion Physical Damage Leeched as Health portion? Carry on my waypoint son, there'll be peace when maps are done. As always, dont forget to get Life and resistances if needed. If I cast Bane and then start casting Blight or Wither with Infused Channeling, will the Chaos Infusion apply to the ongoing Bane damage? Similar to the other rare items we are looking for high Life with resistances and attributes as required. Is that 50% less damage while channeling global, or just for Divine Ire? A percentage of your damage is returned to you as health over three seconds. Do socketed curses in doedre's skin breaks the curse limit when applied with bane socketed in doedre's skin as well? Using an Unset Ring can be useful if you are struggling at getting all of your gem sockets. It looks to me like its removed from the league but like I said Im still noobish so I may just be overlooking something. The stuff on your helmet/armor is ONLY good for physical damage. Yes I hold it down and re-summon skeletons as they are dying (either from Blessed Rebirth ending and boss hitting them or from my DP consuming their life) the chaining keeps bouncing and can hit the same target multiple times so you just skyrocket your dmg output. Most pieces should be Rare with Life and, of course, any lacking attributes/resistances. If the same enemy is in proximity to two soul rend projectiles will it apply 2 dots? Ah, I believe bane wont get the damage bonus because it only cares about how many curses it could apply to a target, which in this case is 0. This just means that if you move then cast again once the Intensity has fallen off, the damage bonus will go away and the area bonus will go back to full unless you repeatedly cast again. This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last reply. Maximum 20 Fortification), D2R Garnet Ring Recipe: (21-30%) of Fire Resistance, The Eater of Worlds Atlas Passives Tree PoE, Echoes of Love Divination Card PoE Farming Fidelitas Spike, The Endless Darkness Divination Card PoE Farming Voidforge.

Thank you once again and have an enoyful league. Rufalius, hybrid Aura/Arc/Mana Guardian | Hemorae, TS Raider | Wuru, Ele Hit Wand Trickster. I'm fueled by coffee, tears, upvotes and any extra angry downvotes, I'm ready for this. Activities and services against a game's Terms of Usage might result in a game account closure. : 1566-8834 | FAX : 031-8017-8800 | E-mail : contact@kakaogames.com (* ). Is that trying to kill DI-CwC or what? You can also join his Discord Community.Here on PoE-Vault you can find all of his Build Guides HERE & all his crafting guides HERE! The range of the zaps is lower, so youll need to be closer to a target to get extra stages from zaps, Yes, yes, yes and yes. Just not debuff-based DoTs. I am talking in a 100% delirius environment foe example. As said before, they give the positioning advantage. 2 - I believe its just like repeats, I cant confirm at the moment! How many times can a single cast of Purifying Flame hit a single monster? It's currently a single buff, so you can only have this bonus for one damage type at a time. Happy launch day! (as example old new or movement speed cluster near scion start). Traps and mines can't be targeted, so there's nothing in traps, mines, poet's pen or CoC that actually prevents you to be the only objective for all mobs. On a some what related note, is it intended for incinerate to gain a stage every other tick of the ability, instead of every tick like flameblast? Normally I go with a Life Leech gem til I get a chaos leech modifier on a rare item, I see this is not properly mentioned in the guide. Local to divine ire, like the penalty on Charged Dash. Damage is higher while moving), (Unarmed Attacks are any Attacks performed with a hand that is not holding any Item), (The Stun Threshold determines how much Damage can Stun something), (Only Damage from Hits can be Recouped, over 4 seconds following the Hit), (Being Blinded causes 20% less Accuracy Rating and Evasion Rating, for 4 seconds), (Fortifying grants an amount of Fortification based on the Damage of the Hit), (Take 1% less Damage from Hits per Fortification. On the subject of radii, could we learn what the base radius of storm burst is? Thanks in advance. I noticed that new Temporal Chain's quality bonus only works against white and blue enemies now, was that concious nerf or just an oversight? Life Leech support is a last-resort but sorting any sort of chaos dmg leech as life from jewellery becomes very important around yellow tier maps and forward. Is it correct that Soulrend's damage is split into an initial projectile damage hit (Deals 448 to 672 Chaos Damage at Level 20) and a DoT-debuff (1944.3 Chaos Damage per second at Level 20)? So the beam still gains the area damage bonus' from things like Conc Effect and Passive nodes despite the width being fixed from the stages? With Unleash, Blade Vortex never gets the damage penalty. SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Does spell cascade affect storm burst at all? And how squishy are you without the % chaos damage to life leech amulet? Yeah, the parts of the game that are most crucial to balance around often don't have adds: we're talking Shaper/Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, etc. Totems are known for dying fast but then easily replacable, Itll fire off its beam if it dies or is stunned. and if not will more spell damage still apply? The dot damage is decided at the start, so removing curses doesnt remove Banes damage multiplier. Minion health leech only works for minions. No nerfs and no buffs mean there might not change much to our league starters but Hey Exiles, Nah, it's affected by modifiers to curse skills, but isn't actually a curse itself so it can't be blasphemed. You could be using a 40% or so damage multiplier support if you wanted to spend time building it up, but this support will be great for just keeping stacks up if you are only casting occasionally. Shattering steel was working in a way that Fork made it hit the same target more times when it forked right? Doesn't conc effect increase the dot damage on caustic arrows cloud though? Thanks for the detailed answer. This site requires javascript to function.

gaming_is_a_disorder. You may consider using Darkness Enthroned with Ghastly Eye Jewel providing Life, Energy Shield, and #% minion damage when youve used a minion skill recently. Alternately, you can use any rare belt with Life, resistances and/or attributes as needed. The minion life leech tooltip is a copy of the player life leech tooltip. I'd have assumed that it'd need a "Modifiers to Area Damage apply to this skill's Damage over Time effect" to work, but this isn't the case. EDIT: About the new Energy Leech support. Not that it would be at all useful, but would Vixen's Entrapment trigger Bane if socketed? Not bothering, if you ever have questions always fire away! Does the "prevents further hits" just apply to hits from that cast? For help crafting your non-Unique flasks, we recommend checking out our Flask Crafting Guide. All piercing target hits will not return an ES Leech instance.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'devtrackers_gg-sky-2','ezslot_28',707,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position!='undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-devtrackers_gg-sky-2-0')}; Additional projectiles from GMP/LMP (or other sources) will also return an ES Leech instance on their respective first hit? Are the chains overlapping and reaching maximum DPS while you are holding the skill or you may lose damage by doing so? Can it even be supported by Unleash ? It doesnt, traps are better if youre trying for that interaction, though the consecrated ground has a slight delay so it isnt that reliable. Because nothing has that tag.

So in the end, you're agreeing that their problem is their offensive power. Was also wondering about the gloves and the crafting mod cast a socketed spell when you use a skill. Soul Tether and Energy Leech Support both count as Leeching Energy Shield, and their effects will stack, so you can be leeching 20% of your max life as ES and 10% of your max ES as ES, and either of these sources will count for the conditional damage bonus of the Energy Leech Support. edit: so, if you get the damage penalty of unleash on your first 4 stacks, then gain 1 more stack without the unleash effect, what happens to the damage penalty? Rory: "Hold my beer", taking two casts per stage instead of one. Yep, Divine Ire can't be affected by fork/chain. Jumping on the bandwagon here with the whole answering questions thing, did any unique items have wording changes to be consistent with the new (leech) mechanics and such, and weren't listed in the patch notes? The dot damage is decided at the start, so removing curses doesnt remove Banes damage multiplier. Try to use a Ribbons of Blood, just as a further test. Both Divine Ire and the new Storm Burst feel like they would play kinda like spell versions of Blade Flurry. Path of Exile Sentinel 3.18 launches today! Not that you cant try :p. I feel like you should have just started an AMA Rory, the way this thread is going! Probably got answered but up to how many stacks can intensify get? You can only have one bane debuff dealing damage at a time, so itd be a waste in that case. Also, many of these additional abilities are not based on physical. Let me know, I would like to address you being one-shot issue as that shouldnt happen! No, you cant have curses affected by both Doedres Skin and Bane. The totem will pick the closest target and start charging up, and will stop channelling and fire of the big death beam at 20 stages. Registered Names and Trademarks are the copyright and property of their respective owners. Intensify doesnt support channelled skills sorry! Basically Im a bit worried about having the currency to get a tabula and beefy enough life + res gear to make up for running 2 uniques (and a potentially not perfect hunter influenced item) in the very early league scenario if Im not a master at generating $$$.
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