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Would make sense, Chernarus is in the Czech republic after all. Im folgenden Tweet steckt der Code, welcher von der Community entschlsselt wurde: algorithm: blowfish We could safely assume that since the infected sprint so fast, reality is even military personell would get overwhelmed if too many were attacking them. Too bad the devs don't really care for the lighting no more. You should check out some of the YouTube videos a few DayZ youtubers did a few years back. They served purpose for mobile radars on trailers and trucks to get them above tree level, so the artillery closeby on the ground could lock targets. 2 It's the only thing that makes sense in my mind. My buddy shot me square in the face while I was walking down off the top of the bunker in the fourth picture thinking I was another player. Head to Sinistok in the North West then when you hit that town go North East and you will run into Tissy Military. 2. Tarkov-Profil vor Wipe zurcksetzen: Darum solltest du es tun, Der beste Loot- & TC-Raum in Rust So baust du, Escape From Tarkov: Das beste AS-VAL-Build in 12.10, 5 Tipps, um deinen Ping im Online Gaming zu verbessern, Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah kurz vor Release Das steckt, Neues Wikinger-Koop-Survival erobert Steam, wird richtig gut bewertet, The Medium fesselt mit einer spannenden Story, Cyberpunk 2077 Reviews Presse-Urteile versprechen sehr gutes Sci-Fi-Rollenspiel, Horror-Titel Man of Medan ist ein kurzes, aber spannendes Vergngen, Das Geheimnis der Tisy Militrbasis Teil 2. [otw_shortcode_info_box border_type=bordered border_style=bordered border_color=#d5d5d5 background_color=#f5f5f5]Hier geht es weiter: Das Geheimnis der Tisy Militrbasis Teil 2[/otw_shortcode_info_box], Es wurde doch bereits bekannt gegeben, dass die Anlage bei Altar stehen wird (iZurvive Koordinaten 80 / 60), Kannst du uns eine Quelle dafr zukommen lassen? Hold on where is that located at, russia? *. :), Kann sein, dass wir uns da mal zu weit aus dem Fenster gelehnt haben Fehler knnen mal passieren.

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(Not mine photos). There only is a limited set of rules.Enjoy the best apocalypse you've ever experienced! the third picture really summarizes why I hate dayz's lighting in the day time, all rooms are universally lit so you dont have shadows in the corner where a player could be hiding. Is there actually any loot up those things in game?,,,, 7 and 8 photo was parking places for m3s and other army vehicles (in czechia is it V3S) , Er versorgt die Community tglich mit den neuesten Neuigkeiten und versucht aus den Entwicklern so viele Infos wie mglich herauszuquetschen. Privacy Policy for more info. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. The DayZ Village began as an experiment on September 1st, 2017. I've heard someone say they drive tanks up on them and use them as artillery. First, you want to make sure that you are checking the military complex in the forests west of where the map says 'Tisy'. I know youre flooded with comments right now but if any chance you see this could you please tell me whether or not it rains there as much as it does in the game? Vor einiger Zeit twitterte der DayZ Kartendesigner Arseny Smirnov eine mysterise Botschaft an die DayZ Community. Der klingende Name einerRadarstation an einemabgelegenen Ort inLitauen. OUTLAST 2 Teasert kryptisches Video Release an? Erfahre mehr darber, wie deine Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. If I tried hard enough I bet I could find one in-stock at a markup, but I need a new gun safe first! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Diese Website verwendet Akismet, um Spam zu reduzieren. Dankder unten angegebenen Quelle knnen wir uns einen guten berblick ber das Gebiet inGoogle Maps verschaffen: Vermutlich wurde dieser Radar-Typus einige Male fter gebaut und es gibt noch einige erhaltene Gebude die dem genannten Beispiel zumindest in der Funktion hnlichwaren. For a slight moment I thought you had a crazy good graphic card xD, Not enough people are appreciating this comment. All rights reserved. Auch wenn wir die Seite in unserer Freizeit betreiben, mchten wir so professionell wie mglich arbeiten und geben unser Bestes, das gesamte Genre der Community zu prsentieren. It also looks like some kind of a helicopter landing pad too. made that for my trip some years ago:, (if anyone wants access to that map to add their own places and photos, send me a message), I have many many more if I could only dig them up :D. Of course it's raining when you get to Tisy. Sure, and nature here is almost untouched, there was many soviet military districts, No way, i remember I found this in day z and I cant remember where it is, I thought for a second that dayz changed a lot since I haven't play that in months. Diese beinhaltete einen Code, der nun erfolgreich entschlsselt wurde und uns einige gute Hinweise darauf gibt, wie wir diese Information zuordnen knnen.

Zu guter letzt stellt sich noch die Frage, was uns Arseny Smirnov alias Senchimit dieser Information genau sagen will. Barely Infected - Also home of the DayZ Village, Old Radar Tower Building in Tisy Military Base. Da die Tisy Militrbasis durch den Virus sehr hart getroffen wurde, liegt es nahe, dass man dort hnlich heruntergekommene Gebude finden wird. Judgment Wir kolonisieren die Apokalypse! Sie haben eine falsche E-Mail-Adresse eingegeben! See our Probably gonna scare the shit out myself walking around there, but honestly I cant wait to tryXD, I sure as hell am going there when all this pandemic is over, Just hope that we gonna see cross-platform soon, Also how far apart is it from what is known as green mountain i saw your response to another user, Damn not that far away, its a treck tbat can be easily done. in reality these infected would immediately rip you apart, or at least "pry open" (trying not to be too graphic) parts of your body before you could do much, assuming they got that close. ist das grte deutschsprachige online Magazin fr Survival- und Horror-News. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Never get bored of real life Chernarus posts :), There should be an airsoft event at a irl dayz place. Zustzlich wirddie Tisy Militr Basis spter als ein >>kontaminiertes Gebiet<< auf der Karte zu finden sein. Apr 15 '21 meanwhile here you see real life, unlit rooms with a shadow etc etc. Direkt nebenan befindet sich bereits eine neuere Anlage, welche noch in Betrieb ist. key: dayz Unser YouTube Partner DayZMunkler News & More hat zum Themavor einiger Zeit ein Video erstellt und alle bisher bekannten Informationen zusammengesammelt. A soldier gets jumped, his gear hits the floor. Low key thought they had a graphics change or something, I remember looking at the place that inspired stary sober on Google maps and it had the big ass barn. Oh shit! Surprised u dident get sniped by a camper. I think thats the one place we didnt look. 7 imagine how hard it would be to find players in a place like that? : , Valve Corporation. I wish I picked them up when they were still widely available pre-2020! It's always raining. Me and my friend always called them that till i figured out.. heli pads. Die Station stammt hchstwahrscheinlich aus den Anfngen des Kalten Krieges. It was builded by soviet army at 1981 and after 2001 is abandoned. here is a custom google map with the ingame locations. In that complex, the tent city is in the SW portion, abutting the double barbwire perimeter fence. I go to a festival near Prague every couple years and have been looking for a decent hiking trip for the next time, rather than just spending all my time in the city. in the second photo are the rails where the s-200 rocket was loaded Love it R&M, Thank you! Im Sommer 2014 gegrndet, wchst die Seite gemeinsam mit dem Genre stetig weiter. Barely Infected started the project with one simple specification: No Rules.

DayZ-Spieler fordern eigentlich unscheinbares Feature Warum Volumetrische Wolken? Well they mobile, like mounted on the back of trucks? . And those sexy CZ BRENs and Scorpion Evo 3s that are out of stock all over the U.S. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. But why like that? Bei diesem Code muss man anschlieend beachten, dass der russischeBuchstabe H im lateinischen Alphabet N bedeutet. Sign up for a new account in our community. Ob sich diese Anlage an der Tisy Militr Basis befinden wird oder nicht wissen wir zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt leider nicht. A person wouldn't leave that behind, especially not on the ground. FPS-MMO Pioner sieht aus wie Mischung aus EFT, DayZ und Stalker erscheint Ende 2021, DayZ EOS Mod will Chernarus fr immer verndern Schneeregion & berwucherung, Erfahre mehr darber, wie deine Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. I personally hate the server I'm playing on tho lol, Yea C-137 is honestly going to shit so fast , You didn't know Chernarus is based on a region in Czechia? Fest steht jedoch, dass diese Information in Zusammenhang mit DayZ steht. :D, Altar ist die Radiostation nicht das Flugabwehrradar ^^. Bitte geben Sie hier Ihre E-Mail-Adresse ein, DayZ Das Geheimnis der Tisy Militrbasis. Yea but is there a ungodly amount of wolves hanging around? Lol. r/dayz 90% of the people in this sub have probably never made it to tisy, Few kilometres near this base at "Mnek pod Brdy" is Bohemia Interactive located , all photos from today, First and third photo is missile depot Ive seen videos of chernaurus (Czech republic) and its so accurate chernogorsk is an actual city if im not mistaken, Not going to lie, I had to double take the first photo because I thought it was an in game screenshot. Does anyone know the actual purpose of these elevated concrete ramps? I can practically hear the silenced ak hitting the walls. I mean neither is it mine. I am going to SBR them in a few years I think. There was missile base and at this ramps was radar targeting ground-to-ground and ground-to-air missiles. The region is based on a region in the Czech republic. Yeah I bought one when they first came out years ago, and then another in tan a few years later. /S6IUVxQpzY. It is a bit of both actually. And next trip is green mountain Maybe there will be more mil infected in the end product, but the amount of weapons/ammo/clothing of military variety just lying around. Yeah it really ruins the mood, as every building interior is bright as fuck, meanwhile abandoned building irl are waaay darker. Nope, czech republic it's at Brdy mountains near Prague and it was missile base. Wie kann ich VPN bei Streaming-Plattformen installieren und verwenden? Ein paar namhafte Partner konnten wir so schon von uns berzeugen, und lernen vonGamestar.desowiemein-mmo.dedas Autoren-Handwerk weiter zu perfektionieren. Dieser lautet 5H117. Thank you sir. Florian ist bei uns der DayZ Profi und immer auf dem aktuellsten Stand. This isnt your camping spot? Oh god, stay strapped. Trigger happy bastard. Chances are the bites would be deadly too. Very Cool! Uncuepa on Twitter / TikTac'tical on Twitter., Also this group walking around real-life Tisy:,,, (From a group walking around real-life Tisy):

I think Morgan gave oyu the answer you want, but I built this one on an experimental server. I think I just found it. It doesn't really matter what happened. Das bedeutet, dass man spezielle Schutzausrstung bentigt, um diesen Teil der Karte betreten zu knnen. Establish and maintain a Village.The server encourages organic roleplay and interaction among players. I can hear the wolves coming. Other soldiers don't grab it because they're hauling arse or dying as well. Bruh i always thought thoses were giant ass wheelchair ramps lol. Hope you like wolf bones and single bandages: I really hope they tone down the loot at military areas, or at least make it so there are less automatic rifles and make pistols/ammo/mags more likely to spawn on mil infected than on the ground. Wenn man nun mit folgendem Suchbegriff: 5N117 ein wenig in Google herumstbert, entdeckt man schnell einige Suchergebnisse zu folgendem Begriff:5N117-Radar P-70 Lena-M! cbc u/EmergencyBaker5532 4 Register yourself now and be a part of our community! Thanks man, these pictures are great, I cant wait to go and check this place out. It's kind of immersion breaking to see a STANAG lying there in perfect condition. But geographically in the universe, the region is a fictional place close to russia/siberia, at the Sea of Okhotsk I believe. Where in the world is this shot coming from? Anyone know? Web , Espaol - Espaa ( - ), Espaol - Latinoamrica ( - ), Portugus - Brasil ( - ), (),, I have a couple of Scorpions, they are fun guns! Dont have an account yet? Der Schlssel lautet in unserem Fall DayZ. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. These are trained military forces, some of whom clearly didn't survive the outbreak, some of whom clearly did or there would be way more mil infected. Mit diesem Online Tool erhlt man Zugriff auf einen weiteren Code. Ein Passwort wird Ihnen per Email zugeschickt. Blowfish ist ein bekanntes Decrypting-System, welches man bereinen Schlsselbenutzt. This site uses cookies. Speichern Sie meinen Namen, meine E-Mail-Adresse und meine Website fr den nchsten Kommentar in diesem Browser.

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