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.header-bottom .slick-slider {border-bottom: none;} warriors golden state jacket adidas ring jackets trophy court banner nba They are also great for body measurement, sewing, tailoring, weight loss tracking, or measuring any curved surface. soccer sizing myuniform master measure corner measurements soccermaster stefans pro rugby uniforms Use the chart below to determine your size. *Our Plus Size products are more than simply 'extended', they are meticulously proportioned to the needs of the body (Size 1X to 3X). display: -moz-box; Register with a new club here. -webkit-flex-wrap: wrap; } If you have specific enquiries, please dont hesitate to get incontactwith us. This measuring tape set has two double-sided, 60-inch / 150 cm, durable tape measure in pink and black. .content.header-bottom .top-links .slick-track{ SCHEELS uses cookies to provide a better shopping experience. Just click here to chat with the next available agent. .header-bottom .slick-slider{border-bottom-width: 0px;margin-bottom:0 !important;background: #323e48;} .content.footer-top {float:right;width:25%} text-decoration: none; .footer-top .newsletter .m-slg {display: none !important;} If he or she is on the borderline between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit. .content.header-bottom .top-links span{float: centre; font-size: 12px;width: 33%!important;position:relative} They are small and light pocket-size measuring tapes, and they have accurate, large and clear markings in both inches and centimeters, which are very easy and convenient to read. Debit and credit card payments can be unsuccessful for a number of reasons.

} Please note all measurements are incentimetres. .footer-top .fields-wrapper input::placeholder{text-transform: capitalize;} padding:11px 0px; .footer-top .newsletter .d-slg {display: none;} Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.

If your measurements for hips and waist correspond. Sign in to see your cart. #page-footer .content.footer-top{float:left;width:100%;} Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. .header-bottom .slick-slider button{display: none !important;} , . Please see below the nearest store we could locate; Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. -ms-box-orient: horizontal;

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