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Harmony is a very beautiful and stunning name for a little girl. It is the name of the famous city of Roman origin. It is a unisex name and a variant of Glenn, which comes from the Gaelic language and means valley. The name also symbolizes happiness and joy.

Falcon is a very common boys name of Latin origin. Destiny will be popular, and everyone will want to be surrounded by her brilliant shining light. The Old English name refers to the sweet nectar. The name comes from Old Norse and means a path. The name represents someone who has natural leadership skills and is a path creator. 22 Everyday Words That Make Stunning Girl Names, Fetus's Exposure To Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Causes Liver Problems, How To Massage Your Breasts To Encourage Milk Production, How To Build A Maternity Wardrobe On A Budget, There May Be A Connection Between Maternal Gum Disease & Preterm Birth, Why You Might Want To Skip The Movies With A Toddler, Pregnant People Of Color At Higher Risk Of Unconsented Procedures, Hypochondria In Pregnancy: How To Cope With Your Fear Of Sickness, Ways To Turn Dark Urine During Pregnancy Back To Normal, Climate Change Can Impact Babies Before They Even Start Breathing Outside Air, 10 Labor & Delivery Tips For First-Time Dads, The AAP Now Recommends Breastfeeding For 2 Years, Haemophobia: Handling A Fear Of Blood In Pregnancy, Why Can't We Bee Friends: Overcoming Your Toddler's Fear Of Bees, 10 Stroller Mistakes To Avoid In The Summer, Myths About Women's Mental Health & Pregnancy Termination Are Spreading. It refers to being righteous and upright. Lane means a roadway or a path, and it is a gender-neutral name. Ruby is a bright red gemstone. Need more baby name ideas for your little tot? The word nature refers to the elements of the natural world. It means to long for something, and the name comes from Latin. Hope has a spiritual theme to it. The name Valley means between the mountains. It comes from Old French and Latin. It is also up ninety spots since 2016. It refers to the Rosemary herb, whose name means dew of the sea in Latin. The meaning of Sincere is honest. This name is popular in many parts of the world, especially North America. It is a cognate of Rocco, which comes German and means rest. The name is a popular first name and nickname in many parts of the world. The word comes from the Old Norse word tryggth, which means faith. The strong name gives the bearer a sense of trust and faith. Winter refers to the coldest season of the year, and also signifies the time before the arrival of spring. Harmony is at number one hundred eighty-one on the popularity list of all baby names in 2017 and is up thirty-one spaces from 2016. Eve is of Hebrew descent and means life. (And when youre done with that, crack open that encyclopedia.). Hawk is a strong bird that thrives in the wild. You can also go with names that are occupations. Sage will be an adorable little girl who grows into a pretty young woman. According to Greek mythology, the word Ash is derived from an ash tree. This exhaustive list has names, some of which are evergreen and some long-forgotten yet relevant even today. This name is of English origin means what it says; love or a loved one. The name was originally an occupational name for a person who mined the slate rock. The name has an English origin and is commonly used to name boys. The name Prosper has been used by several saints in the past. Moms, dont think any less of this name based off of that, it just goes to show how unique it is. The Italian origin name means zest or vivacity., It is originally derived from the Arabic word qalib, meaning a casting mold., The word Canyon comes from Spanish and means a long tube. The English meaning of the name is a large ravine., The name cash is associated with prosperity. Trail gives a sense of the mountains, nature, or outdoors. The word honesty denotes virtue, honor, integrity, and purity.

Pearl, like Ruby, has begun to be polished up for a new generation of fashionable children after a century of jewelry box storage. Velvet is a soft fabric and also refers to the bluish-purple color. It also refers to the Elm Tree. So, here we bring you a list of word names for boys and girls you can refer to for naming your baby. It makes for an awesome name for your precious little girl.

Hope is a wonderful name for mommys little girl. If youre looking for an alias that starts with the letter J, an encyclopedia gives a chapter of options to choose from, and odds are, your kids name will be one of a kind.

The flower symbolizes rebirth, purity, and passion. It has an Old German origin and means to elevate or move upwards., It is a contraction of Robert, which comes from German and means bright, shining, or fame.. April would be a lovely name for a daughter to bare. Destiny is a popular American name and means fate.. Arya is an alternate spelling. The name Miles has both Irish and German Origins. Violet will be very beautiful, and maybe even a little shy until you get to know her. Names that are also professions include Carter, Hunter, and Parker, which are all very popular choices. Wise refers to someone who is prudent and with astute skills of judgment.

RELATED: Yes, My Kids Have Weird Names So What? The name has its origin in Old Norse and means to be proud and wise., Kin has a Japanese origin and means golden.. Stone has an English origin and is a common name in the British Isles. Brooke is a variant of Brook, which is a toponymic English name referring to someone who lived by a brook or a stream. As a bonus, many word names are unisex, which is awesome when youre trying to keep things on the gender-neutral side. But in Vietnamese, it means born on Saturday., This name has its roots in Old German and Old French, and means to be as brave and strong as a bear., The name Beta has a Greek origin and can be found in The Bibles Old Testament. The name Justice means doing right, and has become a common name for girls in recent times. The word Dawn comes from Old English and signifies the beauty of the sunrise. April is also the name of the fourth month in the year; there is also April Fools Day. It means hollow or recess.. usernames untaken If mom already has other daughters with the name Samantha or Emily, Crystal is said to fit in amazingly. Sage is on the alternative list of baby names for celebrities who name their daughter Sloane. It would even make a beautiful middle name, like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Is There Anything Parents Can Do To Avoid A Second Miscarriage? Can a name as virtuous as Hope be cool and trendy? It denotes healing, success, and growth. It also refers to a herb called Sage, which is from the mint family. It is a different name for a boy and refers to the northern direction. Story is a unisex American name and it means a tale.. It makes for a unique name for your little one. This unisex name has its roots in Italian and French, and means skin.. Hunter is a very common surname and first name.

It is a popular unisex name in many parts of the world. It has an English origin and leans strongly towards boys. The name Phoenix means dark red. It symbolizes immortality and rebirth. It creates a sense of joy and is a mystical feminine name. It also makes for a strong masculine name for a boy. The name Raven symbolizes affection, fertility, and wisdom. The name Reason is derived from Old French and refers to a rational person. Weve got comprehensive lists for unique names for girls, last names as first names for boy, nicknames as first names for your little Ace, and so much more!

Harbor refers to a place where ships standby for shelter. The word comes from Latin and means belief, trust, and confidence. This feminine name can also be associated with faith in God. Crew is yet another word name that was added to the baby name lexicon when this one was chosen by. The name represents someone who has been a divine gift. It means bold and courageous.. The name comes from Middle English and means to make an effort., The name Ever has its roots in the Old Scandinavian language and means wild as a boar.. It makes for a common first and middle name.

Lily is the perfect name for a delicate and stunning baby girl. Why settle for the ordinary? Amber is an elegant feminine name. It is of Greek descent and means exactly what it says- an ivy plant. Girls deserve to feel special, and picking a different kind of name can really make any little feel special. Pixie is another word for fairy. She will be true and trustworthy. It also refers to a strong bond or relationship between people. She will be bright and intelligent, and she will always look for signs to try to figure out what her fate will be. Rain is of English origin and means exactly what it says- rain, as in rain showers. The name represents someone who is fierce, brave, and strong. The name poppy refers to the red flower of the poppy plant. The name symbolizes knowledge and intelligence. Flair refers to a persons natural aptitude.

What this means, is that the name is not too common. It comes from the name of the Ebony tree, which is known for its deep black wood. The name denotes authority and protection.

It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. Rumi Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Mother Teresa, This article was originally published on 11.13.2018, Written In The Stars! It originates from the Irish word brigh, which means powerful or strong. It is a popular name in North America. Mom, if youre looking for a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl, this night would be perfect. Hope is of English origin and means faith and trust. The name Ode means a poem, and it is also used for naming boys. The word has an Old Norse origin and refers to a triangular hill. It is a Latin name derived from the name Rome, the capital of Italy. These days picking a baby name can be as simple as looking around at the everyday items or moments that surround you. Rain is not commonly used by any means and would be perfect for a mom looking to her daughter a name that almost no one has. Summer is a beautiful name for any little to own. It refers to the moment the sun rises. It is an ideal name for your precious daughter. All rights reserved. It refers to an incredibly wise and sagacious person. It is a unique and modern name for a boy and refers to a participant in a race. Infinity is referred to as never ending. The name has a Persian origin and originally referred to someone who worked as a treasurer. Hope will grow up with lots of hope and confidence about her future. Storm has its origin in Old Norse.

Valor or Honesty! Its also a smart way to select an uncommon name for your little one. The typical names of yesterday no longer seem interesting to some people. Timber refers to a type of wood. Crystal is a beautiful name for a baby girl. The English name Dune means a mountain of sand, and is also used to refer to a brown-skinned soldier. Even less subtle than Duke or Earl, this name shot up the popularity charts in 2013, the same year young Prince George was born and the craze for all things royal (and Royal) began. It's unique, bold, and memorable, and perfect for moms who love color baby names and, most importantly, the fall season. It is a unique name with an Old English origin. But, if mom wants to give her little one a nickname it could be Ray. It is up sixty-three spaces from 2016. Christian is a common unisex name and is popular in many parts of Europe and the British Isles. Jewel refers to any precious gem or stone. Rain could be a uniquely beautiful name for a little girl. Maybe we should have included Webster in this list! Which means its still kind of unique, and special. It is also sometimes used to refer to a child who was born third. The birthstone for the month of June, Pearl could also make a fresher middle name alternative to the overused Rose. Breeze refers to a gentle and calm current of air. So if you are looking for a name that will make your little girl stand out, this is the perfect choice for you. Lilly is a very common feminine name and is derived from the name of the Lily flower. It is a short and sweet name for your boy. Mom, if youre looking for a name that is very sweet sounding, then Cadence would be the absolutely perfect fit for your little girl. Although it is not as popular as it once was, it is still a stunning name for any little girl to have. Pop culture references: the hit Lorde song "Royals. Rain will be a beautiful woman when she grows up. The name denotes the softness and delicateness of a flower petal. Im sure it will be just as popular or more in 2018. If the name is good enough for a celebritys baby, why not yours? The name Hero has a Greek origin, and means the bravest one of all the people.. A variation on this name a mom could give her daughter could be Evie or spelled Evey. Hardy is a popular first name and surname of Old French origin.

Trinity is of Latin descent and means three in one, or simply just three. It also means bright or God in Old German.

It's not only a beautiful, dark color but it's a timeless name that strikes you the moment you hear it. It is a contraction of the name Barbara, which has its origin in Greek. Birdie was until recently a middle-aged Ladies' Club member wearing a bird-decorated hat --but now it's just the kind of vintage nickname (think Hattie, Josie, Mamie, Millie) that's coming back into style in a big way. It is musically themed, so if mom or dad is fascinated with anything having to do with music, this name would be a good choice. The name represents someone strong and resolute. Color names have joined flower and jewel names -- in a big way -- and Indigo, a deep blue-purple dye from plants native to India, is particularly striking for both girls and boys.

This would be a simply beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. A star also happens to be a lovely shape. The name has its origin in Middle English. Crystal has been used as a name for a very long time. mouth soap words bad wash word eat fudge discipline names know 2008 washed gosh darn makes insane sink kitchen another It refers to a reddish-brown color. Pioneer comes from Old French and refers to someone who is first at doing something or the first to attain achievement. This name represents someone who is competitive, popular, and striving. Although, it has only moved up one spot from 2016. Sage is an amazing name to give mommys little girl. With a name like Love, any girl will have a heart full of love for her loved one. It is also the name of Ricks granddaughters in the show thats growing in popularity, Rick and Morty. 23 Zodiac Names Based On Babys Astrological Sign, 90 Wanderlust Baby Names For Your Tiny Traveler. You might also have heard of the famous comedian Foster Brooks. Lucky means fortunate, and is perhaps the finest name to give your baby girl. Want to name your baby after an admirable trait? The word cove means a sheltered area in the hills, valleys, or mountains. Bliss is extremely rare and unique for a stunning baby girl name. The name Alfa has a Greek origin and means beginning., The name Anchor has an English origin, and it means stability.. Hollywood actresses like the beautiful Scarlett Johansson and Scarlett O'Hara has kept the name popular and trendy. Your options wont be limited to words like firemen, assassin, or tax attorney. It originally meant someone with reddish-brown hair. Vitamin A In Pregnancy: Why Is It Important And What.. Apnea Of Prematurity: Causes, Symptoms, Risks, And.. 25 Unusual Mountain Inspired Names For Boys And Girls, 111 Amazing Names Of Hindu Lord Krishna For Your Baby Boy, 133 Notably Beautiful Singaporean Names For Baby Girls And Boys, 28 Incredible Science Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Popular Hungarian Surnames Or Last Names, With Meanings, 200 Unique Non-Binary Names With Meanings, For Your Baby, 800+ Cute Nicknames Or Pet Names For Baby Boys And Girls, 85 Free Spirited And Quirky Hippie Baby Names For Girls And Boys. It is of English origin.

Pascal is a common Christian name and means the one who is born on Easter day.. Shelter is a unique name of American origin. Trinity is a superb name for a stunningly beautiful little girl. It comes from the Latin word artem. It is often associated with someone who is creative and imaginative. The name misty means full of mist. It denotes a sweet and charming person. It is a popular American first name and nickname, and symbolizes someone who is sweet. Cadence is a stunningly beautiful and sweet name for an adorable little girl. The Christian name Parrish refers to an area defined by religion. Lilac is a beautiful shrub bearing a pale purple flower. Why bother picking a common baby name, if a mom wants to show her daughter how special she is? It is derived from the name Aquila, which means eagle in Latin. The name has an Old Norse origin. The possibilities are as limited as your largest and heaviest dictionary. In 2016, the name was ranked #18 and I'm sure it will continue to climb the ranks in the future. Fits many criteria sought by modern parents: it's short and strong, with intimations of wisdom as well as fragrant herbal properties. The name comes from Old English and Old Norse. Bliss would be a total joy to be around, and she would love to make everyone smile. Your daughter will carry her name with her for the rest of her life, so why not make it something different that allows your baby girl to stand out from the crowd? The name is likely related to the Irish word Ri, which means King.. Scarlet refers to a type of cloth or a brilliant red color. Ivy is an adorably sweet and short name for a little girl. Aria has origins in both Italian and Hebrew. The name comes from Old French and refers to the apex or the highest part of a hill. It is derived from the name of the Greek Goddess, Maia. It is also associated with the Roman Empire. Any girl with this name will be gorgeous, and everyone will just fall in love with her. Moms daughter would grow up loving her sweet name. It is a contraction of Anthony, which comes from the Greek word anthos, meaning flower.. It is also a biblical name for anyone looking for a spiritual type name. Star may fall in love with anything within the stars and moon theme thanks to her name. Tulip is yet another flower name, which makes a perfect baby girl name. Extraordinary names can shape a girl's future, and make them want to live up to the beauty and uniqueness of their names. It also means a wise protector.. The name refers to a person with a strong will. Thats right! So, take a plunge into the ocean of unique baby names after enchanting plants, famous cities, words with deep meanings, and more. The word has its origin in Middle English.

Its already a short and sweet name so that no nicknames would be needed. At the rate it's growing, Maverick soon won't seem like such a maverick anymore. The meaning of Harper is a harp player. It is a unique unisex name. The name has a modern and traditional tone to it. It makes for a modern name for your baby girl. The name promise is an uplifting word, and it means assurance or vow., Prudence was a popular name during medieval times, and it comes from Latin. Just because youre perusing Websters dictionary for a name does not mean youre going to end up naming your kid spoon. The possibilities are literally endless. It could also be spelled like Rayn, which is also very unique. New to the US Top 1000 in 2015, Wilder is on many parents' possibility lists, one of the new generation of bad boy names growing in popularity. Toni Collette named her daughter Sage Florence. Golden refers to someone who is special and precious. Rocket is a different name for your boy and it has an Italian origin. Rain is in the two thousand range on the popularity list of baby names for 2017, which shows that it is rarely used. April is of Latin origin and meaning opening. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitution for professional health services. This name can denote the endless love you have for your baby girl. The name represents someone who is strong and bold. The name Hawk creates a sense of vitality and strength. The word comes from Old Norse and refers to a water body close to or enclosed by land. It comes from the Latin word Concorde, meaning hearts together or harmony.. It makes for a sweet and soulful name for a baby girl. Lily will pure of heart, and give a love thats so strong that no one could ever doubt if her love was true. Cherish means to treasure or to care for, and it has its origin in French and English. It is related to the name Red and comes from Old English. It is a toponymic name referring to someone originally from the Scottish city of Stirling. It means favorable or fortunate and has a Latin origin. North is a name associated with purity and strength. A baby girl with this name will turn out to be a total sweetheart. It has an English origin and refers to someone wealthy or a brave ruler. The name Feather symbolizes lightness, freeness, and purity. Shikha is a writer-turned-associate editor at MomJunction. This name has a musical theme to it, and a little girl with this name may grow up falling in love with music since it has a musical theme to it. If youre looking for further inspiration to give your baby one of these vocab-inspired names, consider these wise words by famous figures about the power of words. According to Roman mythology, Aurora is the Goddess of dawn and sunrise. It comes from the name of Cayenne pepper and makes for a modern feminine name. Shikha is a writer-turned-associate editor at MomJunction. It brings out the joy and warmth of the season. The name Steel represents someone strong and resolute. A few other variations of this name are Asher or Ashton. Patience means calmness, endurance, and forbearance.. Harmony is of Greek descent and means a beautiful blending. This beautiful and simple feminine name means desire for fulfilment.. Pilot comes from Greek and refers to someone who operates and steers a boat, aircraft, or any other automobile. It is actually defined as an uplifting or inspiring song. Trinity refers to the holy trinity of the Christian faith. Theres no better way to make a child feel special than giving her a special name. Credence is a unisex name and comes from the Latin word credere, meaning to believe.. It is a gorgeous name for any little girl to have, and she will grow up to very beautiful and confident. A nickname for a beautiful girl name Lily could be Lil. It has also become quite popular and sits at number fifty-four on the popularity list of baby girl names. A string of some that dont mean much to you may stick with someone else for a lifetime. Rachel Wolchin, Raise your words, not your voice. Ivy was in a Batman movie as Poison Ivy. pluspng greetingsisland The name Horizon means apparent edge of the land. It is popular in parts of North America. The name April has a Latin origin and means to open. It makes for a unique name for a girl born in the month of April. It is at number one hundred seventy-one on the popularity list of baby names for 2017. The name Queen is of English origin and is used to denote an empress or any female sovereign. Trek has its origin in Old Dutch and refers to a long and difficult journey. Clay is a very common name used by the characters of many movies and television shows. It is also a shortened version of the name Lillian, and a nickname to the name Elizabeth. The word comes from Latin and represents someone who exudes a sense of comfort and calmness. It is also the name of a famous car manufacturer. Rose denotes grace, passion, and love. Whether it's due to its economic connotations, or its link to American legend Johnny Cash, this name is widely used, and has been used by several celebrities including Annabeth Gish and Joshua Morrow. Indigo is the name of a character in the Ntozake Shange novel. Race refers to a running competition. The point is, if it has a dictionary definition, it can be used as a baby name. Moms wont have to worry about Hope because she is an intelligent and smart girl who is trustworthy and honest. It is a gender-neutral name and has a modern touch to it. Tulip symbolizes perfect love. New names like Luna, Bliss, and Trinity are starting to become popular.

A unique name that is quite popular among parents who wish their boy to have a strong personality. Chase means to catch or seize. It also means a hunter and comes from Old English. Opera is a form of musical presentation usually in a grand theater. It also denotes fierceness, boldness, and strength. Mercy has an English origin and means compassion and virtue., Merry is one of the classic names for babies born on or around Christmas.

It comes from Old French and means custodian of wealth., Chandler comes from the Old French word Chandelier. You must remember the surname Chandler Bing, from the famous television show friends.. But dont worry there are still plenty of undiscovered choices.
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