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4w3 Jason then became even more obsessed with Eddie once he discovered Chrissy was murdered in Eddie's trailer. From there, he hiked to Skull Rock to hide. March 27, 1986 Did you enjoy this article?

Hopefully I can revise this at a later date if other characters and personality types show up! [4] In December of 2020, Joseph Quinn was spotted filming in a forest in Atlanta alongside Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley) and Joe Keery (Steve Harrington).[6]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2022, The user generated content, where applicable is licensed under Creative Commons License. Your email address will not be published. Yes felt like esfp first, but they won't be this accepting of nerdy or different type of thinking people, I don't see Ti-Fe in him either. Hes protective of Max, but his efforts to protect her are seen as domineering and even abusive rather than caring and supportive. Hes an energetic, outgoing leader of the Hellfire club, who also confesses that his main problem in life is running away from things which is eventually why he decides to not run off and save himself for once, and to do what he thinks is the right thing to protect Hawkins (unfortunately, leading to his death; but this also shows him moving toward 1 growth, in desiring to do the right thing even if its hard and painful). Which anime characters embody the INTJ personality type?

Once the quartet arrived at the gate, Steve dove in and found it at the bottom of the lake. I DON'T LIKE THIS, CHRISSY, WAKE UUUUP! Like many ESTJs shell put up with a lot of frustration and mistreatment to go after her objectives. I find the magic and inspiration that Walt Disney gave the world to be monumental. White Queen, Stranger Things: Erica Sinclair [ESTJ8w7]. Yet shes also allowed the pain shes experienced to harden her and she can be manipulative and vengeful as a result.

Hellfire ClubCorroded Coffin

Dark brown In typical INTP fashion, Robin is skilled at pattern recognition and making logical deductions. Where did she go? Superman and Lois I agree! Eddie also points out that Nancy and Robin have a true care for Steve, and especially Nancy due to her jumping in first for Steve. Rather than running, he drew his makeshift shield and spear, and faced the hoard of Demobats which swarmed around him.

Nancy awakened and warned the group that Vecna planned to destroy their town. ", "Chrissy? Quirky and insightful, Murray Bauman is the investigator that Barbs parents hire to figure out what happened to their daughter. Age Surely, i was thinking about that when i was watching it, Hmmm Im re watching stranger things from the start so when I start watching s4 Ill analyse him and let you know. Biographical information Eddie Munson

Which MBTI personality type best fits?

INFJs are not as extroverted as Mike, nor are they typically as quick to respond to to the physical world as a sensor-perceiver like Eleven, but they will probably identify with many qualities of both characters.

K, Chrissy, wake up! Despite his unruliness, Wayne did not believe Eddie was capable of any of the killings he was being blamed for and believed that his nephew was a good kid. The Originals Now, I don't know what happened between you two, but if I were you, I would get her back. After Chrissy's death, Eddie was traumatized and felt guilty for not having been able to save her. ESTP

Harry Potter He takes in a lot of information and uses his powers of deduction to solve crimes.

And Then There Were None Gareth (friend/fellow club member)Jeff (friend/fellow club member)Mike Wheeler (friend/fellow club member)Dustin Henderson (friend/fellow club member)Lucas Sinclair (friend/fellow club member)Chrissy Cunningham (friend/crush [3])Erica Sinclair (friend)Nancy Wheeler (friend)Steve Harrington (friend)Robin Buckley (friend)Jason Carver (rival/enemy)

Eddie also pointed out how much Nancy and Robin cared for Steve and advised Steve to pursue Nancy if there was any hope left. Her intuition shows up in her ability to make random connections between whats happening in the outer world and whats happening to her son in the Upside Down.

ENTPs are good at improvising, and they like to do it onstage, in the classroom, or in social situations. Rich parents, popular, chicks love him, not a douche?

10 Things That Terrify INFPs According to 301 INFPs Fear can be an, Read More 10 Things That Terrify INFPs According to 301 INFPsContinue, Valentines Day is just around the corner and with it are many plans and expectations of the perfect date. Read This Next: 10 Things That Terrify INTJs. His belief in the benefits of being unique and his disdain for social conformity often led to clashes with the popular kids, such as Jason Carver, Chrissy's boyfriend and a member of the Hawkins High Basketball Team.

Eddie managed to escape Jason in the moment, but the latter was still hellbent on finding him, and instructed the entire town to hunt down Eddie and the other members of Hellfire Club.

Even though shes been raised by psychotic or selfish individuals, she doesnt emulate their behavior.

Each personality type will naturally mesh with someone elses more than others. ", "You, Nancy Wheeler, have guns--plural--in your bedroom? The Dark Knight Trilogy

3 Weird and Wonderful Secrets of the INFP Personality Type, 12 Fictional Characters Youll Relate to if Youre an INTP, 10 Things ESFPs Look for in a Relationship, The Flirting Style of the ESTP Personality Type, 5 Tricks for Succeeding in Your Career as an ISFJ, 24 Signs Youre an INFJ, the Mystic Personality Type, The Myers-Briggs Personality Types of the Squid Game Characters, The Mysterious Side of Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type, The Myers-Briggs Personality Types of the Death Note Characters, The Summer Childhood Activity You Should Revisit, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type. What happened to Barb?

Ngl he reminds me of me, or how Id be Id I was a dude lol I definitely am usually not attracted to men of the same type as me , but I see the enfp charm in him and say like heath ledger in 10 things I hate about you. Dustin successfully escaped through the gate, but Eddie refused to follow. Philippa Gregory Smallville

Avengers 3w4 ", "Wheeler, right there? The two didn't exchange words but the situation was ripe with a silent tension. As time progressed, Eddie displayed signs of paranoia. Who saw her last? Status

He has a strong connection to nature and music, which he often escapes to when things in his life get too overwhelming. Eddie Munson personality type is ENTP, which means that they are natural talkers.

It is possible that his father was arrested; Eddie mentioned in, Eddie was an immensely popular character in. During the game, Eddie mentioned Vecna, and as the game-master, enjoyed leading the others on an extraordinary adventure. Eddie, along with the group, left Skull Rock in search of the gate, which was ultimately located in Lover's Lake. Thank you for a most interesting essay Myers-Brigg is a Character Reference System that I find more reliable than Astrology. Eddie eventually let Steve go and fell to the floor in distress, caught in survivor's guilt as he mourned Chrissy's death.

Stranger Things Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. They are very curious, and they like to question things that interest them. When Eddie tried signaling "S.O.S" through the chandelier, Erica was the first to notice and alerted the boys next to her.

Read This Next: 10 Things ESFPs Look for in a Relationship. There may be patterns to what makes you potentially intimidating to others based on your, Read More Heres What Makes You Threatening, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality TypeContinue, Have you ever noticed that the things that scare some people hardly ruffle the feathers of other people?

After finishing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with his friends, Eddie took Chrissy to his home to give her the drug she asked for. Downton Abbey Like many ENTJs, Erica is quick-witted and has no problem telling it like it is even if her comments are cutting and harsh. The dynamic between Jason and Eddie is possibly inspired by the 1990 film, Eddie was supposed to have graduated from, The framing of Eddie dying in Dustins arms is not dissimilar to a scene between Borormir and Aragorn in the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. This article will likely get shared a lot less than an, Read More Signs That Youre an Unbalanced Version of Your Myers-Briggs Personality TypeContinue, INTJs are the Masterminds of the Myers-Briggs community.

Eddie and Jason then watched as Patrick was murdered by Vecna, but Jason believed Eddie was using his "satanic powers" to commit the murder. ENTPs want to challenge the status quo and question the rules that are in place. He plays with his band at The Hideout on Tuesdays as stated to Chrissy. At Lover's Lake, Eddie, Steve, Robin and Nancy all boarded the boat to find the gate. Once Upon a Time Because ENTPs are natural talkers, they tend to want to communicate their ideas and emotions to others. And I don't even know why I care what that little shrimp thinks.

After some time, the two opened up to each other, exploring the conflicting feelings of anger for each-other.

The Crown

Hey, Chrissy. Yet its difficult for him to externalize his feelings and the emotions hes struggling with. Their hatred of each other was first evident in the lunchroom, when Eddie called out multiple social groups and began to compare them before flipping Jason off.

Chronicles of Narnia ENFP (Ne-Fi-Te-Si) is a personality type within Jungian Cognitive Function theory, which categorizes people according to their intrinsic differences in cognitive attitudes. Steve desperately attempted to wake her up, but her vision lasted long enough for Vecna to tell her exactly what he planned on doing to Hawkins if he killed a fourth victim. Chrissy! Physical information The West Wing

Eddie and Erica had a rocky start, especially at the end of semester campaign when Eddie mentioned Erica's infamy amongst the group, most likely due to Lucas whining about her behind her back. While he has unconventional ideas and approaches, his intuition and intelligence help him to get to the bottom of the case. Alfred Hitchcock When the group asked him to explain what had happened, he described her death and his terror. He runs, after a murder because he doesnt want to get into trouble, get arrested, and hes scared as hell about it. Read This Next: A Look at the ESFJ Leader. The two didn't have as close a bond as Dustin had with Eddie, but Eddie did mention that he saw Mike and Dustin as the future game-masters of Hellfire Club.

Not under any, uh, normal circumstances. The two boys swam after him and almost caught up to him, but before they did, Patrick fell prey to Vecna's curse and was drawn under the surface of the water. He began to fool around and brought up their past, reminding her of a talent show he participated in as a middle-schooler.

ENFPs are often positively nicknamed the "inspirers". ENFJ Organized and detail-oriented, Barb is someone who has a cautious and prepared approach to life. He was shown to have a passion for music ever since he had begun playing the guitar, recognizing and making rock and metal references that others didnt understand, such as to Steve Harrington.

He goes above and beyond the call of duty to help Will when he goes missing and to comfort Joyce and try to find solutions to the quizzical nature of Wills visions. When I think of an ENFP, I'm looking for somebody with a general balance between the Fi emotional earnestness and Te practicality of Joyce. Shes also very independent and resourceful, able to take care of herself and even stand up to Billy when he tries to control her. And rather than find a sub for him, you want you want to postpone the Cult of Vecna? Take our newpersonality questionnaire here. Not one second. Hey hello Chrissy, hellooo. Sensitive and artistic, Will Byers has a soul that longs for inner peace and belonging.

Without hesitating, Nancy dove in after him, followed by Robin and Eddie.

Eddie and Jason engaged in a borderline fight, where Jason followed Eddie out onto the water with his teammate, Patrick McKinney.

This could be interpreted as foreshadowing his battle against the swarm of.

During the 1970s, Eddie attended Hawkins Middle School alongside Chrissy Cunningham. My twin is ENFJ and I see a lot of her in him.


Because of his inner pain over his mothers abandonment, he doesnt allow himself to get close to anyone. Deceased

Despite the rumors, Eddie flourished in the club and found purpose in reaching out to other teenagers who felt like outsiders. But the two groups coordinated and the younger teens managed to create a safe landing pad for Eddie and the others to escape the Upside Down. I can feel it. Eddie notices and immediately interprets things using intuitionsuch as when he tells Steve that he should get Nancy back, because she is in love with him (She just jumped right in after you, no hesitation! he says, as his reasoning). Shes an introverted, deeply feeling type whos quiet and mysterious. 4w5 1w9

On May 27th, well finally get to find out what happened to Eleven and the gang after that crazy cliffhanger at the end of season three.

Still super jealous as hell, by the way.

Eddie was in the middle of dramatically reading aloud from a newspaper which warned of the dangers of D&D, and when he finished the article, he jumped on the table in order to give a speech about forced conformity. Your INFJ Profile features the 2 characters (apart from Dustin) that I would like to be identified with

Unhealthy INTJs can adopt an ends justifies the means approach to life, however, healthy INTJs will not do anything that violates their conscience or their principles.

Read This Next: 10 Things that Terrify ENFPs. She is the mom of five beautiful children and loves using her knowledge of personality type to understand them and others better!

How can you ensure that your experience is as successful as possible? Please read at your own discretion.

Dustin wanted to go, too, but Eddie refused to allow him on. The group finally reunited with Eddie at Skull Rock after hiking through the woods to find him. Disney Star Wars

Loyal and protective, Michael Mike Wheeler is the leader of the group. ISFP

Jurassic Park Teen Wolf The two had no clue of each other's existence when Dustin was in middle school, but as soon as Dustin joined Hawkins High, Eddie found him in his search for new members of Hellfire club.

She didn't waste a second.

Sometime during their attendance, Hawkins Middle School hosted a talent show in which both Eddie and Chrissy participated. 19-20[1]

Later, Jason referred to Eddie multiple times as a freak and Satanist, due to his involvement in Hellfire Club.

Charity loves to discuss theology, personality type characters, and write books. Once they freed him, Eddie began to curse in distress after realizing the severity of the situation.

Downcast, Dustin pulled Mr. Munson aside and told him that he was with Eddie when the "earthquakes" struck, heavily implying that he had died. He can be very caring and protective, especially when it comes to the people he loves. I see danger and I just turn heel and run. INFJ

Major spoilers will be present! 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34. Receiving no response from the walkie-talkie, Eddie stopped his attempts and looked at the boat, which was floating inside the dock house. I dont think Lucas is ISTJ either but I def see some of that vibe. In an effort to buy the Party more time in attacking Vecna, Eddie sacrificed himself to draw the Demobats away, and made Dustin promise to look after any more outcasts at Hawkins High School before dying in Dustin's arms. Avatars or images are being used under Fair Use, in order to identify the profile only, containing just the face or object, and lower resolution than original work. Sarcastic and ingenious, Robin Buckley is the code breaker that deciphers the Russians plan in season three of Stranger Things.

But after the first night she plays with them, Eddie warmed up to her and was surprised by her skill for D&D, and especially her luck with her D20 rolls. Yep. Eddie is the best part, in my opinion. Doing a drug deal with Chrissy Cunningham.

He has a super-ego need to do right by his friends, and by being around them, he attaches and adapts to them, becoming more heroic in the process. ", Joseph Quinn has confirmed in interviews that Eddie had a crush on fellow student, While Eddies age is never stated in Season Four, the revelations he is repeating senior year for the third time while also having attended Middle School with Chrissy place him as being 19 turning 20 during the 1986 school year. Twilight Saga On Friday, March 21st, Dustin and Mike sat down in the cafeteria, at the table where Eddie and his D&D group, The Hellfire Club, were eating. When Will is taken by the Demogorgon, Joyce stops at nothing to get him back. Portrayal Eye color Doctor Who But as the series progresses we realize theres more to him than initially meets the eye.

Ill have to come back here after binging this lol. Im flattered! The queen of Hawkins High.

Shortly after their conversation, they arrived at the Wheeler home, where Nancy, Robin, and Eddie entered Nancy's room to fetch the guns.

For her, she dreams of being a journalist and getting the story, no matter what the cost. He was in a band called Corroded Coffin in middle school.

Have you been anxiously counting down the days until season four of Stranger Things! Jane Austen

ISTJ But as long as you're into band, or science, or parties, or a game where you toss balls into laundry baskets!

Once Jason witnessed Patrick die, he still believed that it was Eddie's doing, and blamed D&D for his connection to Satan, genuinely believing that Eddie had supernatural powers. Now, I swore to myself I wouldn't wind up like he did but now I'm wanted for murder, and soon, grand theft auto. You can find out more about her passion projects at www.charitysplace.com. It takes a lot to convince him of the monsters in the Upside Down, or even of Elevens powers. However, the missing poster that his uncle posts in. His references are often used to figure out the situations around him. I think he might be ESFP, ISTP, or ENTJ. He tells Steve he only came into the upside-down because the girls didnt hesitate, and he didnt want to look like a wuss! It takes a lot of convincing for her to believe in the paranormal events happening in Hawkins, but when she does come to terms, shes quick to take action and make things happen.

Time to wake up, okay?! Like many INTPs, she mostly cares about living up to her own inner principles and standards. Eddie Munson personalities can be found everywhere.

Curious and imaginative, Dustin is always coming up with new ideas. - 1986)2121 Holland Rd (1986) At first, Steve seems like a typical jock or even a bully.

After shared laughter, Chrissy asked him if he ever felt like he was losing his mind, and Eddie admitted that he felt that way often.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. ), [convertkit form=788898] Anyone who knows me very well is aware that Im a major Disney nerd. Get 16 Kinds of Crazy: The Sixteen Personality Types today! Days later, he played his Upside Down guitar solo in honor of Chrissy. ", "So uh, this place is like Hawkins with monsters and nasty shit?

Eddie struggled in school, likely due to his eccentric personality rather than low intelligence, and was implied to have bad grades in his classes. Like many ENTPs, Dustin is scientifically inclined and loves to tinker with gadgets. On March 21, Eddie met Chrissy in the woods and offered to sell her some drugs. This article or section reveals details from the fourth season.
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