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And teenagers, as you know, can be a challenge.Sometimes I think Mark Twain had it right when he said you keep your kids in an oak barrel with a knothole. It is not easy but it honors God and were commanded to do it. That truth motivates me to get at the task, to work hard at it. So, again, everything Im about to say flows from that. I might be willing to try some outlandish means to accomplish that end. There was nothing really that the sciences could teach us about what God had called the Church to do. So truly we make a big deal out of the sovereignty of God, now not to the neglect of the responsibility of man. Never do we assume that God is somehow diminished in his rule and authority and sovereignty over the universe because man is responsible. Why Ought Your Church Hold to the 1689 Confession. correct, rebuke and encouragewith great patience and careful instruction. Why Do the Religious Reject Regeneration? The Spirit has promised to accompany the preached Word. It was a very commendable job except they took what was otherwise a very fine statement on the Lords Day and they gutted it and made it meaningless. Then, when they turn 16, plug up the knothole. That is we are to worship in the way God has prescribed. Their motive is really not important. That doesnt mean that a man doesnt stand up behind a pulpit and speak, but it means that the preaching of the Word often suffers. What Im getting at is God has given us prescribed means of experiencing his presence in our lives in both saving and sanctifying ways. In fact, this so infuriated Martin Luther that he accused one of the Anabaptist leaders of swallowing the Holy Ghost feathers and all. You may know Tom Nettles from the Founders Ministries.

paul washer theology critique referenced message which This Sermon was presented at Redeemer Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia on Sunday evening, July 13, 2003. Thats the Holy Spirits work. That kind of thing from thing from creeping into Southern Baptist life. The next place we want to go in terms the essentials of a Reformed congregation, of what marks a Church as being reformed is a great recognition that everything that we are and do is to be directed to the glory of God. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. Its interesting that when you talk about the sovereignty of God to many people they agree that God is sovereign but then you have to ask them to define what sovereignty means. In other words it has true doctrine. My first church out of seminary was founded about 125 years ago. By the way, you know that that one statement which is found among our Presbyterian brethren forced them, in many cases to conclude that Reform Baptists are a sect, not a church. By the Word. I was reading one of Henry Blackabys works on experiencing God. They have a greater problem than they even recognize. And yet the reformers themselves as they were being excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church or leaving the Roman Catholic Church of their own volition they wrestled with the question, What does constitute a true church?Because the Roman Catholic Church had said, We are the true church. But lets face it. He used as an example parents with children and I have two teenagers. Ive heard a lot of lofty explanations for what this means but thats a simple explanation for what this is referring to. So without realizing it they had a competitor to the Word. Where was God if God had nothing to do with this? Honor it appropriately. And you dont have to fabricate things; you dont have to manipulate people to grow a great church. But if the Bible is sufficient were going to pay attention to it if thats our conviction. The Reformed congregation is reformed in its worship in that it holds strongly this idea that Gods Word is to be honored in worship in that no thing, nothing can be added to worship and nothing can be taken away but just as God has prescribed it. Greetings from the Trinity Reformed Baptist Church. His instructions on rearing children are rather limited in Gods word. Why? So reform congregations often seem radical to others because we dont impose this fence around Gods law like the Pharisees did, trying to keep people from being evil. We believe that the man who is pastor, the man who is called by this church to stand before this church and to preach the word week in and week out is himself a sinner in need of accountability.And from where does that accountability come? We need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Surrender all to him. And what do you do? Because youre honest and theyre not. You know some Baptists have the opinion that the only place Christ is not present is in the Lords Table but hes there. Our problem today is we dont believe that works anymore. So were going to be Calvinistic if were Reformed but, additionally, there are going to be certain things true of us as individuals and true of us as a Church that are going to mark out what a Reformed congregation is. If a church is not prepared to discipline its membership, it doesnt love its membership. How many alter calls have you heard where preachers have admonished folk in the congregation to come up and just lay it all at Jesus feet. Clearly the church minutes would indicate that no church discipline had been exercised since World War II. You see if my main agenda is Church growth then the means to that end might be less than what is Biblical.Because, you see, growth is what Im about.

We dont know what their motives might have been. But surely it is a participation in the Body of Christ. Does it not? Preaching the Word, singing, praying, public reading of Scripture, and then theres some question as to whether or not giving is an actual element, it is something we are commanded to do so perhaps we are on safe ground including it as an element of worship, thats about it. Timothy is a disciple of Pauls, a young man training for the ministry. I thought, now what history books has he been reading? Are they not? You see, what the reformers were concerned about was that the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages had placed all kinds of worship type obligations on Gods people. Because, by and large, most churches do not practice church discipline. Ive not had the opportunity to talk with Eric about this but I think I would know his heart that he is zealous to see that happen, that he would love to see that happen. So this is a good prescription for us. The Word of God is central to everything that we are and we dare not begin to think that somehow the Word of God is inadequate to give us all that we need.

Now sometimes you find Baptist groups who champion this idea but when you begin to uncover what many Christians mean by it, what they really mean is nobody can tell me what to believe. You know people ask me, What is Calvinism about?Its not about election. Thats what we recognize as reform congregations. Instead man is sovereign in their scheme and God is a supernatural being who is available to meet their needs but really man is sovereign. What does Paul say in Philippians? Surely God has blessed other means in his mercy toward us. Now our Confession of Faith, in that same vein, goes on to say that this idea of Christian liberty is never to be misconstrued as a license to sin. Like the ceremonial and civil aspects of the Law. Does somehow mans free will limit Gods sovereignty? No. This is a view of Sanctification which views Christians as those who need to continually surrender to Christ and have Him control us instead of having us control ourselves. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. You know, surely you know all the ramifications with groups that separate the Spirit from the Word. But we participate with Christ in our observance of the Lords Table. Furthermore, reform congregations hold to and cherish a notion known as Christian liberty and freedom of conscience. We recognize that the Law of God has not somehow been done away with since we have the Gospel but only where the scripture clearly does away with certain aspects of the Law do we do away with those aspects. Because, taking our cues from Scripture (remember it is sufficient), Scripture outlines only a handful of things in worship. (Romans 10:17)This is Gods ordained means of both saving and sanctifying His people. I have failed miserably. It is about our Father and his Son and the Work of the Spirit. In other words if the Church had prohibited something and God had not prohibited it, then it was wrong for men, no matter how great a religious authority or leader they might be, to bind another mans conscience where God had not bound that conscience. We had only been there a couple of weeks and one of the students in the college and his wife had invited us after Church to a local restaurant. And he says in verse 16, 16All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,17so that the man of God, Now who is the man of God in this passage? Its a clear violation of Scripture not to do this. Well, those who had worked on the committee to change the statement were prepared. Imagine this, God subservient to mans evil free will, what a travesty. Let me tell you what the old saints would do if they got to a point where they were finding worship boring. Well, about two months after he had been found to be drunk in public and had repented and come back to the fellowship of the church it seems that some woman in the church had been accused of adultery. Why do we believe that? When he says, work out your salvation there, the word salvation means not so much your regeneration. Well, if you learn nothing else tonight, thats the one thing (laughter). A Calvinist can hold to the authority of scripture and believe that the scripture is inerrant but he may not necessarily believe that the scripture is truly sufficient for everything that God has called him to do and everything that God has called the Church to do and to be. And so he championed the cause of Scripture alone as being the only infallible authority. ; Total depravity, Unconditional election, Limited atonement, Irresistible grace and Perseverance of the Saints. Does it not? Another fellow who was instrumental in my pilgrimage was Dr. Tom Nettles. One of the things that has really burdened me over the past, I would say, six months is an issue that I hear coming up quite frequently among other reformed pastors as they talk about their congregations and as I hear people in these congregations talking about friends of theirs and other pastors that they know. He killed them. Father I pray that as those who call themselves reformed believers, reformed churches, that we would be faithful to follow your word in every detail. They invariably go off on all kinds of tangents, down heretical trails. Well, it occurred to me, this is not Georgia. But Paul says you work it out as you realize that God is working in. So it was only by Gods grace that he put me in touch with a few students at the seminary who held to these things. That leads us naturally to another issue and that is the Law and the Gospel. Its a tough thing to do. And whatever you guys are doing its not true.. And that principle follows throughout Scripture so that when we come to the New Covenant, we are careful still to pay attention to what God has prescribed in worship. Sometimes when people are being disciplined they dont find it very loving but it is a loving thing to do. 5But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry. You know what were inclined to do today if we find worship boring? We are not fatalists. Its my contention that we can be Calvinistic and not Reformed but we cant be reformed and not be Calvinistic. and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge:2Preach the Word, 2Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season. That theyve not escaped this problem like theyve perceived they have. I am moved along, as it were, by this recognition that God is at work in me. You see it all keeps coming back to the sufficiency of Scripture. Well, you know what?Wake up. calvinism Perhaps because of some of the abuses of past experiences, some churches got away from practicing it. We are not free to take away nor are we free to add. There is no longer the sacrificial system so clearly the ceremonial aspects of the Law have been superseded by Christs finished work. He killed them.And what did he say to Moses? Because, you see, if the Bible is sufficient, if it is adequate to equip us for everything that God has called us to do and to be in terms of the Church and its ministry and its life then we need to pay attention to it. And thats how God has designed it. He said Southern Baptists have never been Sabaterians (sp?). This man, by the Word of God, is thoroughly equipped for every good work.. The Christian life is hard. We all recognize the Gospel but reformed congregations also clearly recognize the place of the Law in the life of the church. As the Spirit convicts us, how does he convict us? Now this was a man who was on church discipline about every other month himself so no doubt they didnt do a very good thorough job of the church discipline.
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