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That it is, as the astronomers assert, an opaque body, I allow to be true, while I deny it to be a dark body. Something went wrong. At many times, John Calvin's describes the ontology of Scripture using the same vernacular as contemporary statements such as the Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy, as well as dictation theories such as Plenary Verbal Inspiration that makes strong assertions about the Scripture's inerrancy, infallbility, and identity with the Word of God. And gave gifts to men. Nevertheless, this study is not to be reprobated, nor this science to be condemned, because some frantic persons are wont boldly to reject whatever is unknown to them. : Calvin says such inaccuracies are inconsequential, "Though they differ as to number, it is easy to reconcile them, as it is no unusual thing, when it is not intended to number exactly and minutely each head, to put down a number that comes near it [..]Moses has set down the number above the mark, and Paul, the number below it, and in this way there is in reality no difference. Download the free Kindle app and start reading Kindle books instantly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. 1. In Calvin we have a mass of perspicuous statement and of lengthened argument to the effect that Scripture is impregnable and inviolable, and it would be the resort of desperation to take a few random comments, wrench them from the total effect of Calvins teaching, and build upon them a thesis which would run counter to his own repeated assertions respecting the inviolable character of Scripture as the oracles of God and as having nothing human mixed with it." , X-Ray When he says that the fire of the Lord was sunk down, (13) for this is the proper signification of the word , shakang, he designates the way in which it was put out, and in which Gods mercy openly manifested itself; as also, on the other hand. Since the Hebrew root , aven, is sometimes trouble and labor, sometimes fatigue, sometimes iniquity, sometimes falsehood, some translate it, The people were, as it were, complaining or murmuring. Others (though this seems to be more beside the mark) insert the adverb unjustly; as if Moses said, that their complaint was unjust, when they expostulated with God. "2.

Stephen saith, that the patriarchs were carried into the land of Canaan after they were dead. W. (13) Lat., fuisse demersum. A.V. Calvin says that the apostles, and in this case "Paul does not always quote the exact words of Scripture, but, after referring to the passage, satisfies himself with conveying the substance of it in his own language." The second clause in Hebrew is this, And that thou mightest be pure in thy judgment; which expression imports nothing else but that God in all his judgments is worthy of praise, how much soever the ungodly may clamor and strive by their complaints disgracefully to efface his glory. Though the word, may be taken actively as well as passively, yet the Greek translators, I have no doubt, rendered it passively, contrary to the meaning of the Prophet. Using your mobile phone camera - scan the code below and download the Kindle app. Some answer, that Moses speaketh of Joseph for honors sake, because he had given express commandment concerning his bones, which we cannot read to have been done of the rest. Sorry, there was a problem loading this page. Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2014. There is no absurdity in supposing that his father Jehoiada received, in token of respect, the surname of Barachiah, because, having throughout his whole life defended the true worship, he might justly be pronounced to be the Blessed of God. Paul intends to shew, that this ascension of God in the person of Christ was far more illustrious than the ancient triumphs of the Church; because it is a more honorable distinction for a conqueror to dispense his bounty largely to all classes, than to gather spoils from the vanquished. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we dont use a simple average. going disappearing barking

for some think that the punishment began with the leaders themselves, whose crime was the more atrocious. He calls it a lesser light by comparison; because the portion of light which it emits to us is small compared with the infinite splendor of the sun. It must, however, be remarked, that because the people were conscious of their sin, the door was shut against their prayers. Complained Or, murmured, the occasion whereof seems to be their last three days journey in a vast howling wilderness, and thereupon the remembran 1 And when the people complained,a it displeased the LORD: and the LORD heard it; and his anger was kindled; and the fire of the LORD burnt among them, and consumed them that were in the uttermost parts of the camp. For astronomy is not only pleasant, but also very useful to be known: it cannot be denied that this art unfolds the admirable wisdom of God. it is called the fire of God, as having been plainly kindled by Him, lest any should suppose that it was an accidental conflagration. This is especially true in that Calvin is willing to identify and work through certain kinds of errors he encounters in the scriptures, and is comfortable understanding the Scriptures being both human writings and the divine Word of God -- where these modern statements and theories strive endlessly to deny that any errors, as such, exist. There is rather more difficulty in this clause; for the words of the Psalm are, thou hastreceivedgifts for men, while the apostle changes this expression intogave gifts,and thus appears to exhibit an opposite meaning. The manna. ", 8. Unable to add item to List. For as it became a theologian, he had respect to us rather than to the stars. He more plainly declares that the people broke forth into open complaints; and it is probable that they even east reproaches upon God, as we infer from the heaviness of this punishment.

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, Word Wise It is interesting that even in so shor CRITICAL AND EXPLANATORY NOTES Numbers 11:1 . Thus, Ezekiel calls by the name , theunim, those fatigues, whereby men destroy and overwhelm themselves through undertaking too much work. Apres il adveint que le peuple fut comme gens discouragez, (margin, despitez,) ce que despleut aux aureilles de lEternel; afterwards it came to pass that the people were as persons discouraged (or fretted) which displeased the ears of God. I used to drudge through books like Numbers but now I see a lot more that I imagined was in there. The importance of these quotations are not to prove that the Scriptures contain errors, but to demonstrate that John Calvin considered these examples to be errors in Scripture. ASIN The application then of this passage is the following: Since all the sins of mortals must serve to illustrate the glory of the Lord, and since he is especially glorified by his truth, it follows, that even the falsehood of men serves to confirm rather than to subvert his truth. We need not doubt that it was this distinction between the demands of pedantic precision, on the one hand, and adequate statement, that is, statement adequate to the situation and intent, on the other, that Calvin had in mind when he said that the apostles were not so punctilious as not to accommodate themselves to the unlearned. We are not necessarily granting that Calvins remarks are the best suited to the solution of the questions that arise in connection with Acts 7:14 and Heb. Having made a brief quotation from the Psalm, Paul took the liberty of adding a statement, which, though not contained in the Psalm, is true in reference to Christ a statement, too, by which the ascension of Christ is proved to be more illustrious, and more worthy of admiration, than those ancient manifestations of the Divine glory which David enumerates. This is one of those places from which we may conclude that the points were not formerly used by the Hebrews; for the Greek translators could not have made such a mistake as to put staff here for a bed, if the mode of writing was then the same as now.

But, in reality, the difference is but little; for the main thing was, that Jacob worshiped, which was an evidence of his gratitude.

: ", ~John Calvin, Commentary on Hebrews,, 1 Corinthians 10:8 ~ Example of Factual Errors by Paul when quoting Numbers 25:9, John Calvin identifies a factual error in 1 Corinthians 10:8, where Paul records 23,000 but the source value is 24,000. We may even grant that the language used by Calvin in these connections is ill-advised and not in accord with Calvins usual caution when reflecting on the divine origin and character of Scripture. , Language Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Numbers 11:16 . The Apostle hesitated not to apply to his purpose what was commonly received: he was indeed writing to the Jews; but they who were dispersed into various countries, had changed their own language for the Greek. These ebooks can only be redeemed by recipients in the US. Sometimes he can be hard to understand and I do have to look up many words, but it is well worth it. | Nor, in truth, was he ignorant of the fact, that the moon had not sufficient brightness to enlighten the earth, unless it borrowed from the sun; but he deemed it enough to declare what we all may plainly perceive, that the moon is a dispenser of light to us. This is amazing. Although some understand the word fire metaphorically for vengeance, it is more correct to take it simply according to the natural meaning of the word, i.e., that a part of the camp burnt with a conflagration sent from God. Let them be for lights It is well again to repeat what I have said before, that it is not here philosophically discussed, how great the sun is in the heaven, and how great, or how little, is the moon; but how much light comes to us from them.71 For Moses here addresses himself to our senses, that the knowledge of the gifts of God which we enjoy may not glide away. Learn more. This is the reward of a bad conscience, to seek for rest in our disquietude, and still to fly from God, who alone can allay our trouble and alarm. Give as a gift or purchase for a team or group. Please try again. exodus bst motyer Learn more. The example demonstrates who a scientific error may be used in the Scripture, without it being corrected. 15. Calvin is not thinking of a scribal transmission error, because Jerome affirms Barachiah is the original form, and arguest against theGospel ofNazarenes where the name is corrected to Jehoiada, and at the same time Jerome denies that Zechariah is the son of Barachiah. I can affirm nothing concerning this matter for a certainty, save only that this is either a speech wherein is synecdoche, or else that Luke rehearseth this not so much out of Moses, as according to the old fame; as the Jews had many things in times past from the fathers, which were delivered, as it were, from hand to hand. : See Exodus 14:15 . , Publication date According to Calvin, Paul intentionally "changed" the quotation of Psalm 68:16 into its "opposite meaning" by replacing "gave gifts" to "received gifts" in his quotation in Ephesians 4:8. Discover more of the authors books, see similar authors, read author blogs and more. : quenched. Margin, Heb.

Others suppose that the fire raged among the common people, from the midst of whom the murmuring arose. Redemption links and eBooks cannot be resold. Hebrew were as complainers, Psalms 78:19 . This sense will suit very well, and thus the proper meaning of the word will be retained.

Does this item contain inappropriate content? John Calvin makes no attempt to defend the author of Matthew in his commentary on Matthew 27:9. ~John Calvin, "Commentary on Romans",, Hebrews 11:21 ~ Example of Apostle of Hebrews Misquoting1 Kings 1:47. Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video! Lastly since the Spirit of God here opens a common school for all, it is not surprising that he should chiefly choose those subjects which would be intelligible to all. Author: John Calvin But as to the other Zechariah, son of Jehoiada, the sacred history relates what agrees perfectly with this passage; that when true religion had fallen into decay, after the death of his father, through the wicked revolt of the king and of the people, the Spirit of God came upon him, to reprove severely the public idolatry, and that on this account he was stoned in the porch of the temple, (2 Chronicles 24:20, 21.) . ~ John Calvin, "Commentary on Genesis, Pt 1", Now that other passage, if some degree of skill be not used in applying it, might seem to have been improperly distorted to a wrong meaning; but if we attend to the rule which the apostles followed in quoting Scripture, we shall easily perceive that what we find there is highly applicable to Christ. and 31. , Print length

(12) . Nevertheless, this study is not to be reprobated, nor this science to be condemned". Because it is John Calvin it is worth having, you will never go wrong with his writings. Moses prayeth to God; the fire is quenc A Sharp Warning About Grumbling.

In his commentary on Numbers 8:26, Calvin concludes that the text is incorrect, but in this instance, he blames the error on the carelessness of a Scribe, despite the lack of manuscript evidence to support such a conclusion. The fire of the Lord - Probably lightning; compare Psalms 78:21 ( JE ) . After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Please try again. Calvin notes that the Apostle did not correct the error, but allowed it to remain as an accommodation.

Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations. As there were, therefore, about twenty-four thousand that were overthrown by the Lords hand that is, above twenty-three, Moses has set down the number above the mark, and Paul, the number below it, and in this way there is in reality no difference. In John Calvin's commentary on Hebrews 11:21, he demonstrates that the author of Hebrews quoted the Greek Septuagint, that contained an error in its translation of the Hebrew original source. (11) Lat., And the people was, as it were, fainting (fatiscentes,) if, was displeasing in the ears of Jehovah. Fr. No doubt Moses spoke of the head of his couch, when he said but the Greek translators rendered the words, On the top of his staff as though the last word was written, mathaeh. Had he spoken of things generally unknown, the uneducated might have pleaded in excuse that such subjects were beyond their capacity.

All of these types of errors do not undermine or discredit Calvin's firm belief that although the Scriptures are a human document, they are also the inspired Word of God, and working through these difficulties are matters of little consequence to him and do not undermine or disable the Word of God revealed in them. And when the people complained, etc. The people complained Hebrew, as it were, complained; that is, they began to mutter some complaints, and for a while, it seems, kept their discon COMPLAINT ANSWERED BY FIRE (vs.1-3) Israel had reason for profound thanksgiving to the Lord, as believers certainly have today. The more correct reading, in my opinion, is, that they should offer two bullocks and one ram; but since it is elsewhere explained why God appointed this day, he only briefly recites here: When they bring the fainha with the first-fruits. The people complained. genesis ebook biblical commentaries testament studies See the marginal rendering. The occasion was discontent at some hardship, the nature of which is not explained. The interpretation given by some, that Christ received from the Father what he would distribute to us, is forced, and utterly at variance with the apostles purpose. This we might infer from our own feelin EXPOSITION THE PLACE OF BURNING ( Numbers 11:1-4 ). In this word another inverted nun (, n), to mark the fact of the People's turning back And when the people complained, it displeased the LORD: and the LORD heard it ; and his anger was kindled; and the fire of the LORD burnt among th And when the people complained The when inserted here much flattens the sense, and leads the mind to wrong ideas respecting this event. Even John Murray, who rigorously attempts to harmonize Calvin with these modern theories concludes that Calvin should not have used the language he did when discussing these scriptures. He was therefore led by faith to submit himself to his son. NUMBERS CHAPTER 11 The murmuring of the people, for which the fire breaketh in upon them, Numbers 11:1 . There is no probability in the opinion of those who refer this passage to that Zechariah who exhorted the people, after their return from the Babylonish captivity, to build the temple, (Zechariah 8:9,) and whose prophecies are still in existence. Neither let us commit fornication Now he speaks of fornication, in respect of which, as appears from historical accounts, great licentiousness prevailed among the Corinthians, and we may readily infer from what goes before, that those who had professed themselves to be Christs were not yet altogether free from this vice.

I've provided a selection of quotations, where John Calvin allows for and identifies errors in the Scriptures that recent dictations theories would never allow. : (11) The ambiguous signification of the participle (12) causes the translators to twist this passage into a variety of meanings. However, Calvin scholars such as John T. McNeill, Ronald Wallace, Franois Wendel,Wilhelm Niesel, J.K.S. If the astronomer inquires respecting the actual dimensions of the stars, he will find the moon to be less than Saturn; but this is something abstruse, for to the sight it appears differently. has occasion; in Ezekiel 24:12, where Simons Lexicon notices it as meaning wearinesses, placing this word under the root . Nor does any reverence prevent us from saying that, as it sometimes happens in minor matters, a wrong number may have crept in from the carelessness of scribes; 239 and this is probably the most natural solution. Prof. Robertson and Simon agree in referring this participle Hithpahel to the root he groaned heavily, rather than to C., as usual, has given some of the Rabbinical expositions which he saw in S.M.

Numbers 11:1 . 11:21. To me the word fainting (fatiscendi) seems to suit best; for they failed, as if broken down with weariness. But I rather conjecture, as in a matter of uncertainty, that God kindled the fire in some extreme part, so as to awaken their terror, in order that there might be room for pardon; since it is presently added, that tie was content with the punishment of a few.

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