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So, let's start now at the low end of the spectrum and take a close look at the VW325ES. I read Tom's review of the 715 and his biggest complaint was with the HDR implementation and that it just wasn't bright enough and there wasnt enough punch in the highlights and other areas. Press the Exit button on your remote control and turn off the television. Same with the nice saturated yellow of a giant Pac-Man racing through the streets, and the deep red of an oversized Donkey Kong who appears in the finale. Database: Normal Preventative Maintenance will increase the lifetime of your expensive projector, and we recommend this for projectors that cost more than $1500 new. HDMI1: Auto (options: Limited, Full) The VPL-VW325ES, which has neither an iris nor a laser, by necessity performs a truncated version of this process in which only the frame-by-frame signal processing is employed to best optimize both bright and dark areas of the image. The projector is ceiling mounted and I have a fairly narrow viewing angle in the room. We recommend replacing bulbs after 3000 hours of use, which is well outside the annual use range for most recreational projector users. I don't know that the 325 will be "way too dim"I assume you've been happy with your HS30Es, which is only 1,300 lumens with a new lamp. Projectors, on the other hand, do have some individual pixel control, but at any given moment the maximum peak brightness being applied by the lamp or laser is fixed for the entire image. $4,500 more to get lens memory which only requires a slight software change? I've been for the most part very impressed with the way my 715 handles HDR. In Low lamp mode noise dropped to 32dBA. Thank you for the very detailed review of the Sony 325es. Steady green timer light, sound no picture, new lamp, model WD-60735. I'd recommend this excellent projector to replace your old projector over an OLED panel. Without a vertical keystone adjustment, users would have to mount the projector such that the lens is aligned to the vertical center of the screen. Still, the SDR had looked so good that I decided to set up a second disc player and informally compare the same scenes from the same movies in their HDR versions, using Bright Cinema HDR on one HDMI input and Reference mode for SDR transfers on the other. I have an old VPL-VW60 I'm looking to replace. Aspherical lenses are understood to provide better sharpness out at the edges but are expensive to produce, so this is a reasonable measure that Sony says sacrifices little. This is not a user serviceable repair. Like the VPL-VW295ES that preceded it, Sony rates the VW325ES for 26 dB of fan noise in its Low lamp mode in laboratory conditions and presumably using the industry standard measurement that averages noise from multiple positions. This is a reasonable number for such a long zoom, though given the projector's somewhat limited brightness it is prudent to mount the projector as close as possible to the screen. Considering that you're looking at spending $5500 for a lamp based Sony, I think you have two other options worth considering that would serve you better. vpl bravia Mishandled projectors that have been dropped may need work to replace physical features of the projector, including replacement of any mounting brackets for lenses, or the lenses themselves. I just read your review Sony 325ES as I may be in the market for one. I appreciate your in-depth reviews but I have to wonder at what point do you guys start to view on something bigger than a 92" screen. On the other hand, it's only another $500 to JVC's $5,999 DLA-NX5, which we also recently reviewed favorably. The projector features auto calibration compatibility with leading AV room automation systems and a robust chassis which can be installed at any angle for maximum flexibility. An early scene in Bladerunner 2049 that takes place in a dark cabin also fared exceptionally well with pulling details out of the shadows and avoiding the dreaded haze. The Screen we have is an old Panoview GrayWolf screen with 1.8 gain. I wondered if Sony's insistence on "following the creator" would result in the same issues Tom Norton experienced with too-dark HDR on the VPL-VW715ES. Lamp Control: High, Motion Flow: Smooth High (to reduce flicker and add brightness) or to taste, 3D Settings This article was posted while I was there. It took approx 10-15 mins to dial it in with focus and screen shift zoom etc. The numbers for the same modes in HDR were close enough to the SDR numbers to be within the error tolerance of instrumentation.

HDMI2: Auto, HDMI Signal Format: Enhanced (options Standard, Enhanced). TV went My Mitsubishi TV has sound, but no picture. John, I never specifically did access Motion Flow in Game preset and my vague recollection is that it's off/locked out when Input Lag Reduction mode is active, which it is by default in the Game preset.

Resolution: 50 Jeff, I was very impressed with the contrast and black levels on this projector despite lack of an iris. I plan on taking some of your values for brightness and contrast etc and try it out in the coming days and see how it shakes out. HDR is one of those things with projectors that just doesn't calibrate easily, especially with Calman software designed for flatpanels,and I have almost given up on using it for HDR beyond a bit of tuning to get RGB in balance on the grayscale and reasonably close to whatever color temperature you're targeting. Perhaps more impressive, the scaling from 1080-line content to the projector's native 4K array was truly outstanding at the default settings for the Super Resolution Reality Creation function. If there is still no picture how can you try steps one and two? What's surprising to me is that you listed Effective HDR as one of the pro's for the 325es. I will be using the projector with an AppleTV 4K. Engaging the Low setting for any mode results in a 28% measured reduction in light output. projector sony sxrd vpl specifications features spec key sulekha Lenses are not repaired, but they are rather replaced. As before, there really isn't a dog among them. The skin tones looked natural and were surprisingly well delineated, and colors for things like a red brick tavern, the White House in Washington D.C., and the green grass on the White House lawn all looked right despite the glasses. If your TV has sound, but no picture, and you have replaced the lamp bulb with the correct part, try this: First, unplug the TV and pull the lamp and reset the lamp as soon as the set is powered up after replacing the lamp. I just have to say, this is a quantum jump for us and we hope to enjoy this level of picture quality and enjoy watching movies in the home theater.

Contrast and the overall dimensionality of the image were also really outstanding thanks to the deep native black of the SXRD imagers. Cyan: Hue0, Saturation0, Brightness0 Count the number of blinks in each group and look them up in the table below. I left this mode with its default D75 color temp (which measured around 7,300K) to get a bit more pop and neutrality out of whites than with the subtly pink-leaning D65 used for Reference, and sometimes used the Custom 5 color temp, which the manual describes as a "Setting that prioritizes brightness." Emin, making that step up honestly would not gain you much in terms of brightness for the big screen, so you'd have to have another good reason for stepping up the 715, for example. That projector, which similarly uses LCoS imagers known for their low native blacks, comes with 300 more lumens of rated brightness, a dynamic iris to boost contrast, and JVC's well-regarded Frame Adapt dynamic tone mapping. Dear Rob, Many thanks for your comprehensive answer. In some cases, there may be damage to the internal circuit boards. It's a great remotebacklit, with large well-spaced buttons that provide direct access to virtually any image adjustment a serious tweaker could want, including the Dynamic HDR Enhancer control to help trim up the HDR picture. moment that telegraphs you're in the room with an outfit that knows what they're doing and has been at it a long time. (You'll find my final calibrated settings at the end of the review.). If the LED does not light in green, unplug the set for about a minute and plug it back in and then turn it on. I suppose on Sony's higher end projectors with an iris or laser you might see the blacks deepen as well depending on the content. 92" just feels like we're stuck in CRT days. Nonetheless, my VW325ES sample exhibited extraordinary sharpness, even out at the corners. I'm looking at making the plunge for this 4k projector. I'm curious about something.

But this step-down is by no means a slouch. Not as bright and punchy as, say, the 4,000-lumen Epson LS500 I reviewed a while back. The projector is full HD 3D compatible but does not require any sort of outboard emitter; I had no trouble syncing up a pair of Xpand Vision 3D Glasses Lite RF active shutter glasses. But I'm glad you've gotten satisfying performance from your 45ES, which is a great 1080p projector. Rob, Thanks for the nice review. Thank you for explaining your take on the HDR for the 325.

Also still missing in this upgrade of the VW295ES is any kind of dynamic iris that might help deepen the blacks. My10cents is The ruddy skin tones in Oblivion of lead character Jack Harper (played by Tom Cruise) and the pale, almost silky skin of his partner Victoria were gorgeously rendered, as were the many stunning outdoor scenes showing desert terrain, sparse rocky outcrops, lush mountain valleys, and vibrant blue skies. Also will the 325 be way too dim for my screen? Although it raised the black level this provided the best visual balance and overall contrast on my screen. Less commonly, this could also be a result of a damaged dlp chip (from being droppedor otherwise), or a damaged section in the prism assembly or optical block. I wouldn't fear the brightness if using in a totally dark room. Curious and confused BBorel, that's not the case. Once again, larger screen sizes or those with less gain will exhibit less brightness. Hello Rob, Thanks a lot for the great review and your feedback to my questions. Yes, I responded to your post on the HU810 page. As wonderful as SDR looked, I can report that, in every case, the HDR version delivered and outclassed the SDR in terms of dynamic range and impact. 7801 E. Telegraph Rd. The 1,500 ANSI lumen brightness rating also remains unchanged. out our Sony VPL-VW325ES-B projector page. Years ago Sony's early SXRD rear projection models (and pesumably their earlier SXRD projectors) had some issues with this, but I don't know about the current generation models that mostly use the same late-gen SXRD chips. It only has a HDMI out and from the looks, the Sony does not have a optical out or e-ARC. And there was no obvious gray haze over the image that usually occurs when projectors are outmatched by this clip. Projector image discoloration is one of the most common issues, and is not resolved by replacing your projector lamp. So I found that the default position of Medium and the High setting worked well for my taste with typical 1000-nit peak HDR titles. Well played, Sony. Over 75% of our repair orders come in by mail from outside of California. The nine picture presets on the Sony VPL-VW325ES tend to look alike (which is to say, essentially accurate) and deliver light output that falls within a narrow range. I was wondering if it is possible to use some type of button sequence on a logitech remote to be able to store lens memory settings that might allow execution of a constant image height (CIH) installation for a 2.35:1 aspect 'Scope-style screen? This will be my first Sony projector and I have read in various forums that there is an issue with all Sony projectors having degradation problems with their SXRD panels.

Most dramatic is the Dynamic HDR Enhancer menu (directly accessible from the remote) that offers positions of Off, Low, Medium, and High. The VW325ES was outstanding with overall dark content as well. Have you viewed the 715es? We tested the projector with a rack placement. The X1 Ultimate for projector processor is the most powerful and is found currently only on the VPL-GTZ380, while the others have the X1 for projector chip. Our Bodnar 4K lag meter would not sync with the projector when Input Lag Reduction was turned on, but Sony says to expect approximately 27 ms with 2160p/60 signals. I do believe that Sony's latest SXRD chips are very likely far superior in this regard to what's in your HW15. Having a trio of themone for each primary colorallows the 325ES to fully dodge two troublesome issues common to single-chip DLP projectors: unequal white and color brightness, and rainbow artifacts. Green: Hue14, Saturation8, Brightness0 Refer to the Performance section for some context for each calibration. It looked awesome in SDR, but really came alive in SDR. Sony has been repackaging and charging more for the same and with very low lumens. Similarly, the VW325ES's lens offers the same motorized 2.06x powered zoom as its predecessor as well as powered focus and generous powered lens shift spec'd at +/-85% Vertical and +/-31% Horizontal. 2 looked about as engaging as I've ever seen it. Aside from most long throw projectors having the obvious setting that inverts the image for ceiling mounts, most also have a built in vertical offset that places the image higher than a tabletop mount and lower than a ceiling mount. Have you looked at Rob's review of the LG hu810p? Keep in mind that the Epson does have a dynamic iris to bring down its blacks which the Sony does not, though per my review I found contrast quite outstanding even with dark content. SDR Viewing.

Projectors should always be calibrated in the user's own space and tuned for the expected viewing conditions. Lamp blew. Brightness. Both are optimized versions of the X1 processor used in Sony's best panel TVs. Picture quality is further enhanced by Reality Creation upscaling, plus configurable support for HDR (High Dynamic Range). Depending on the projector, some controls provides a wide range in "shifting" the projector's limited dynamic range up and down the brightness scale; some controls provide only modest range of adjustment. That's not exactly gaming projector territory but is far better than most projectors. HDR Viewing. One is that Tom is a bit more stringent than I am in wanting things to measure right and there was no way to get the 715 to look the way he wanted on the HDR EOTF curve in Calman. That said, Sony has been very clear in its communications that the handling of these mechanisms are intended to mimic on screen as close as possible the creator's intent. Exceptionally bright highlights like sunsets were well managed in most cases by the Dynamic HDR Enhancer processing, though in this Bright Cinema HDR mode they could be pushed beyond the realm of good taste, even in the Middle setting. p22 philips 150w uhp lamp projector updated use replacementlightbulbs After the set shuts down, the POWER/STANDBY LED will blink a few times, pause, blink a few times, pause, and so on. More subtle effects, like sunlight streaming in through a window and lighting up a wall of stacked up music memorabilia, just looked more natural and convincing thanks to the bright highlights and dimensional contrast. Rob, thanks for the quick response and your advice. online. So they are able to take into account the motorized lens position to determine where exactly the image will begin to subtly blur and apply processing to correct for the optical degradation, thus improving corner sharpness and delivering better edge-to-edge consistency. I'm sorry, but I don't recall seeing it in the menu and if it's not in the user manual it's probably not there, but perhaps another reader who owns the projector can tell us. But this model does carry over from the VW295ES the Input Lag Reduction switch in the menu that cuts input lag from a rated 80 ms to approximately 27 ms with 4K 60Hz signals. At that point, it's all up to the processing and how much of the available light you choose to allow to pass through each pixel. The best TVs have self-emissive pixels (as with OLEDs) or multizone local-dimming backlights (as with LED-driven LCD sets) to allow the TV to simultaneously darken specific pixels or zones while pumping up the brightness on others. Quality lamps can be quite expensive and we recommend only replacing the lamps when needed. I just rechecked my brightness measurements as well, and brightness uniformity was a very good 88% with the brightest of 9 screen sectors (think tic tac toe grid) being the middle-top (564 lux) and the lowest the right-bottom (494 lux), so very little difference and a gradual enough shift (that I suppose may or may not have been contributed to by a shift in color temp, though again I didn't spot anything obvious. I own this projector and I have seen up close a Sony projector costing 2 times the price of mine and mine has the exact 4k image, very crisp! By contrast, home theater projectors typically top out around 150 nits, sometimes closer to 100 nits depending on the lumen specification. And thus marks the formal end to Sony's long-running claim of offering "4K under $5K." Input Lag.

Thank you in advance for your answer. But on paper at least, the JVC would seem to offer a lot of additional value for not too much more money, which will make this a tough decision for those who can afford either. One-way air flow and liquid cooling system with low noise operation, Four inputs (2 x HDCP 1.3, 2 x HDCP 1.3 for V Split), Digital (RGB), Accepted Digital Signals: VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA (1280 x 768), Quad-VGA, SXGA, 720 x 480/60p, 720 x 576/50p, 1280 x 720/50p, 1280 x 720/60p, 1920 x 1080/24p, 1920 x 1080/50p, 1920 x 1080/60p, 3840 x 2160/24p, 3840 x 2160/50p, 3840 x 2160/60p, 3840 x 2160/100p, 3840 x 2160/120p, 4096 x 2160/24p, 4096 x 2160/50p, 4096 x 2160/60p, 4096 x 2160/100p, 4096 x 2160/120p, Sony 2000-Lumen 4K SXRD Projector (No Lens), Limited 3-Year or 12,000-Hours Warranty (Whichever Occurs First), 21.7 x 9.0 x 29.5" / 550.0 x 228.0 x 750.0mm.
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