best greek islands to visit for relaxation

ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-54758214', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Flights: Athens sea ports are Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio.

Zakynthos, or Zante, has shrugged off its reputation as a destination for lads on tour (as long as you avoid Lagana and the built-up south coast) by rebranding itself as Greece's greenest island. With its laid-back glamour, luminous sea and almost tropical microclimate, Symi is a hit with French and Italian yachties. Marooned on the southern tip, Prasonisi is a powdery peninsula where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. Young couple holiday destinations??

ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-54730558', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');London -> Paris -> Greece) and are going to go all out in London and Paris and will be tired by the time we get to Greece.

Evenings kick off with cocktails on the Liston (a colonnade modelled on Paris's rue de Rivoli), followed by dinner at Salto, an unpretentious wine bar and bistro on the edge of the Old Town. After exploring the Venetian castle high above the harbour, treat the kids to thin-crust pizzas (with grown-up toppings like bresaola, aubergine, and gorgonzola) at Alesta on cute St Mark's Square. And GB had a good suggestion about Kos.

Outdoor Kefalonia organises four-wheel-drive safaris, if you can't face the hairpin bends. Where to Stay in Paxos: There are hardly any smart hotels on Paxos, but dozens of very desirable villas to choose from. Mykonos had gay clubs and sunrise parties long before rave culture was even invented. And all less than three hours from Athens. For budget, we definitely aren't millionaires, so we will be on a limited funds. I don't want to stay in an absolute dump, but I don't need luxury). I am not a foodie and she doesn't particularly like Greek food, so great food isn't a must, either.

If you have the cash to splash, and cant stand the crowds, take over Perivolas Hideaway, a waterfront villa on Santorinis undiscovered offshoot, Thirassia, orErosantorini, a stunning clifftop estate with a tiered pool plunging 1,000 feet to the sea.

With its pastel villages, rolling olive groves and grand manor houses, the rest of the island recalls Tuscany - but with some of the best beaches in Europe. more,, Get answers to your questions about Greece, Entry requirements & measures for Greece 2022. Dinner reservations are essential at Benetos, for Med-Asian fusion on an organic farm, and Lambi for grilled fish on a purple pebble beach.

There are plenty of all-day, late-night bars where Amorgos groupies meet, summer after summer: Jazzmin, in Hora, for backgammon and cocktails; Pergalidi in Langada for herbal infusions and jazzy tunes; Seladi in Tholaria, with giddying views and a telescope for stargazing.

Also has a lot of interesting history.

For a group stay, takeover the Airbnb Villa Fleur de Sel, a beautifully designed space sleeping 12 with an infinity pool and barbecue. Everything on the organic menu is grown, caught or reared locally. Those in the know jealously guard their treasured island, and especially its 70 (or more) beaches surely the most diverse and dramatic coastline of all the Greek Islands.

The eruption also preserved the ancient city of Akrotiri under layers of ash, and created fertile ground for exceptional Assyrtiko grapes and Vinsanto wines. Nobody will find you here.'. If you really want to be alone, rent a motorboat from Maltezana, an old-time fishing village, and putter to Koutsomiti and Kounoupes, tiny islands connected by a double-sided beach.

To answer some of the easier questions up front: We are planning on being there in late August and maybe flying back on Labor Day (September 1), I guess what I meant when I was talking about is that I am not a foodie, and my wife, who is, doesn't long for Greek food so I am more concerned about cheap food than delicious gourmet food. A few rembetiko joints have survived in the upper town, Ano Syra.

For a glimpse of life as a local, takeover Achinos By The Sea, one of the island's famous tradition Sirma boat houses. The rest of the island is stark and wild. It's just the right balance of low-key luxury and unspoiled authenticity.

For the most charming setting, head to Sklithri and book one of the tavernas tables right on the beach.

But with more than 200 to choose from, which ones are the very best Greek islands?

On the contrary - it is too vague.

Steer clear of the south, especially Kavos.

Best Greek island for: a long weekend with the art crowd. Tinos is only 15 minutes from Mykonos, so it's a wonder it isn't overrun with tourists.

karpathos dodecanese stin mou kardia ellada The water here is a million shades of blue and so startlingly clear you can see every sea urchin lurking on the rocky shore. Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna delight toddlers and teenagers alike with their shallow waters and beach bars. Most of 2014 air and ferry schedules are already out.

Best of the Greek islands for: character and lush landscapes. You can also find unique Cycladic homes to rent on Airbnb, including this incredible cave house in Oia.

For more, see our edit of the best hotels in Crete. Thats just the point.

location of Skopelos, but its by far the most popular, especially with families, who come for the baby powder-soft sandy beaches and laid-back vibe. Where to stay in Corfu: Plum Guide has a range of private home rentals on the island, from one-bedroom hideaways with their own swimming pools to sprawling villas with room for the whole crew.

Not for its five-star hotels (there are hardly any) or its sandy beaches (practically none), but for its electric blue sea and three dinky harbour towns, each one so pretty its impossible to pick a favourite.

Askos Stone Park is a wildlife sanctuary inhabited by deer, chinchilla, and dozens of other species.

On Syros, capital of the Cyclades, you wont find sugar-cube villages and whitewashed lanes.

Overlooking Fiskardo, Emelisse is a family-friendly hotel with a great Elemis spa.

One of the most staggeringly beautiful hikes is through the Aradena Gorge in the wild and rugged Sfakia region, ending at Marmara, a translucent cove on the Libyan Sea, for a cooling dip and lunch at one of Cretes finest tavernas, Dialiskari.

The harbour is swarmed on 15 August, however, when Orthodox pilgrims flock here to kiss the icons at Panagia Evangelistria monastery, one of the holiest sites in Greece.

You need strong legs to explore - it's about 500 steps up to the crumbling acropolis - but you won't need a car.

We want to sit on a nice beach, get some nice blue water, rent a scooter to drive around and see the island, maybe get some history, go snorkeling (maybe, the wife isn't a fan of wet hair), maybe some cool cliffs, and just all around scenic stuff.

kalymnos karpathos    Or cruise over to the tiny island of Delos, an archaeological sanctuary that once thronged with 30,000 sun worshippers (the temple is dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of light). Where to stay in Rhodes: Adults-only Casa Cook is a chic little number that breaks all the rules about package holidays (youd never know it was created by Thomas Cook).

Is a cruise to Greek islands a great way to explore the country?

Unless you happen to like wet T-shirt contests. Instagram is saturated with no-filter shots of the undulating white cliffs at Sarakiniko, the bottle-green swimming hole at Papafragas, and colourful, rickety syrmata, tiny boat houses wedged between rock and sea. Where to stay in Crete: On a sandy bay near Chania, Ammos Hotel smartly combines Scandi chic with a child-friendly vibe.

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Sitting on a hilltop on the Punta peninsula, the hotel has tastefully decorated rooms and four of the islands most beautiful beaches within walking distance. (We recommend the organic muscat from the 19th century Haritatos Estate in Lixouri, also an enchanting setting for wine tasting.)

Chill & Co is a sexy nine-room newcomer on the harbourfront with a great breakfast and cocktail bar. So you might be the only person exploring the eighth-century BC ruins of Odysseus palace, or making the heady trek to the church of Anogi, covered in Byzantine frescoes (ask for the key at the village coffee shop, where the owner will cook you a set menu of whatever is available maybe a tomato salad, some local cheese and braised goat straight from her garden or neighbours fields). The waterside tavernas at the drowsy fishing port of Frikes are unfailingly delightful, especially Ageri. Fruit trees are protected from fierce winds by rings of stones.

Upmarket hotels are clustered around Lindos, its magnificent acropolis surrounded by slate cliffs and emerald coves. Athenian artists take up residence at the School of Fine Arts, one of the vast, grey, stone mansions overlooking the horseshoe harbour.

It would be great if it was easy-ish to get to as well. Go for a twilight Bellini at Franco's or supper at Botargo, with views that will leave you light-headed.

Traditional dishes are slow-roasted in a wood-fired oven at To Meraki tou Manoli, a local institution on sheltered Vathy bay.

(One French home-owner is so protective of her hideaway that she tells all her friends she summers on nearby Sifnos.)

Apart from a boat trip to the smouldering crater of Nea Kameni and hot springs at Palia Kameni, there's not much to do but gaze at the mesmerising views from your suite, dangling on the edge of the caldera.

Unlike the other Ionian islands, its accessible from the mainland via a causeway on the northern tip.

Best Greek island for: Culture and off-season cachet. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-54744865', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Kalymnos, which like every other Greek Island has nice beaches and clear blue water.

I will look to spend around $100 a night on hotels (is that feasible? Even the school is commandeered for exhibitions in the summer holidays.

Skiathos may be the smallest of the Sporades islands, which counts among its number sleepy Alonnisos and the pretty Mamma Mia!

Is it considerably less expensive to take a ferry? Less than two hours from Athens, Hydra fills up with chic Greeks at weekends.

For more recommendations, see our insider guide to Syros.

The colourful 19th-century city of Ermoupoli is built on twin peaks one Orthodox, the other Catholic, the heritage of a long Venetian occupation.

Patmos has an indefinable je ne sais quoi - an otherworldly quality that radiates from its crowning glory, the medieval monastery of St John. Even in August, youll find coves where you can skinny dip in blissful solitude. The 16km-long Samari Gorge also teems with pilgrims, but there are 50 more canyons to explore, often with only the elusive kri-kri (wild goats) for company. You wont find sandy beaches lined with sunbeds; only limpid, pebbly coves, such as Katergo, Ambeli and Livadaki.

Since then, Rhodes has reinvented itself as one of Greece's top travel destinations.

Here regular isle-hopper Rachel Howard reveals the ones to get in a speedboat for in 2022.

Where are Athens Questions? It is a foodie paradise, but you don't have to go to high-end gourmet restaurants (of which there are many on Mykonos) to get good food.

The helpful Patelis family and cliff-edge bar are among the hotels unpretentious charms.

In laid-back Loggos, on the northeast coast, star-spangled evenings are spent on the waterfront terrace of Taxidi bar, where the owner, Spiros, often jams with local musicians. Patmos 360 has four houses in Hora brimming with charm and historical detail, all superbly restored by local architect Katerina Tsigarida. Forget souvlaki and moussaka: here, chickpea croquettes and stewed capers are taverna staples.

After hours, it's always Astra, where you might find Keith Richards chatting up Karolina Kurkova. The Old Markets is the only smart hotel, but there are just ten rooms so be quick and book one. Sifnos owes its foodie reputation to its most famous descendant, Nicholas Tselementes, who wrote the first Greek cookbook in 1910.

Sifnos House, a boxy little number overlooking the low-key port of Kamares, is steps from a sandy beach and a charming strip of seaside tavernas.

Winter travel to Greece - advice and information, Hiring a quad bike or ATV - what you need to know, Athens - Birthplace of Western Civilization - by 1TraveltheWorld, Recommendations for non-touristy places to eat.

Is it expensive to eat out in Greece now? Otherwise, the island is miraculously untouched. I want links on resources to assist me planning my Greece trip.

(Youll find the best photo opportunities at Klima and Mandrakia). There's an album of Delos photos as well.

For more recommendations, see our guide to the best hotels in Mykonos.

Where to stay in Astypalea: Saluti da Stampalia, with seven subdued but very stylish sea-view rooms, has upped the ante on an island where most accommodation is uninspired.

Set in the rocks above Agios Nikolaos bay, Papalagi serves big fat prawns and whole grilled octopus on a wooden deck aligned with the horizon.

Once Greeces ship-building centre, Syros still has a boatyard at Neorio. Should you tire of frolicking on the shore, three supersized kouros statues are hidden in the hills and there are dozens of drowsy villages to explore.

There's even a village called 'love, Agapi, where you can tuck into wild-fennel fritters at the only taverna. White Key handles some beautiful rental properties, such as Villa Orelia, which comes with its own private open-air cinema.

A throwback to a gentler, slower, more elemental way of life, Astypalea is surprisingly easy to get to (daily one-hour flights from Athens). The island is peppered with potteries that produce the earthenware casseroles used for revithda (baked chickpeas) and mastello (lamb with red wine and dill).

The three-bedroom traditional Greek stone-house has been completely rebuilt to feature all the modern creature comforts like walk-in rain showers and an open plan kitchen. With the exception of Elounda - a pocket of bling popular with oligarchs - the north-east coast is scarred by over-development.

Best Greek Islands/s on way to Turkey for 3-4 days. Kamaroti is an effortless crowd-pleaser with its green lap pool shaded by olive trees, mid-century modern touches, and deliciously unpretentious Greco-Spanish menu.

You can check the times and prices yourself, island by island. Thanks for all your input so far.

Every gap in the burnished hills frames a different view of Hora, cascading from the Venetian castle to seaside Skala. In Pyrgos, famous for its marble craftsmen, sculpted birds and flowers decorate every doorway.

When the writer Lawrence Durrell arrived in Rhodes after World War II, he found an island devastated by centuries of crusaders and invaders. I made my first visit to that island last Oct and was surprised to discover how much I liked it.

Emborio is a smaller and even prettier village, with a smattering of old-school coffee shops and Airbnbs.

You can always find a slab of sun-baked rock from which to leap rock from which to dive into the clearest water in the world.

If you start cutting bits and pieces out of it, you may end up with advice to spend your vacation at (ta && ta.queueForLoad ?

Oh look! The dramatic scenery still lives up to the hype: milky-white Myrtos beach, the island's pin-up; pine-fringed Horgota beach; and the giddying heights of Mount Ainos, a national park where deer and wild horses roam. It's a great island just for relaxing, but does have a vibrant main town for when you want to spend time shopping, dining, going to galleries or museums, or partying in bars. But its the view and the pool that makes it a standout. That is, the likes of Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Spetses and Hydra.

Seriously reclusive types hop on a fishing boat from Patmos to Marathi (population: 12) and play castaway at Pantelis, a divine taverna with modest rooms to let. Shooting a World War II film on an island flattened by an earthquake in 1953 sounds even crazier. Wanted small quiet greek island, good beaches Greek Islands - which one best for family holiday?

ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-54758469', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Athens/Piraeus are the Saronic Gulf ones. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-54744291', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Aegean: Where to stay in Patmos: Archontariki is a gorgeous, five-suite hideaway in Hora.

Before you leave, stock up on loukoumi (rose-tinted Turkish delight) and San Michalis cheese from Prekas delicatessen, and visit Zylo for hand-made wooden sunglasses.

Which sums up Astypalea perfectly.

For a private stay, the Wilderness Whisperings house from Plum Guide is an ultra sleek and chic bolthole located in the mountains.

Little Symi has the prettiest port in Greece.

Stroll down it on the way to dinner and browse smart boutiques selling handcrafted jewellery and knick-knacks, or pick up local delicacies from the upmarket Ergon deli, which also has outposts in Athens, Thessaloniki and Mayfair. For more recommendations, see our round up of the best Greek Islands hotels. Want to cool down or escape the summer crowds? Where to stay in Sifnos: With its cliff-top infinity pool and soft-focus sunsets, Verina Astra is effortlessly sexy.

Which Greek island is best for a young couple? Youll find sheltered beaches no matter which way the wind is blowing; but if youre here for the swell, the south coast is fantastic for windsurfing (head to Vassiliki or Sivota, home to the world windsurfing championships) and Agios Ioannis bay billows with kite-surfers. All products are independently selected by our editors. From here, you can rent a boat and putter to your own cove: perhaps Nissaki, Agios Stefanos or Kerasia. From Keri, you can cast away for Marathonisi island, another turtle sanctuary. The Marco Polo is a 15th-century mansion decorated like a pasha's harem, with an enchanting garden restaurant.

Tinos takes its food culture seriously: there are artichoke, caper and honey festivals. Read our full guide to Patmos, the spiritual Greek island. This craggy Cycladic island has always attracted loners, hikers, divers and pilgrims, who shuffle up the cliff face to the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, a sliver of white dangling 300 metres above the sea.

Cooing American and Chinese honeymooners line up to take selfies as the sun sinks behind Santorini's caldera, the flooded volcanic crater.

Our top 15 destinations. Sunbed costs in Plaka/Agia Anna right now? I suggest you do some research on your own, starting perhaps with the big ones like Rhodes or Crete.

Best Greek island for: Naturists and purists. Cretan Malia Park isnt in the nicest part of Crete, but its the islands best new resort effortlessly cool without being contrived.

Again, thanks for all the all the help and the helpful links. No wonder Herodotus described Naxos as 'the happiest of islands'. Wily cats and weary donkeys patrol the back alleys, but all the action happens along the waterfront. Who cares if there are barely any beaches?

(Eco Zante can arrange outdoor activities guided by insiders.)

When you disembark at Katapola, a sleepy harbour lined with great little fish tavernas (our favourites are Prekas and To Mouragio), a sign announces: 'Welcome to Amorgos. The gay crowd has dwindled, but drag queens and oiled bodybuilders make a splash at Jackie O, overlooking Super Paradise bay.

Go for the views - and the sublime octopus ragout at Mavrikos restaurant.

Help with accomodations - I left it too late, 3 nights in Santorini - Review plan a few logistic Questions, Best place to go on holiday in October to sunbathe. Better still, rent a motor boat from the laidback harbour, Livada.

Ottoman-style suites at Melenos Lindos have hand-painted ceilings and carved platform beds.

It also depends how late "late" summer is. sign up for olympic air and aegean's newsleters..every now and then there are offers with very cheap (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? But you don't have to be a recluse to fall for Amorgos.

From Hora, zigzagging steps lead up, up and away to the only real landmark, Panagia church; make the pilgrimage at sunrise (perhaps after an all-nighter at dimunitive Astarti bar). Another link to read over if you haven't already done so: If youre in the market for a pool with a view, takeover Eirini, a two bedroom villa in the small village of Sapsila.

Syros hosts festivals of animation, dance, digital art, film, classical music, jazz and rembetiko, the Greek blues popularised by local musician Markos Vamvakaris.

Traveling to GreeceIs it safe right now.?

Naxiots once made considerable fortunes exporting potatoes, cheese, marble and emery. The buzziest restaurants are clustered around the harbour, with Bourtzi, perched atop a tiny rocky island, the best spot for sundowner cocktails and The Windmill a favourite for elegant suppers. You can eat in your bikini at Omega 3, where locally foraged and fished ingredients are given an exotic twist: baby-calamari tempura, smoked eel in chilled melon soup with wasabi, and chickpea sorbet with wild apricot jam and pine nuts. As dusk falls the town starts to liven up, with most of the action centred around Papadiamantis Street, the main shopping drag. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-54744836', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Mykonos certainly offers what you're looking for -- more than two dozen great beaches, clubbing if and when you want it (provided you go to the island before the middle of September, when the club scene shuts down), and some history (day excursions to nearby Delos island will treat you to some of the most historic ruins in Greece).

Its bohemian allure hasnt faded since the 1960s, although the once naked beaches now have nail bars, personal trainers and house music pumping out all hours. Tinos has more than 50 villages, each vying to be fairest of them all.

Best Greek island for: Deep-blue seas and wide-open spaces, Its not easy to get to Amorgos.

For a glimpse of Santorini before the onslaught of cruise ships and Instagrammers, explore the quieter south (but keep your discoveries to yourself).

See our full guide to Hydra, Greece. The easiest islands to get to from (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? In Volax, basket weavers squat outside cottages carved from giant boulders, seemingly flung from the heavens by Zeus in a fit of pique.

Adults-onlyNaxian on the Beachis just a few sandy steps from the sea on Plaka beach.

Pure-white Hora, a World Heritage Site, is where A-listers and fashion editors stay.

(ta && ta.queueForLoad ? For a serene retreat, check intoSkinopi Lodge, three discreet villas on a hillside estate facing the horizon.

The collection of suites atThe Vasilicos, the former summer house of a larger-than-life art collector, still feels very much like home, due to charming staff and effortlessly classy interiors.

You know when Dakis Joannou, Greece's foremost art collector, is on Hydra.

Or go south, where you'll find the best beaches in Crete try Ligres, Sougia, or Kedrodassos. The village square should be your first port of call on any Greek island: settle into your favourite caf, pick up local gossip, and adjust to the languid pace of life.

Best Greek island for: Flopping onto a sandy beach with a good book. When tourists cottoned on to the island's scores of fabulous beaches, these wastrels found themselves sitting on gold mines.

Leonard Cohen set the scene in the 60s; now Brice Marden, Sadie Coles and Juergen Teller have homes here.

advise needed.

Skinari is the starting point for boat trips to the most famous landmarks, the Blue Caves and Shipwreck Beach, where a rusting liner leans into the chalky cliffs. Those in the north of the island, which can only be accessed by a steep, winding drive through pine groves, are more rugged and windswept but no less idyllic emerging onto Elia beach, with its crystal-clear sea and rickety wooden taverna, is like stepping into a little slice of paradise.

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