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Colette: Easy to pronounce and spell, but still quintessentially French, this adorable French girls name is a version of Nicholas from the Middle Ages. Historically, a sable was an animal hunted for its fur, and also describes the dark hue of its coat. noted that Sienna is currently #82 on their popularity charts, so its a well-liked choice thats still a little off the radar. Its not very popular yet, so nows the time to set this trend. For francophiles and non-francophiles alike, there are seemingly infinite beautiful French baby names for girls and boys. The name peaked in popularity around 1911 so it carries a special, vintage vibe. Pippa usually serves as nickname for Philippa, which means lover of horses, according to Nameberry. Juliette: Its hard to ignore the Romeo and connotations, making this love-oriented name a beautiful pick for a baby girl. baby names. If you like Isabella for the length, maybe Annaliese is the next name to consider. A Hewbrew name meaning pledged to God, you may be hearing Eliza more often these days thanks to the character in Hamilton, noted Baby Center. Have questions about a Happiest Baby product? Its a German and Dutch name originally, but has just as much appeal anywhere in the world. Copyright 2022 Happiest Baby, Inc | All Rights Reserved. Alain: The French version of Alan, with Celtic roots and a trifold meaning: harmony, stone, noble. condition. Basile: A noble name for boys meaning royal, kingly, itll be perfect for your petit prince! These 30 Girl Names That Start With "P" Are Absolute Perfection, 30 Playful & Polished Boy Names That Start With "P", 22 Unique Baby Girl Names That Start With U, 35 Marvelous Girl Names That Start With M. Nameberry explained that Arabella is a 12th century name that originated in Scotland, and it means yielding to prayer. Its been used in lots of English novels since, and is also the name of the first American woman to become a lawyer (Arabella Mansfield). Find out what makes SNOO Smart Sleeper the safest, smartest baby bassinetand learn more about how SNOO adds hours of sleep for babiesand their tired parentsevery night! Whether youre of French descent or are simply a francophile through-and-through, a French baby name wont disappoint. Celine is a popular French baby name with Latin origins meaning sky or heavens.. If you love the name Isabella because of its first two syllables, Isadora is another name to consider. Isabella has so many adorable nickname options you could pick from for your babys first name as a fun twist. Emmeline: Like Pankhurst, the British pioneer of womens rights. Added charges will apply for shipping to and from Alaska and Hawaii. It rolls off the tongue just like Isabella, but is way further down on the popularity charts right now. If you love the name Isabella but want something less common, fear not: there are lots of baby names like Isabella that are just as gorgeous and meaningful. Paris: A trendy place name that pays homage to Frances capital, Paris is a beautiful and increasingly popular pick for baby boys and girls. Olivier means olive tree and sounds a bit more dramatic than the English version. The name Anastasia is probably the most recognizable because of the animated movie by the same name, which told a more fanciful version of the real-life Russian royal. Rosalie: This French name for girls means beautiful rose and sounds just as lovely as its meaning. Our consultants would be happy to Olivier: If youre a fan of Oliver, consider the popular French take which adds some flair with its extra syllable. Beau: Oft-used in the Southern US, Beau is a unique French boys name meaning handsome.. Stand-up comedy fans will know about the alternate spelling even more similar to Isabella, Iliza, thanks to Iliza Shlesinger. The ancient connotation from the Old French verb esmer translates this name as to esteem, to love. Take a look at some of our other favorite baby names: Picking a parfait baby name is one of the most important things to do before your bebes arrival. Its got just as much femininity as Isabella, and the same number of syllables, but ranks #480 in popularity. Laurent: A French boys name from the Roman surname Laurentius, with Old Greek influences giving it the meaning bright and shining one. Fashion-minded parents cant ignore the nod to Yves St. Laurent, which only makes it even more of a chic choice for a baby boy.

It offers the same elle ending as Isabelle, but is one of those names you cant really shorten into anything, which some parents love. Mirabella is also an option for those who are attached to the a sound at the end of Isabella.

Sylvie: From the forest to your home an enchanted-feeling French baby name with a fresh and spritely feel. Josephine: A sweet French name with Greek and Hebrew roots that means will grow. The icing on the cake (or should we say the butter on the baguette? Andre: The French form of Andrew is growing in popularity for boys and girls. Its definitely a name that works at every age, from cuddling your beautiful newborn to sounding super professional in her future career. Its a country thats set the trend on every front, from fashion to food to fine art and beyond. Bellamy: This precious girls name means fine friend, a sweet legacy to impart on a daughter. Rainier: A very cool French baby name for boys meaning strong counselor. Hell absolutely be the only one on the playground with this unique name. It is only meant as general information. Brielle: The shortened version of Gabrielle has picked up speed in recent years. Whats not to adore about France? Annaliese has lots of possible spellings, but they're all considered rare by Nameberry. ", Estelle: An old-fashioned name having a bit of a revival, Estelle is a lovely French baby girl name that means star., Genevieve: Its a form of the ancient Genoveva, with family meanings wife, woman., Jolie: This jovial sounding French baby name for girls isnt widely used in France, but is a unique French name nonetheless. Antoine: A bold French boys name meaning highly praiseworthy. You can impart the same moniker on a baby girl by altering the ending to Antoinette. Simone: Rounding out our list is a classic French baby name for boys and girls, the French version of Simon means harkening and has a beautiful sound to match its cheerful meaning. 12th century name that originated in Scotland, means "god has answered" according to The Bump. Connect with us at Estelle is Latin for star, noted Baby Center, so what better name to give the new light of your life? The actual meaning isnt too excitingto lisp, stutterbut that doesnt mean its not the perfect French name for your baby. And How Do I Do It? And wouldnt Mira just be the cutest darn nickname in the world? yourself, please contact your health provider. Looking for that beautiful 'Belle' or 'Bella' sounding name without using something you've heard before? Sable shares a lot of the same letters and sound as Isabella, but shortens the name into two syllables. Despite translating to masculine and manly, it also has the meanings warrior and brave which applies to both genders.

Also, Gabby isn't the only nickname choice with Gabriella. It's Italian in origin, and brings to mind the beautiful and talented Sienna Miller. However, you have plenty of options outside Frances borders. This classic French nature name is a beautiful pick for a modern baby girl. It means noble and kind, according to BabyCenter, and is currently ranked the 76th most popular girl's name in the U.S. Marceau: In lieu of a classic Marc, consider the elegant French riff on the classic name that translates to little warrior., Mathis: A cool French baby name if youre naming your baby after a Matthew in the family, this moniker for boys means Gift of God.. Top Baby Name Trends For 2022, The Best Baby Names for Every Zodiac Sign, 100% Organic Long-Sleeve Baby Bodysuit Bundle. Isabella has an old-fashioned beauty to it. Or, just because it sounds beautiful and has the noble meaning (work). No matter your reasons for seeking out a French name for your bebe, peruse our list of French names for girls and boysas well as French baby names that work for both gendersand then let us know your favorites in the comments section below! If you have any medical questions and concerns about your child or Benoit: In French it means blessed; derived from the Latin another translation is the one who says the good. Either way, its a feel-good name that isnt common for baby boys, and lends easily to nicknames Ben or Benny. The Bump explained that Marcella has some serious origins in mythology, not to mention a strikingly similar sound to Isabella. Just like Isabella, Gabriella also means devoted to God, so its a solid option if you want to preserve the meaning but pick a less popular name. Once you figure that out, youll see just how many equally lovely options are out there in the world of baby names. It means "fine friend," something any parent hopes their child grows up to be. Another year has come and gone, and more Avas, Sophias, and Isabellas have been born, keeping those names at the top of the popularity charts. Esme: The short-and-sweet French girls name means esteemed, beloved; emerald in a modern interpretation. The site adds that its currently not on any popularity lists, so it would make a unique, Isabella-adjacent name choice. Blaise: This beautiful French baby name sounds like the English word blaze, giving it a fiery feel for a boy or girl. It literally translates to pretty.. There are plenty of famous Alices who will make worthy role models to boot, like Alice Walker. If that's what drew you in, Alice may be the perfect replacement. If you like the name Isabella basically just for the nickname Bella, Pippa is a great alternative. Bellamy is a unisex name of English, Irish, and French origins, noted Nameberry. Lucien: Meaning light, its a centuries-old French baby name that might take family and friends some getting used to in the pronunciation department, but is well worth it. But, just as crucial: Picking out the perfect baby bed. The word sienna refers to a deep reddish-brown color, so its a perfect name for your little redhead or auburn-haired babe. You can call her Bella for short. It was the 197th most popular name in the U.S. in 2019, so it still ranks as more rare than Isabella. Baby Center noted that it dropped to the sixth most popular position in 2020, but that still means naming your little girl Isabella will make her one of many in her classes growing up. It ends in the same A sound, has the same number of syllables, and brings to mind the fashionable (and stunning) Pippa Middleton. Also, its hard to ignore the similarities between the nicknames Stella and Bella. Its meaning is necklace or victorious. You can also call her Coco, which would be trs chic. Maxim: This Latin-derived French boys name means greatest, and is a nice alternative to the more common Maxwell or Max. Or, think about why you love Isabella is it the faith-based meaning, the way it sounds, or the number of syllables that make it work perfectly with your last name? ), it has two precious nicknames built in: Josie or Fifi. View more posts tagged, Sleep Schedule for Your Babys First Year, There's More to Using White Noise Than You'd Think, Don't Get Blindsided by the 3-4 Month Sleep Regression, 40 Meaningful Korean Names for Boys and Girls, Looking Ahead! Think Bella, Belle, Izzy, Ella, or Ellie. Amelie: A French girls name meaning industrious, its a strong pick for a baby girl that feels reminiscent of the charming movie by the same name from 2001.


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