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I emailed back and said I didn't understand why someone can't just pick up the phone and call them and ask what is going on. It's a Pottery Barn. This is for an online order using my loyalty rewards certificate in it's entirety with no balance owing. I was sad when Pottery Barn moved from the Aventura Mall because I do quite a bit of shopping at that Mall. Only to be told now it isn't coming until after Thanksgiving.

After a negative experience of purchasing a light fixture in store that sold the glass shades separately, I spent several hours on the phone with various pottery barn employees trying to locate glass shades without having to repurchase the full complete fixture set. There is no part number stamped on the hardware (really great idea), nor is the manufacturer name found anywhere in the furniture (another really great idea).

I paid and when I was leaving she said "target had great wrapping paper!" 'Fine', I thought. We've tried everything with no success. My fianc and I just visited this location to create our wedding registry and Tammy was amazingly helpful! We've recently updated the Chairish, Inc. I asked to talk to a manager and waited on hold for 20 mins and than was accidentally hung up on, I called back and waited on hold for a manager again for 30 mins, the rep came back to the phone and told me the managers are really busy and the rep hasn't heard back from them.. no surprise! I understand that things can be on backorder but it all went downhill from thereand we continue to encounter problem after problem. They didn't have any of the towels I wanted in the front of the store so they grabbed them from the back. I stayed on hold for 10 min., then hung up. I love all of the things in this store, but the service is just awful. My wife ordered bedding on-line and didn't like the way it looked in our bedroom. We took it to the store at UTC Mall, and Courtney cheerfully refunded our money. With options to buy online, over-the-phone, or in-store, Pottery Barn has a socially-conscious vision with its devotion to support craftspeople and reduce environmental impact. All of the furniture and rugs that I ordered came on time with no shipping damage whatsoever. After over an hour of waiting we left and told her to call us when she figured it out. Thank you, Josh K!

Really?? But since we were already here, we decided well, what the heck. Finally it was returned, the right item was ordered, and was told the first item will be fully refunded. The employee who "helped" us was so gratuitously condescending that I decided we'd just order online. I was so offended! a hundred and fifty for a basic picture frame? Batina literally told me "I can't help" and Becky refused to call other stores when I asked for an item they didn't have in stock.

I am totally disappointed with this purchase - it's cheap garbage in every way. Overall satisfied with it. Very rude!! I also purchased a second item (a guitar stand) and it came cracked. No way am I ordering another! We have always had good experiences with Pottery Barn. She asked him a question about something to which he responded in a sarcastic way. Things were too crowded for my liking, but I did spot a few nice things. I thought it was odd later I asked about sizing for the bath robes they had because I wanted to buy one for my husband & myself.

No answer. So what did we learn today?

We've had great customer service at the Crate and Barrel just down the road. Please don't ever buy any Pottery Barn product. Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. I thought maybe she knew something I didn't so I followed her advice as she directed me to open my amazon app & type in "spa robe" - maybe they had this same one for less? I don't have experience with ordering, but anything I find online on sale is usually gone by the time I get around to ordering it. I literally waited to pay for an item, got passed up by two ladies who helped other people who walked up After me and then had the balls to say, oh, we see you dear. But hey, it's retail and a ritzy area with high maintenance customers. Typically I will not go shopping in this area, the same goes with Aventura because the traffic in the area is terrible. My last purchase at Pottery Barn! The employees should realize that many families spend time together on the weekends and thus, shop together. But this is not the case. Completely frustrated. SINCE MONDAY, NO ONE HAS CALLED ME TO UPDATE ME AS TO THE DELIVERY OR THE STATUS. Who knows if I will ever get what I ordered, and on top of all that, a nail head has already come out! I was going to buy a couch, dressers for each room, drapes for my windows and more bath supplies but now I'll look at buying them from a different company. I didn't purchase in this store, I attempted an online return but was rejected because they couldn't find my order number for some reason. This is the second time we have a bad experience with Pottery Barn. Very helpful staff with products and design. Buyer beware. As far as furniture. Based on that, I decided to call UTC store because it was where I bought my crib to see if they would adjust the price or maybe give me a gift card or discount for my next purchase.

I bought a dining room table over a year ago and it started falling apart. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. It seemed way bigger compared to the one st fashion valley or at least had more stuff. I asked if they had any ashtrays and she said that they did not. Basically what we experienced is that PotteryBarn employees know very little & don't have upper management to turn to either. After six months, and numerous contacts with various Customer Service representatives, the problem has yet to be addressed and fixed. I love that everything seems like something I need immediately but have never brought myself to purchase anything. I literally told them that I don't understand. Pottery Barn is definitely geared toward the more conservative crowd - however they do construct very sound and classic furniture. San Francisco, CA 94104, Log-in access to secure areas of our site, Remembering your preferences (e.g., your choice of language or region). Then we find out, that particular color is on backorder for 2 months. Now, I've been without a sofa or any lounging furniture in my new residence for over two months, which means hosting any friends or family has been impossible.

There is a reason people buy online and not bother coming to the store. 2022 Chairish, Inc. All rights reserved. Help the customer present at the time, then finish your mobile order! For shoppers looking for additional ways to decorate their spaces, Pottery Barn also carries wall art including paintings, photography, drawings, typography, and dimensional art such as woven baskets and wall hangings. On top of the miserable experience, I am reminded that this is just Pottery Barn - a run of the mill average store. After 8 years, the slipcovers have worn through in a few places and must be replaced. I guess she just really wanted to leave her job.

After the amount of money spent, I expect better quality. Very genuine and full of tips for success. Or you have to ask. There is not anything else like walking into a home fully furnished full of PB items. I immediately called and asked them to send the correct cushions. The employees are always helpful and tend to be very nice, letting me poke around and answering questions should I have any (this is San Luis Obispo after all - people are nice here.). It appears to become a crappy company and the SLO store has found the worst sales associates, so bad on all sides. If you're ordering something you "need" - depend on someone else. I called the store and left her a message. Buyer beware they also own West Elm & Williams Sonoma!!! Usually I feel guilty about purchasing big ticket items but Paul made feel deserving. Well those two months have passed and still no sofa. The customer service rep was polite and said she would send them out right away. We love Pottery Barn and we have our whole house decorated from them. I called again after the holidays, thinking that the vendor may have been closed during that timestill no response from the vendor. Well I did and I'm not happy. We were told that we would receive our sofa in 8 weeks. What I wanted were those items.

Utterly disgusting customer service! It was all in one delivery so it would have all been together in one box. Still waiting for my order. So many bad reviews about customer service and apparently they don't care. THEY NEVER IGNORE THE CUSTOMER!

Terrible customer service! They saw me, but they just kept doing what they were doing in their computers. After choosing the one we wanted along with cushion and material choices the sales rep could not find the sku number for pricing. Pottery Barn carries just over 200 different styles of mirrors ranging in price from around $29 up to $1,699. All in all, very poor customer service in a developing affluent neighborhood. Good quality and classy products. Other than that, it's a wonderful place.

I arrived at the store 1 hour later and it was dead as a door nail. I'm currently on hold AGAIN - a total of AN HOUR AND A HALF at this point. The pros: Nicely styled, modern lighting options. Within one year the supports that hold the slats under the box springs failedbroke in two. I have bought PB furniture before, about $10,000 worth, and had the same problems. 1) The first problem with the order occurred when the stemmed wine glasses arrived. That turned into another 4 weeks. When the Village at Gulfstream Park opened up, it made a move by recruiting a number of longtime Aventura Mall tenants. I love the smell inside the place; an oakish, antiqued aroma. We called the number while we were in the store and the phone customer service person was excellent.

Unbelievable. I walked through the whole store and not one question, but everywhere I went this one guy would follow me or more workers would pop up. They couldn't consolidate everything into one delivery (I'm still waiting for the first delivery). Someone did come out about 6 months ago, and so far we haven't heard back.

The line was long.

', I thought. I tried buying a printers office suite online it's now 3499.00 last year it was 2799.00 700. differance. And I was well dressed, with money to spend and flashing a pricey purse because that's how things roll at that mall. I visit this location since it's across from my work however, tend to order more things online these days since it's very frustrating in the store.

Wow! Thanks for helping me return some items. I haven't been in this store for years and I remember people raving over it in the early 90s.

Paul, just WOW. I'll get what in the mail? I've never experienced such terrible service. Most of the 38 items were on back-order, which wasn't stated until the order was placed. I called PB and was on the line for an hour with them to get the problem resolved. I received better customer service at Target than this place.

We placed our order in April, 2021. This should be criminal holding my money hostage for 4 months on a broken delivery promise while all the while I'm trying to cancel it. HAHAHA! I reached out to the manager, who never wrote back. I bought chairs and were told they would be delivered by July 9. Finding a register in the store to return the item was confusing, and associates were not helpful in directing customers.

Still have no information about the status of the return, and yet have spent so much time on hold, all for nothing. That was when she told me that If i return it, she would place me in the end of the wait list for that crib and I would probably not have it before my baby arrives because she has a huge wait list for that.

Everything is beautiful and neat. I have the return receipt stating full credit back. When we moved into our new house a year ago we bought our bed from there . The home decor pieces, the furniture and every single item on display is striking, but you couldn't pay ME to pay the asking price. Guh. She sat with me and explained the pros and cons of each model, material, and stuffing. "You'll get 'it' in the mail". Horrible company filled with liars! I ordered an online product and returned it at store three days later in original condition. Yes, the stuff at Pottery Barn is BEAAAUUUUTIFUL, but I would expect it to be considering the price tags that come attached to each item. I noticed that the status of the order never changed from 'Ordered' to 'Preparing to Ship', so I contacted customer service on November 16 and asked about it. Whenever I think of going into Pottery Barn, I always laugh to myself because of how completely awkward and uncomfortable I feel every single time I go into this place. And they are not cheap.

I asked if it would be 6 minutes again, and she said yes because they are "very busy". To us it was so overwhelming we got totally lost on everything in the store. I got a splinter when moving my phone across it and have noticed small pieces coming up. I like the UTC mall in particular anyhow. I escalated to Becky, the assistant manager and she apologized and assured me she will send me the correct ones and that she will go in person and check the box before it gets sent. Shout out to Liz who provided amazing customer service today! The sales lady just couldn't be bothered before her lunch break.

The employees are very helpful and Lee Ann especially is attentive and helpful. Figures; it has now been 6 weeks and I have tried reaching him several times with no response. On top of that, I've asked for a manager a couple times, and have yet to get a call back from one. I am afraid that Pottery Barn is going bankrupt and does not have the money to refund my return. Will be back!

Empty promises! My sales associate was completely flustered as well.

It took an email to the William Sonoma CEO to get some reaction - but that seemed to get someone's attention for a day and now they've gone silent again. I wish this was an uncommon occurrence but every time I go to La Jolla Potterybarn the woman working are unable to provide any level of adequate support. Deliveries being scheduled without my knowledge.

(And I have been to many others in the last 25 years and in many other states).

It's end of Feb and I'm still waiting for the item (should be delivered in March they say). Some recent reviewers mention mixed experiences and some challenges with customer service and product durability. We had existing pieces we wanted to incorporate and Laurie had great ideas as to how we could blend the old with the new.

Slumber Search is supported by readers. I don't have any strong feelings either way about the store. After a 30 minute hold, a disoriented girl answered and then mumbled and put me on hold again. I called customer service and after about 45 minutes on hold, a lady named Diana said that a replacement cushion would be sent - we would receive it in about a month and a half. I gave a 2 star in anticipation that the comforter is a quality product; otherwise a 1 star would be appropriate given the lack of good customer service. I told the manager that I still have my crib in a box and I could return it and buy it again as she was not willing to do anything for it. The customer service at this store is shamefully non existent or plain rude, I have never been in a store before or you literally have to chase a sales person and even so when you get one, to get actually a nice experience. Hard to review a store that won't follow through. Something went wrong. They still have not arrived and sent me no emails of an updated delivery date.

I spent an entire evening building a new frame for the bed and replacing the cheap hardware, but the structure within the upholstered parts of the bed seems to be even worse material. I asked her for gift wrapped and she gave me that look "oh, no!" Will do business again. I ordered a sofa 4 months ago (August 2019), and have yet to receive it. It will be returned, if Pottery Barn has the integrity to take back crap that we tried to fix. Not nearly as bad as others make it out to be. I later went around the store and walked into them talking about our "wild request" to remove the display.

Can't find any info about the Stratton Platform bed, anywhere.

Time will tell! Oh, note they have nice and roomy bathrooms in the back, if needed! If this goes on for an additional month and it makes it to half a year to make a small sofa, I'll be pretty impressed at the ineptitude of the company. But then again, even if we got more stuff, it's probably going to end up in Salvation Army in a year! Working with a real design firm who works with local artists with sustainable products.

Turns out that I checked on that same store and they do have a few units ready to be pickup if I decide to buy it today. She has stringy reddish blond long hair. I have come to this location several times. From there we continued to stop by once or twice a month.

Thank you Courtney! We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. I know it's a chain but they really do a terrific job of offering beautiful things for your home and what they offer can easily add that pop to your eclectic and unique housewares. It's a Pottery Barn. Once they have your money FORGET them making furniture that is falling apart right. This is absolutely not okay - I would have ordered somewhere else. Would it have been so hard to say all that the 'first' time? Never miss new arrivals that match exactly what you're looking for! So now we have to go through the whole process of returning the desk. They gave us a time window and the guy called. Not believing them, I called and checked again and a different customer service agent did a 'Where is my order' request and said I should be contacted in 48 hours. Pottery Barn does not allow customers to provide reviews on products. Thanks to the Burlingame for restoring my faith in PTB. Delivery was easy (this location uses the same delivery company as the neighboring West Elm store and set up/scheduling was simple). 2 Chairs and the Atwell canopy bed. Seriously tho, why even bothering go to work if working itself brothers you so much?! She was looking at furniture ideas for the house. I also purchased 12 towels from the retail department. I won't be buying from them again. I don't appreciate being judged, and good riddance brick and mortar (especially Pottery Barn SLO). Eventually it was figured out by customer service agent and she shipped out the correct red wine glasses. I've spent 4.5 hours today alone on the phone being passed around to several different people, hung up on twice ( supposedly accidentally). Maybe other pb products are better quality, but do not buy the Pearce leather sectional! I hung up and called back and again she wanted to put me on hold. She took apart all of my boxes and scattered the contents around not sure why she did that, it wasn't organized and I felt she was making this return harder than it should be. The sales help have always been helpful and friendly to me and never overbearing. Although I really like the products that pottery barn has to offer, unfortunately I have to give them a 1 Star. Begging to take my money. I find Pottery Barn goods to be the epitome of middle class Americana in home furnishings. With the lack of service and newness my next visit won't be any time soon. Obviously this is awkward when you didn't want that person to know you returned the gift. However I am a big fan now of the move because the store is quite a bit larger which means more stuff for me to shop for!!

Privacy Policy and I dislike writing bad reviews but had to on this one. Spend your money with someone else. He was very apologetic about the situation and told me that he will personally go into work 4 hours before they open, at 6am and look for the right ones and ship them to me. We get the second shipment, and surprise, they're wrong again.

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