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During the 4am cell check, with the outside temperature now 31F, a guard looked into his cell and whistled. At 8am, Rahman was sitting in his cell, alive and shaking, his eyes were open and blinking. The fact that their paper opened with the caveat: We are not experts in Arab culture or the organization of al-Qaida did not dampen enthusiasm for their ideas. It's not exactly clear why this house on Princeport Road in humble Stockton-on-Tees is blurred. Papers that the Pentagon and CIA were forced to declassify as part of a lawsuit brought by victims reveal the fullest picture ever of the secret enhanced interrogation regime and the men who designed it. But in the uninsulated prison, with winter approaching, Rahman was just cold, dangerously so, for at least two weeks before he died from hypothermia. Mysterious sites that you can't actually view litter Google's mapping service. The statement added: Drs Mitchell and Jessen assert that the abuses of Mr Salim and Mr Ben Soud occurred without their knowledge or consent and that they were not responsible for those actions. The Intercept is an independent nonprofit news outlet. Multiple photo spheres exist for the area. Guards checked on Rahman four times overnight, at 10 and 11pm, and at 4 and 8am. The AP has put together this little graphic package illustrating what the basement prison looked like, who was held there, and what happened to them. Please consider making a contribution to Vox today. CIA cables produced for the lawsuit chronicle the application of thetechniques during the CIAs 2002 interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, who was waterboarded at least 83 times. A month later, as the first prisoners were delivered into its 24-hour darkness, a CIA memo described the role the two psychologists would now be playing in the agencys expanding interrogation program. The area of internment camps has been partly replaced with plain light gray tiles on. Buildings blurred for various dates in Google Earth. The manual combines advice like stay psychologically and mentally calm and maintain alertness and foresight with practical instructions on how to respond to torture. The Bucharest location was set up in the fall of 2003, after a prison in Poland was shut down. Ben Souds and Salims experience seemed to a herald an era when enhanced interrogations were becoming routine. Neighbors lived across the street, and grocery markets, a beauty shop, and a post office were all within a few hundred yards. I'm a property expert opening your windows during a heatwave is a mistake, I'm a gardening pro a popular lawn mowing hack is dangerous, take my warning, Im plus-size people told me to RETURN my metallic SKIMS swimsuit, I'm a fashion expert with 28H boobs top clothing tips for big breasted women, 2020 THE SUN, US, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY | YOUR AD CHOICES | SITEMAP, Moruroa, a mysterious island in French Polynesia used for nuclear testing, 2207 Seymour Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, was the home to a horrific series of kidnappings, Princeport Road in Stockton-on-Tees plays host to a blurred house, and it's not clear why, Drone footage captures an unknown Indian tribe living in a dense Amazon rainforest in the far west of Northern Brazil, Jeannette Island off the coast of Russia is completely blacked out on Google Maps, A section to the left of North Korea is blurred on Google Maps, The Ayioi Anargyroi Military Base Athens is heavily blurred on Google Maps, A French nuclear fuel reprocessing facility is unavailable to view on Google Maps, Dowdztwo Wojsk Specjalnych, the Polish Special Forces Command, is unsurprisingly censored, "Patio de los Naranjos" plays host to Government buildings, and is blocked out on Google Maps, Sandy Island is a ghost island that was eventually removed from maps. Rahman appeared somewhat incoherent for portions of this session.. The paper was based on the pairs reading of the Manchester Manual, an extremists handbook that included a section on the brutal interrogations recruits were likely to experience in the prisons of authoritarian regimes. Each review further discredited the pairs description of CIA captives as super-resisters who could be broken only with their cocktail of brutal interrogation methods. "If you find out it would be nice to know why.". Five days after he left, Rahman, naked from the waist down and shackled to the cold concrete floor, was discovered dead in his cell from hypothermia. He acknowledged to the investigator that Rahman would have lost his clothes at our direction. He described seeing Rahman shaking [and] showing the early signs of hypothermia after he was given a cold shower as a deprivation technique.

Mando de Transmisiones del Ejrcito "Army Command Signals", "Patio de los Naranjos" (lit. The house was demolished, but the blurred shape of it remains on Google Maps street view. Senate torture report shows CIA misled public, Ron Wyden's point-by-point smackdown of the CIA's defense of torture, Map: The 54 countries that helped the CIA with its torture-linked rendition program, The CIA mistakenly tortured its own informants. The DWS was responsible for commanding and training Poland's Special Forces, although a different organisation handles this now. It is the base of the. Notes from one of Jessens interrogation sessions begin, Rahman spent the days since his last session with station officers in cold conditions with minimal food and sleep. Five days later, at 3pm on 19 November 2002, Rahman was shackled in a sitting position on bare concrete while nude from the waist down, the 2003 investigation recorded. Their new assignments suggested reform. Mitchell recalled this agency review in his book Enhanced Interrogation, which was published in the midst of the pretrial discovery process last year. Amchitka Island was the site of US underground nuclear testing in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? This page was last edited on 16 July 2022, at 12:30. The US carried out its largest underground nuclear test there. When Rahman claimed inability to think due to conditions (cold), complained about poor treatment, and complained about the violation of his human rights, as a cable recorded after one of Jessens interrogations, these were evidence, Jessen said, of a health and welfare resistance strategy. The Associated Press' Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo have a breathtaking-but-sadly-unsurprising. But by April, Jessen was crafting an Exploitation Draft Plan that included holding captives in soundproof cells in secret facilities that were beyond the reach of the Red Cross, the press, and US and foreign observers. A quick search for it on Google Maps shows blurred out sections. Some surrounding buildings as meteorology center and shooting range are blurred too. Tell us in the comments! It's currently under observation for any radioactive leakage and may become a limited access wildlife reserve in 2025. By signing up, I agree to receive emails from The Intercept and to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Just type in the secretive country's name and look to the left where you should see a whole section of mystery. No longer viewable on Google Street View. The island is mainly covered by ice, and has a 1,152-foot peak in the centre. The Associated Press' Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldmanwho have been having a very good yearhave tracked down the CIA secret prison where Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and other ghost detainees were tortured and interrogated. But the point of this map is that, however vast and shadowy the CIA's torture program was, the agency's associated and often-linked program of extraordinary rendition was even vaster and more shadowy. Because of their proximity, the civilian airport is wholly blurred as well, in Google Maps and Bing Maps. Some locations on free, publicly viewable satellite map services have such issues due to having been intentionally digitally obscured or blurred for various reasons of this. No longer censored on Bing Maps but censored on Google Maps. Blurred on Google Street View. The supervisor discussed Rahmans situation with a colleague, the CIAs inspector general reported in a 2005 internal investigation of Rahmans death, but took no action because he assumed that the officers there would realize it was cold and would not leave a prisoner unclothed for a long period. In its place there's a misplaced satellite image of another small region that is close by. In a statement released for the settlement, Mitchell and Jessen said it is regrettable that Mr Rahman, Mr Salim and Mr Ben Soud suffered the abuses, while denying responsibility for the mens mistreatment. Sometimes, more modestly but still consequentially, friendly foreign governments would help the CIA in finding, arresting, or transporting suspected terrorists. The atmosphere was very good, John Bruce Jessen told a CIA investigator in January 2003, two months after he interrogated a prisoner named Gul Rahman in the facility. Entire airport blurred out on Bing Maps aerial view. The 2018 imagery of most of the island is pixelated in Google Earth, on Bing Maps all the islands are blurred. Airport is completely pixelated on Google Maps. Previous revelations have highlighted his actions during Rahmans detention, which began when Rahman was renditioned from Pakistan into the prison. (including the neighboring. [Rahman] is physically strong, hitting him isnt going to do any good. The weather station appears in low resolution on Google Maps, but a high resolution image is available on Bing Maps Aerial view. We dont have ads, so we depend on our members 35,000 and counting to help us hold the powerful to account. Consider what the world of media would look like without The Intercept. Financial contributions from our readers are a critical part of supporting our resource-intensive work and help us keep our journalism free for all. The blaring stereo was his idea, and his purchase. In August, Gul Rahmans family and Mohamed Ben Soud and Suleiman Abdullah Salim, two surviving prisoners of the Afghan black site, reached an out-of-court settlement in their lawsuit against Jessen and James Mitchell seeking restitution for torture. In their Countermeasures paper, Mitchell and Jessen conflate all of these as resistance strategies. According to Apuzzo and Goldman, no one was waterboarded at Bright Lightthat appears to have gone down at a prison in Thailand. "[4] Google agreed to blur images on request of the Indian government. Delivered Fridays. The kind of reporting we do is essential to democracy, but it is not easy, cheap, or profitable. But 15 years after Gul Rahman froze to death in a darkened cell, the evidence gathered during pre-trial discovery has underscored how brutal and futile Mitchell and Jessens tactics were, and how thoroughly they were rejected inside the CIA more than a decade ago. Blurring is well past the normal low-resolution for most of the continent. Pixelated bay near the Port of Leros in Lakki (Lakkion). In 16, prisoners were shackled to a metal ring in the wall. Blurred on all online map services, except for. To meet the anticipated demand for the pairs EITs, interrogators in both the CIA and Pentagon were reading their countermeasures paper, seeing their PowerPoint slides, and attending trainings on their techniques. CIA torture: lawsuit settled against psychologists who designed techniques, Original reporting and incisive analysis, direct from the Guardian every morning. In October 2006, senior CIA interrogators, psychologists and managers reviewed all of the approved EITs and prepared a new list to present to Congress that would comply with the just-enacted Military Commissions Act. When he tapped the door with his nightstick, the prisoner did not move. As Mitchell was writing this, construction of the Cobalt facility near Kabul was nearing completion. Pixelated area south of bay in Lipsi (Leipsoi). In fact, by the time Salim and Ben Soud were being interrogated, Mitchell and Jessens star was already in decline. The migrant camp appears pixelated on Google Maps, but Google Street View images from the road and more recent photo spheres images from within the camp exist. The civilian airport and the military hangars adjacent to it are blurred. Large obscuring pixelation of a 195 ha site near central Grenoble, including the co-located, Large obscuring pixilation in Google Earth, historic imagery is unobscured. Six months later, in March and April 2003, Mohamed Ben Soud and Suleiman Abdullah Salim became two of 39 men subjected to Mitchell and Jessens enhanced interrogation techniques in the CIAs secret prisons. The base's area appears in low resolution on Google Maps. It wasnt going to happen fast, he told the investigator in the January 2003 interview. The Air Base is shown in reduced resolution. indians native 1764 bouquet american colonel council giving benjamin talk west near indian america seneca conference camp fire states americans

Jessen, who interrogated Rahman six times over a two-week period, and Mitchell, who met with him once, claimed throughout the lawsuit that they tried to mitigate the harsh conditions of Rahmans confinement. Entire site is blurred on Google Maps Street View. Mitchell joined that interrogation a few weeks after Zubaydah, who was captured in Pakistan in March, was delivered to the agencys first black site in Thailand, and many of his teams communications with CIA headquarters have a test lab feeling. Click here to upload yours. The cellblock was unheated, pitch black day and night, with music blaring around the clock. Sometimes they were shipped to CIA-run black sites in foreign countries, and sometimes handed off to foreign intelligence agencies that would detain and torture them in their own facilities. Location is to the northwest of Mount Kailash, one of the holiest Hindu places. Blurred in Google Maps, visible on Bing Maps, Erguemin, Belgium-Netherlands Naval Mine Warfare School in. Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Its code name was Bright Light. Thats all it takes to support the journalism you rely on. Who would hold party elites accountable to the values they proclaim to have? The house owned by Ariel Castro, who was found guilty of kidnapping three women in the early 2000s and later holding them captive in his home for ten years until 2013. The site manager, whose name is redacted in documents released for the lawsuit but who was first identified as Matthew Zirbel in the footnote of a report provided to Congress, had no experience in prison operations and did not know until three days after he arrived at Cobalt that he would be running the facility. The reason is that the CIA didn't just have its own torture program, run out of its "black site" secret detention and torture prisons broad. Sandy Island is what's known as a "phantom island". Place is completely blurred on Google Maps and Wikimapia, but not other mapping websites Bing Maps and Yandex Maps. Can be seen on Yandex and HERE Wego. Large obscuring pixelation of the whole site. The existence of black sites in Poland and Romania has long been known, but this appears to be the first time a news outlet (the AP partnered with German public television on the investigation) has actually tracked down an address. A proposal that their role expand to include evaluating the effects of their interrogation methods elicits a tart response that no professional in the field would credit their later judgment as psychologists assessing the subjects of their enhanced measures. The Garabogazkl Basin is shown pixelated in, Blurred in Google Earth and Google Maps (military installation), Blurred in Google Maps - no longer blurred. Sometimes the detainees were captured by the CIA with the help of foreign governments, sometimes captured entirely by foreign governments, which would then hand them over. As to darkness, the investigator learned from the site manager, that again was his decision. One light switch controlled all the lights in the cellblock, interview notes record, and [f]aced with the choice to keep them on all the time or off all the time, he chose the latter.

GOOGLE Maps has a bold mission to document every corner of Earth but some places are so secret they're not allowed to be snapped. It also used a vast network of other countries to help capture, detain, transport, and, yes, torture detainees. But detainees were subjected to other varieties of torture, like sleep deprivation, stress positions, and battery. One of the women eventually escaped and alerted the police. This is a list of satellite map images with missing or unclear data. The cells were designed for sensory deprivation, but the site manager put his own spin on what this would mean. The most fascinating detail: The basement cells were built on top of springs to keep the floor shifting and the prisoners constantly destabilized. Other years the area lacks any. abc disney company broadcasting american york walt west facts 66th history states wikipedia united usa upper headquarters side buys manhattan Millions turn to Vox to understand whats happening in the news. Refugee camp hosting Kurdish minority fleeting from Turkey, created in 1998.

Here they are: All 54 countries that participated in the CIA's rendition program (Anand Katakam). Camp X-Ray at Guantnamo Bay on 11 January 2002. The others, while occasionally useful, were not critical. How the Move Fast era of Facebook led to one of its biggest scandals. It's not clear why much of the island is censored, but some suspect it relates to the island's nuclear history.

Three young women were kidnapped by Castro and held captive in his home and remained imprisoned until May 2013. Even resident Jane Allison has no idea, saying: "I've been in this house since 2000 but I have no idea why you can't see it. Patio de los Naranjos, which translates to Orange Tree Yard, is an area in Almeria, Spain. Jessen, one of the two contract psychologists who designed the CIAs enhanced interrogation techniques, spent 10 days in the secret prison near Kabul, Afghanistan, in November 2002. Will you support Voxs explanatory journalism? The base appears pixelated on Google Maps. What happens now? The end of Roe could finally convince Americans to care more about privacy, Bidens dismal poll numbers, explained in 9 charts. The writer complains about Gitmo, where detainees run every aspect of the camp and the interrogators have little (if any) control and where there is no opportunity to take advantage of capture shock, dislocate anyones expectations (except for the interrogators), or develop learned helplessness (except the interrogators). Pledging to forward copies of their Countermeasures paper to Guantnamo, the writer adds, Its clear that you and Bruce need to be involved for this to be done right.. This will allow them to determine the best physical and psychological pressures that would be needed to get this individual to a compliant state as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, when Jessen left Cobalt on or around 14 November 2002, he told Zirbel that overcoming Rahmans resistance would require more of the same deprivations that were clearly weakening him. In 32 clear-eyed pages, and in attachments that include a stark Chronology of Significant Events and notes from interviews with Jessen and the young CIA officer assigned to manage the black site, the investigation reconstructs the decisions that killed a prisoner just 69 days after the facility opened. However, images of its roof have been and the entrance to The Lodge is blurred in Google Street View. It's not clear why the area is blurred on Google Maps, but it likely relates to the government buildings in the vicinity. Other cables describe in grinding detail how their techniques were combined in actual interrogation sessions, and their crushing, dehumanizing effect. Blurred on Google Maps, including a large area of the surrounding Parc de la Tte d'Or in Lyon. Six days after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, President George W. Bush issued a directive allowing the CIA to secretly detain and interrogate prisoners at clandestine sites located around the world, cut off from communication with legal counsel, family, and everyone else. Whether or not all 54 of those countries are complicit in the CIA torture program is debatable. Additionally, the terrain is glitched on Google Earth. Drs Mitchell and Jessen also assert that they were unaware of the specific abuses that ultimately caused Mr Rahmans death and are also not responsible for those actions.. Ten gas heaters were added in the cellblock the month after Gul Rahmans death, but little had changed in what Jessen called Cobalts nasty routines. A prison in the city of Marseille is pixelated on satellite imagery. Facility surrounded partially by woods which is blurred in Bing and Yahoo Maps. No longer blurred on Google Maps. Those in the regular cells had a plastic bucket; those in sleep deprivation wore diapers. [6], The government of Malaysia has stated that it will not ask Google to censor sensitive areas because that would identify the locations it deemed to be sensitive.[7]. The following is a partial list of notable known map sections that have been blurred or blanked. The vast majority of Antarctica is also in low resolution due to the bright, often featureless, ice and snow making high-resolution imaging both difficult and largely unnecessary. The Tollywood blockbuster is a hit on Netflix, but its casteist politics arent so simple. Over the next eight hours, Abu Zubaydah was moved back and forth between the large and small confinement boxes and slammed against a wall in the technique known as walling. The Dowdztwo Wojsk Specjalnych is the Special Forces Command. A US army helicopter in Afghanistan in March 2002.

Image not consistent with surroundings. From now on they will be doing mostly strategic consulting work, research, and program development projects. They were being removed from interrogations. In one passage from a six-page cable describing day six of the aggressive phase of Abu Zubaydahs interrogation, which took place on 9 August 2002, The interrogators pointed to the small box and said, You know what to do., The subject sat on the floor and scooted himself into the small box at 1000 hours without protest or additional instructions, Mitchells team recorded. It was first "discovered" and charted by Captain James Cook in September 1774, but was eventually "undiscovered" in 1979.
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