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It originally had colored glass, which took down the spaces energy. Includes access to the digital magazine. Investors but not really any Michellin star chefs at that time. The graze section of the menu includes cold and hot small bites, from a private batch of Tsar Nicoulai reserve caviar made for Ettan and local oysters to Indian street foodsnacks. In the kitchen, Gopinathan also uses a simple Hibachi grill, a high-heat cooking plate that, among other things, gives a smokyprofile to the kebabs. Obituaries I had Chicken Vindaloo (super delicious)and it was $30.00. When Ayesha Thapar set out to bring an innovative Indian restaurant to the Peninsula more than two years ago, she made alist. Daily temperature checks for all staff,Covid-testing for employees every three to four weeks, mask-wearing while in therestaurant for all patrons and staff, exceptfor when guests are seated and cleaning between each service, are few of the measures they have taken, I think, moving forward, restaurants will need to be more dynamic and have the ability to evolve or sometimes transform their approach. AsEttancomfortably settles in its spot and gears up to wow guests who have a distinguished palette, this upscale Indian restaurant has all the makings of an eaterythat will firmly keep its corner.

Palo Alto is #1! Bay Area.

LG: The food is an interesting, eclectic mix of textures and colors within each plate. His version is completely vegan and, according to him, does not compromise on taste. I also could place the bread and I also could make more delicate bread.. They prefer to dry and preserve them, so they can be stored for later use. The menu will also include dishes like completely deboned whole fish, rubbed with an Indian spice blend and cooked a la plancha; sesame leaf chaat with sweet yogurt, persimmons and chickpea flour noodles; crudo with fresh coriander seeds, jalapeo oil and fermented chili sauce; dumplings filled with marinated ricotta, shallots, pistachios, raisins and garam masala; and Gulf shrimp topped with coconut sambal and curry butter, wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked over an open fire. There is also crispy-skinned octopus speckled with almond crumbs and red chilli. We have a Victorian wallpaper that we applied to the lower seating area, while in the back, we put a modern hexagon tile with an interesting sculpture that Thomas developed himself. Gautam Prashads photographs of Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Calcutta and other Indian cities decorate a stairwell into the basement (plus, those kamasutra-imposed shots). Ettans menu finds its roots in Indian culinary heritage, filtered througha Californian sensibility. Framed large-format portraits of nomads in Gujarat, shot by Indian photographer Rohit Chawla, hang throughout the restaurant. High rents? I wanted a word that had its roots in India, but had a global sound and feel to it, explains Thapar. I had a pretty clear idea of the look and feel I wanted to create, says Thapar, who worked closely with Schoos, on their cohesive design aesthetic forEttan. A&E Photo: courtesy Isabel Baer, The amount of time Ive spent in California has changed a lot in terms of how I think about putting Indian food together, he said. Food was not that bad but the presentation was just okay. Circulation & Delivery, About Us LG: Indigo has historic ties to India; it also generally adds a lot of texture to the fabric. The restaurant has also hired several servers with sommelier certificates, according to a pressrelease. Mountain View Voice Follow this blogger. So something like chickpeas, which are grown in India, are never used fresh, he said. In fact, hes going to use everything available to him the Bay Areafrom the vegetables to the shellfishand apply Indian techniques and spices to them to make something wholly unique. Journalist Vir Sanghvi once called him, the worlds most famous Indian chef youve never heard of. Many families are losing a home. AD PRO caught up with Gill and Schoos to learn more about their approach to the design. Sports Much of the food is inspired by what Gopinathan ate growing up in Kerala, though he doesnt want to box Ettan in as a Southern Indian restaurant. AD PRO: How did Ettans menu inspire the overall design? Community Calendar Same boring(to me)Instrumental music, dark red walls, curtains and the heavy smell of Indian spices(aka curry to non-indians). Gopinathan is a native of Southern India who has drawn accolades for melding Indian and Californian flavors in a white tablecloth setting. You cant cut the labor cost of expensive Executive Chefs or rent. PR MediaRelease You now enter the 180-seat restaurant through massive, bright-blue wooden engraved doors, meant to evoke an Indian haveli, surrounded by blue and white patterned tiles. Like this article? Let the platform newsletter keep you up-to-date with all things art, fashion, lifestyle, design, film and music. At that time period, there was also another concept, All you can eat Lunch and Dinner Buffet. While Thapar has a prominent background in real estate and fashion and is known for her business acumen, chef Gopinathan has led the kitchen at theTaj Campton Placein San Francisco and is respected in epicurean circles for his culinary ingenuity. Get the latest food news with the biweekly Peninsula Foodist newsletter.

A winter "mushroom one-pot" korma with pickles and jalapeo at Ettan in Palo Alto. I wanted vintage with a contempo- rary sensibility; combined with California industrial chic to create a deconstructed elegance that is casual by day and sexy by night. The restaurant has three integrated sections an open and invitingground floor; a mezzanine with minimalistappeal, perfect for private soirees and an outdoor wrap-around patio, replete withlush plants and floral settings. Recipe for Sucess for Indian Restaurant these days: Or something else? So while constructing Ettan, Gopinathans progressive Indian restaurant opening next week in Palo Alto, he approached a pizza oven maker with his conundrum. Subscribe now and get up to 63% off the cover price. After I tried his food, I knew he was the one. All the other names on the list vanished. High labor costs? This particular menu changes routinely. I remember going to Gaylord in Gharedelli square in S.F. Despite Ettans more causal bent, the possibility of a Michelin star is clearly on the minds of both owner and chef. Despite Gopinathans mission to push Indian food out of a mainstream, Americanized box, Ettan serves a secret menu for diners looking for more standard Indian dishes, like butterchicken. In Indian cuisine cooked around the world, paneer is made from buffalos or cows milk. By the time April arrived,Ettanwas providing online food delivery services via its website, as well as on platforms such asDoordashandUberEats. Cheap food but not good at all by any means. We used that color as a base and built around it by adding other textures that would give [the room] a casual feel, but also create a great environment. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond Nast. Copyright 2022 MICHELIN Guide. Breath worked well for us because it together with food is the very basis of sustaining life, she says. Ettan is located at 518 Bryant St., the former home of the Three Seasons Restaurant, which closed in 2018 due to a kitchen fire. Thapar, an Atherton resident who has worked in real-estate development, internet marketing and fashion, decided to open Ettan out of a desire for more diverse dining options on the Peninsula. Ever tried a charcoal latte?

Who will take this big chance? Now taking the scenario with these high-end restaurants, food cost is the only thing you can cut. But at Ettan (which translates to breath in Sanskrit). Gopinathan braids two very dif- ferent food vocabularies, while respect- fully playing to each ones uniqueness. Ettans opening hours are Tuesday-Thursday, 5:3010 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 5:3011 p.m. (last call will be 1011 p.m.) and Sunday, 59 p.m. And then I tasted his food, she said, and all the other choices disappeared.. Someone said If you want to be the successful name your restaurant starting with letter S. There goes Swagat, Suraj, Sneha, Sitara, Sitar and so on. The definitive Platform calendar. The 38th annual Moonlight Run and Walk is Friday evening, September 9.

It was super busy and If you had no reservation which is made months in advance, You had no luck. Food & Cocktail Presentation: Stunning, Taste: If your eyes are satisfied, It doesn't matter. Stay up to date with other coverage from The Six Fifty by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, featuring event listings, reviews and articles showcasing the best that the Peninsula has to offer. Cal-Indian is more of an idea than a cuisine, connecting the old world charm of an extremely flavourful Indian cuisine to oneof the youngest, yet dynamic ideas called California cuisine, he says, Our goal is tokeep the flavours and aroma of the ingredients intact, yet allow the personality of spices and marinades to come through.. Advertising Info A reserve selection includes hard-to-find bottles sourced from private collections. It also gave us the opportunity to develop a bar that had its own character. LG, The most interesting thing on the project mood board: Indigo cloths. LG, 2022 Cond Nast. Abhay Jaipuria, co-founder of VAYA Home, gives us some insight into the brand's recent display of luxury textiles at Bikaner House, Delhi. If you have a challenge you force yourself to do more research, more study, more figuring out, more experimentation. People didn't care how the place looked, they wanted a $7 dish versus $30.00. FromEttans carefully curated menu, you can order the Sesame Leaf Chaat. @G Singh: what wss the name of your restaurant when you owned/ran one? By Chandrama Anderson | 0 comments | 366 views.

Investor: Famous I.T. Another dish comprises of a beautifully roasted wholered snapper, crusted with puffed amaranth seeds served with creamy coconut curry, rice and kohlrabi foogath. Its more of a uniformed look but since we used different textures in each pane, theres a depth to it that really pops in the restaurant at certain times of day. A dark stained-glass atrium has been replaced with clear leaded glass, so natural light floods into thespace. CEO of this concept was/is a great businessman with a vision to go big! Indian heritage comes through in the indigo-hued seating. But with the identity we wanted to create, the flow was better in its new location. My blog and biweekly newsletter, Peninsula Foodist, is the go-to source for restaurant news in Silicon Valley. Special breads are also made ina charcoal-fired oven, which the chefgot custom-built forEttans kitchen. Exploring the label and what they stand for. I feel it is limited to one, two styles of bread. In traditional tandoor we can only make breads one way, said. Ettan will eventually also add lunch and weekendbrunch. But at Ettan (which translates to breath in Sanskrit) Gopinathan is making the squishy cheese from mung beans. The newly openedEttanin Palo Altos Bay Area, California, is a sleek restaurant that serves Cal-Indian cuisine. FEATURING THE VERY TALENTED AND THE VERY NEW, PLATFORM HAS BEEN CIRCULATING SINCE 2005. Register today to support local nonprofits All rights reserved. Farm grown sesame leaf, lightly fried and layered with dollops of sweet yogurt, tamarind, mint and golden sev, along with chopped potatoes, semi-ripe mangoes and sesame chikki crumble. Then, in mid June, as the world began to return to some version of normalcy, the restaurant opened its outdoor patio dining. Chef Srijith Gopinathan AD PRO: How did you manage to connect each area to feel like one cohesive design? She said she wanted to create an iconic space for Silicon Valley but not in any way, shape or form (to be) intimidating.. AD PRO: How did you land on that indigo color palette? Get the Robb Report newsletter for similar stories delivered straight to your inbox. We always have nice Saturday morning wake up snack at the "Indian Street Food" stand in the PA farmers' market behind the post office. A group of Mortgage brokers started this concept. Gopinathan is known to introduce Cal-Indian cuisine to the American epicurean culture, where local seasonal produce is used to create memorable Indian dishes. It took some time for the trend to follow but when it did, It was a big hit. PLATFORM IS A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE BASED IN NEW DELHI, INDIA, COVERING A VARIETY OF SUBJECTS IN ART, DESIGN, FASHION, FILM, LIFESTYLE, LITERATURE AND MUSIC. A Platform review of Balsa, an airy, modern restaurant in Mumbais Lower Parel.

Guy (or a Gal) Conditions: Must be famous and must have deep deep pockets Gopinathan says while awards and accolades at Ettan would be greatthey do, after all, keep a restaurant in business and keep employees motivatedthats not why hes doing this project. With this, Gopinathan is able to make dishes like naan buns, or his version of naan crossed with a dinner roll. Whatever the scenario was it was a big success for Dhaba style Restaurants which lasted for a very long time. It was a big hit! Includes digital magazine access + a free gift. Economy Changed, most of these Restaurns got closed because Sale Volume became very less and they couldn't afford to do all you can eat buffets anymore. Wood-plank floors, indigo-dyed fabric, floral wallpaper, and a beaded chandelier decorate the skylit room.Kulchas are a menu highpoint, deliciously stuffed with the likes of peak-season peas and ricotta and served with a bright green kale chutney. (He is keeping his position as executive chef there and will split his time with the new restaurant, where he is also a partner with owner Ayesha Thapar.) In fact, hes going to use everything available to him the Bay Areafrom the vegetables to the shellfishand apply Indian techniques and spices to them to make something wholly unique. Yet, the restaurant is refreshingly modern: large French windows, exposed brick walls, snug seating arrangements and an intricately patterned, glass dome skylight that illuminates the space with natural light. Thapar took over the Bryant Street building after a kitchen fire closed the former occupant, Vietnamese restaurant Three Seasons, in early 2018. Helen Diaz of Beretta and Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco worked with mixologist Anthony Parks of San Franciscos Mourad and White Chapel to create Ettans cocktail menu, which will include classic, skinny and zero-proof drinks. AD PRO: What were some of the immediate changes you made to the space? It took little time for the trend to change again but when it did, the economy being so strong, People (I.T. Ettanaims to redefine how peopleexperience Indian cuisine, says Thapar. Rents have been so high, It just doesn't bother them, they don't even have a problem buying the building or spend a few million dollars on a Rented building. About me: I have been in the Restaurant Industry since I was 18. Id never had anything like it. Design Team: Principal Thomas Schoos, senior partner Lisa Gill, senior designer Catia Sander, Size: 5,590 square feet (interior), 1,705 square feet (exterior patio), Biggest challenge you faced in the design: Working with the old bones of the building over the three floors and creating a flow to the design that interacted with each level. Lisa Gill, Biggest ticket item: Replacing the colored glass in the dome. LG, Smallest ticket item: Tassels hanging from the bottom of the suspended planters. LG, An idea you almost went with: We almost left the bar in its original location. So, We have very high rent, very highly paid Executive Chef, Head Chef, and the average salary for the rest of the staff. Print Edition/Archives

I remember, In early 2000 when CEOs of Companies which were shut in 2000 burst would come in a group of 4 and spend around $350.00 on Black Labels and Seafood but when everything went haywire same guys would ask for a discount on a $12 buffet. It's an airy, bi-level setting, with a ring of mezzanine seats on the upper deck. Usually, numbers go like this: Food cost 30% Labor 30% Overheads and rent 12% Deep-fried cauliflower florets flecked with cracked black pepper and arranged with Asian pear deliver a delightful contrast of tastes; while crisped branzinowith a chutney of green garlic, herbs, and chilies is all heart and soul. For dessert, thereare classics like the velvet dark chocolate cake, Indian kheer topped generouslywith crushed cashew nuts, as well as flavour packed gluten-free sorbet. My work has been published in The Guardian, Eater, Bon Appetits Healthyish, SF Weekly and The Six Fifty.

Subscribe And Ettan will offer everything la carte, unlike at Campton Place. Yes, he was building an Indian restaurant, but he felt the cylindrical ovenwhich is used widely across South Asia to bake flatbreads like naan using radiant heatwas stifling him.

Small plates include naan monkey breads baked in cast iron pans and served with chutneys and homemade butter; ricotta kebabs; octopus with fermented chili and curry leaf butter; and lamb cooked on hot stones with pickled onion, fennel salad and limeraita. A self-taught chef, CEO and founder of Masque, Chief Brand Advisor, and entrepreneur, meet Aditi Dugar. Where we differ is in the flavours, whichhave not been bastardised to meet Western tastes. Ad Choices, Palo Altos Ettan Brings a Slice of India to the Bay Area, The colorful restaurant is the making of Schoos Design, The Pasadena Showcase House of Design Is Now OpenTake a Look Inside, The tradition returns, inviting more than 20 interior designers to reimagine a South Pasadena manse built in 1905, 9 Design Collabs Were Loving Right NowFrom Cynthia Rowley to Helen Levi, A first look at the latest collection drops in furniture, tile, and more, RHs New Contemporary Line Is a Statement in Svelte Forms, The minimalist-leaning collection is clearly the best work weve ever done, says Gary Friedman, The New Object & Thing Exhibition Is a Garden of Earthly Delights, In a site-specific show curated by Abby Bangser, artists Frances Palmer and Megumi Shauna Arai pay homage to Robert Dashs Long Island paradise. Mains range from a pot of slow-cooked mushrooms with potato korma, cauliflower and idiyappam (Indian rice noodles) to black rod roasted in cauliflower leaves and chili-butter rubbed lambchops. USD Take paneer, for example. Designer/Architect: Someone Famous A forthcoming dish at Ettan: sesame leaf chaat with sweet yogurt, Fuyu persimmon, and sev (crunchy chickpea flour noodles). Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. Ettanopened its doors earlier this year in February. Well, that is because of the small food portions. Being in the Restaurant Industry for over 20 years, All I wish them is well. Home & Real Estate Photo: courtesy Isabel Baer. By Diana Diamond | 20 comments | 3,373 views, Cuban Kitchen seeks increase in catering orders to avoid closing The restaurants signature bread called Monkey Bun doused in Maharashtrian garlic chutney, is a favourite too. I.T. Sponsored content Rose International Market reopens in Mountain View, Why the Bay Areas hottest restaurants look to this Half Moon Bay farm as their secret source. Challenges give you an opportunity to open yourself up more. Ettan, a new Californian-Indian restaurant in Palo Alto, was created by Schoos Design. Srijith Gopinathan, executive chef at Campton Place Restaurant in the Taj hotel in San Francisco, was low on the list, she said, only because his food is upscale California-Indian and she worried that as a chef with two Michelin stars, he skewed more fine dining than she envisioned for her Palo Alto restaurant, Ettan. We wanted to emulate that in the design.

All rights reserved. I wanted something simple, yetsomething that would give me the flexibility of making Indian breads with a bit more variation, he says. Chandeliers, planters and lanterns hang from the atrium. His work at Campton Place has been lauded for its contemporary take on classic Indian cuisine using West Coast ingredients, or what Gopinathan has dubbed Cal-Indian food. Co-owned by businesswoman Ayesha Thapar and chef Srijith Gopinathan, who holds two Michelin stars,Ettanis a massive hundred-and-eighty-seater restaurant. With local products at the heart of this carte, Ettan is a sure-fire hit. Peek inside the Peninsulas new (hyper modern) Indian restaurant. By The Peninsula Foodist | 0 comments | 2,280 views, I Think This Photo Says it All! Gopinathan, who grew up in the coastal state of Kerala, in southern India, says Indian cooks do not use many raw ingredients. Great addition to the PA food scene. Guys. The variety of what you get [in California] is not what Indian cuisine was originally built on. There were very few high end/Wannabe high-end Restaurants still existed like Amber, Pasand, Gaylord, and Swagat to name a few. Check out 16 one-of-a-kind coffee drinks from around Silicon Valley. I think a lot of East meets West concepts donot have a defined language to their food. She wanted a name that was unusual, memorable and provoked discovery, rather than settling for a trite, oft-used word. It automatically brings your eye up to look at the dome ceiling, which connects the mezzanine to [the rest of the] space.

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