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I shall give you the history of the straight comb strain first because they were the first fowl that I really bred. - Cocks and Cockers in South America. I had at one time more than 800 cocks on walks. I mention these facts merely to show that Daniel Boone was not the first game chicken I ever owned, as before his time I had learned that anything short of the best was mis-spent money and time wasted. They have been shipped all over the United States, Honolulu and to the Bahamas by Mr. Campbell and if he has ever had a complaint on any shipment he has never reported same to me.

I have a hen that is supposed to be a Jarrett and she is the meanest hen I own. I bred the spangle yards for several seasons until most of the stock came spangled, but interbred the Daniel Boones back into them until I have practically bred the spangles back to blues and have discontinued the spangles. I have nothing secret about my birds. History of Cowan Roundhead Bloodline They are combination fighters, but always make the best of a bill hold. Rate as 2 out of 5, I didn't like it that much. Leghorn was an inbred son of Daniel Boone. The picture has quite a little natural scenery as well as the beautiful trio. I have no data to quote as to the merits of these wonderful cocks, but I have been fighting them in and around Middlesboro, Winchester, Lexington, Knoxville and Clinton for the past twelve years and I have never set one down yet but what he was a hot favorite. I bred this cock on my present three-in-ones until I had about equalized the blood of the four, thereby producing the now famous Grey Tormentors. I have been trying to track down eugene box from oklahoma. These Oriental bloodlines were then added to the early English fowl. - Volunteers. Several cocks will show light legs, occasionally a straight comb. George quit about three years ago and moved to South Bend, Ind., from there to Chicago and not long ago I received a letter from him from Denver, Colo., in which he said that he wanted a trio of the old straight comb Blues as soon as he got located where he could keep chickens. This mating produced several spangle and pyle colored cocks; the first pyle colored cock to show up. If this cross is a hit, a private strain springs up, otherwise, if it is a miss the offspring are called Boones.

Histories Of Game Strains (History Of Cockfighting Series) Originally published in the early 1900's, this book is now rare and much sought after in its first edition. Boston or Allen rounhead, excepts sometimes the boston roundheads exhibit black spurs. I have at this present time more than a half mile of coops. Back in the early days I was considered a big breeder. Now days, most of the originators of these lines are long gone, but they are still called by these names, and an experienced gamefowl enthusiast knows that if they have a certain strain, it will have the correct look, and performance attributes of the original line it was named after. Birds all come grey in cocks, and grey or black with grey necks in the hens. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. - Walker Mugwumps. American games were created by the various European, and Oriental games that were brought into our country by our forefathers. Each season I would cull and separate the stock, putting the dark-blues in yards together, the light-blues, the spangles and the reds. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Typewriter McClanahan were known to hit powerfully and have desperate gameness. Game fowl are sold as is.I try my best to make sure the customer has the best information on the breed .I clearly note there health and or any distinct makings or blemishes. The C. B. Gaff is a gaff which, according to my experience in fighting, is bese suited to the Boone cocks.

I have fought up to this time this season in fast company 56 battles, winning 49 of them. Blue Tassel was produced as follows: Mr. E. E. Cowden, of my own town, had purchased a trio of Oakleys Crested Whites from Mr. Oakley, the whole trio being out of his then famous cock Flash Light. The Tormentors have been turned over to Mr. Both breeds are pea combs and both are proven to have the best qualities suitable for slasher fighting. She is also the best producer I own.I can't swear that is what she is but I would be willing to buy another and take a chance. It was brought by a steamer ship from England in the year 1864. by H.H Cowan & T.K.

Hasel, and we went to Streator and looked. I have had thousands of letters asking all kinds of questions as to the blood of the now famous Blue Boones; also as to the blood of the original Daniel Boone. These two bloodlines are probably the most popular breed of fowls in slasher fighting where speed and cutting abilities are essential to win this type of game. It is also common practice to dub cocks tight to the head, and remove the ear lobes and wattles as well. Strains are also broken down further by other breeders who did well with a particular strain, which in turn had a version of that strain named after them. Roundheads are aggressive, fast fighting, feet out and deadly, sure cutting cocks.

I appreciated being favored with this request and promised you that I would write same, however, when yours of July 5th came asking if I had the history written, I had failed to have a single line. They always comes out peacomb, majority are yellow legs but they also have white legs. The Boston Roundhead is very good to cross with light strains likeLemons, Clarets, Kelso and Sweaters. Very informative nice article about the bloodlines. Strain names originated from people that performed well in the pits, with the birds they made themselves through selective breeding. Will gladly combine shipping on all magazines, and ship priority if you want. Not because they were not up to the highest standard, but because the demand for Doms over-run my supply and I sold out last fall to the last bird. Look over the Boones and Tormentors. Just a short time before this Col. J. D. Gay stopped off to see me on his way to Orlando, Fla. Copyright 2012 Wood Enterprises All Rights Reserved. I have record of over 100 mains where my cocks fought exclusively. My flocks have been cut each year according to business prospects. Hes in northeast oklahoma, Buzzo could you also send me this mans contact number. I owned my first game cock about 25 years ago. Holding one of his favorite shake Roundhead brood cocks. Bruner. At that time I was working in my fathers store and a man by the name of Ed Foley ran a hotel next door. 10/91 Karate Kung Fu Ryukyo Kempo Jean Claude Van Damme, ** NEW UK !! These birds were fought regularly at Campbell state line pit, The Pinnacle Club. Maybe, these texts could look and sound boring for professional roundhead breeders, but I am sure that it will help beginners to know their differences and appreciates the qualities and skills they possess. Carls success with his power crosses made gamefowl breeders in Alabama begin wanting roundheads again. Cockfighting is a large part of our heritage, like it is in many other countries around the world, but due to recent law changes, these beautiful birds are becoming more popular as an ornamental, or show fowl. We will ship when and where it is allowed within the united states.For purchases outside the united states customers must arrange shipment to a broker within the united states and we will be glad to ship to your designated broker.All cost must be paid by customer. However, a Tassel bird now with this small per cent of the original will throw tassel stock with tassel even larger than that of the original hen. There were records sayingthat this is the original roundhead line that came to U.S. in East Boston. The Tormentor has made himself famous for his mad rushes and long, desperate shuffling. All of these traits make them an excellent choice for free ranging, until the stags come of age, then they will need to be separated, as they will fight to the death defending their territory. All my walks are free range mountain walks. On the cover is a Jarret Roundhead cock bred by A. J. Jarrett of El Paso, Texas. I put him over the Fulkerson original yard and produced more beautiful pyle cocks than had ever been produced before. I have received many letters asking me to make certain gaffs. This cock was a beautiful grey cock and was a wonderful game fighting cock. As you can see, there are many different strains of American games, and I only touched on a very small percentage of the most well known ones, but this should give you more of an understanding on how the different strains were created. This smart cautious fighting tactics originatedfrom Oriental lines where the Boston Roundheads came from. Vogue Paris French Magazine 2010 + Dvd Bonus !!! I have bought a tract on the Dixie Highway just three miles out of town. __________________________________________________Returns____________________________________________________________, Game fowl are sold as is.I try my best to make sure the customer has the best information on the breed .I clearly note there health and or any distinct makings or blemishes.________________________________________Death during shipping______________________________________________. Fighting abilities: The next cross was one of these fine cocks on a pure Gordon hen. - Steel Fighters. Four hundred and fifteen pages contain twenty eight detailed articles by well known Cockers and Game Fowl breeders of that era, most notably C.A. It is also common practice to dub cocks tight to the head, and remove the ear lobes and wattles as well. This I did and got one pair chicks, the pullet being a sooty blue with tassel. CliffCliff was a brother to Leghorn, but was a darker red, dark legs and dark tail. - Secret Ways of Nature. I have run hundreds of them off. Fighting abilities: Will not go into detail with the Doms, as I have just this season discontinued the Doms. READ COUNTRY BOOKS have republished it using the original text with its numerous vintage black and white photos.

Blue Tassel and his sons and the Fulkerson yards were kept separate and were bred by Mr. Fulkerson, and were known by me and all about Middlesboro, as my Fulkerson Boones. Roundheads were crossed with Clarets to make the McClanahans that Walter Kelso used in his initial cross. I bred Daniel Boone back onto his own pullets for eleven years. And has two levels.It holds around200 fight pens.Sorry I don't show pic'sof my cock yard.Only I and the county pot chopper know's were it is.LOL, Ultimate Fowl Wikipedia Its the best. The BLUE BOONES are a ONE COCK strain. These birds proved a sensation in the pit and I thought enough of them to give Mr. Fulkerson a contract for all the birds he could raise. The ubuiquitous Boston cock had very strong peacomb genes to give that characteristic to his offspring and descendants for generations to come to this day. Pitting after pitting this cock of mine would run around the pit until he got cut weak. Judge Ernest Lacy of Jasper, Alabama, started his gamefowl in 1916. This practice was originally done for the pit, but now it is done for purely aesthetic reasons. I took in the horse races, foot races and cock fights. - Malay Fowl. I have these made according to my own specifications by the best gaff makers. This is the first time that I have gone into detail to explain this from DANIEL BOONES TIME UP TO THE PRESENT. The bottom went to his knees like a dress, and the sleeves were rolled up to elbows and were bunched up as big as a football. Every summer many covered wagon loads of Gypsies passed through Cornell; they made money trading horses, racing horses and fighting cocks. Middlesboro and my chicken farm, Alvarado, both border right on the Dixie Highway. This strain has been bred without a further cross by myself until the present day. - Rhett Morgan Fowl. Upon introducing DANIEL BOONE, I am mentioning the greatest cock of all times. both bud and eugene got them from bill. Blooded with each blood practically equal. Some Roundhead fowl were known to be Irish Whitehackles-bred just like the more common English Whitehackles with pea combs. - The Miner Blues. Cover has been torn on the bottom left of the magazine. See more at: http://www.reach-unlimited.com/p/358814686/roundhead-better-red-than-dead#sthash.zhWfLtCo.dpuf. FirstThe Peacombed Blues, Tassel Boones, and Prince Henry Pyles are all of the same blood. The Boone Doms were produced by a cross of Blue Tassel on a Spangle Boone hen and were selected carefully year after year until they all came of a Dom or Spangle color.

Only $8.99/month after trial. Many of the earliest sporting books, particularly those dating back to the 1800s, are now extremely scarce and very expensive. I had no name for my cocks. The origin is an oriental fowl, either from india or pakistan and they mature early in about 10 months old. So don't ask. View more posts. They have strong and devastating leg power specially in the first buckle. Great reading with reports and ads from the era. My cock got brained third pitting and squawked and ran all over the pit and such a howl went up that it was 20 minutes before we could have order. My birds are strong, healthy and beautiful. Roundheads always perplex inexperienced breeders because when good specimens are made, they fight extremely well, but when the offspring is off, they lose just as spectacularly. Books, Paper & Magazines The first cock mentioned in the breeding of the great Tormentor cocks was an eight times winner Grey Grimme cock which was furnished by P. D. Conner about 1913. Often have I traced bad reports from write-ups in Grit and Steel and found such to be the case. A good example of this would be the Kelso fowl. In conclusion, I do not want to forget to extend an invitation to any cocker or admirer to stop off in Middlesboro when passing through. Both cocks and hens are very beautiful birds, and they breed almost absolutely to color. The are tight feathered then most are dark red to wine red in color, better body conformation than Bostonswithmedium to high stations and are white and yellow legged, better stations than Boston. I have a friend that has a litte of that blood. The Peacombed Boones which include the Prince Henry Pyle Boones. We had saloons then and the little village was pretty sporty, would gamble on anything. American gamefowl are some of the hardiest birds that you will ever come across, and in my opinion, by far the most beautiful. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. During the past few years I have had several distinguished visitors stop over. The Scientific Breeding of Gamefowl (Floyd Gurley) Breeding gamefowl the correct way is explained in this 124 page paper back written by famous gamefowl breeder Floyd Gurley in collaboration with John J. Roman. Daniel Boones fighting weight was from 6.02 to 6.04. As a rule, games are normally easily handled birds, and are a joy to own. I have tried the Oriental blood in my Boones, but have never made any cross that improved them and have sold off and discontinued all such crosses. Shipping in the priority envelope is $4.90 and can get 2-3 issues in it. - Blue Boones. The next season we selected a yard of pea-combed hens from his stock and placed with them the great cock Blue Tassel. They are desperately game and cannot be counted out as long as they are able to move their beaks. Leghorn, Cliff, Blue Tassell, Pinto, Daniel Boone II, III and IV, Prince Henry, etc. The only guarantee is to know the bloodline so that you know it well enough to know its strengths and weaknesses. The other pitter never took any count as he was enjoying the fun immensely; but taking a severe beating my cock regained his senses and fought the other shake to a long, hard battle whipping him on a count. Maybe taking a hint from Walter Kelsos instinct to cross his fowl with the best fighter he could lay his hands on. The Lacy Roundhead was basically a mix of Allen and Shelton bloodlines. Fred Saunders and crossed Roundheads over some hens that were a blend of Redquill and Grist Grady. I asked Foley what breed he was and what he would take for him and he replied that he was one of Nick Viponds Blues and did not belong to him, that he was only walking him for Nick, but for me to go to Streator (which is 15 miles from Cornell) and see old Nick and he would perhaps sell me a cock. I had cocks walked in several states. I am always glad to have real chicken men visit me, as I always have something that will interest the best of them. Several months ago you asked me to write the history of my Miner Blues. The Lacy Roundhead is very good to cross with heavy-strain fowls like Green Legs or Yellow Leg Hatches, Albanys, Greys like the Regular Greys, Joe Goode Greys, and Law Greys. Mr. Business in other lines got heavier every year. - Fardowns. From this mating the first Tassel Boone came into prominence. Some of the more popular strains are Hatch, Kelso, Albany, Sweater, Whitehackle, Claret, Roundhead, and Butcher. - Methods of Conditioning Cocks. All throughout the history of the bloodline, the Lacy Roundhead was crossed only with other Roundheads, from fowl breeder friends of the Lacy heir, keeping the stock fairly pure in its own right. Back in the days of these famous cocks I was fighting in all the leading pits in the United States from Opelousas, La., on the south to St. Louis, Mo., on the west, to Newark, Ohio, on the north and as far east as Charleston, S. C. I had been to Henderson, Ky., on several occasions and had been very successful up there.

How often do you see a bad report from a cock, marked shipped direct? Immediately people around him would say, " Come here, Sweater and the name just stuck; Lacy Roundheads, named after Judge Ernest Lacy. Remember, the Kelso was evolved from this bloodline. Nothing said about it, but if an advertiser like myself should have one to quit every game chicken paper would be full of it. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant Daniel Boones style of fighting was a mad rush, breaking well above the opponent with his legs working like an air plane propeller. Magazine cover is worn and has some tears, but all is seems to be in tact. This picture is a real piece of art. Daniel Boone was a pure sky blue cock, straight combed with legs and beak just a shade lighter than his feathers. Seven of his victims were shakes. P. Heath, then of Byington, Tenn. Mr. Cowden insisted that I breed one of his top-knot hens to Daniel Boone. - Sid Taylors. Anyway, he was backing Gus Bryan, who at that time was in charge of the feeding and handling of the Henderson cocks. Mr. LaRue says Daniel Boone was of Sid Taylors pure original blood. - Black Roundheads. Thank you very much. Know your fowl*********Don't get burnt******. There are organizations, like the American Gamefowl Society, that have standards for showing these birds, just as the APA does, and many people are starting to breed these birds for this, instead of the pit, but in the same time keeping the gameness that makes them what they are. I have received as high as 123 letters in a single day, and more than 100 of them would be asking questions. Rains is associated with Mr. Alva Campbell in the breeding and fighting of Grey Tormentors and Blue Boones. I have had hundreds of questions as to the pea-combed Boones. The first peacombed Boones were produced by the following cross. I fought this cock, Prince Henry, Jr., eight battles, winning in such a manner that I retired him for a brood cock. As a rule, games are normally easily handled birds, and are a joy to own. The Roundhead has made a comeback of sorts recently as a true threat to any other bloodline after constant infusions and crosses have increased its vitality and fighting prowess. Am getting off my track so will go back to the time we were fighting chickens among ourselves. Assembled in these chapters is much comprehensive information on Game Fowl Strains, History, Records, Breeding and Fighting Tips, and many Rare Vintage Photos. Admitting that Daniel Boone was a Sid Taylor, direct from the originator, here comes the history of the Blue Boones. The American gamefowl is broken down into strains, unlike most other fowl. This cock was a sensation. Out of his 21 battles he was never hurt but twice, noticeably. Cool headed, smart, very patient, fast on the ground and on the air, sometimes delivers fast unexpected strapping shuffles at the back of its opponent when both of them are in the ground.They also side step their opponent to avoid getting hit, multiple shuffler, has a very good timing to deliver its blow and they are high breakers. (LogOut/ Roundheads cross exceptionally well with white hackles, hatches, Lew greys, Murphy, Madigin grey and Kelso. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. They were very good and outstanding in the early stages of fight but were not tough when fights came down to a give and take affair. I have long since closed the Pinacle Club Pit. Have built an up-to-date club house and pit, erected up-to-date coops suitable for breeding and walking and caring for stags, etc. Rains devotes most of his time to the Tormentors, but when there is a fight on he is on the job whether it be Boones or Tormentors. The old time roundheads are most suitable for long heel knife. Shipped all the cocks I could raise and walk. Now then, the Tassels came from the Oakley Crested Whites. An old cock six years old at that time, but he won his fight on this occasion easily, and was given me. He had light legs, heavy, straight comb, red eyes and showed a little clabber on ear lobes and had white feathers in his tail. I extend my best wishes for the success of this journal, Grit and Steel, and to the cocking fraternity at large. This is something that is part of their nature, being game, and nothing you do to them will change this unless you start mixing non-game breeds into them, and even then it doesnt mean you will not still have this issue to deal with. Everything I am breeding is subject to inspection, and I extend through Grit and Steel, a cordial invitation to any one who may care to stop off here and visit my yards. -Grimme Fowl. Also have a pit and cock house in the center of town. Before I purchased Daniel Boone I had the following chickens on my place: Two trios from Col. You will not only find such cocks scarce, but you will find cockers scarce who have seen a cock of mine act badly that I have pitted. I have never gone into detail to fully explain this. I have bought, fed, fought, heeled and handled cocks of many different strains and crosses, and probably have done as much experimenting as any man of my years. One of these battles I fought my Cliff brood cock at 5.15 against a favorite shake and whipped the shake the first pitting. I am not a gaff maker nor do I do any gaff repair work. This was reprinted with Mrs. Dowd permission, unchanged from the original except for correcting some typos and making up a new cover with a photo of a Jarrett Roundhead brood cock of ours. I guarantee my birds toarrive to you alive.All birds must be checked at the post office with the postmaster.I will not guarantte fowl if you don't arrive to pickup up fowl within a reasonable amount of time after birds arrive. as quoted: __________________________SHIPPING INFO_____________________________. Hen's lay mid-spring to late summer, but some will continue until early fall. I have Blue Tassel in life size painting by Chas. This is why you see many people keep mature cocks on tethers attached to barrels, as it is a great way to keep them separated, and at the same time, allow them to move around enough to keep them happy and healthy. They have heavy feathering, light red to orange feather, black breasted, and has several white streaked in wings and tail thenmost are medium stations, they also areyellow legged. Until then, almost the only thing wanted by breeders of red gamefowl was pure power blood. I have two strains of Blues, one a strictly straight comb strain, the other of all Roundhead blood. This is where the Jumper line of Kelso originated. Over the years, in the 50s to the 70s, a close focus on breeding pure was made for most Roundheads. Smart but a bit more aggressive compared to Boston, fast multiple shuffler, vertical flyer, high breaker than Boston and more of an accurate cutter. Means and D.H. Pierce. Won nearly every main fought, losing what few that I lost only by the odd fight. On one of my last occasions up there a famous nine times winner cock was given me by a friend, sorry I cannot mention the name at this moment, as I have forgotten. Bill Hull would be the man to get the jerretts from, but he wont ship. I bred this cock on some pure bred Ginn hens that came direct from their originator, right after the big main at Covington, Ky., North against the South in which the Ginn Greys won. READ COUNTRY BOOKS are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. Several of us young fellows liked the game cocks very much, so we all bought cheap cocks and started in the game, fighting against each other. Cowan Roundhead Bloodline: History, Fighting Style & Fastest Kill Was here on the night of February 16th. A few years later I secured twenty subscribers to Derby Game Bird for a premium of Gregory gaffs. The Lacy Roundhead breeder himself kept a close line breeding program to keep his gamefowl bloodline intact. I might add too, that the Tassel blood in my Boones contain less than 1/64 the blood of the original cross. On the other hand, a peacombed Boone with less than 1/64 the blood of his ancestor will turn out 85% peacombed birds. Blue Tassel was fought nine battles before he was put over this yard of peacombed blues. He was a light-red, looked very much like a Brown Leghorn. Owned and operated two pits.

), Miscellaneous Supplies (anything not found anywhere else). This story begins 45 years ago when I was born into the chicken game and which I have played in its every phase. (LogOut/ I got my best friend, Geo. TAYLOR SWIFT Emma Watson Taylor Momsen ***, National Geographic Dec 1943 INSIGNIA Of Armed Forces. Cared very little for distance or expenses. Ask the cockers all over the United States how many cocks have they seen me pit that quit or sulked. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Nursing Cocks. I had more than one mile of lineal feet of coops. Most are offensive, where they initiate the first move to attack their opponent, and some bluffs their opponent like flying high in mid-air or in close fight moving their head and body from left to right as fast as they couldto deceive the opponent. They bred them specifically for cockfighting, leaving us the birds we have today. They are best when blended with other lines to make them a better fighters. Just after the first Memphis tournament it was reported to me that some cocks fought there, property of Gus Williams, of Luthersville, Ga., were sensational fighting cocks, and were even prettier than my own greys.

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