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However, Abel wasnt just a martyr. This cool boys name has seriously ancient origins. In the bible, Jacob was a bit of a trickster, but God blessed him all the same. Judah is a classic Old Testament name through and through. Samson is a Hebrew name for boys meaning sun.. If you are in the Ashkenazi tradition, its best to select the name of someone who has already passed since naming after a living person is considered taboo. Some describe circumstances related to a persons birth or their role in history. Canaan means subdue or humble in Hebrew. This youthful name is easy to say and spell, making it a wonderful choice if you want to name your son something simple. Asa, pronounced AY-sah, is a trendy Hebrew boys name with biblical roots. While Nathan sounds excellent as is, you may want to modify it to Nathaniel, Nat, or Nate, depending on your preferences. Matthias, pronounced ma-THYE-us, was chosen to replace Judas as one of the 12 apostles after he betrayed Jesus. Kish is an unusual name that is not common in Israel or the U.S., so if you choose it, its likely your son will be the only Kish you ever meet! Hiram is a Hebrew boys name meaning benevolent brother or high-born.. Biblically, Michael is a powerful archangel who is the protector of Israel. Ronen is derived from the Hebrew word Ron, which means song. It is often mistaken for the Irish name Ronan. He started as a lowly shepherd but eventually became the king of Israel. In the Old Testament, Boaz is a wealthy landowner who shows kindness and compassion towards Ruth. An influential figure in the Old Testament, Abraham is a patriarch and the founder of the Jewish people. Matthias is not as timeworn as Matthew, so it could be a great option if youre looking for a similar-sounding name thats less mainstream. Enoch is popular in Africa, with several African athletes, pastors, and politicians bearing this name. Ishmael means God that hears in Hebrew. Originally, Herschel was used by the Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi Jews in Germany. Caleb is a Hebrew name for boys meaning devotion to God.. Yosef has a sophisticated ring to it, with several distinguished individuals bearing this name, including Jewish general and historian Yosef ben Matityahu and American rabbi Yosef Reinman. Hebrew names are those with roots in the Hebrew language and, often, the Jewish tradition. Enoch, pronounced EE-nuk, was the name of Noahs great-grandfather. Isaiah is a Hebrew boy name meaning God saves.. Fan of Star Wars? Giving your son a longer form of this name, such as Ozni, Ozel, or Ozias, could be a way to prevent others from immediately thinking of that yellow brick road. Despite its biblical background, Simon still has a modern feel. The traditional Hebrew spelling of this name is Binyamin which comes from the words ben, meaning son and yamin, meaning right hand. According to the Old Testament, Benjamin was the last-born son of Jacob and Rachel. For example, Alter was a name given to sickly children to ward off the Angel of Death. He was also the founder of the Tribe of Benjamin. It is pretty new to the scene in the U.S., making it quite a unique choice. In modern times, Amos is relatively popular in the U.S., ranked #703 in 2020. Still, Adam is a relatively common name used worldwide, especially in countries with Christian and Muslim majorities.

This Y name is quite common in Israel, where the nickname Yoni is commonly used. They laughed with joy when Issac was born, which is why he was given this name.

This hip biblical name is a favorite in the U.S., ranked as the 56th most popular boys name in 2020. Gideon didnt arrive on the scene in the U.S. until the 1880s. Christians and Jews commonly use it due to its biblical origins. Boaz is a Hebrew boy name meaning swiftness or of a sharp mind.. Its a common choice in Israel and other areas with a sizable Jewish population. Since Elisha was such a pivotal figure, his name is popular among Jews. Making it a great choice if you hope to raise a tall athlete one day. Daniel is a Hebrew boy name meaning God is my judge.. Although this Jewish name for boys sounds divine, it doesnt actually come from the Bible! Amos is a Hebrew boy name meaning carry or born to God.. Zohar is a Jewish boy name meaning light or brilliance.. This classical name never seems to go out of fashion, ranked as the 12th most popular name for males during the last 100 years.

Hebrew boy names have been in use for thousands of years. However, he was also rebellious, eventually attempting to take his fathers throne for himself. It derives from the Hebrew word Melech, offering several variants, including Maleek, Malyk, Maliq, and Malek. The Yiddish form of this name is Ber, which more closely resembles the English word for this strong creature. Famous namesakes include Bohemian Rhapsody actor Rami Malek and Obamas half-brother.

However, in the 2010s, it was a popular given name in the U.S., possibly due to SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk. In the bible, Caleb was a companion of Joshua and Moses, who left Egypt to go to the promised land. Other common variations are Ruben, Reuven, or Rupen. Eber is a Hebrew name meaning cross over.. Raz is a Hebrew unisex name meaning the Lords secret.. Many of them come from the Bible, which is why many modern-day Jews, Christians, and Muslims bear traditional Hebrew names. Traditionally used as a surname for someone employed in a priests house, Abbott is an underused Jewish boys name with plenty of possibilities. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Shiloh is a Hebrew name meaning tranquil..

While Gabriel is typically a masculine name, there are several feminine variations, including Gabriela and Gabby. He is also a warrior, viewed as the patron saint of soldiers in Christianity. He was also a Godly man who was faithful and virtuous, which are certain traits you may like your son to emulate. He and Elijah were the only two people in the Bible who ascended into heaven without experiencing death. Another notable namesake was Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. president who issued the Emancipation Proclamation to free slaves. Gilead is a Hebrew name meaning hill of testimony.. He is described as a righteous man who was wholeheartedly committed to God. Starting out as a biblical place name, Shiloh became an overnight celebrity after Brad and Angelina chose it for their daughter in 2006. For example, the name Tal means morning dew, and Israel and Gilead refer to historical locations. In some versions of the Bible, its spelled Emmanuel instead. According to the Hebrew Bible, Eber was an ancestor of Abraham who lived until the ripe old age of 464.

Tal is a Hebrew name meaning morning dew..

This unique name is pronounced GUR-SHaaM. This Old Testament name is popular among Christians and Jews in English and German-speaking countries. Tabor, pronounced TAY-bor, is the name of a mountain located in Lower Galilee, Israel. This regal-sounding name has an impressive list of notable namesakes, including country star Hiram Hank Williams, and the 18th president of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant). Noah namesakes are not hard to come by, with several notable actors, singers, and YouTubers sporting this name, including Noah Schnapp who plays Will Byers in the hit TV series Stranger Things. Plus, you can still use the excellent nickname Sam. Abel is a Hebrew boy name meaning breath..

Although this name is traditional, it doesnt sound super old-timey like other biblical classics. Other well-known bearers are Phineas Gage, one of the most famous neuroscience patients in history, and Phineas Newborn Jr., a highly regarded jazz pianist during the 1950s. So, if you want to give your son a name fit for royalty, consider one of these majestic m names! Namesakes include progressive educator and legal scholar Abbott Lowell and American comedian Bud Abbott. Looking for a warm and traditional boys name that has been popular in the U.S. for over 50 years? An obvious nickname is Gil. So, Elon is still a great choice if youre looking for something unique and under the radar.

Although Zachary was a top 50 pick in the U.S. for several decades, it has since decreased in popularity, ranking #135 in 2020. 100 Strong Baby Boy Names That Show Power, 100 French Last Names That Double as Baby Names, 100 Exotic Boy Names (For a Special & Unique Child), 100 Japanese Girl Names (That You and Your Spouse Should Love), 100 French Girl Names for Your Sophisticated Princess. Eitan, pronounced AY-tahn, is the Jewish version of the name Ethan. It is ranked within the top 10 names in Israel and was one of Australias most popular boys names in 2013. While you probably wont meet many Dovs in the U.S, this name is relatively common in Israel. It is also the name of the mouse protagonist in the 1986 cartoon classic, An American Tail. Another common spelling is Heber. The more feminine Zohara takes the cake for girls. Raphael is a Hebrew name meaning God has healed.. Another classic Old Testament name, Noah is best known for stockpiling two of every animal onto his ark during the Great Flood. This distinctive name is quite popular in Israel, ranking #29 in 2019. Nathan is a Hebrew name meaning he has given.. Malachi is a Hebrew boys name meaning my messenger.. There are several forms of the Hebrew language, including pre-modern Hebrew, which is used for prayer and study in Jewish communities, and modern Hebrew, which is the official language of Israel.

This celestial name is popular in Europe, especially in France, Austria, and Belgium. The couple viewed Issac as a blessing from God since he was conceived when Sarah was 90 years old! A cute nickname is Ran.

Throughout the Old and New Testament, it is seen as a spiritual place with great religious significance. While this name is most commonly given to boys, it is technically gender-neutral. Want your son to be as tough as a bear? Traditionally, Elon was a Jewish surname. He served as Moses spokesman and eventually became the first High Priest of the Israelites. Joel is a Hebrew name meaning Jehovah is the Lord.. Reuben is a Hebrew name for boys meaning behold, a son.. Common variants of the name are Alon, Eilan, Eilon, and Elan. Simon was a very common given name when Jesus was alive, which may explain why there are nine people named Simon in the Bible. So, it may be an excellent choice if you are looking for something out of the mainstream. The Yiddish equivalent of this name is Zelig. In the Old Testament, Asher was the second son of Jacob and Zilpah and the founder of the tribe of Asher. However, since the big debut, Shiloh has slowly fallen out of favor in the U.S., ranked as the 618th most popular name for boys and 454th most popular name for girls in 2020. Zephan is a Hebrew name for boys meaning hidden by God.. Eitan is a Hebrew boys name meaning strong or long-lived.. King Solomon would receive a shipment from Ophir every three years containing the finest riches of the time, including gold, silver, sandalwood, pearls, ivory, and peacocks. In the Bible, Yair was a descendant of Judah who judged Israel for 22 years. This strong Jewish boys name was ranked in the top five in Israel in 2019. Although this name is technically unisex, it is used primarily for boys in the U.S.

In the Hebrew Bible, there are a couple of different Gads. In the Bible, Nathan was a wise advisor to King David. Or, try one of the Yiddish renderings of Nussen or Nosson instead. Like all of the other -iah names, Jedidiah has a traditional, ancient sound perfect for biblical name-seekers. Simon is a Hebrew name meaning listen or hearing.. Ranked as the 75th most popular boys name in 2020, Jeremiah is familiar but not overused like some of its biblical brethren (looking at you, Michael, Benjamin, and David)! It was given to the ancestors of priests who descended from Aaron, the brother of Moses. Some common nicknames for Benjamin are Ben, Benny, and Benji. While Saul is a solid name, it does sound a bit old-fashioned.

Shalom is also used as a greeting. Zion is also meaningful to the Rastafari, who use it as another word for Ethiopia, their Promised Land. This majestic name is fit for royalty (literally). It is currently ranked as the 256th most popular boys name in the U.S., making it a familiar but lightly-used pick. Immanuel is a Hebrew name meaning God is with us..

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