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We are committed to career development and ongoing learning supported by a formal mentoring program and $8,000 annually for tuition reimbursement. About Them: Salesforce is the Customer Success Platform. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Can be difficult to get engineering projects off the ground, career path needs to be clearer, union-busting tactics. This was followed by 5 part interview with another technical coding challenge, system design question, and various product people. - For the most part, I've felt pretty shielded from office bureaucracy/politics in my day-to-day (though I am aware it exists in some parts of the company), - Upper Management often comes off as very disconnected, disorganized, and even antagonistic at times. Help make it more accurate by adding yours. ), $86,119-$138,923 Per Year (Glassdoor est. About Them: Twitter is an online news and social networking service in which users post and interact with messages known as tweets. Slack is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has ten offices around the world and based on Glassdoor reviews clearly ranks as one of the best tech companies in NYC. By breaking down barriers and building transparent, technology-driven products, they help the 99% build smarter financial habits so they can confidently save more, grow wealth, and enjoy life. Ask questions, learn about the Product Design classroom experience, and more.

Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. Help make it more accurate by, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, average salary for a Software Engineer is $108,249 per year in United States. $110,302-$166,017 Per Year (Glassdoor est. ), $100,330-$154,659 Per Year (Glassdoor est. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Dublin, Sydney, Vancouver, and Reykjavic, Asana is always looking for curious, collaborative people to be a part of their inclusive culture and mission making it one of the top tech companies to work for in NYC. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. They reimagine businesses, and design to build tomorrows digital products. ), $103,322-$161,614 Per Year (Glassdoor est. About Them: Reonomy is leveraging the power of data and technology to transform the worlds largest asset class commercial real estate. ), $126,322-$184,909 Per Year (Glassdoor est. The company supplies its partner universities with a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform coupled with a suite of technology-enabled services, including coursework design, infrastructural support and capital to deliver instruction to students. ), $113,315-$170,646 Per Year (Glassdoor est. Do not remember exactly but much better than any other job I have had., Associate Software Engineer Salaries by Location. The New York Times is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce, one that reflects the varied global community we serve. Did not move beyond the informational interview portion of the process. # of National/NYC Employee: ~300 Nationally; ~200 in NYC, NYC Location: 400 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003, US, Perks & Benefits: Complete Medical & Dental & Vision Coverage, Maternity & Paternity Leave, 401k, Unlimited Sick Days, Occasional Free Meals & Unlimited Snacks, Live Event Ticket Stipend ($120/month), Citibike Membership, Team Events. The UX / UI product design program at Flatiron School focuses on digital product design designing digital products such as websites, mobile applications, and computer programs. Were a little short on data, but you can help. I applied online. They cared a lot about unit testing. I applied through a recruiter. On site, I applied through a recruiter. Check out the latest New York Times Jobs. Even in the presence of sophisticated cybercriminal techniques like exploiting real peoples devices or mimicking human behavior, White Ops still prevails. - Really smart engineers and product people, with a lot of empathy. # of National/NYC Employee: ~3,000 Nationally; ~300 in NYC, NYC Location: 375 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012. See if you have what it takes to become a Software Engineer. Weve also published the best companies to work for in Denver, Chicago, and Austin. The mission of The New York Times is to seek the truth and help people understand the world. Benefits can add thousands of dollars to your offer. See if they're hiring! # of National/NYC Employee: ~1,500 Nationally; ~100 in NYC, NYC Location: 436 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003, Perks & Benefits: Maternity & Paternity Leave (16 weeks), Complete Medical Coverage, $150 monthly fitness and wellness reimbursement, $500 annually personal development and $2000 annually for professional development, Remote Work Flexible. There is a great deal of mutual respect in the team and some highest level of consideration I have been afforded as an engineer. number of NYC job openings, so you can see to what degree the top NYC tech companies are hiring (as well as some typical open roles), Senior Solutions Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $86k-$158k), Product Lead, Emerging Products (Glassdoor Est: $72-139k), Data Scientist (Glassdoor Est: $88k-$147k), Data Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $82k-$156k), DevOps Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $90k-$146k), Engineering Manager Data (Glassdoor Est: $87k-$150k), Mobile Engineering Manager (Glassdoor Est: $105k-$198k), QA Engineer Robotic Process Automation (Glassdoor Est: $53k-$93k), Back End Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $89k-$135k), Software Developer Photoshop (Glassdoor Est: $75k-$115k), Front End Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $62k-$134k), Senior Data Analyst, Seller Compliance (Glassdoor Est: $60k-$114k), Product Analyst, Payroll (Glassdoor Est: $58k-$101k), Sr. iOS Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $72k-$140k), Product Management Lead, Oculus (Glassdoor Est: $72k-$140k), Strategic Planning & Operations Lead, News Partnerships (Glassdoor Est: $72k-$140k), Senior Software Engineer ML Feature Engineering (Glassdoor Est: $79k-152k), Android Engineer Client Foundation (Glassdoor Est: $70k-136k), Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Cortex Machine Learning Infrastructure (Glassdoor Est: $96k-156k), Strategy and Operations Lead, Mastery (Glassdoor Est: $57k-$137k), Product Operations Manager, Product & Tools Operations, gTech (Glassdoor Est: $57k-$137k), Data Scientist Technical Lead (Glassdoor Est: $151k-$212k), Services User Experience Designer (Glassdoor Est: $65k-$119k), Staff/Senior Product Designer (Glassdoor Est: $65k-$119k), Lead Solution Engineer Service Cloud (Glassdoor Est: $69k-$131k), Software Development Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $93k-$115k), Senior UX Designer (Glassdoor Est: $114k-$152k), Data Scientist (Glassdoor Est: $112k-$155k), Manager, Web Experience (Glassdoor Est: $78kk), Senior Product Marketing Manager (Glassdoor Est: $113k), Analytics Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $51k-$95k), Senior Data Analyst (Glassdoor Est: $60k-$114k), Senior Product Marketing Manager North America (Glassdoor Est: $113k), Java Developer (Glassdoor Est: $62k-$121k), Engineering Manager, Cloud Operations (Glassdoor Est: $87k-$150k), Senior Software Engineer, Digital (Glassdoor Est: $79k-$152k), Senior Product Manager, Marketplace (Glassdoor Est: $84k-$159k), Director, Product Marketing (Glassdoor Est: $151k), Senior Product Manager, Marketing Automation (Glassdoor Est: $84k-$159k), Android Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $70k-$136k), Engineering Director (Glassdoor Est: $107k-$186k), Staff Software Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $83k-$159k), Engineering Manager (Glassdoor Est: $67k-130k), Engineering Manager, Data Platform (Glassdoor Est: $67k-130k), Senior Backend Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $126k-$194k), Senior iOS Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $85-$161k), Senior Engineer, Full Stack (Glassdoor Est: $125k), Engineer, Full Stack (Glassdoor Est: $86k-$150k), Director of Product, Consumer Experience (Glassdoor Est: $111k-$189k), Senior Data Scientist, Product Analytics (Glassdoor Est: $129k-$179k), Senior Product Designer (Glassdoor Est: $123k-$181k), Software Engineer, Data (Glassdoor Est: $95k-$159k), Senior Product Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $111k-$154k), Product Designer (Glassdoor Est: $65k-$118k), Software Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $67k-$130k), Lead Product Designer (Glassdoor Est: $63k-$113k), Senior Software Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $104k-$176k), Mobile Developer (iOS/Android) (Glassdoor Est: $53k-$102k), Software Engineer, Product (Glassdoor Est: $105k-$180k), Engineering Manager, Product (Glassdoor Est: $115k-$153k), Data Scientist (Glassdoor Est: $88k-$130k), DevOps Engineering Manager (Glassdoor Est: $87k-$150k), Senior Android Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $85k-$161k), Data Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $102k-$137k), Senior Software Engineer, Digital (Glassdoor Est: $129k-$211k), Engineering Manager, Cloud Operations (Glassdoor Est: $115k-$153k), Senior Product Designer, Marketplace (Glassdoor Est: $104k-$154k), Senior Devops Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $107k-$173k), Sr. Full Stack Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $86k-$150k), Product Manager OTT Monetization Platform (Glassdoor Est: $72k-$140k), Senior Data Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $103-190k), Director of Information Security (Glassdoor Est: $109k), Director of Product, Shopping & Checkout Experience (Glassdoor Est: $111k-$189k), Senior/Lead Product Manager Core Experience (Glassdoor Est: $84k-$159k), Application Security Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $80k-$132k), Senior Engineering Manager, Student Experience Core (Glassdoor Est: $101k-$155k), Senior Software Engineer Creator Success (Glassdoor Est: $79k-$152k), Principal Data Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $121k-$221k), Senior Data Engineer (Glassdoor Est: $103k-190k), Senior Engineering Manager, Application Integrity (Glassdoor Est: $101k-$155k). Start building your skills right now. There may be multiple reasons for pay differences - one of which is a small number of salaries submitted per job. Do not remember exactly but much better than any other job I have had.. I was ghosted by the recruiter, despite giving them a great deal of my time, and getting positive feedback in the interview process. The OTT platform enables targeted advertising in streaming OTT content with marketing that is dynamically inserted into the stream in real time. 2. Your input helps Glassdoor refine our pay estimates over time. Check out the latest New York Times Jobs. Web Development - Experience in building server-side modules, APIs, web services, etc Linux OS - Handson Shell scripting is important, And its good to know Python scripting, Database - Able to Write SQL queries, understand stored procedures using MS SQL and Oracle. Check out the latest Software Engineer Jobs or see Software Engineer Salaries at other companies. About Them: Founded in 2004, Facebooks mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. I applied online. Associate Software Engineer salaries at New York Times can range from $111,232 - $123,148 per year. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Coming soon! Learn More . How accurate does $116,292 - $149,269 look to you? They serve music knowledge to millions of people each month on and everywhere music fans connect across the internet. Access to newsroom events and talks as well as journalism educational programs (e.g. Founded in 2011 in New York, the reservations, seating and guest management solution gives operators the tools they need to develop direct relationships with guests, boosting revenue and enabling personalized service and marketing. ), $105,971-$162,397 Per Year (Glassdoor est. About Them:Grailed is a curated e-commerce marketplace for mens clothing. Total Pay Average.css-1f2j16u{cursor:pointer;width:24px;height:24px;}. After my final interview, no one contacted me to let me know the outcome. .css-18stkbk{font-size:15px;line-height:24px;color:#505863;font-weight:700;}How accurate does $145,592 look to you? ), $123,335-$169,291 Per Year (Glassdoor est.

Be the first to find this interview helpful, Why New York Times? The salary trajectory of an Associate Software Engineer ranges between locations and employers. And, as an open platform, their class catalog and ecosystem is constantly growing to support a dynamic and ever-changing world. Completely unprepared for remote interviews due to covid19 ), Staff Software Engineer, Messaging Optimization, Software Engineer, Personalization and Push, WordPress Software Engineer in Publishing Technology, Software Engineer in Serverless Technology, Senior Software Engineer, ML Infrastructure, Staff Software Engineer, Subscription Platforms Group, Software Engineer, Experimentation Platform, Software Engineer - Serverless Technology, Senior Software Engineer, Editing & Publishing Tools, Senior Software Engineer - Data Governance, Staff Software Engineer for Design Systems/Accessibility, Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Provisioning, The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide. The company markets several software and hardware payments products and has expanded into small business services. The typical New York Times Senior Software Engineer salary is $158,828 per year. Take 30 seconds to, Fantastic and Friendly Coworkers, Excellent WLB, Questionable Upper Management, Company that never listen their employees and learn. Start building your skills right now. ), $109,338-$166,118 Per Year (Glassdoor est. Total Pay Average.css-1f2j16u{cursor:pointer;width:24px;height:24px;}. ), $98,649-$155,201 Per Year (Glassdoor est. Mix of leetcode easy and behavioral problems. # of Employees: ~325,000 Globally; ~150,000 Nationally; ~10,000 in NYC, NYC Location: 450 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001. ), $87,299-$136,099 Per Year (Glassdoor est. I applied through an employee referralThe process took 4 weeks. Your feedback has been sent to the team and we'll look into it. They transform the way fans buy and sell their tickets to their favorite live events across sports, music, and theater. .css-18stkbk{font-size:15px;line-height:24px;color:#505863;font-weight:700;}How accurate does $116,292 - $149,269 look to you? This employer has not claimed their Employer Profile and is missing out on connecting with our community. # of National/NYC Employee: ~420 Globally; ~40 Nationally; ~35 in NYC, NYC Location: 30 W 21st St, New York, NY 10010, Perks & Benefits: Complete Medical & Dental & Vision Coverage, 401k Match, Equity, Occasional Free Meals & Unlimited Snacks, Maternity & Paternity Leave, Flexible Working Hours, Company Events & Outings, Dog-Friendly Office, Commuter Benefits, Massage Allowance. The company insisted it planned to address that discrepancy--even at some point sending emails about pay raises across the board--but it never happened. Over 2 billion people use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger every month to stay connected with friends and family, to discover whats going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them. Check out the latest New York Times Jobs. - Low compensations. Although White Ops name changed, their goal has remained consistent protect the internet. ), $107,480-$157,379 Per Year (Glassdoor est. Hundreds of the most prominent real estate companies in the US (from real estate brokerages to property management companies and relocation companies) rely on Updaters real estate products to save their clients hours with a branded and personalized Updater moving experience.
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