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Its to prevent save scumming, an even more damaging cheat than tracking. The only differences are the Ubers and legend rare, which are automatically changed depending on what banner you're looking at. Knowing exactly how the gacha system works changes player perception. I know you said to count the Ubers, it just seems like information comes out so quick I'm not sure if I have missed any. You might have a gambling problem if you think its more fun originally. then is it in the same folder as the .jar file? Is there a way to track predict anymore? also, its rare that 10 draws cannot provide a seed. at a certain point you get bored of the game and desperately want to get something new then you get tempted each time to spend money. Huge risk reward ratio. Just want to know if Im able to do seed tracker with this u erfest banner? you can just get Crazed whale and cheese through it but i am sure you have already gone through it because this is 11months ago.

No no, that makes good sense! I love the game but the randomness of getting cat units is horrible and not fair to players. Only up to a point. Since its the best Uber in the late game, its worth it. Am I wrong? Save yourself some money and track your seed. Fixed it by opening with a .bat file instead. There are more situation, but those are rare. 9. for guaranteed roll, you also go one step down and shift to the guaranteed col (to the cell that the top match with the bottom of the previous cell). I never heard anyone who fail to get a seed from my applet. I was also super hyped when I dropped all of my others strong ubers by tracking them. First, a big thank you for this. My Ubers that time weren't amazing either - except for Jizo and Keiji, who I got from 5-6 rolls earlier. use replace/delete to remove cats. The other path is doing 11-pull from the get-go and end up with a dupe Ganesha, Hades the Punisher, and ending with 22B Wrathful Poseidon? Can I avoid track switching by drawing cat from the other banner? So if I have a legend rare in 55 rolls, I can wait the banner I want to have the legend rare in question? You can get locked out of energy regeneration, events, and Gacha if you do it wrong. The point went way above your head, go read. there is no set selection box in detect gao page, but there is a field that requires you to input the number of normal ubers in the set. Yeah tracking your seed just saves you catfood and in some cases real money! I still stand by the first comment I made way above. there is something wrong in your list, or maybe you are just too unfortunate to crush into 0, plz check your list. both seed and mechanism will change, so you can do save scuming by switching between 7.1 and 7.2 to reset your seed. And when creating a new gacha set, is there a way for me to enter a custom name for the set, and not just "!N.0!"? Just learning that rolls are predetermined really makes me relieved I stopped putting money into it a long while ago. for the second part, yes. It's a different way of handing out rolls than what gacha players know of. Im in China. It may be some kind of bug or environment support issue. Apr 15 '18. It doesn't function the same way. thank you for your notice. I got excited I saw two legends within 15 of each other, Kinda but since the game is single player it dosent really matter.

IMO seed tracking removes the excitement from the game, also removing energy can make the game too easy with things like farming tickets, catfruit, and xp . first input the seed, ur and sr rate, and choose the gacha set. Your seed is just a bunch of numbers, exclusive to you, that you find by going to that website. Oh, ivwaurt told me that platinum is a separate gacha, not guaranteed. I have zero qualms abusing their system if they aren't upfront about their "gacha" system. It's already generous normally, especially as you progress. Also, side note, I think its much more fun when you can get all of the cool Ubers/legends when you can and play the game to its fullest potential. use insert and replace wisely. Im pretty bad with trmptations and so I managed to spend upwards of 100 usd on the game in probably the span of 2 months, and I completely regret it. Just update it when I say there is a serious bug in old version, or you want the new gacha set. 3. It's not random if it's predetermined. I need someone who can use saves to provide me sufficient data. So this means inside uberfest and epicfest one can't flip tracks? for the third part, all your information is stored in the user folder. As long as you dont get uber, you can pretend its from one set. If I roll a guarantee 11 draw and "switch tracks," will it put me on a new track permanently? Having it stay random makes them money. Also, do the golden rare tickets count as a roll in the tracks or only 30cf pulls count? The tracks being unique to every person doesn't change that fact no matter how you want to twist it. I can collect all by useing 6 ticket + 11draw + 3 ticket + 11draw + 2ticket, Hi! Ow that hurts. click track to calculate or recalculate track. how do you update to the new version (im currently using 0.3.5, so does this mean that everytime an update for the tracker comes out, i have to download the whwole tracker again, If you want. Then all you need to do is click on a cat unit when you pull it and the seed updates! I hear this term all the time and idk what it means. And if you dont need to, then explain it to me it will be a gain of time. put them in tracker and see the result. Why can't Battle Cats be the one to create a solid system so that it can't be abused by players? then maybe you can setup a group chat that discuss the usage of the app. But whether or not if these acts are scummy is up to personal pov since battle cats is a single player game. If there is an error, please check your list/selection/input first. It might take out the rng, but it's up to you if that ruins the gameplay or not. for the first part, I thought Its me accidentally delete its name. I want battlecats lover because I dont want to pay. should i be using it? is there a better alternative for figuring out what not to waste exp on? Seed tracking is so worth and it really improves overall game experience imo. Tracking gives you something to look forward to and removes any temptations to spend real money on the game. Id save your seed once you get it though, so you dont have to use 11 tickets to find out what it is again. there is no way to change your seed number, all you can do is to keep rolling to progress down the track. The bug is caused by ID repetition. Thank you for this, over the past few months it allowed me to get Ice Cat, Cat Clan Heroes, Kuu, Kai, The White Rabbit, Warlock and Pierre, Vigler, Thermae, Pai-Pai Z, and most importantly a Shadow Gao! Because of this, people could look to see the exact process and do the same math themselves. The predetermined part doesn't only matter to save scummers. Both rare ticket draws and 150 catfood draws move you down the chart. thats a different system. I don't track but it is most definitely cheating, though I don't really think that's a bad thing. what do the updates entail? People play gacha for the actual randomness of it, not because they were predetermined by the game to have more lucky or unlucky pulls. How bout I give you my seed? The epicfest that we are currently having. You could see it by simulating a guaranteed roll: everytime you draw a cat, you go down the track one step. 5. Same for energy glitching, btw. (the foodie ones?). EDIT: Also, you're acting like Battle Cats aren't able to put other countermeasures for save scumming. before true form it's not the greatest(B+ on the official tierlists) but after true form and talents he can effectively become a 9k dps cat due to his strengthen buff. Seeing what you're going to draw next. @KyoDemonGod Ok so if you roll 3 more times then do the 11 draw you should get Aphrodite. Check? LOL, anyway just scroll down a bit maybe you will find something, but if theres nothing I wouldnt mind anyway haha, this was just a joke cus I really like how you gave credit and all ;). . The answer is 'Well yes, but actually no'. Is hacking into a slot machine in a casino and tracking down how many times you need to spin to win cheating? If any games pulls this, their players would be upset irrespective if multiplayer or pvp is a part of it. I'm new with Battle Cats, I just have a concern: the number of normal Uber as your tutorial is currently 61 (after plus Thermae), right? You're not shutting down anything. The same thing can be said for hacking/ modding too, its cheating. Since battle cats is single player, no one suffers if you cheat.

I can come up with some designs for the applet (maybe it looks like the app), and I can send them to you! Here's the explanation linked in the Subreddit FAQ: They'll let me know some important stuff, like when a legend rare is coming, or my platinum track, but I don't know what regular Ubers and other units I'm getting. I updated it. I discussed how to choose gacha set in the seed finding tutorial. Some folks like the thrill of the unexpected roll, the struggle of getting by with whatever the rng deigns to give you, etc. Uberfest and Epicfest pools have a ton of good ubers but also a ton of trash ubers. Also, you've mentioned a tutorial, is there already one that can be found? Wished I read this before rolling a 100% Guaranteed Almighties on a Hades - didn't keep track of my rolls either. I do agree that it does take the fun away from the gacha rolls - however, as someone who hasn't even gotten through Ch.1 of Into the Future, I really want an Uber to cheese through it. what do the numbers at the top of the columns represent? r/battlecats I added the change log. @KyoDemonGod Its helpful to keep two tabs open with the same starting seed if you are going to mess with 11 draws so that you can freely simulate what draws you will do to prevent mistakes. ", is there a way for me to fix this? Because it would be great to see a nice-looking applet (battle cats themed or something) If its hard then its ok since you have already done so much service for us all. Honestly probably wouldve done it even with the seed tracking, I got 5 new ubers. use it if you want to grind the game more, sorry, just couldnt find the LOGIC IN THE LAST ANSWER. This, this dude.

it will keep a local save. You make it sound like spending money is some requirement in this game if you're not tracking, the game really isn't that bad to play without half a dozen ubers on your team if you actually have some kind of plan. I didn't say if it would be in my favor or not. No problem. Psycho I dont see the new Uber fest one. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It was fun while it lasted. It's more personal preference than anything. Instead of using the current structure, you're able to add releases which can have any changes in. Juliet I guess its just a mindset. Only when you drop what you want. Im sorry to disturb you Icy0x1, but how does the platinum ticket work, I noticed the layout of your java app is different from the spreadsheet, so how does the platinum ticket work? Is getting another ganesha a good move or better to save the rare golden tickets for uberfest or epicfest, in your opinion? Yeah Ive considered it lol. Do whatever you want. It is a single player game. do not drag jar into java. Wow you really placed me in your thanks, thank you so much lol! I am just as excited when I see a good Uber or even a Legend Rare coming up on my track. for quick resolution, search each gacha sets and find what AC crazed replaces. The risk of dupes is too high to make blind gacha pulls. Great work btw, helped me get all the eva ubers and D'ART with minimal hassle. and give a screenshot. currently, only my team can use the eggy gacha set. Its still random, the track everyone is given is random. If there was a PvP option and it gave you an unfair advantage, then yes, it's cheating and don't do it. That is straight up false. click more to add more. $0 would have been put into this game. Battle Cats Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Freshman cat Job. you have to count the uber in the set. All in all, have a nice day SIR! It doesnt hurth anyone. Just wanted to say thanks for the great program. But there's still a significant difference between having a generous energy system and not having the stress of one at all. My list is It's dark mitama only in 63+3. But I cant access my computer until 12hrs later. You can find tutorial everywhere. Yep. Gunslinger Have you considered that you might just be bad at the game, or not strategizing in battle very well? imagine playing a gamblin + strategy game without the gamblin. My last pull is Stilts Cat into guaranteed Ganesha. click single/10+1/3+5+7 to simulate draw strategy. There are some measures that can make things more unpredictable, like having a single seed for the server to generate all rolls from, or involve the current time in the calculation, but the process remains the same. But when I manually count Ubers from the BC wiki (, I found it's 66 (I just count all Uber in Regular Pools except the PC Exclusive from). Put it this way: The base assumption for every gacha player is that every roll is truly random, not what Ponos is doing. if the 4th rectangle gives you the cat based on your seed, then you will(if you do a 100% roll) get aphrodite. If you've ever watched an RPG Speedrun where the player takes specific actions to make specific "random" outcomes happen predictably, it's the same thing. @KyoDemonGod - Ganesha's a great pull - in true form. for example, I input 59, and I find that in the track +2B there is a baby gao at 21 draw. I just dropped 2250 cat food and 14 rare tickets today. And I agree, the gacha seed system is flawed and we see its been abused in various ways. thats the most common problem: you forget to unzip the lib folder, right? She ends up getting outshined by camerman, the true form of mer-cat. Just replace the lib/ and .jar. If you want, I can help you set it up if you want to add me as a contributor (, Do you have Discord? Sorry to hear about the Eva Collab that sucks :(. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. And just search YouTube, Does it take 11+? I dont even know how to do it. r/battlecats send me the logs. Normal gachas do the exact same thing but on the server, so instead of your phone calculating the next value their computer does. Oh, also, would it be hard to design the applet? For example, epic fest has two blue eyes in 6.10 and have 59 normal ubers when the newest one is ganglion. sometimes 2 or 3 numbers will have the same decedent. What changed in 7.2? Name: Eva Collab (not guaranteed, so 5% UR, 30% SR) 1.Fencer Cat 2.Pirate Cat 3.Asuka Cat (Collab Rare) 4.Rei Cat (Collab Rare) 5.Fortune Teller Cat 6.Figure Skating Cats 7.Mer Cat 8.Mari Cat (Collab Rare) 9.Onmyoji Cat 10.Gardener Cat 11.Eva Unit-01 (Collab Uber Rare), It would be better if you know how to do it yourself. Note you can get banned for exceeding certain resource thresholds: (I'm afraid I don't remember where I got these), Thank you I shall refer to thus very often. You could get Aphrodite or jizo. The "fun" of random gacha wears off after a while. One more question. Lol, Only reason to consider dynastyfest is the legend rare chance I guess. In the "tracker app" what are the numbers after fest names, and which ones should be use: Uberfest 61+3 versus Uberfest 62+3? Fair enough, I've made up my mind to avoid seed tracking after using it for a while, it was nice but it wasn't the same kind of rewarding as rolling something good on your own for me.

Keep track of 10 rare ticket pulls and enter it into the website. If the seed tells you that can can is your next roll while you are rolling for Uber fest , it will be for Uber fest. I cant provide the draws but I do teach others the app ;-; (sorry if I mention you too much in comments). Go to if interested, Wow I have been struggling to get can can forever, I feel that, I didnt get salon for so long. Youd go to Find My Seed, and (hoping you have like 11 gold tickets) roll the gacha 11 times, keep track of what you get, put them in the order you pulled them on the site, and it should give you your seed and tracking list. Its also super helpful to keep your tracking clean by clicking on the units you rolled [only click the guaranteed unit if you roll an 11 draw not the 10 other units ((because it automatically counts them))] so that you can prevent any mistakes that might come up if you dont count your rolls right. Ideally, I would like to hit Amaterasu or Aphrodite. Technically, it's cheating since you basically breaks the gacha system by planning ahead so you can rolls for specific Ubers to skip like a part of the game. When you download the zip, replace the lib folder and jar file with the new ones, and keep the other folders, especially user folder, so what i do is that i download the new version, delte the old lib and jar file and add the new lib and jar file, and is the jar file the file you click to go to the tracker, also does it save like does the tracker save. Including your seed, locale, page arrangement, entry preference, and DIY gacha sets and units, The Gudetama collab isnt in the seed finder yet? I see what youre trying to say, and Im telling you, youre sticking to an extremely narrow point of view. You can check if youre on track to get a good Uber, legend rare, (once in awhile) and that gets me excited for the future when I get them IMO. Its likely that ponos will change it every update. Gacha games have been known to pull from a pool, not from a designated seed. Could you add it into your next update? Kinda is, but eh I only ever use it for fests, Don't use it if on your main because it will defeat the whole point of the gacha system and will have you trying to get specific cats in areas which isn't fun at a certain point. You dont really need to do this since its just for aesthetics Its hard to draw and find pics, design is easy but reqiure a lot of work. I have a question about how to use it. And I add the 7.2 gacha sets. They are very slow and maybe cannot provide a reliable result. Toaster So excited to get it working! click search to find seed. I only do it for collection purposes. Thanks again for this awesome application :). sometime next week think, or this week if its sunday for you, darn, I thought I had 7.2 and it was partially working but it was 7.1.1 XD,, 60+3 for current BCEN and 62+3 for current BCJP. That dont need to be the same as the set you are drawing. Basically "it's fine, but I prefer not to"? Others may see it as cheating but thats their opinion, so! IMHO it replaces the momentary excitement of not knowing what you'll get with the strategic component of planning out how to use your draws. Of course they disapprove lol. I dont agree. It is very frustrating to spend a huge amount of cat food and get nothing. Yes, it's obviously cheating. You will see that they're exactly the same in terms of rares and super rares. Personally, it sounds less fun to me, so I stay away from all that. Would it be possible to use a file share service like this? so i still have to draw at least once from every set, i think the 3 seeds are the same, because i tracked all seeds and the track were exactly the same. I'm trying to manipulate to make that happen. Even when I had >800 energy I still wanted to keep it from capping. I just know that earning catfood in game is not an easy or quick thing most times. Thanks so much, I love this program :), yes. It works perfectly! I've been trying to learn the chart (the 2 railroads) but I haven't been able to figure it out. plz check the seed before use it. ;), What would warrant an access to the THANKS section on the tracker? click the cats on the right to choose
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