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Explore further themes of thesocietal implications of information technology, including studies in media, science education and instruction, and data visualization. is a hub for environmental news, events, education, research, and outreach at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and in the surrounding community. Bren School PhD researchersimmerse themselves in the process of conducting research to analyze, quantify,and develop solutions to complex environmental problems. Bren researchers and students develop solutions to critical environmental problems around the world. The Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) program provides a solid foundation in environmental-human systems, data analysis, biology, ecology, earth sciences, environmental economics and business, environmental law, and environmental policy. As a student in the Bren PhD program, you'll benefit from the schools superb facilities, smaller size, close faculty mentorship, academic excellence, and opportunities to work across disciplines. This is a graduate school experience like no other where you'll have access to faculty mentors, potential employers, internship opportunities, and a professional network of alumni from day one. Want to talk to a Bren grad who works at your dream organization? Our students often say they make friends and colleagues for life during their time at Bren. *Remote instruction will be available during theCOVID-19 pandemic until otherwise advised by the UC system. Request more information, get to know the Bren School, and start planning your application today.

Through personalized advising and 40+ career development workshops, speakers, and networking events each year, our goal is to leave you feeling confident and comfortable navigating any professional setting.

Tuition and fees for Brens masters programs are equal to other public institutions in California. , Explore by faculty name and research areas The interdisciplinary nature of research at the Bren School and UC Santa Barbara creates a dynamic and supportive environment for a number of research organizations. Students have several opportunities for: Develop a broader understanding of the physical principles governing climate on Earth, climate changes associated with natural variability and anthropogenic forcings, and the impacts of climate change on the environment and society. Interdepartmental PhD Emphasis in Environment and Society Involved faculty have the opportunity to assemble a broad community of scholars from the Bren School, the greater UCSB campus, and beyond to achieve significant progress in addressing these large-scale environmental challenges. Our work with research partners addsimpact to the work being done in the areas of sustainable fisheries, nanotechnology, environmental economics, renewable energy, climate change mitigation, marine protection and planning, ecology, GIS, and much more. From day one of orientation to graduation and beyond, Bren's Career Development team prepares you to navigate any professional situation and thrive in a competitive, ever-changing job market. kolstad ucsb bren emeritus distinguished Wildfire risk and climate change is the theme of SERI-Fire, a project funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC). Panel Discussion: 3-4pm, UCSB Marine Science Building 1302 (Auditorium, First Floor)map, Book Signing: 4:15-5pm, UCSB Campus Storemap, Liz Carlisle, author ofHealingGroundsand Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara, California 93106-5131 Receive additional training and mentorship in interdisciplinary studies such as global political economics, social justice, environmental politics, and population ecology. Vanessa Tern, Policy Director,Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project, What we're trying to do here at UCSB is come up with solutions., Environmental and resource economist And while fire plays a vital role in maintaining the health of many ecosystems, it can also be a destructive force that puts human communities at risk. Solve environmental problems and become a leader for our sustainable future. Researchers at the Bren School collaborate across disciplines and departments, and oftentimes across the globe, to make a real impact solving environmental problems. Every Bren master's student completes a research-driventhesis project on behalf of a client, developing comprehensive solutions to real world environmental problems. Research groups, centers, labs, and otheraffiliates at Bren represent the various environmental challenges that our researchers are addressing around the globe. The Bren PhD program is mentorship-based;you will work closely with at least one Bren professor in their area of expertise. More than75% of alumni are BrenConnect users, and over 70% of Bren grads land their initial jobs through a Bren School contact. The Masters Group Project provides unparalleled, real-world experience for MESM students. This career training builds the specific professional skills needed to thrive in a competitive and changing marketplace. Choose from a research track in either Natural Sciences or Engineering,or in Social Sciences. You'll graduate with real world experience solving environmental problems. Internships take Bren students all over the world to tackle critical environmental problems and gain valuable career experience. Santa Barbara, California 93106-5131 Your sponsor serves as your student advisor and the chair of your PhD committee. Were here to guide you every step of the way with personalized advising, workshops, online resources, job/internship opportunities, alumni connections, and more. Background in environmental science required; Annual PhD symposium and final PhD defense, Career advising, CV workshops, BrenConnect, and the UCSB, Career outcomes: 2/3 of graduates: research/academia; 1/3 of graduates: occupations in business, public agency/government, and non-profit industries. Doctoral students from over fifteen departments may add the emphasis to the PhD in their home department.

With the support of Brens Career Development team, nearly 100% of students in the Master of Environmental Science and Management program complete a summer internshipwhat we like to call a Brenternshipbetween their first and second years. From your first day at Bren, youll have access to BrenConnect, Brens unique career resources and alumni networking platform, where you can peruse fresh job listings, find and connect with Bren alumni, and access Bren-specific career guidance articles. SERI topics are also integrated into the Bren master's and PhD curricula, the Bren public colloquium series, and campus-wide activities. By the end of Winter Quarter of the first year, students choose their academic specialization. Your future as a leader in solving environmental problems begins with being prepared for admission to the PhD in Environmental Science and Management at the Bren School. Bren faculty, lecturers, and visiting scholars are subject matter experts in areas that span the natural sciences, data science, law, policy, corporate practices, and economics. The Bren School at UC Santa Barbara offersprofessional masters degrees in Environmental Data Science and inEnvironmental Science and Management thatbuildyour career in environmental solutions from day one such as informing policy with data science, forward-thinking corporate sustainability, effective conservation for public agencies, and program strategy for nonprofit organizations. Guided by faculty, students prepare a customized Program of Study to match their individual interests and needs. Request more information, get to know the Bren School, and start planning your application today. Currently, the Bren School does not offer any online degree options. Program Chair:Carla M. D'Antonio, Bachelor of ArtsEnvironmental Studies (Requirements - PDF), Bachelor of ScienceEnvironmental Studies (Requirements - PDF), Bachelor of ScienceHydrologic Sciences and Policy, Biology and Ecology Emphasis (Requirements - PDF), Bachelor of ScienceHydrologic Sciences and Policy, Policy Emphasis (Requirements - PDF), Bachelor of ScienceHydrologic Sciences and Policy, Physical and Chemical Emphasis (Requirements - PDF), Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, Reading the "Colleges and Departments" Section, Bachelor of ScienceEnvironmental Studies, Bachelor of ScienceHydrologic Sciences and Policy, Biology and Ecology Emphasis, Bachelor of ScienceHydrologic Sciences and Policy, Policy Emphasis, Bachelor of ScienceHydrologic Sciences and Policy, Physical and Chemical Emphasis. IPEES is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis for the 2020-2021 academic year. Masters projects culminate in a public presentation during Spring Quarter. In addition to individualized, field-specific career guidance from your faculty advisor(s), as a Bren doctoral student, youll have access to supplemental career support from our highly celebrated Career Development team as well as the dedicated career and professional development staff at UCSBs Graduate Student Resource Center. The goal of the PhD Emphasis in Environment and Society is to provide UCSB doctoral students training and mentorship in interdisciplinary environmental studies and sciences beyond the scope of their normal degree programs. Division of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences The Bren School's Strategic Environmental Research Initiative (SERI) program was launched to create new collaborations aimed at developing timely solutions to the grand environmental problems of our time. Eco-E graduates have successfully launched their new ventures from ideas developed through Eco-E courses. We are expanding our scientific understanding, planning and implementing viable solutions, and building sustainable industries. Many MESM students choose to add an optional academic focus to supplement their professional training and build their portfolio upon graduation. Bren PhD alumni have gone on to successful positions as scientists, faculty members, researchers, managers, fellows, technical officers, and more within a variety of settings, including universities, corporations, think tanks, research institutes, consulting firms, and government agencies across the U.S. and globe.

Bren aims to offer the highest possible return on your investment of money and time. Copyright 2022 The Regents of the University of California. Students come to Bren because they have a calling to solve environmental problems.

MESM Year Two: During year two, students will take courses in an area of specialization and work on their masters project. The Bren grad school experience has been designed to open doors for students to make a difference in the world. (805) 893-8452 info@bren.ucsb.edu, University of California, Santa Barbara 2022 Regents of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Master of Environmental Science and Management, PhD in Environmental Science and Management, masters degrees in Environmental Data Science, Submit Your Statement of Intent to Register, 1 year (~11 months), full-time, on-campus*, Background in environmental science required, Data and tools-focused, such as R, Python, SQL, and data visualization, Career outcomes in business, public agency, and non-profit industries, Background in environmental science not required, Management + natural science focused, such as business law, policy, ecology, earth science, and more, Breadth of learning in variety of topics, well-rounded, Faculty advisors forboth group project and chosen specialization(s), Career outcomes in business, public agency, and non-profit industries, as well as entrepreneurship, 5 years, full-time, on-campus instruction and labs (apart from field work), Holistic admissions review, online application. Taking fire risk elements into account, Bren researchers calculate that extreme fire weather will become the new normal for two-thirds of the world by the end of this century. The project brings together 4-5 students and a faculty advisor to solve a real environmental problem for a client - a business, public agency or non-profit organization. You'll be immersed in a collaborative, open-source, data-driven environment where you'll gain skills in R, Python, SQL, data visualization, and communicating scientific narratives. What you gain from the Bren MESM program goes beyond the knowledge and skills to be an environmental leader. The location of the retreat varies year to year and has been held in inspiring locations in nature, such as Yosemite and the California coast. The work of Bren PhD students is a balance of research and application to both understand and solve complex environmental problems. Contact admissions anytime at admissions@bren.ucsb.edu if you have questions, and request more information today. IPEES Core Seminar (ENV S 200) Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 this winter quarter. Bren researchers are leaders in disciplines and issuesthat span the natural sciences, data science, engineering, law, policy, economics, business, and more under the umbrella of environmental science and management. The University of California, Santa Barbara offers an Interdepartmental PhD Emphasis in Environment and Society. Students may choose between a Masters Group Project or an Eco-Entrepreneurship Project. At Bren, prioritizing your career development is a way of life steeped into our ethos as a professional program.

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