how to sharpen dewalt 735 planer blades

-When you remove material from the back side of the knives the blades will get narrower. } !1AQa"q2#BR$3br As an interesting aside, when I first delivered two sets of 733 blades (I have three) to my machinist friend for sharpening, he called me with a question: "Do you want the bevel at 37 1/2 degrees or 40 degrees?" Maybe he liked me?). I just bought a new Dewalt 735 planer and upgraded to your carbide tipped knives ran a little more than 36,000 feet of 6 wide white oak and red oak kiln dried lumber for hardwood flooring this past week! I have that hooked through a 4" to 2" adapter to my Fein Turbo III (Model 9.77.25). Old joke.). Get complete site access to video workshops, digital plans library, online archive, and more, plus the print magazine. I trimmed the dowels to 1/16 length. Solution? -Even old blades can be sharp enough to cut you, be careful not to brush up against them. More important than the thickness of the blade itself is how well it is supported in the cutterhead. If I elongate the holes on the knives and make a setting jig, I could have them protruding by the same distance. How about getting sneaky: Sharpening the blades and then putting thin shim stock between them and the back-up posts to compensate for the material removed by sharpening? It is 0.125" (1/8th) thick and 1.044" from heel to edge (and 1 inch and19/32 across (wide), of course) but my point is its thickness. Great tips, very nicely done.

I don't know if the mounting mechanism will tell you much. -Make sure you properly secure the blades.

Apparently when I flipped the blades over to be used I forgot to put one screw back into the bracket that holds them in. I have the Dewalt 734, which uses very similar knives. Rabbeting a shelf; Strength vs. appearance, Editor's Letter: A new tool with every project.

The cutting depth gauge might be off, but Ive never found it very accurate anyways. Sorry. Just an idea that you may be able to improve on.

Again, I use the same number of strokes on all blades so that I don't accidentally hone one narrower than the others. $4%&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz ? Yeah I don't know if you can sharpen them hundreds of times but I'm sure you could touch them up a few times and have no problems. And I still have some BIG slabs of walnut from a tree my Dad and I cut down fifty years ago. I recommend double checking everything after. Instead of honing the bevel, I hone the flat side of the blade by pressing down on the blade with the jig on wet/dry paper on a granite block. In fact the dust collection "hood" that came with my 733 was supposed to be an option, I think. ), so I count them out. - BUT, I don't know if the blades of the 735 can be resharpened. The dowels are indexed to the 2nd outer screw holes on the knives. -Sharpening stones. While at the Porter Cable, B&D and Dewalt repair centers the technicians swore that you could resharpen the 735 blades although the manual says you can't. I'd love to see them - but realize please that my interest is strictly academic. Thank you. So far I have not exceeded the blades ability to cut well, probably because I am only removing a few thousandths inch of material from the blades thickness. The 733 has two little magnetic "jig"-like devices, in combination with a spring behind the blade, that register (hold) the cutting edge of the blade at the correct extension before it is clamped down by the mounting bolts. Ackshully, what we all would probably like to see is a really good way for our Canadian friend to save money - already at least partly provided my DKeller's suggestion. This forum post is now archived. No way Im buying new knives each time they get dull. Its hard to see in your second picture, but is the bevel on that blade facing up or down? Honestly I don't see why you can't if there is metal there. A bit laborious (like flattening the back of a hand plane iron), I have been able to successsfully rehone a couple times on the 3 sets of blades I have. << "<<. Enter now for your chance to win more than $2,000 worth of woodworking equipment from Woodpeckers. I really wish I could get a close look at a 735 - meaning closer than I can get in a store - to see their blade mounting system and judge for myself the sharpenability of the blades. >> 8 . When the cost to manufacture a disposable blade falls below a certain point, then buying a new disposable blade is cheaper than having a conventional blade resharpened. "What is interesting to me is what makes a blade disposable? The rest lets just say was a scary mess. No more now because I am very happy with the 733 and the fact that my friend charges only ten bucks per set to sharpen the blades - and these blades are beefy enough to last for years and years.). My 733 blades are sprung out to and register against temporarily placed magnetic "jigs", as I've mentioned, and are held firmly in place by eight 1/4" capscrews. Anyone have any insight on this? Up here in Canada 3 replacement blades for the DeWalt 734 cost $ 69.99 plus 15% tax. Good luck in your search. Follow the instructions provided with the tool to make sure the blades are properly clamped in place. /CA 1.0 Oh by far the 2 speeds isn't the best feature of the 735. I measured them with an engineer's digital caliper and I found that all 9 on my set of blades was within about 1/2 of a thousandth of an inch from the cutting edge of the blade. zE y !Y~S# JHelg`w pA?\G{+ _y/p48\>u2+InBbv'q|lXd=OR"?Om A.x_6CNH>,Y 8%t9fHHm2)btTq? ;_mfymT4 dis>Ng+ ],vbn3 |~4>v 61 {|FrB\| bCL|gG_zppvNa@+\ f(b?>?|SFTT =c+du}9^T9e9: *-a6# 1.WR*q WC!fFc0 ?^O','. Note, it will not remove any deep nicks, but by changing blade orientation, their effect is minimized. My procedure is to flatten the backs carefully on 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper glued to a jointer bed. ", >>" Obviously, the process of reducing the manufacturing cost takes into account the knowledge that the blade isn't intended to be resharpened, meaning that it can be made with less "meat." By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. You can skip to the end and leave a response. or $ 81.00. I'll bet thre's a Harvard MBA among the bean counters.). MY planer is a 733, not a 734, and your is not a 735, it is a 734 as you say. I heard this huge bang and the breaker blew just prior to this very loud sound that is hard to describe. I can snap you some pictures real quick if you would like. I am however, since seeing it mentioned here in Knots, seriously considering adding a version of the Dust Deputy.

!pTv]GB]ng| ; ? /Type /ExtGState I re-tuned my grandfather's 15" planer from the 1960's for my father, and blades were readily available, perhaps because they're just pieces of thicknessed tool steel with an edge on them. The blades are worth every penny!! My Dewalt planer will soon need new blades, I am wondering what you guys in the U S of A pay for them. /SM 0.02

Is it OK to copy projects from the magazine? I have been using this trick for years and it will normally extend the life of the planer knives three fold. /BitsPerComponent 8 %PDF-1.4 Ahhhh HAH! Is this the issue, or am I way off the mark? I am asuming that any *decent* planer blade has to be at least as thick (as beefy) as those of my 733. << I am allll conphoosed but my blades are re-sharpenable and I don't know if yours are or not - and it sounds as though they aren't. (I was a late starter in this woodworking thing.), Ha, sell me 20bdft of that Cherry. Is their any other blades that would fit, Tell me what in the %&^*&^ are they made to account for the high price they charge. The Turbo III serves as my primary dust collection device - moved from machine to machine - in my modest, *little* hobbiest's shop. Im thinking that with repetitive sharpening the knives might get different widths. Amazing!

I must be overtired. See the attached. I'm just going to keep re-sharpening my three sets of 733 blades as they need it. I just measured one of the blades from my 733. 4 0 obj As to how many times you can hone them, I'm not sure, but the set I have in the planer now have been honed 3 times. /Title ( S h a r p e n i n g d e w a l t 7 3 5 p l a n e r b l a d e s) /Creator ( w k h t m l t o p d f 0 . on Introduction. The reason they're that expensive is that they're made of high-speed steel and manufactured to very close tolerances - those close tolerances, ironically, are what make them "disposable". It's those holes that provide the correct cutterhead alignment - they are very precisley located in the center of the blade. Its blades can be resharpened and I have a friend who's shop includes a surface grinder.

Somebody told me to use water on diamond hones, instead of oil. You don't need all of it :). Narrower blades from use and sharpening should be the same on all of them, meaning you just need to get closer to the wood to plane it. Get instant access to over 100 digital plans available only to UNLIMITED members. In fact, measuring the distance from the blade to the near side of the mounting holes is a pretty good way to figure out if your honing has been consistent across the 3 blades. /Filter /DCTDecode Presumably, if one removes exactly the same amount of metal (and not very much - as in honing as mentioned above) from each blade in the sharpening process, this wouldn't matter - but you can't easily be sure of that. I simply have my 735 hooked to a 55 gallon trash can and it works like a charm. IF the 735 has a similar "cutting edge-registering" system then I see no reason why the blades can't be resharpened *but I don't know what it has*. For a lot of woodworkers, being able to use the blades for 6 times until they dull would last a number of years. This is not the same as a set of new blades but can cut just as well if properly sharpened. I don't worry about removing nicks, because doing so would alter the blade geometry enough to potentially cause performance issues - I just shift the knives in their mounting slots slightly so that knicks don't show up on the wood surface. 7 years ago

The upgrade is pricey, and it'd really stink to do that to my DJ-20 and then not be able to get the inserts in a few years. on Saturday, November 12th, 2011 at 12:21 pm and is filed under DIY Shop Tools, Uncategorized. I guess they call this progress. Obviously, the process of reducing the manufacturing cost takes into account the knowledge that the blade isn't intended to be resharpened, meaning that it can be made with less "meat.

document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This website uses cookies. Be careful with all of the projects you undertake and do not try something you are not sure you can accomplish. stream I then use a DMT diamond stone hone (their "credit card" model) in the "fine" grit. JFIF K K C UNLIMITED Membership is like taking a master class in woodworking for less than $10 a month. All around myshop were pieces of the blade and the housing unit. If A New Comment Is Posted:Do Not Send Email Notifications.Send Email Notification ONLY If Someone Replies To My Comment(s).Send Email Notification Whenever A New Comment Is Posted. ", Basically, it's a crossover in the cost curve. Click for full details. It's clever and it works. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz I am long retired, on a semi (mostly) fixed income and I don't plan to part with my DW733. /ca 1.0 I think I have my blades installed correctly, but Im having trouble with it and want to double check blade/knife orientation. It's important to use the same number of strokes on each blade (clean any resin off with kerosene or laquer thinner first! I try to squeeze as much life out of my shop tools too, so this was a great tutorial! The manual appears to have the bevel facing up meaning the wide part of the blade faces down toward the cutter head and the narrower side of the blade (due to the bevel) faces up. >> Yow! Commenting has been disabled. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Dewalt 734 Planer leaves marks on the wood from the 8 knife screws, DeWalt 735 Thickness Planer - In-Feed rollers dont Work, Editor's Letter: Technology and the future of woodworking. endobj I wish I could offer more help. /Type /XObject The slop in those holes is all in the direction paralell with the length of the blade, which allows you to shift a knife that's gotten a chip in it. In-depth articles, up-close photography, and detailed illustrations. 6 0 obj /Subtype /Image It might however be helpful in some way to others here. I wonder if anyone knows how much sharpening can be done to 735 blades before there is not enough blade left to work properly. /Length 7 0 R (Thanks for your inputs to the dust/toxicity questions too!). The only thing I don't like about this system is the potential for obsolesence.

Reminds me to very carefully tighten those screws the next time I take the blades out. endobj Thanks! Become an UNLIMITED member and get it all: searchable online archive of every issue, how-to videos, Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking digital series, print magazine, e-newsletter, and more. So long as the distance is consistent amongst the 9 nine holes, you can be pretty sure that the freshly honed set will work as if they were new. I don't want to greet you in an airport, do I? It turned out that one pair were beveled (by Dewalt) at 37 1/2 degrees and one set was at 40 degrees. Nothing fancy here, not much that can go wrong. Do not remove so much that the blade clamps, bolts or cutter head strike the wood. Picture of cutter-head with knife on w/o clamp and screws showing the indexing pin protruding through the knife. Did you make this project? I think it would work. I cracked a blade on my 735 not long ago and the bracket that holds it in place.

Even a blade made to be replaced rather than re-sharpened *should* have some beef to it, just as the higher quality hand planes have thicker blades than cheaper ones. I just bought about 100bf of nice, air-dried, roughsawn cherry, fer instance, with more to come. Cutting will get crazy loud if this happens and it will be very hard on the equipment. 7) Your stoopid friend (who actually is quite tired tonight). 5) For a while I lamented this fact. Not sure I understand the problem, is it that the sharpening jig no longer works? Have you checked in with Freud? The precision I was referring to is the blade width and the location and height of the mounting holes - they're incredibly precise. I wonder the same thing about replacement carbide-insert jointer cutters. Absolutely no argument there, Steve, (not that I'm arguing at all - I'm not) and it may be that the 735's cutter head is itself beefier than that of the 733, allowing "cheaper" blades. Well see. The blower on that thing is NICE. C q" Maybe that's an incorrect asumption. But if its the later (which I suspect it is) Im not sure youd want to play with the blades.

Start your 14-day FREE trial - and get building! set when I bought the planer. /SA true Btw, they get $50 U.S. for the two-blade set for the 734. 3 0 obj About: I am a teacher who enjoys environmentally responsible woodworking. Pete - Shimming the blades on the 735 wouldn't work (and wouldn't be necessary). I do so, and it doesn't seem to negatively affect the performance in any meaningful way. Since they're reversible, I figure I got my money's worth with 6 fresh edges and it's probably time to buy a new set. I certainly agree with DKeller that one can and should be able to extend the life of a set of blades with his honing technique, and his counting of honing strokes per blade is an admirable method of keeping things consistent. /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Height 155 Out of the DeWalt shop why did they decide all of a sudden these couldn't be resharpened like many of their other blades? Thanks for correcting me. /Producer ( Q t 4 . About 10 strokes is required to get them razor sharp. 1 0 obj Start your 14-day FREE trial - and get building. Does your 733 have that feature? (The two-feed-speed 735 came out only a few months after I bought my 733. If its the former, Id suggest cutting holes or slots to support the indexing pins. { qHv\yYdamNWN?d|0>;z{QtCt'M! 1 2 . The 735's mounting system couldn't be more straightforward - you drop the blades onto 3 posts in the cutterhead. NOW we know how they did the dirty (so to speak). He charges me 10 or 15 bucks (U.S.) and even made a fixture to simply his work. Plus tips, advice, and special offers from Fine Woodworking. For some reason, the dealer (Woodworker's Warehouse - now defunct) gave me an extra (third!) A 16 gallon Sears "5.5hp" shop vac was relegated to rare back-up use due to its incredibly noisy nature. > itn|D` GuzEAW?1! {3 FGT?_] A setting jig might be easier to use on the 735 because youre working from above, and the cylinder has indexing pins to hold it in place while adjusting/tightening the blades. The downside is that I cant quite visualize what the jig would look like, but where there is a will there is a way. The last board I ran looks as good as the first board; the machine is slowing now which is an indication that its time to re-sharpen or replace the blades I ordered another set of carbide tipped knives while I send off the originals to be professionally sharpened too expensive for me to mess up in the sharpening process! (Wow! /CreationDate (D:20210324053927+02'00') Pete Thanks for a quick reply, but my 734 has 3 blades. To hone them, I set two 1/4 dowels into the edge of a 3/4 x 3 x 13 long purple heart board. Share it with us! /SMask /None>> In fact I usually use it only to clean the Fein's felt filter - or to suck up the dead leaves out of the cellar staircase. Pinging is currently not allowed. /Width 625 2022 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. If you choose, and your blades are not too badly nicked, you can hone them yourself.

(The tool maker, not the shrink.). After polishing the backs, I mount the blade on a jig of MDF so that they can be held flat, horizontaland parallel with the benchtop's surface. or that the pins dont allow for proper spacing? Still, since I don't know how the 735 blades are mounted/registered, I feel as though I'm speaking when I shouldn't. [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] UNLIMITED membership - Get access to it all. To get as even a material removable as possible, I start with the worst knife in the set and count the strokes, using the same number in each knife on each grade of paper up to 2000 grit. This would result inthe highest set knife doing most of the cutting. I can't help but to say Nuts to the "no-shim works here" arrangement. endobj << Its Highway robbery. The blades are held by fitting over 3 posts in each blade location - naturally, there are 3 holes in the disposable blades. What is interesting to me is what makes a blade disposable?

A while back I made a jig that allowed me to sharpen my planer and jointer knives. Recently I bought a new planer (Dewalt 735) and therefore I needed a new jig (larger knives). You can purchase the plans here. The new planer presented a new problem indexing pins! The new planer uses indexing pins on the cutter-head in order to consistently position all three knives. The old planer used springs to push the knives up from below and a setting jig to seat them the correct distance from the cutter-head surface -which was perfect for setting newly sharpened knives! Had I known the new planer used indexing pins I would NOT have purchased this planer. Speaking of the 735, I had a project that was due and I ran some 4/4 Walnut through the machine and it caught on a knot. /AIS false Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community. What academics are you addressing? I have the Dewalt 733. Academic in the sense of adding to general knowledge but qualified, as I said, that the knowledge would probably be without practical purpose. I use a diamond set that has served me well. Most evenings will find me in the shop working with my now 8 year old son Shay who is both my greatest helper and biggest fan. I am thinking of elongating the holes in the knives and using a setting jig (yet to be designed) to seat the knives the proper distance from the cutter-head surface. In theory this should work. One of my fears is that the pins might be serving two purposes indexing and holding the knives still under load. Im hoping the clamp that secures the knives to the cutter-head is adequate. I love the planer, but I would love it even more if the blades were much cheaper. Theoretically, the wear on all the cutters is equal, as is the sharpening. I decided on 40 knowing that the steeper angle would cut well but dull sooner - but with three blade sets and a helpful friend, why not? w !1AQaq"2B #3Rbr Planers that have springs behind the knives dont seem to have a problem with the knives moving, and the 735 has just as many (if not more) clamping screws. We have created these special content collections organized to give you a deep dive into a range of topics that matter. Not sure why though. Do not try to grind out nicks or chips, there isn't enough material, simply offset the nicks or flip one of the blades over. This one missing screw caused the bracket to bend and was literally ripped apart by the high rpms produced by the unit. This entry was posted MY question, Steve, would be: Why did they drop the neat indexing system (with the magnetic "jigs") of the 733? Although I still haven't seen the complete layout of the 735 blade mounting I know that using springs for position and holding each blade in place with eight capscrews (into eight drilled and tapped holes - sixteen per cutterhead) is most likely quite a bit more expensive to manufacture than using a stud-indexing system such as you are describing. he asked me.
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